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2017/05/27 09:15:28
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Hey Frankfurt, Germany. I gotta talk to you for a bit. 🤗

2017/05/26 21:28:53
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Let me put some color in your life. Photo: @joeyjamesphoto Hair: @hairbymarytran Makeup: @effyeah Wardrobe: @kristinatruong Retoucher: @big_bad_red

2017/05/25 21:34:24
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I think I like you. Photo: @joeyjamesphoto Hair: @hairbymarytran Makeup: @effyeah Wardrobe: @kristinatruong Retoucher: @big_bad_red

2017/05/24 23:36:24
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Don't mind me. Photo: @joeyjamesphoto Hair: @hairbymarytran Makeup: @effyeah Stylist: @kristinatruong Retoucher: @big_bad_red I first came to Mary 2 years ago with broken brittle hair that was destroyed by so much bleach. With love and patience, Mary nurtured my hair until it was strong again. Now my hair is long and I can change colors every month. God bless @hairbymarytran ❤️❤️❤️

2017/05/24 06:05:49
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美人薄命 Hair color and style: @hairbymarytran Photo: @joeyjamesphoto Makeup: @effyeah Stylist: @kristinatruong Retouched: @big_bad_red

2017/05/23 22:23:31
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My hair stylist is cooler than yours. Hair color and style: @hairbymarytran Photo: @joeyjamesphoto Makeup: @effyeah

2017/05/23 05:55:55
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FRANKFURT, GERMANY!! I can't wait to see you. @dannieriel and I will be in you soon!! Please comment below on what I must do and eat in Frankfurt. It's my first time in Germany!!!

2017/05/22 15:13:43
16237 45

Dragon behind the glass. Photo: @julianmorales Makeup: @krysrenee Hair:

2017/05/22 05:05:39
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You got a rad bitch face. Photo: @julianmorales Hair: Makeup: @krysrenee

2017/05/21 18:58:00
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The most dangerous animal in the world is a silent smiling woman. Photo: @julianmorales Makeup: @krysrenee Hair:

2017/05/20 03:00:47
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New video uploaded! I became a cyborg. Link in my bio!

2017/05/17 23:17:45
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FRANKFURT, GERMANY! It'll be my first time seeing you! Come out on June 4th to meet me and this babe @dannieriel and do some hoodrat stuff with us ❤️❤️❤️

2017/05/15 23:01:16
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Be so fabulous that you only cry glitter.

2017/05/14 03:54:16
16753 422

Tag your Vietnamese friends! Full video link in bio! Ft. @littleasianman and @leendaDAvenue

2017/05/13 01:04:44
17621 51

Tomorrow is @theeatshow ! I can't wait to stuff my face ❤️ Hair: @hairbymarytran Makeup: @effyeah

2017/03/18 03:16:10
40373 172

@Youtube sent me my Silver Play button! YAAAAY! It's 100k late but better late than never! I'm eternally grateful to all those who were by my side along the way. Couldn't have gotten this far without my friends, family, and my supportive fans. Thank you for being there for me and watching my dumb videos 😊I hope to reach the 1 million mark one day❤️ #grateful

2017/05/05 05:03:06
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So we did a thing to my hair today. Omg @hairbymarytran can do it allllllll 😍😍😍

2017/03/31 04:43:53
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2017/03/16 02:49:34
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Y'all. My aunts marrying a sheriff and this is their invitation. Damn near gave everyone in my family a heart attack LMAO she's evil 😂😂😂

2017/02/12 04:18:24
33130 77

It's time to start shooting again. ☺️

2017/02/07 19:53:15
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Thank you, UAE. This trip has been nothing short of incredible. I've learned so much about your country and your people. In Muslim culture, they believe that your guest should be treated just as well as you would want to be treated if not better and it was proven time and time again throughout this whole trip with everyone we met. I learned about your culture, your beliefs, your faith, and what makes this country so beautiful. I must admit, before coming here, I didn't understand certain customs that Muslims had and thought it was rather odd. But with the help of many amazing locals that were so delighted to answer my questions, I am enlightened and have found the beauty in your culture. Thank you Ghobash for being such a wonderful host and welcoming us into your home. Thank you to those who came to my silly impromptu meet and greet. Also thank you @mattfield777 for letting me be your umbrella girl once again. #TeamMorrillMiddleSchool Amazing how drift racing can bring so many people together from across the globe! Also when I die, please bury me in a bathtub full of legaimat 😭 I hope to return soon!!! شكرا

2017/01/18 23:23:01
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こんにちは • • Wigs are fun :) wig from: @everydaywigscom

2017/02/15 00:57:53
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Happy Valentine's Day y'all! I hope you all get to touch a butt today. 😁

2017/04/20 23:24:33
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Royal from my crown to my fuckin feet.

2017/02/25 11:30:07
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🌙 sweet dreams, Meatball head.

2017/02/03 09:18:17
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Today, the only problem I had was trying to figure out which swimsuit to wear to the pool. I'm ok with that :) • • • Bikinis from: @poolsidestyle CODE: HOLAGINA for $$$ off :)

2017/03/30 07:54:55
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY @DAVIDSOCOMEDY. I hope you have an unFORGETable birthday. I'll never FORGET what a great friend you are. You've given me such an unFORGETable friendship. Thank you FOR GETting me through hard times and FOR GETting me more and more into Youtube. You're a true inspiration to me and I will never FORGET everything you done for me. Go to his IG and comment "Gina is such a great friend." #IWillNeverLetYouForget #bitch #PettyOfficerDarling #INeedSomeFriesWithThisSalt #pettyqueen #F #O #R #G #E #T

2017/01/01 08:11:34
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Happy new year!!! #2017

2017/03/26 03:52:51
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Weight in gold • Photo: @julianmorales Makeup: @krysrenee Hair: #ginadarling #exsupervillain

2017/04/20 06:37:10
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