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2017/07/23 17:36:58
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All we do is win win win no matter what! πŸ”‘ I get to hang out with guest judge @djkhaled on @agt this Tuesday!

2017/07/18 21:21:27
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I love a good purple lip! πŸ’œ @agt #JudgeCutsAt8

2017/07/17 19:46:30
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I'm always ready for a selfie, @hardwick! I'm not sure about the judges though, especially Simon! #AGTtomorrow

2017/07/13 13:24:59
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When art imitates life that will happen again with a girl that Eve hopes is there again when it happens. πŸ’›

2017/07/12 19:02:30
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Stairway to heaven. Outdoor spa... #Quebec

2017/07/11 22:38:41
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I love you my #Tygers! I hope you've had a great day, and will watch @agt tonight!

2017/07/11 13:08:32
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πŸŒͺ #EvesFriend

2017/07/10 21:56:20
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They call me cray-zay! #AGTtomorrow

2017/07/10 11:15:54
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Looks like Eve has some more meat on her bones these days... #LifeSize #ANTM10 #March122008

2017/07/09 21:49:35
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Feelin’ all of my blessings on this beautiful Sunday! #AGTin2Days

2017/07/07 19:28:29
28701 359

Let. It. Go. Ok?

2017/07/07 15:20:15
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Boss Chicks in Montreal Oui Oui #Canada

2017/07/07 01:46:50
43113 182

No sugar. No booze. But damn, so tasty. #Mint #Lime #Cucumber #Flowers #Yum

2017/07/06 13:03:28
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Summer Lips

2017/07/04 18:47:45
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2017/07/18 21:21:27
136639 810

I love a good purple lip! πŸ’œ @agt #JudgeCutsAt8

2017/07/04 15:30:14
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2017/06/15 18:23:48
103989 701

#TBT: Flexin my Angel side on the VS catwalk. @bernadettenails always held it down with our manicures on show night... I feel super blessed that the nail goddess herself collaborated with me on an exclusive @TYRABeauty nail polish shade for the summer! Check it out on✨

2017/06/18 22:22:36
101639 1744

To all the amazing daddies out there that love their kids unconditionally like my mommy's daddy and my daddy, too...HAPPY FATHER'S DAY! -YorkπŸ’›

2017/06/30 15:17:12
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Obsessed. Please help me find name of artist/photographer so I can credit! (It's Dutch artist Ruud Van Empel!!! Thanks everyone for helping me identify the genius that created this goosebumps inducing art!)

2017/06/16 17:55:11
90730 414

When I tried out for Coyote Ugly, they played Prince's "Kiss" for the dance portion of the audition β€” I was like, here we go, one of my favorite tracks. Nail this, Tyra! I was supposed to groove for a couple of seconds, but then I realized they weren't stopping the song... So I danced for the ENTIRETY of "Kiss" in front of the producers! When I was done, I was a sweaty mess. They told me they were enjoying the show so much, they let Prince's song play and play... Needless to say, I got the part. Just another example of Prince stepping into my life and creating some magic. I'm wearing my #PurpleReign TYover in this pic, celebrating the artist that'll get my ass dancing anytime his song comes on β€” even when I'm nervous as hell at an audition. Go to to learn more about #PurpleReign 🎢 πŸ’œ

2017/06/29 13:57:25
89080 504

Those were the days... @toddoldham fashion show backstage (and I STILL have the t-shirt!) #TBT #ThrowbackTyTy

2017/07/11 22:38:41
86732 423

I love you my #Tygers! I hope you've had a great day, and will watch @agt tonight!

2017/06/13 21:13:38
83743 524

@AGT is back tonight at 8! Get the beauty product breakdown and shop the #TYRABeauty makeup @valentefrazierartistry used for my look by tapping that link in my bio. I’m really wanting to hit my golden buzzer tonight, but will I? πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰

2017/06/12 16:57:40
83099 2330

You were like, "Why'd you leave? Come back!" I was like, "Ok, boo. I got you." Back at @antmvh1 w/ my fierce crew πŸ’› #ANTM

2017/07/04 15:35:35
82987 280

Aunty Sam

2017/06/07 19:56:05
80240 559

Come with me as I walk down memory lane for a minute... As a little girl, I had a Prince poster on my wall β€” the one from Purple Rain. You know, the famous one with him on the motorcycle, looking into the camera all seductively. I knew I was probably 2 feet taller than him (and shoot, every other boy at that point!), but that didn't matter. Prince was just so sexy, mysterious and interesting. Years later, if he had pulled up to my house on a motorcycle and given me that, "Hop on now" look, I would have jumped right on! (And I never, EVER ride on motorcycles, boo!) Prince's music β€” and his aura β€” transcended everything I THOUGHT I knew about artists. Not much can get my (thick) ass out of a chair and onto the dance floor like ALPHABET STREET or KISS! On his birthday this year, I want us all to celebrate his badass, vibrant energy with makeup that looks the part. I put together a #PurpleReign TYover with glittering, gleaming, purple-plum shades, so you can channel that seductive Smize. Tap the link in my bio (or head to @TYRABeauty) to learn more about #PurpleReign... And Happy Birthday, Prince πŸ’œ I miss the hell out of you

2017/07/04 18:47:45
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2017/06/10 18:05:09
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I love this girl. But the photo bomber over my shoulder? Ummmmm... @openingceremony "courtside" w/ @theashleygraham

2017/06/28 05:02:19
71556 557

I see u. Go to bed! Or wake the heck up! (If you're on the other side of the world) 🌎