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CEO of TYRA Beauty. I LOVE Makeup. Makeup LOVES You. Tap that link to Join Our Crew.
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2017/05/26 18:51:20
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This unicorn is quite ummmm... @agt #FacesOfTyra #AGTin4Days

2017/05/25 18:41:53
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Throwback to the days I didn't need a bra. #ThrowbackTyTy #DefyingGravity #Wicked!

2017/05/23 19:53:05
41533 241

Today I start for you, the extra-ness that is, the #FacesOfTyra countdown to my @AGT debut! 7 days!!!

2017/05/19 04:41:22
9223 104

My students making me smile from ear to ear... I appreciate you and all of your classmates so much and am beyond proud of what you all are accomplishing in our class at @stanfordbusiness! #BrandPROJECTYOU

2017/05/18 22:18:24
25229 112

Fueling up with some lettuce-wrapped chicken mole Mexican goodness before an intense "presenting your brand" session where my @stanfordbusiness students are front and center on live television. #BrandPROJECTYOU #PersonalBranding

2017/05/18 15:29:51
26768 92

Visual Branding Day. One of the many people helping to make it epic @stanfordbusiness. #BrandPROJECTYOU

2017/05/18 01:34:51
69536 490

On the way to teach Visual Branding and am dressed casually to allow my @stanfordbusiness students to think outside of traditional business suit rules. Let's go! #BrandPROJECTYOU

2017/05/16 19:13:15
37783 527

Get ready America! In just TWO WEEKS it’s my debut as the new host of @AGT! It’s gonna be a fantasssstic new season! #TyraOnAGT

2017/05/16 18:01:46
35241 112

I wish I could say every day in class @stanfordbusiness is super serious, but every now and then, my co-teacher #allisonkluger and I let loose. #BrandPROJECTYOU #PersonalBranding

2017/05/16 00:27:51
48775 265

I'm teaching as well as learning. @stanfordbusiness

2017/05/15 00:28:20
112316 330

2 Mamas #HappyMothersDay

2017/05/13 05:09:05
30692 174

Palo Alto doesn't just have a top notch institution of learning. It also has some of the most flavorful heirloom tomatoes I've ever tasted. I'm celebrating an enriching week of teaching #PersonalBranding at @stanfordbusiness with this late veggie dinner. Gonna work hard this weekend to make sure next week's classes are even better than what my students have experienced this week. #BrandPROJECTYOU

2017/05/12 20:12:56
33467 139

CIIS = Class Is In Session. #StanfordGSB #PersonalBranding #BrandPROJECTYOU

2017/05/12 03:22:10
73843 216

How do you spell powerhouse? K-L-U-G-E-R. At @stanfordbusiness, #AllisonKluger is my dynamic partner in #PersonalBranding crime. She's nonstop hustle 24/7/365. And I thought I was a hard worker... πŸ˜‰ #BrandPROJECTYOU

2017/05/11 03:42:15
48472 368

I feel so at home teaching at @stanfordbusiness. #Stanford #BrandProjectYou #PersonalBranding

2017/03/16 22:12:24
164663 4748

I missed my Top Model baby, so Mama's back! #ANTM #ANTM24

2017/03/18 01:48:54
155024 1194

☘️ Link in bio, baby.

2017/02/21 21:06:07
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πŸ‘©πŸΌπŸ‘©πŸ»πŸ‘©πŸ½πŸ‘©πŸΎπŸ‘©πŸΏ Amen

2016/12/16 03:48:41
121809 1292

I live for unique beauty like this. Who is this beautiful, lovely, little girl? She's heaven.

2017/04/26 14:08:35
118578 1265

Sometimes rare beauty leaves us speechless. [email protected]

2017/01/07 20:09:09
113747 713

Proud πŸ’›

2017/05/15 00:28:20
112316 330

2 Mamas #HappyMothersDay

2017/04/25 20:09:38
100870 725


2017/02/16 17:15:25
98884 367

My baby twin!! Shout out to @duchessdukes and that big green surprised smize. She played lil me on TV once. She's already serving looks, I better watch out! πŸ’›βœ¨ #BabyGotMatte

2017/02/01 19:19:32
96989 517

Can you believe it's already FEBRUARY?? Um, I can't... But I'm still ringing in the month with a #BabyGotMatte giveaway for you and your bestie! Here are the rules, boo: you post your fiercest kissy selfie on Instagram and tag your BFF in the pic. Include @TYRABeauty and #BabyGotMatte in the caption, and you're entered to win! My team at TYRA Beauty HQ and I will be selecting the winner on Valentine's Day (winner gets our Baby Got Matte collection for themselves AND their BFF), so you've got some time to werk on that selfie... Oh, and pro-tip: we can't see your pic if your profile is private! Post that fierceness publicly so you can be entered to win πŸ’‹#findyourlight

2017/01/01 17:44:47
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#HappyNewYear, Boo! πŸ’›

2017/04/16 18:30:24
94322 535

Snapped by an 11 year old. #Skillz #AmericasNextTopPhotographer

2017/03/08 17:01:31
93346 619

Looking good and doing good has never felt better, baby. I’m excited to share that this #InternationalWomensDay, you can join @NYDJ in their mission to make women feel more inspired and empowered than ever. NYDJ has partnered with Clothes4Souls to donate one item of clothing to a woman in need for every pair of jeans tried on or purchased this month. Get your sexy booty in a pair and give back in more ways than one! #FitIsEverything #Sponsored

2016/12/26 02:41:32
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I'll never forget this day. Paris. I think I was 19. Was so magical. I'll never forget this man. Talented. Beautiful. Extremely Creative. Free. He's no longer with us but his music and imagery will live on forever. We love you, George Michael. #TooFunky #GeorgeMichael

2017/01/02 23:54:26
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