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2017/03/26 15:19:13
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Cerro Castillo, Southern Andes, Chile. Just might be a bit of climbing potential down here... @tompkins_conservation @natgeo

2017/03/24 13:30:02
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Chasing the indefatigable Kris Tompkins through the Andean Steppe. @tompkins_conservation #onassignment @natgeo

2017/03/23 14:03:11
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It's been a great season riding w @cartercountry. Here he is sending it as per usual. Stoked to share the first episode in the Rituals series from @hanahliving about Mark and his morning rituals. He's a true cowboy in every sense of the word. Check the link in my bio to watch the vid. It'll put a smile on your face... Photo: @nicalegre Rider: @cartercountry

2017/03/22 16:49:53
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Kris Tompkins 3.20.17 -------------------------------------------------Yvon Chouinard told me the first time he met Kris Tompkins, she was a fifteen year old wild child beach bum surfer in SoCal that had just been thrown out of class for refusing to wear shoes to school. Kris was looking for summer work so Yvon hired her as an assistant packer at Chouinard Equipment in the early seventies. Yvon chuckled and said "well that was the lowest possible job in the company. You could only move up from there." Kris did move up. She eventually became the founding CEO of @patagonia and ran the company w Yvon for twenty years, helping create and make it the company it is today. She left Patagonia in the nineties when she married Doug Tompkins (founder of @thenorthface and Esprit). Doug and Kris decided to focus their entrepreneurial spirit and know how towards major conservation projects in Argentina and Chile. Together, along with their close knit family of friends including Yvon Chouinard, Tom Brokaw, Rick Ridgeway and others, they privately donated, fund raised, established critical relationships with local Chilean and Argentinian communities and literally built several intact functioning national parks from the ground up, protecting millions of acres of mountain ranges, grasslands and coastline in the process. After 25 years of work, Kris finally successfully negotiated the unprecedented terms for the Chilean government to commit ten acres of land towards protected national parks for every acre of land donated by the @tompkins_conservation group. She signed the protocol w President Bachelet of Chile last week. The total land committed to the project will be over 11m acres just in Chile alone. This is certainly one of the most successful conservation projects of our time, and particularly well timed considering the aggressive attempt to roll back protection of our public lands and wild places in the US. If you're in need of some inspiration, Kris is a pretty good one to look up to. Find out more about Kris and the @tompkins_conservation efforts at the link in my bio. @natgeo

2017/03/20 15:47:03
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A view of Cerro Corcovado, part of the system of 11m acres committed last week by @tompkins_conservation and President Bachelet to become national parks in Chile. The protected acreage is three times the size of Yellowstone National Park and Yosemite National Park combined. To learn more about this 25 year conservation project and Kris and Doug Tompkins' vision, check the link in my profile. @natgeo

2017/03/19 19:57:41
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Kris Tompkins addressing President Bachelet, Chilean senators, and many of the people who have worked over the last 25 years building the park systems that will become part of the Chilean National Park system. With 1.1m acres committed from the @tompkins_conservation group and another 10m acres from the Chilean government, this new protected land is considered the largest private conservation land handover in history. Given what is happening to our public lands in the US, this moment for Chile, and example of conservation for the rest of the world, is a breath of fresh air. Literally. Learn more about this project at the link in my bio. @tompkins_conservation @natgeo

