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2017/02/21 16:49:03
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Video by @joelsartore | An endangered crested capuchin named Milo at the @thelosangeleszoo. Sadly, Milo passed away not long ago after a long illness. He was a 22-year-old male and the leader of his troop of twelve at the Los Angeles Zoo. Milo was also a great father to his eleven offspring. We'll miss you Milo! To see a portrait of Milo, follow @joelsartore. . . #capuchin #monkey #inmemory #photoark #natgeo

2017/02/21 15:45:26
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Photo by @FransLanting Baring your teeth at someone can be a sign of aggression. But here, Lana, a female bonobo, was doing it to provoke me. Bonobos and humans are so closely related that we share many facial expressions—and an ability to use deception. That is exactly what Lana was doing here. She was feigning aggression to get my attention—evidence of a social sophistication that crosses species boundaries. I spent several days with Lana and other bonobos in a captive family group for a series of intimate portraits to help people understand how unique bonobos are. Follow me @FransLanting for more bonobo portraits. @natgeotravel @natgeocreative @thephotosociety #Attitude #GreatApe #Bonobo #Aggression #Communicationi

2017/02/21 15:45:23
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Video by @pedromcbride // Santeria dancers perform in an abandoned building site in Havana, Cuba. The dance company leader teaches discipline and teamwork and creates performance jobs throughout the city via dance. To see more from this @natgeoexpeditions photo workshop, follow @pedromcbride. #dance #havana #santeria #cuba

2017/02/21 13:08:03
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Video by @amivitale. I am excited to share this incredible story soon on @natgeo about @r.e.s.c.u.e , the first community owned and run elephant sanctuary located in Northern Kenya. Its express purpose is to find, rehabilitate, and return orphaned wild elephants into the surrounding landscape.  This is not a sanctuary run and managed by outsiders but by the Samburu themselves.  Trained abroad and with the full capabilities of a world class sanctuary, the Reteti Elephant Sanctuary is an incredible example of community conservation.  It helps establish pride amongst local people for THEIR elephants and it provides employment and funding for community efforts.  It is estimated that the sanctuary and an adjoining small community lodge will double the income of the 25,000 person community and be used for schools, clinics, and other community projects. Follow @r.e.s.c.u.e, @amivitale and @sararacamp for more information on how to help or visit this magical place. #elephant #elephants #saveelephants #elephantlove #banivory #stoppoaching #worthmorealive #saynotoivory #kenya #northernkenya #magicalkenya #whyilovekenya #africa #everydayafrica #bestdestinations #africanamazing #conservation #animals #safari #wildlife #climatechange #natureisspeaking #savetheplanet #endangeredspecies @nrt_kenya

2017/02/21 11:53:42
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It's really hard to explain what its like to be this close to the king of beasts. Lions have a presence, a magnificent swagger that exudes superiority. It was quite a humbling feeling, being 10 feet away from this guy–in the safety of my little rental car. Kruger National Park, South Africa, is very accessible, you don't need a 4x4 vehicle, and it's a beautiful 4 to 5 hour drive from Johannesburg. On assignment for @natgeotravel #krugernationalpark For more images from Kruger follow @kengeiger BIG CAT WEEK started today Monday Feb 20th! on NG WILD - #bigcatweek

2017/02/21 09:10:10
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Photo by @johnstanmeyer • Deeply focused, Sukhrob Akhrorov cooks Samarkand's famous dish, palov (also called osh in Uzbek), in his shop of delicate simplicity. • To see more images from our car journey through Uzbekistan for part VI of the @outofedenwalk visit my Instagram account @johnstanmeyer. Also on my dear friend and social media supports IG account, @yulia_grigoryants for the making of this unique decade long story. • #onassignment @natgeo @natgeocreative @outofedenwalk @thephotosociety #uzbekistan #samarkand #palov #plov #osh #towel #cooking #kitchen #NGSilkRoad

2017/02/21 05:26:06
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Photo by @stephenwilkes: The 30 combined miles of beaches in Rio de Janeiro are some of the most crowded (and beautiful) in the world. Locals and tourists - including myeslf - alike visited Ipanema Beach this winter which is a sunny escape from the cold, gray days of the North. #StephenWilkes #DayToNight #Ipanema #Rio #RiodeJaneiro #Brazil

