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2017/01/18 20:38:46
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Now this is a team I can work with. Where has Xander been? Chilling with these folks. Haha. My lil bro @galaxy_fanfan brings the juice and that extra fun/swag to every scene he is in. On screen and off he truly is just fun to be around. @rubyrose is the person you want watching your back- always! The relationship between her and Xander is something special... even my kids call her family. Rory McCann is so great in this film, if you aren't laughing every time he steals a scene tomorrow night or this weekend... comedy may not be your thing. I still remember my oldest daughter's birthday where he came dressed as Aladdin and played the piano the whole time. Hence the inspiration for the end scene in the movie. Just amazing individuals.

2017/01/18 19:38:42
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What can I do today to be ready for tomorrow's xXx premiere?!? Questions one asks oneself. #xxxthereturnofxandercage

2017/01/18 03:11:55
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Hold up! It didn't air yet... you still have time. Jimmy Kimmel enters the Xander Zone tonight!!! The lead up livestream is on my Facebook. Told you this jet lag got me feeling upside down. Haha... let me know what you think of the show tonight. #xXxTheReturnofXanderCage

2017/01/17 20:21:55
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Paramount wants us to start the next xXx in May... angels like Nina and the rest of the cast make the idea of producing another xXx Really exciting! #Repost @ninadobrev with @repostapp ・・・ Look who I found at LAX .... @vindiesel !!!! Duh 🤦🏻‍♀️🙄 @XXXmovie Looking sharp, as per usual 👊🏼😎 (Side note, the other customers were gawking at me as I had a solo selfie photo shoot and they were probably thinking "this weirdo girl must be a SUPER die hard Vin Diesel fan. What. A. Creeper.") And guess what, they were right. This girls name is Becky 🤓 Go see Becky and Xander in XXX The Return Of Xander Cage in theaters this Friday!!!

2017/01/17 18:28:01
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Wow that wall is pretty impressive. Thanks for the love! #Repost @mikaelson_salvatore_ with @repostapp ・・・ The movie is awesome ♡♡♡ Saw it already Luved it. Action packed. Nina's cute but innocent. Xander Cage made it yet again Congratulations #xxxreturnofxandercage #vindiesel #deepikapadukone #ninadobrev #rubyrose #donnieyen #bestmovieever #blockbuster

2017/01/17 15:55:33
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I know it's Toretto Tuesday... but this illustration is dope, and I had to post it. Whoever you are that made this image of Xander, it keep going. #xanderzone #xxxthereturnofxandercage #happytorettotuesday

2017/01/17 08:16:03
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All the support for the new song of my friend @nickyjampr watch it now on his channel "Si tú puedes soñarlo, tú puedes lograrlo, dimelo paaapi"

2017/01/17 07:28:35
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Lead with love...

2017/01/16 05:26:38
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Global... India already breaking records... you called it. Wow. #Blessed #Grateful

2017/01/15 01:41:57
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Five days left... can't wait for you all to see this film.

2017/01/14 04:57:35
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Pre-social media days... before the evidence of our global family.

2017/01/13 09:08:11
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That Xander swag... Damn it feels good to be back. X. #India #xxxthereturnofxandercage

2017/01/12 08:22:18
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So honored to be here in India for the first time. The xXx Global tour has been great and now I and @deepikapadukone are going to share this film with her country today. As a child I always dreamed of visiting India... Thank you Paramount for making this dream come true. Xander.

2017/01/12 06:18:25
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Xander state of mind!

2017/01/12 05:47:42
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Why are people loving xXx? Because we all had a BLAST making it. A new family was created with the xXx League, one that I am so proud of... Wait until you meet Adele brought to life by my dear friend @rubyrose Welcome to the Xander Zone!

2016/12/20 17:59:25
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The arduous road to production, the challenging task of filming this latest chapter. The record breaking trailer debut and the shocked world at what the dark road implied... you Pablo have given me strength... purpose and resolve. I promised you we would make something you would be proud of and I pray that we have... miss you. Family above everything! #happytorettotuesday

2016/09/06 22:18:34
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Always... #happytorettotuesday

2016/12/16 19:52:05
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Never turn your back on family... even when I must... April 14th!! #F8

2016/06/30 00:34:41
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2016/09/29 04:15:36
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I am just so proud of the entire Fast Famly... Speechless. Seeng it all come together...

2016/08/14 02:49:43
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Family... Blessed to call you my sister @jordanabrewster

2016/09/20 18:10:13
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2016/06/22 21:23:25
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We and the entire Fast 8 team... Will make you proud. #F8

2016/10/19 02:08:02
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We have the best fan art. Wow. Powerful. #happytorettotuesday

2016/09/23 21:16:30
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Pride... Love. Blessings and positive energy to you all! #Vinstagram

2017/01/01 03:11:02
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Yesterday was the birthday of my brother Tyrese... it was Pablo that used to say during the filming of Fast Four that I would love him. He used to ask me to do what I could to bring him back in Fast Five and so I did. In other words I owe Pablo for that brotherhood and that family! Happy Birthday Tyrese. All love.

2016/09/15 02:19:52
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Taking the little ones to their first concert... All love.

2017/01/11 15:51:16
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Thank you London for a fantastic premiere! Xander.

2016/10/05 06:32:42
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Yo soy mas Tigre que tu supones....... pero tu sabes. Mi Gente!!!!

2016/07/28 15:59:53
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One of the best things about launching or relaunching a franchise is the friends and family you acquire... Love my xXx family! #xXxThursdays