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National Geographic Photographer || Director || The North Face Athlete || Snapchat : jimmy.chin
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2017/02/17 16:52:43
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#fbf Yvon Chouinard, @jeffjohnson_beyondandback, Makohe and @thetorpedopeople watching an early episode of Chef's Table on Caveman TV. #180South #canyoupasstheremote #chile #chillin

2017/02/14 14:09:01
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Going up to go down. @kitdski making a lap on one of her favorite runs in Wyoming. #multitaskingmommy #justneedtogetdownintimetopickupthekidsfromschool #casual

2017/02/13 16:01:09
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@jeremyjones has been forging his own path for well over two decades now as one of the most influential riders in big mountain snowboarding. He is also a father, a designer and an activist. In his spare time from his exploratory human powered snowboard excursions, he founded @protectourwinters, giving the outdoor and action sports industry a voice in the climate change discourse. He also started @jonessnowboards. Not sure how he does it all but I do know he always does his research. If there is a better design for his boards, he's thought about it, if there is something epic off the beaten path to ride, chances are he's scoped it. I snapped this pic last year in Taos of Jeremy doing a little homework....the old way. #analog

2017/02/12 15:40:20
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Bombs away..... #beforesnowmageddon @jacksonhole opens again on Monday! Let the frothing begin. 🎥@joeleinhorn / @hanahliving @thenortface

2017/02/09 17:40:24
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#tbt K7 2001 @conrad_anker was always ahead of his time. He took this selfie of us before selfies were a thing. It was shot on film so I didn't even see the photo until two months later after I got home and had the 100 or so rolls of film from the trip developed. We'd just sat out a decent sized multi day storm, not unlike the one on Meru. At the moment, we were just happy to get some fresh air into our fetid portaledge. This was @brady_robinson's and my first trip w Conrad. We were pretty stoked to be up on the mountain w our new friend. Little did I know then where those friendships would lead. #karakoram #pakistan @thenorthface

2017/02/08 17:50:59
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@ian.walsh adapting well to the advanced @jacksonhole frothing program. #probablyshouldhavehadmyrealcamera #iphoneglory #frothythesnowman #notinmauianymore

2017/02/07 15:04:25
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So many decisions.... @pedromcbride making up his mind. #go #nogo #hewent

2017/02/03 17:11:20
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That time I tried to pass @drewbledsoe on a pow day. Turns out it's better to stay behind him....unless you fall into the trench he leaves in his wake. Not surprisingly Drew rips. 📷@markgallup

2017/02/01 15:20:28
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Just another @jacksonhole local.... @iandibradleeb dropping.... #casual #onceisenough #oneturnwonder @jxnfigs @jimmyhartman @joeleinhorn @jmcmillan @pedromcbride @revo @yeti @thenorthface @hanahliving

2017/01/31 17:31:05
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2017/01/30 17:00:37
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Gotta know when to hold'em, know when to fold'em, know when to walk away.... @jxnfigs @yeti @revo @thenorthface @hanahliving

2017/01/28 17:26:12
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I grew up watching Scot Schmidt ripping turns and jumping cliffs on old VHS tapes. I was always trying to model his turn. He was my first poster in my bedroom and who I consider one of the original freeskiers that inspired multiple generations. So yeah, it's always ridiculously awesome to get a few days in the mountains with him and watch him make that Scot Schmidt turn. It's still one of the best in the business. #legend #scotschmidt #OG #stillshredding @thenorthface

2017/01/27 15:47:26
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@jxnfigs #entranceexam @jacksonhole

2017/01/27 00:39:21
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Carried my camera all week....but was pretty busy not doing my job again....Awesome week w an all time crew at the always epic @islandlakelodge. An honor to have a few moments in front of legendary lensman @markgallup. Thanks for the pic Mark! #scotschmidt @drewbledsoe @thenorthface @revo @hanahliving

2017/01/25 15:52:35
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2016/10/18 15:28:21
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Hard to believe it’s been ten years today....@kitdski and @robdski prep to rap the Hillary Step at 28,500ft a few minutes after skiing off the summit of Everest. Dropping in is still one of the top surreal moments for me in the mountains. Some people viewed it as madness. For us, it was just something we dreamed of doing. I think not at least trying to live an extraordinary life is madness. Big love to you two, Rob and Kit, for the years of adventure, madness and friendship....Happy Anniversary! @thenorthface #questionmadness #chomolungma

2016/11/07 15:31:41
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I am thankful everyday to be able to do what I do. I know I wouldn’t have had the same opportunities to pursue this life in a lot of places on our planet. The more I travel and see the world, the more I recognize what an incredible country we live in. Tomorrow I am voting my conscience. I am voting for the environment. I am voting for what I believe are basic human rights - for people to be able to choose who they marry, to choose their religion, to choose what they do with their bodies. I am voting to RESPECT people no matter where they are from and to embrace the diversity that this country is built on. I am voting to increase taxes in my income bracket because I believe in working towards the collective good. I am voting to help those less fortunate because these are the ideals I want to instill in my children. Tomorrow I am voting for my country. I hope you do to. #imwithher

2016/10/09 14:42:27
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Rule #1 - Always find a nice flat spot for your campsite....Sometimes you have to break the rules...