2017/02/21 04:09:20
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Photo by @martinschoeller Martin: “Hi Arlando, good to see you. Have you ever been homeless?” Arlando: “I have been but not recently. I deliver food to homeless shelters, I even went out to San Francisco with a couple of churches to help the homeless out there. It’s kinda like the workin’ poor where you could be homeless but you know somebody, so you’re one stage from it. You know, it’s like when you have family, when you have friends you don’t have to necessarily hit the streets but if they say no, you’d be right there. Circumstances. It’s just you kinda lucked out a little bit better in the lottery, you know what I’m sayin’? The lottery of life. ‘Cause you know in the lottery of life you don’t know who your family will be. The homeless people that I know are just like me and you. It’s no difference. Born to somebody else, they’d be in a different position.” . For more portraits and stories, follow me @martinschoeller

2017/02/21 01:12:25
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Video by @christian_foto (Christian Rodriguez ) Video at the Texolo waterfall park located in the Municipality of Xico, in Veracruz, Mexico. The main waterfall has an approximate height of 78.7 feet. There is a bridge over the ravine that connects both parts of the forest. On the other side, there are two smaller waterfalls that can be seen from some of the trails in the area. The waterfalls and their surroundings have been used to film several films. Video by @christian_foto / @prime_collective #waterfall #xico #veracurz #mexico

2017/02/20 22:36:02
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Photo by @shonephoto (Robbie Shone with words by @M_Synnott (Mark Synnott) - “Misha, p-l-e-a-s-e l-i-s-t-e-n c-a-r-e-f-u-l-l-y,” I say, holding up the old frayed rope to which we are tied. “I don’t want to climb any higher. If you won’t go down with me, I will untie and solo to the bottom.” With his brawny arms crossed over his chest, Misha locks me in an icy stare and mutters something in Russian. We’ve been arguing on this tiny ledge for nearly an hour, which, considering we don’t share a common language, is becoming ridiculous. What’s clear is that he adamantly refuses to bail. Earlier in the day, when we surveyed this 1200-foot cliff from the base, I realized there was no way we could safely climb it with the motley assortment of old Russian caving gear we had scrounged up in camp. I said as much to Misha and thought he had agreed, but somehow he has cajoled me halfway up the cliff. Peering down at the hundreds of feet of crumbling limestone we’ve already scaled, it dawns on me that I’m bluffing—and Misha knows it. My only option is to give in and go for the top. Though Misha is a world-class caver (and more stubborn than the donkeys that carried our gear into these mountains), he has little climbing experience. This leaves the dangerous job of leading the upper headwall to me, but I’m here to go caving not climbing, so I don’t even have sticky-soled rock shoes. When we finally top out late in the day—not far from where this photo was taken—Misha just shrugs and gives me a look as if to say, “See, I told you it was no problem.” And that’s how I accidentally made the first ascent of Hodga Gur Gur Ata, in a remote corner of Uzbekistan—on the very first day of our expedition to Dark Star. I haven’t discussed it with Misha, but I was thinking we could call our route Russian Roulette. Over the next few weeks we will upload a series of photographs on the Nat Geo Instagram feed from our recently published magazine story featured inside the March 2017 issue about a team of daring Russian explorers hoping to find the underground Everest - Dark Star (cave) inside the mighty Baisun Tau cliff in southern Uzbekistan. Stay tuned to see more.