2017/03/17 18:52:17
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My first trip down to Chile was with Yvon Chouinard, Rick Ridgeway, Chris Malloy, @thetorpedopeople, Danny Moder, @timmyoniel, Makohe and @jeffjohnson_beyondandback in 2007. We flew down to travel, climb, surf and also spend some time with Doug and Kris Tompkins who were busy building the multiple parks that were just handed over to Chile a couple days ago. It was quite the cast of characters. Besides making a film, we were there to try and climb the pictured mountain - Corcovado. Today was the first time I’d seen it since, this time from the air. Corcovado and everything else we could see from the plane, horizon to horizon, are all part of Parque Pumalin and Corcovado National Park, just two of several parks that Doug, Kris and the Tompkins Conservation team have been working on for last 25 years. It's difficult to describe the scope and scale of the project and the amount of land preserved without seeing it. Doug Tompkins made the first ascent of Corcovado in the mid nineties, soloing alone to the summit. Our group made an attempt in the summer of 2007. After almost a week of bushwhacking, river crossings, scrambling and climbing, we had to retreat just a couple hundred feet below the summit due to terrible rock conditions. We built a rappel anchor in such bad rock (which was all that was available) that Rick and I weren't sure if we should stay connected to it as Timmy started to weight the ropes on rappel. I still remember the thoughtful look on Rick’s face when he looked at the anchor, looked at me, shrugged his shoulders and unclipped. I followed suit shortly after. We knew if the anchor pulled, we’d be stranded without ropes but figured we’d test our fate trying the impossible down climb as opposed to getting dragged off together if the anchor blew out. Sometimes you have to make a choice when all you have are bad choices. If you’re curious about the trip and want to learn more about Yvon Chouinard and Doug Tompkins, take the night off and watch 180 South. It’s a good time. Check the link in my bio to learn more about the recent land handover, considered to be the largest private conservation land donation in history. @tompkins_conservation @natgeo

2017/03/16 12:41:39
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Kris Tompkins and President Michelle Bachelet of Chile take a walk in Parque Pumalin. Yesterday Kris and the Tompkins Conservation group, including Yvon Chouinard, Rick Ridgeway and others, handed over several private parks and reserves equaling close to 1.1 million acres of land to the Chilean people. After 25 years of buying the land, working with local Chileans and building the infrastructure for these parks, Doug and Kris Tompkins' idea to provide fully intact and functioning parks to Chile was made official yesterday. The donated land acreage from Tompkins Conservation and the 9 million acres pledged by the Chilean government is three times the size of Yellowstone National Park and Yosemite National Park combined. This has been called the largest private conservation land handover to a country in history. The whole world benefits from this kind of philanthropy and vision. This model shows what a few people with big aspirations can do for the planet. Please follow @tompkins_conservation and visit www.tompkinsconservation (link in bio) for more information about this incredible project. @natgeo

2017/03/13 13:45:29
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Just another day in paradise....It's been an all time winter across the Mountain Collective (@collectivepass) with record snowfall everywhere from Wyoming to California. Here's a pretty typical scene over here in @jacksonhole. I'm not sure how many powder days I've witnessed this going down at the top of the mountain this winter....more than I can count. They're all starting to blur into one massive storm cycle. Huge thanks to all the ladies and gentlemen and JH Ski Patrol who've worked tirelessly all winter to keep Jackson Hole open for all of us storm riders. There are no words to express our gratitude. #freerefills #powbrain #mountaincollective

2017/03/12 15:18:48
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@realwillgadd getting tubed. #playingwithsharpobjects #theghost

2017/03/11 15:58:31
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Sometimes you go for the views....sometimes you just go.... #whiteout #thebard

2017/03/09 17:15:44
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@realwillgadd likes playing w sharp objects. Happy birthday cowboy! Wishing you many more years of bashing ice..... #theghost

2017/03/08 15:55:26
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The Bard harvesting a fresh crop from the winter that just keeps on giving. #davebarnett @revo @hanahliving @jacksonhole

2017/03/07 17:31:23
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This is what a 4am start in @travisrice's gear room looks like. Don't get distracted on your way out the door...

2017/03/06 15:01:04
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@johncollinson not slowing down. I properly tomahawked for the first time in years following this kid around. Nothing like the youth....and going ass over tea kettle to keep you honest. #iphoneglory #thefuturenow #airtoflat #headoverheels #heelsoverhead #howsthesnowpacklookingdownthere

2016/10/18 15:28:21
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Hard to believe it’s been ten years today....@kitdski and @robdski prep to rap the Hillary Step at 28,500ft a few minutes after skiing off the summit of Everest. Dropping in is still one of the top surreal moments for me in the mountains. Some people viewed it as madness. For us, it was just something we dreamed of doing. I think not at least trying to live an extraordinary life is madness. Big love to you two, Rob and Kit, for the years of adventure, madness and friendship....Happy Anniversary! @thenorthface #questionmadness #chomolungma