2016/08/31 16:15:09
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The only drama I like in my life...

2016/04/22 13:05:08
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And that's a wrap! @_felipecamargo_ and @alexhonnold coming back down to earth after sending big....and what an incredible earth it is.... Happy Earth Day! #thankfuleveryday for the wild places left in the world. #NatGeoEarthDay #Guizhou #China @canonusa @thenorthface

2016/12/04 18:09:02
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2017/02/01 15:20:28
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Just another @jacksonhole local.... @iandibradleeb dropping.... #casual #onceisenough #oneturnwonder @jxnfigs @jimmyhartman @joeleinhorn @jmcmillan @pedromcbride @revo @yeti @thenorthface @hanahliving

2016/10/19 15:45:04
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Another one from 2006....Mingma Dorje crossing crevasse fields of the Western Cwm between Camp 1 and Camp 2 on Everest. Our expedition was in the post monsoon season, so we were the only team on the mountain. This also meant we got to work with our favorite Sherpas since there were no other expeditions and everyone was available. We handpicked 12 of the best climbing Sherpas we knew, many of whom I’d worked with before, from the Khumbu Climbing School that @conrad_anker and @jenniloweanker so generously started. As with many Everest expeditions, without the incredible Sherpa support and their efforts, we could not have pulled off our ski expedition. One of the most hilarious moments of the trip was right after we screened “The Man Who Skied Everest” with our Sherpa team at basecamp. The film (won an Oscar) documents Yuichiro Miura, a legendary Japanese alpinist who attempts to ski Mt. Everest in 1970. While he doesn’t summit, Yuichiro tries to ski the Lhotse face trailing a parachute. He takes a fall high on the route, tumbling down most of the mountain but survives. After the film, several of our Sherpa friends wanted to see our parachutes. Of course we didn’t have any. This concerned them greatly. We had a good laugh over it. @robdski @kitdski

2016/07/25 13:11:57
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Thinking of friends, family and the climbing community in the Tetons today...You will be missed Gary...

2016/10/11 14:02:34
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Outtake from the @nytmag cover shoot w Jamison Walsh climbing to the top of the One World Trade Center. Not surprisingly, this is one of the few places I actually feel at home in the city. #nyc @kathyryan1 #dontlookdown

2016/10/03 01:00:19
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One more from #TheFourthPhase archives. An epically cold but memorable night out w @travisrice and co in #kamchatka shooting time lapses and watching the nearby volcano rage. Tune into @redbulltv at 9pm tonight for a onetime free screening of the full film and see if you spot this timelapse. I didn't get a chance to shoot a lot of them so was stoked this made the cut. @rbmhfilms

2016/07/18 14:49:39
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Back to the source.... #WY #homesweethome @thenorthface @revo

2016/11/17 16:39:51
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#onlocation #onassignment #magiclight #iphone #sentinel @natgeo

2016/09/02 00:15:32
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Photo by @pedromcbride My good friend @pedromcbride recently walked, hiked, scrambled the entire length of the Grand Canyon while shooting a feature story for @NatGeo. He's also spent years of his life documenting the Colorado River. You could say he is intimately connected to both the place and the issues surrounding the Grand Canyon, one of our great national treasures. This is one of his photos from the shoot, and this is his request, which I fully support. --------------------------------------------------- Your voice, this week, might help decide the future of this landscape. This overlook is the site of a tramway called the Grand Escalade which is proposed to take 10k people a day down to the Colorado River and LCR confluence — a place considered spiritually sacred by the tribes of the Navajo, Hopi, Zuni and more. This development is on the Navajo land, and many Navajo including the president are opposed to this project. Others see huge economic benefit. The developers have put forth legislation to override the Navajo president in a vote — public comment is available until this Saturday only. Go to the link in my bio to share your voice for the future of the Grand Canyon. #chasingrivers #grandcanyon

2017/01/07 17:19:45
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