2017/02/20 20:05:38
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@stevewinterphoto @natgeo BIG CAT WEEK starts today Monday Feb 20th! on NG WILD - #bigcatweek I am working on a @natgeo Jaguar story in the Pantanal of Brazil. Here are 2 cubs cooling off and relaxing in a tree. Jaguars are the 3rd largest of the big cats. Found from US / Mexico border to northern Argentina. Jaguars have rebounded in this area where 95% of the land is privately owned. In the past many ranchers would kill the cats when they ate their cattle. Today in this area tourism brings in much more money to the local economy than cattle ranching. So the jaguar population is increasing. But revenge killings of jaguars happen close to this area and all throughout the jaguars range. Also poaching for skins, bones and teeth is growing for the first time since the 1970’s to feed the demand for Asian Traditional Medicine and luxury items from endangered species. “Stop the demand and the killing can too.” @wildaid @bertiegregory My first story with big cats was the 1st @natgeo Jaguar story 20 years ago! It has changed my life working with the magical and magnificent cats of the world. Animals have emotions just like we have-kids hang out and play like these 2 cubs.. Forests provide us with up to 50% of the oxygen we breathe - oceans the rest. They give us 75% of the fresh water. If we can save the forest of the Amazon and other areas in Central and South America for the JAGUAR and Puma. The forests of Central Africa for the leopard, lion, elephants etc. And the forests of South Asia for the Tigers and Leopards. If you save the top predator in any ecosystem you save everything that lives with them. So if - We Save Big Cats we can help Save Ourselves. Please visit to find out other ways to become involved to save big cats! #follow me @stevewinterphoto to see more images from my work with @natgeo and Thanks!! @stevewinterphoto @natgeo @nglive #nglive @natgeochannel @natgeowild @thephotosociety @natgeocreative #fursforlife #BCI #bigcatsintiative #startwith1thing @projetooncafari @refugioecologicocaiman @pantheracats @pantanalsafaris #canonusa #redcine @africanparksnetwork

2017/02/20 17:48:32
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Photo by @amivitale. Snack time for baby pandas at Chengdu Panda Base in Sichuan Province, China. Pandas nurse for the first 8-9 months of their lives and then eat as much as 40 percent of their body weight daily in bamboo. Their bamboo diet does not provide them much nutrition and has been further threatened by habitat loss. But thanks to years of research and a focus on conservation efforts, China has brought pandas back from the brink of extinction. Giant pandas have been upgraded from endangered to threatened, with an estimated adult population of 1,864 in the wild and 500 in captivity. Follow @amivitale for more stories from around the world! @natgeo @natgeocreative @thephotosociety #chengdu #sichuan #china #climatechange #conservation #natureisspeaking #savetheplanet #panda #pandas #babypanda #ipanda #giantpanda #pandacub #photojournalism #amivitale

2017/02/20 15:11:54
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Photograph by Stefano Unterthiner @stefanounterthiner. Two young Sulawesi crested black macaques playing in the Tangkoko Nature Reserve. Even the tiniest macaque youngsters in Tangkoko have a lot of freedom to play in and explore the forest, but they don’t stray far from their mothers. If hunters take a mother for meat, they may also capture her offspring for the pet trade. Shot on assignment for @natgeo for the upcoming Magazine story ‘Fight for Survive’ (March issue) Follow me @stefanounterthiner to see more images from my personal projects and my work with @natgeo. Thanks! #IUCN #redlist #Sulawesi #macaque #play #mother #ecotourism #youngsters #forest

2017/02/20 12:40:30
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Photo by @jimmy_chin The Atlas cedars in Taghia, Morocco, are a constant point of fascination. They perfectly depict the dichotomy of beauty and harshness here. #onlocation @natgeo

2017/02/20 10:38:15
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Video by @maggiesteber. In Havana, Cuba, laundry hanging from the balconies of beautiful old buildings in the city center dries in the breeze. I was in Havana a couple of weeks ago leading a wonderful group of people in a @natgeoexpeditions photographic exploration of one of the worlds most beautiful cities, uplifted after years of neglect. Cubans know how to make the best of difficult situations. It is in their character to create beauty. I have been to this city countless times since 1982. Havana always reminded me of a beautiful woman who tried to hide her aging by putting on a little lipstick to brighten her face. For years paint was scarce as were building materials. Now thanks to her being named as a world heritage site Havana is re-claiming her bright and shiny self. This is the time to see this beautiful city before things change too much because they will. They will take a more modern turn and that's good for Cuba but I hope Cubans can hold onto the memory of a past that reflects their remarkable resilient character. The whole city is a museum of great architecture, history, nostalgia, and courage. Havana is still as beautiful and accessible as ever and this is because of her great people. Even the laundry hanging from the beautiful Art Deco balconies knows how to move with the sensuality that inhabits the whole country and its people. #natgeoexpeditions #havana #cuba #reduxpictures #natgeotravel #natgeocreative #thephotosociety #seeforyourself #traveltheworld

