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2017/05/27 03:14:52
188880 633

Professionalism at its finest

2017/05/25 17:43:16
118880 171

Happy #RedNoseDay!! Make sure you head to to learn all about how you can help aaaaand watch the telethon tonight! Also, shoutout to kids next to me for being pretty flipping adorable @rednosedayusa

2017/05/23 17:00:25
157546 360

I’m going LIVE RN w/ @CampAnuenue, a summer camp in Hawaii for kids w/ cancer, to help raise $50,000 in the next 24hrs! Go to Camp Anuenue’s Facebook Page right now! This is an amazing cause and they need your help. Please donate if you can at: PLUS we got some special activities with @ehow_team

2017/05/22 03:13:23
126368 392

The @BBMAs Magenta Carpet was on πŸ”₯! Thank you @dickclarkproductions for being so flipping amazing! I had such a blast talking on the @xfinity stage. 😊 #BBMAs @bbmas @gucci

2017/05/21 23:20:05
140493 243

We are LIVE with the @BBMAs Magenta Carpet!! 😍 #BBMAs @chrisdaughtry @bbmas

2017/05/21 14:04:53
119922 244

Hit me, Britney, one more time (it was SOOO GOOOOOD) @phvegas

2017/05/20 16:27:41
178131 8882

Lowkey became an 8th member of BTS today @thebangtanboys @bts.bighitofficial @gucci Make sure to tune in tomorrow to the @bbmas Magenta Carpet Live on Twitter to see it all go down

2017/05/20 02:35:28
145697 361

Vegas, you ready? #bbmas

2017/05/18 17:29:14
122494 523

So insanely excited to (FINALLY) announce that I'm signing to @wbr!!! Literally so, so, SO happy and feeling very grateful 😊

2017/05/18 17:26:49
147047 521

I got a surpriiiiiise 😏

2017/05/17 03:50:40
124118 296

Signed some important papers...but more on that later

2017/05/16 16:12:09
72550 734

Slow Hands 😏

2017/05/14 17:43:48
96963 160

Happy Mother's Day! So lucky to have such an incredible role model in the superwoman that is known as Ellen Marano ❀️ make sure to shower your mothers with such love and gratitude today (I mean, we should do that every day, but like especiaaaaally today) @ellenmarano @vanessamarano

2017/05/13 22:51:24
48038 143

Ayeeee! Super excited to be hosting the @xfinity stage on the @BBMAS Magenta Carpet with @chrisdaughtry! We're live May 21st at 6 pm ET/3 pm PT on Twitter!! #bbmas

2017/05/12 04:15:18
123292 228

Dressing Room Life -starring an iPad, a purse, and Honey Nut Cheerios

2017/01/28 18:11:20
282499 1302

Happy birthday to my favorite redhead (besides Rupert Grint and Amy Adams and Emma Stone) @calumworthy, you are such a gem

2016/12/16 20:08:16
275114 827

Trying really hard to pack this tree, but it's not going so well...I'll miss you New York ❀️

2017/05/06 23:46:27
245285 530

Hm. She's shorter in person

2017/05/07 09:28:25
241872 1358

We're prettttty cute, but we'd be much cuter with @rainydaychatter (Texas is so lucky it gets to have her right now) ❀️ on another note, thank you @calumworthy for letting me come to the @aninconvenienttruth was so incredibly educational and moving #beinconvenient #climatechangeisreal

2017/01/01 08:37:20
233590 744

Happy New Year ❀️ 2017, I am so ready

2017/02/17 23:21:32
232200 984

A look #fbf

2016/12/15 17:55:26
228624 753

Ayeeeee today if you use the promo code LAURAXMAS (I love myself some holiday themes), you can get all my merch 10% off AND you can get my fragrances on my website too! Link is in my bio 😊

2017/01/08 06:52:42
226551 837

so cold so sore so cold so sore so cold so sore

2017/01/10 01:47:35
226223 733

yes, we love each other's company, but Vanessa and I mainly go to events together just so we can get Christmas card options @vanessamarano

2017/03/11 23:36:22
221991 1988

Surprise :)

2017/02/17 06:01:08
214086 632

You know what you do to me

2017/01/13 02:21:09
210363 941

I can't believe it's been a year since For the Record premiered 😱 thank you @radiodisney for letting me showcase my musical journey every week and for letting me interview other artists about theirs... Also thank you @rossr5 @rainydaychatter and @calumworthy for being my first guests and taking a chance on a rookie dj like me

2017/01/09 06:52:33
209148 425

We're tired because we all are like secretly 80 years old @vanessamarano @leanneaguilera

2017/02/02 06:57:46
208051 874

I legit had such a moment with snapchat today

2017/01/03 23:33:52
206083 627

Very dangerous place to put a massage chair...