2016/11/07 15:31:41
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I am thankful everyday to be able to do what I do. I know I wouldn’t have had the same opportunities to pursue this life in a lot of places on our planet. The more I travel and see the world, the more I recognize what an incredible country we live in. Tomorrow I am voting my conscience. I am voting for the environment. I am voting for what I believe are basic human rights - for people to be able to choose who they marry, to choose their religion, to choose what they do with their bodies. I am voting to RESPECT people no matter where they are from and to embrace the diversity that this country is built on. I am voting to increase taxes in my income bracket because I believe in working towards the collective good. I am voting to help those less fortunate because these are the ideals I want to instill in my children. Tomorrow I am voting for my country. I hope you do to. #imwithher

2017/03/11 15:58:31
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Sometimes you go for the views....sometimes you just go.... #whiteout #thebard

2016/10/09 14:42:27
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Rule #1 - Always find a nice flat spot for your campsite....Sometimes you have to break the rules...

2016/12/04 18:09:02
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2017/02/01 15:20:28
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Just another @jacksonhole local.... @iandibradleeb dropping.... #casual #onceisenough #oneturnwonder @jxnfigs @jimmyhartman @joeleinhorn @jmcmillan @pedromcbride @revo @yeti @thenorthface @hanahliving

2016/10/19 15:45:04
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Another one from 2006....Mingma Dorje crossing crevasse fields of the Western Cwm between Camp 1 and Camp 2 on Everest. Our expedition was in the post monsoon season, so we were the only team on the mountain. This also meant we got to work with our favorite Sherpas since there were no other expeditions and everyone was available. We handpicked 12 of the best climbing Sherpas we knew, many of whom I’d worked with before, from the Khumbu Climbing School that @conrad_anker and @jenniloweanker so generously started. As with many Everest expeditions, without the incredible Sherpa support and their efforts, we could not have pulled off our ski expedition. One of the most hilarious moments of the trip was right after we screened “The Man Who Skied Everest” with our Sherpa team at basecamp. The film (won an Oscar) documents Yuichiro Miura, a legendary Japanese alpinist who attempts to ski Mt. Everest in 1970. While he doesn’t summit, Yuichiro tries to ski the Lhotse face trailing a parachute. He takes a fall high on the route, tumbling down most of the mountain but survives. After the film, several of our Sherpa friends wanted to see our parachutes. Of course we didn’t have any. This concerned them greatly. We had a good laugh over it. @robdski @kitdski

2016/10/11 14:02:34
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Outtake from the @nytmag cover shoot w Jamison Walsh climbing to the top of the One World Trade Center. Not surprisingly, this is one of the few places I actually feel at home in the city. #nyc @kathyryan1 #dontlookdown

2016/10/03 01:00:19
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One more from #TheFourthPhase archives. An epically cold but memorable night out w @travisrice and co in #kamchatka shooting time lapses and watching the nearby volcano rage. Tune into @redbulltv at 9pm tonight for a onetime free screening of the full film and see if you spot this timelapse. I didn't get a chance to shoot a lot of them so was stoked this made the cut. @rbmhfilms

2017/03/26 15:19:13
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Cerro Castillo, Southern Andes, Chile. Just might be a bit of climbing potential down here... @tompkins_conservation @natgeo

2016/11/17 16:39:51
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#onlocation #onassignment #magiclight #iphone #sentinel @natgeo

2017/01/07 17:19:45
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2016/12/29 16:07:50
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2017/03/09 17:15:44
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@realwillgadd likes playing w sharp objects. Happy birthday cowboy! Wishing you many more years of bashing ice..... #theghost

2017/02/21 15:03:37
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You couldn't exactly ski from the summit...but damn if @m_synnott didn't try.... @kitdski @jxnfigs @natgeo #wyolife #gtnp @thenorthface @revo @yeti