2016/08/11 18:16:46
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by @drewtrush // Moraine Lake, and the Valley of the Ten Peaks dominating the landscape in Banff National Park. #phonetography @thephotosociety @natgeocreatvie #nationalgeographicexpeditions

2016/08/12 07:04:13
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Photo by @FransLanting “Elephant Reflections” At a water hole in Botswana’s Okavango Delta, a majestic bull elephant towers above his reflection with a herd of thirsty kudus on the horizon. I spent time at the water’s edge in the darkness before dawn, with elephants moving around me like shadowy shapes, waiting for an opportunity to capture this classic scene of wild Africa. I share this image in honor of World Elephant Day and I salute the organizations and individuals who are standing up to stop the slaughter of elephants worldwide. Follow me @FransLanting to see more images of elephants and other wildlife from around the world. @natgeotravel @thephotosociety @natgeocreative #savetheelephants #Elephants #Tanzania #Okavango #Dawn #WildAid #wild_net #WorldElephantDay

2016/08/12 17:35:17
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Photo by @randyolson Wood River Nebraska - This was the last night of the last trip for an @natgeo assignment on the Ogallala Aquifer. I had bedded down in the blind when the cranes started to land for the night just outside… then the storm rolled in. Sand Hill Cranes are the grassland birds of the great plains. They migrate from Siberia to northern Mexico. Brice Krohn of @cranetrustnvc told me they counted 413,000 Sandhill Cranes on this evening… more than they’ve ever counted before. These conservation groups are working like crazy to keep 20 miles of the Platte River braided and perfect habitat for the cranes that come through their area. @thephotosociety @natgeocreative

2016/08/09 12:31:28
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Photo @ladzinski / A female #osprey returning to her nest in a small #CyprusTree at sunrise. An osprey's diet is comprised almost exclusively of fish and can be found on every continent around the globe expect for Antarctica.

2017/02/07 11:20:34
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Photograph by Stefano Unterthiner @stefanounterthiner. In cold weather, a normally reddish brown ermine changes into its white winter coat: a perfect camouflage adaptation for this small and fast predator. Unpublished photograph from my @natgeo magazine story ‘Paradise Found’. Follow me @stefanounterthiner to see more images from my personal projects and my work with @natgeo. #white #winter #snow #cold #perfect

2016/07/29 16:31:22
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Photo: @stevewinterphoto A tigress rests with her cub in #BandhavgarhNationalPark in #India. This was shot for my #tiger story and also became the cover photo of my @NatGeo book "TigersForever". It took me forever to get a mother with a young #cub, and this is one of those moments in my career where I checked the back of my camera and cried. Today is #internationaltigerday! Let's take action and secure a future for #Cubs like this one! Click on the link in my profile to learn how YOU can help their survival. #picoftheday #natgeo #nationalgeographic #tigers #wildlife #wildlifephotography #instagood #photooftheday #photogram #animalsofinstagram #cuteanimals

2017/01/12 10:59:38
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Photograph by Stefano Unterthiner @stefanounterthiner. At dawn, a young male brown bear is moving in front of my blind in the Finnish taiga. An unforgettable morning. This photograph made my bear’s book cover - ‘The nights of the bear’. Six months of work, between the spring and autumn of 2008, were needed to accomplish this photographic work. 80 nights spent in my blind documenting each season of the bears’ lifecycle. Follow me @stefanounterthiner to see more images from my personal projects and my work with @natgeo. #bear #male #night #Finland #taiga #book #cover #work

2017/01/19 06:08:53
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Photo by @andy_mann // While out searching for new dive sites off Selvagem Pequena Island, a remote archipelago 200 miles off the coast of Western Sahara, we observed this seemingly random wave rise from the depths. A true sea monster. We decided to have a look under it and quickly found an amazing sea-mount full of life. Always expect the unexpected at sea. Photographed on expedition with @natgeopristineseas, whose efforts have officially helped to protect this special place.

