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Tell me how'd you do it, you added the music, I never heard a song like you
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2017/01/20 00:18:54
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When it's 10 in the morning and your crew is so fresh and peppy, but you're tired, sore, and your feet hurt @draico @teyawild

2017/01/19 07:47:37
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Waiting for the rain so I can pretend I'm Gene Kelly

2017/01/19 07:40:30
52824 130

My love affair with Burt's Bees is really heating up... @burtsbeesus this is literally one of the cutest things anyone has ever done for me

2017/01/18 06:42:06
169375 823

Super lowkey, casual pic of us as we Just Hold On (will I ever stop with the puns? probably not) @louist91 @steveaoki

2017/01/13 06:43:45
195690 793

Just say you feel the way that I feel

2017/01/13 02:21:09
205120 885

I can't believe it's been a year since For the Record premiered 😱 thank you @radiodisney for letting me showcase my musical journey every week and for letting me interview other artists about theirs... Also thank you @rossr5 @rainydaychatter and @calumworthy for being my first guests and taking a chance on a rookie dj like me

2017/01/10 01:47:35
222247 690

yes, we love each other's company, but Vanessa and I mainly go to events together just so we can get Christmas card options @vanessamarano

2017/01/10 01:41:25
145650 457

Couldn't find a golden one, so I brought a silver globe instead @jwujek @hmubymelbe @ritavinieris

2017/01/09 06:52:33
207065 420

We're tired because we all are like secretly 80 years old @vanessamarano @leanneaguilera

2017/01/08 06:52:42
224652 823

so cold so sore so cold so sore so cold so sore

2017/01/08 06:35:03
85185 151

I didn't choose the snowboarding life, the snowboarding life chose me I mean, yeah I drove three hours to get to the snow, but like still

2017/01/05 23:40:17
201039 744

Not pictured: the half-empty medium pizza box on the bed #throwback

2017/01/03 23:33:52
205518 624

Very dangerous place to put a massage chair...

2017/01/01 08:37:20
233070 743

Happy New Year ❤️ 2017, I am so ready

2016/12/31 00:01:39
115997 347

"If you want to be happy, be" -Leo Tolstoy

2016/12/16 20:08:16
275114 827

Trying really hard to pack this tree, but it's not going so well...I'll miss you New York ❤️

2016/10/23 07:13:31
272031 1004

Thank you @cbsradio for a lovely day ❤️ @missvalnoble @jwujek @jaimelee_official #wecansurvive

2016/10/11 02:07:33
266399 1498

I've got soul, but I'm not a soldier...I've got a milkmaid braid, but I'm not a milkmaid

2016/09/10 02:55:26
259527 1104

Feeling @poprageous #popSTARageous @jwujek

2016/10/20 16:12:55
254258 993

Surprise!!! My fragrance is now available on Amazon and in TJ Maxx, Marshalls, K-Mart, Gordman's, and Gabriel Brothers ❤️😊😏 Macy's Backstage

2016/09/30 07:10:14
243177 1246

Throwback to when I looked way taller than normal... @fadilberisha you are a magic man 📸 @sherrihill

2016/11/01 01:55:58
242775 629

Happy birthday to my best friend who happens to be related to me ❤️ I'm so happy that you were born...and that the doctor came in a bunny suit to deliver you @vanessamarano

2017/01/01 08:37:20
233070 743

Happy New Year ❤️ 2017, I am so ready

2016/10/30 21:44:15
232222 1055

Had a lovely and much needed hang-out-at-LA-Comic-Con-session with my wonderful Zag family ❤️ thanks to everyone who came out, and thanks @zaganimation for giving me a pretty epic costume idea this Halloween @jeremy_zag @stanleecomiccon @bemiraculouslb @kevmarciano @andrelakemayer #SpotsOnAmIRight

2016/07/18 03:40:39
228997 661

Another amazing night with @starkeycares.... So beautiful @vanessamarano #starkeygala

2016/10/23 01:16:43
228687 417

I love @meghan_trainor so ridiculously much 😍😍 make sure you guys are checking out @cbsradio because I am taking over right now 😏😏 #wecansurvive

2016/12/15 17:55:26
228624 753

Ayeeeee today if you use the promo code LAURAXMAS (I love myself some holiday themes), you can get all my merch 10% off AND you can get my fragrances on my website too! Link is in my bio 😊

2016/08/19 14:05:46
228012 1059

I was going for a Carrie Bradshaw vibe today #6DaysToLaLa

2016/07/21 01:14:57
227125 827

Congratulations @wearethevamps and @emilnava for Somebody to You hitting 100 million views on Vevo!! Being a part of the video was literally SO awesome and fun 😎😎

2017/01/08 06:52:42
224652 823

so cold so sore so cold so sore so cold so sore