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2017/09/24 13:21:12
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Ketika Mata Batin terbuka dan semua yang kita lihat menjadi berbeda. #comingsoon #MataBatin #November2017 @hitmakestudios Tunggu teaser filmnya besok.

2017/09/24 11:30:04
61290 190

Short pants and t-shirt from @ds.doggystyle kind of Sunday.

2017/09/23 11:13:52
52174 248

1 hari lagi menuju dibukanya Mata Batin. Siap? @hitmakestudios #MataBatin #November2017

2017/09/22 08:19:27
83114 249

This pretty kaftan I got in @blanc_jkt and it mate from πŸ‘ 

2017/09/21 13:47:01
19453 167

Coming Soon! @hitmakestudios #behindthescene #matabatin #november2017

2017/09/20 13:49:19
36707 190

Behind the scenes of '90 Frames of Fame' @optikseis and @senayancity in collaboration with @riomotret. Come and visit the photo exhibition at Main Atrium Senayan City, 1st Fl from 21 Sept - 1 Oct 2017. See u there! #OptikSeis90th #90FramesOfFame #SCXI #ShadesOfNow #OptikSeisxRiomotret

2017/09/20 09:45:12
112528 402

Calmness show your elegance.

2017/09/20 05:36:07
27446 87

Yuk temukan kebutuhan rumahmu di Pasarwarga! Bisa cicil tanpa DP dan kartu kredit. Follow @pasarwarga untuk info lebih lanjut!

2017/09/19 13:57:56
115453 345

Just sit and waiting for my miracle ✨

2017/09/16 09:10:19
106830 357

I never worried for the outfit to go to party. Perfect match from @nyungging and the top from @kynakain totally made my day.

2017/09/15 04:39:15
135180 603

Make up from @hepidavid made my day. A million thanks for your magical make up hands kak! I know your touch never fails β€οΈπŸ’„πŸ’‹

2017/09/12 13:01:23
101504 331

Looking lovely and flawless with boenga pants from @senja.ja under daylight 🌻

2017/09/11 10:56:31
93236 359

Karena banyak banget dari Lovely yang nanya apa sih rahasia aku tampil cantik setiap hari. Gimana kalau aku telepon? Ketik *200*212# dari handphone mu, nanti disana aku bakalan berbagi langsung tips dan trik tampil cantik dengan wajah cerah maksimal. Aku tunggu ya! Oiya, jangan lupa juga follow @Fairandlovely_id ya :)

2017/09/11 03:22:42
77534 256

Bring your cherish out by wearing lovely outer and hat from @weekendbyproject15 and comfy slipper from @shoesmelissa πŸ‘’

2017/09/10 13:39:48
58733 218

Haii, masih inget kan kalo aku pernah share hazelnut cokelat bar ini ke kalian? Btw, lagi ngadain kuis yang berhadiah GoPro Hero 5, Samsung J7, dan voucher MAP loh di Instagram dan Facebook! Coba deh kalian liat dulu IGnya untuk informasi lebih lanjut mengenai campaign #iniguebanget #hanselguebanget ini!

2017/08/21 08:26:32
182110 686

A true friend always have your back to through the life no matter what. #MnMtraveldiary photo by @aldobaskoro @sweet.escape

2017/08/05 02:59:41
155526 1019

Special thanks to each and everyone that took time to wish me a Happy Birthday yesterday! It was a truly wonderful day-perfect in so many ways big and small.

2017/08/15 08:13:21
152311 1154

Make up was nicely done by @alodiasuradja πŸ’‹

2017/08/22 13:15:42
146645 600

Together watch the sun is going to get home. #MnMtraveldiary #Bali

2017/08/12 04:01:56
146002 511

Put your glasses on and scream loud for summer's vibe πŸ•Άβ˜€οΈπŸ‘™

2017/08/26 04:28:57
145531 509

Walk in the beach is just another name of summer.

2017/08/15 03:50:09
141688 516

#latepost sunny side up madness πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ’ƒπŸ» #MnMtraveldiary #Bali #sunnysideup

2017/08/19 10:20:40
141090 405

Summer's calling means it's time to dance with the sun. πŸ‘’ by @weekendbyproject15 . #Bali #MnMtraveldiary #kayanaseminyak

2017/08/18 04:10:45
135605 447

In life I believed that we won't to missed the moment. So am I.. I catch that moment only on my app, if you want to know more, check the link on my bio πŸ˜‰

2017/09/15 04:39:15
135180 603

Make up from @hepidavid made my day. A million thanks for your magical make up hands kak! I know your touch never fails β€οΈπŸ’„πŸ’‹

2017/08/08 08:45:31
131664 357

Girls just wanna have sun β˜€οΈ#MnMtraveldiary #kamandalu #ubud #bali

2017/08/28 04:36:00
127462 354

let's talk about your good plan in a good way! #travelwithmilaenzy

2017/09/03 03:19:34
123109 215

Laugh more. Worry less. #travelwithmilaenzy #singapore

2017/08/17 10:28:19
118515 289

Jelajahi Indonesia yang kaya akan budayanya. . Selamat ulang tahun ke-72 Indonesiaku. . Jangan lupa hadir dan jelajahi sanubari budaya nusantara oleh @mariophotographie 12-27 Agustus 2017 di @centralparkmall Lumina Lobby. . Stylist @aninditasaryuf Wardrobe @harryhalim Make up @melinathemua Hairdo @cindyvirginiahairdo #jelajahbudaya #mariophotographie #RI72

2017/08/07 12:37:20
118307 377

There's no time to be bored in a world as beautiful as this. #MnMtraveldiary #kamandalu #ubud #bali #IndonesiaIndah