2016/11/14 04:44:56
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Photo by @pedromcbride || Super moon over Manhattan - the biggest and brightest moon we have seen in nearly 70 years. To see more, go to @pedromcbride. #moon #luna #gratitude #nyc

2016/08/13 19:57:58
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We are casting our lines this afternoon as we head back to the Great Bear Rainforest of British Columbia. #Follow our adventures on both this feed and on @paulnicklen It is one of my favorite places on this great Earth. My good friend and guide, Marven Robinson from the Gitga’at First Nation of Hartley Bay introduced me to this Kermode Bear (also known as a Spirit Bear). We called him “Friendly Bear” because he acted as if we were not there. We literally got to be a fly on the wall as he went about his business which is every wildlife photographers dream. Marven knows the bear well and explained to me that if we managed to get good pictures of these stunning bears for our story in @natgeo then we would be able to bring global attention to an ecosystem that needs protection from the threats of oil tankers, pipelines and natural gas production. Fortunately, we got the cover story in the magazine which has gone a long way in helping protect this fragile coastal ecosystem. Spending time with this bear as it fished and walked through the forest was one of the highlights of my photographic journey. The photograph was taken by friend and field companion, @jedweingarten With @cristinamittermeier #greatbearsea #gratitude #thejourney #nature #mpa #naturelovers #picoftheday #photooftheday #followme

2017/01/23 20:32:33
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Photograph by @simonnorfolkstudio A bi-eyed husky – with one blue and one brown eye. Photographed in the Kamchatka Peninsula, far-eastern Russia.The use of the term 'husky’ is recorded from the mid nineteenth century for dogs kept by Inuit people. They are an ever-changing cross-breed of the fastest sled-pulling dogs. During the 1930s the Stalinist authorities targeted every vestige of ‘non-soviet’ culture, including native dog breeds. They considered sled dogs outdated creatures that should be replaced by motorised transport, however when their mechanical machines got stuck in the snow they realised the true value of these these remarkable animals. Follow @simonnorfolkstudio for updates, outtakes, unpublished and archive material. simonnorfolkstudio @instituteartist @michaelhoppengallery @benrubi_gallery @galleryluisotti @natgeo @thephotosociety #photojournalism #documentaryphotography #simonnorfolk #igtravel #onassignment @world_wildlife #husky #Kamchatka #камчатка #dog #dogs #wolf #direwolf #gameofthrones #siberia #nature

2016/08/09 01:04:48
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photo by @joelsartore | Happy #WorldCatDay from the #PhotoArk! This is a 4-week old, male leopard #cat. #photooftheday

2016/08/22 23:36:49
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Photo by @BrianSkerry. The giant tail of a North Atlantic Right Whale, dripping with water as the animal begins a deep dive in Canada’s Bay of Fundy on an autumn afternoon. The North Atlantic Right whale is the most endangered species of whale on the planet, with perhaps less than 500 remaining. Their populations have never recovered from the whaling days due to the fact that they are ‘urban whales’ and live along the eastern seaboard of North America, where they must contend with industrialization. Each year whales die due to entanglement in fishing gear or due to ship strikes. New regulations that reduce the speed of ship traffic in critical habitats for Right Whales may have a positive effect over time. Photographed on assignment for @NatGeo. @thephotosociety @natgeocreative #right #whale #endangered #species #onassignment #national #geographic #bay #of #fundy #canada #north #atlantic #nature #photography #conservation #preservation

2016/08/14 18:09:30
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Photo by @FransLanting Cheetahs are the most vulnerable of Africa’s big cats, with cub mortality as high as 95 percent, often due to predation by lions and hyenas. But studies have shown that a small number of cheetah females are so good at raising cubs that we can call them “supermoms.” On assignment for @natgeo in the grasslands of Tanzania's Serengeti, I made this image of one supermom resting in the midday shade with one of her cubs. Follow me @FransLanting to see an Olympics gallery of “Animals as Athletes,” including cheetahs—the fastest land animal on earth. @natgeotravel @natgeocreative @thephotosociety #Cheetah #BigCats #Tanzania #Serengeti #Supermom

2016/08/16 17:10:49
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Photo @ladzinski / There's a very special feeling you get when you see the rain stop and grey skies transform into explosive color. It's like being given an unexpected gift. Photographed 2 days ago along the #GR5 trail in the French Alps. @natgeotravel