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Tell me how'd you do it, you added the music, I never heard a song like you
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2017/03/26 16:17:57
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Happy birthday to one of the most amazing women I've ever met, and she happens to be my mother (Scooooooreeeeee)! Thank you for being so inspiring, and for always being there for me, as depicted by this photo. I don't know what is happening or why it looks like we are in the woods, but what I do know is that you got my back... @vanessamarano and I are so lucky to have you ❀️😘 I love youuuuu @ellenmarano

2017/03/24 00:26:58
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As you can tell, Velvet and I are related, and she was the one who really wanted to take this photo

2017/03/23 16:51:12
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My puppy spirit animal #nationalpuppyday

2017/03/18 01:30:44
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Happy St. Patrick's Day from me and Betty πŸ’š

2017/03/17 22:36:14
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Let’s come together and make a difference for kids with the #rednosechallenge! Learn more at "Red Nose Day in School" #RedNoseDay

2017/03/17 05:15:24
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Thank you @ted_baker for a lovely night...all the food was great, but that chocolate cake was divineeee

2017/03/17 05:05:23
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The love is so real @vanessamarano

2017/03/12 18:07:32
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πŸ’πŸ»β€οΈ @brianacisneros @hmubymelbe @jwujek @marcjacobs

2017/03/11 23:36:22
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Surprise :)

2017/03/11 23:13:14
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I literally can't believe it's been 1 year since Boombox 😱😱😱 you guys have no idea how grateful I was (and still am) for your insane support, and just thinking about my experience with Boombox gets me super excited about releasing new music❀️ Thank you guys for everything...can't wait till you get to see all the surprises I have in store for you

2017/03/10 02:36:16
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πŸ’‡πŸ»πŸ˜ *this is the before picture πŸ˜‰*

2017/03/09 02:23:19
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Property of No One 😏 @lovetribeapparel

2017/03/09 02:22:31
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Happy International Women's Day! I am so grateful to be surrounded by amazing, strong women every single day ❀️I just want to remind every little girl (and little boy) that you can legitimately be whatever you want to be when you grow up....nothing, especially incorrect stereotypes we sometimes learn about, should ever hold us back from our dreams 😊

2017/03/07 20:24:41
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Yesterday with @lovetribeapparel ft. my iPad

2017/03/06 22:46:47
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My @marcjacobs twin @noahcyrus literally killed the performance game last happy for you ❀️❀️❀️

2017/01/28 18:11:20
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Happy birthday to my favorite redhead (besides Rupert Grint and Amy Adams and Emma Stone) @calumworthy, you are such a gem

2016/12/16 20:08:16
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Trying really hard to pack this tree, but it's not going so well...I'll miss you New York ❀️

2016/10/23 07:13:31
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Thank you @cbsradio for a lovely day ❀️ @missvalnoble @jwujek @jaimelee_official #wecansurvive

2016/10/11 02:07:33
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I've got soul, but I'm not a soldier...I've got a milkmaid braid, but I'm not a milkmaid

2016/10/20 16:12:55
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Surprise!!! My fragrance is now available on Amazon and in TJ Maxx, Marshalls, K-Mart, Gordman's, and Gabriel Brothers ❀️😊😏 Macy's Backstage

2016/09/30 07:10:14
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Throwback to when I looked way taller than normal... @fadilberisha you are a magic man πŸ“Έ @sherrihill

2016/11/01 01:55:58
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Happy birthday to my best friend who happens to be related to me ❀️ I'm so happy that you were born...and that the doctor came in a bunny suit to deliver you @vanessamarano

2017/01/01 08:37:20
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Happy New Year ❀️ 2017, I am so ready

2016/10/30 21:44:15
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Had a lovely and much needed hang-out-at-LA-Comic-Con-session with my wonderful Zag family ❀️ thanks to everyone who came out, and thanks @zaganimation for giving me a pretty epic costume idea this Halloween @jeremy_zag @stanleecomiccon @bemiraculouslb @kevmarciano @andrelakemayer #SpotsOnAmIRight

2017/02/17 23:21:32
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A look #fbf

2016/10/23 01:16:43
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I love @meghan_trainor so ridiculously much 😍😍 make sure you guys are checking out @cbsradio because I am taking over right now 😏😏 #wecansurvive

2016/12/15 17:55:26
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Ayeeeee today if you use the promo code LAURAXMAS (I love myself some holiday themes), you can get all my merch 10% off AND you can get my fragrances on my website too! Link is in my bio 😊

2017/01/08 06:52:42
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so cold so sore so cold so sore so cold so sore

2017/01/10 01:47:35
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yes, we love each other's company, but Vanessa and I mainly go to events together just so we can get Christmas card options @vanessamarano

2016/10/18 00:36:59
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Us on a good day