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National Geographic Photographer || Director || The North Face Athlete || Snapchat : jimmy.chin
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2017/04/22 15:29:09
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2017/04/22 02:50:00
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Planet earth....everyday

2017/04/21 02:23:41
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#areweontherightroute #yes #no #maybe #mountainskianeering [email protected]

2017/04/18 16:17:20
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It's National Parks week. Just sayin.... @alexhonnold @thenorthface @canonusa

2017/04/17 13:45:19
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Just "skiing" in the Tetons.... Not all ski lines in the Tetons are created equal. Some end in wide open glory turns....and some end like this. I'm doing an FB Live today at 10am MST w @revo. Going through my gear room and talking about what I pack on backcountry trips like these and answering questions about...well, basically whatever you want. Swing on by. Link in bio. Another 📸 by @dougworkman

2017/04/16 19:49:32
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Summit stoke. @dougworkman @hanahliving

2017/04/14 13:24:38
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Dropping into the dark side....Incredible to spend close to 20 years in the Tetons now and still have such a long tick list of lines left to ski. More notably, most of us are still just trying to get to all the first descents guys like Mark Newcomb, Hans Johnstone, Stephen Koch, Doug Coombs, Tom Turiano and Kent McBride were putting down in the nineties. Thanks for the vision and inspiration gentlemen. Nice to check a couple boxes last week. #spookyface [email protected]

2017/04/13 14:40:04
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@dougworkman getting alpine from another trip into the mountains last week. I went on my first major expedition to Pakistan with Doug in 1999. We’ve had a quite a few adventures and a lot of good laughs since then. It’s always easier to move through the mountains with someone you know that well. I don’t get to see him much these days as he seems to travel non stop guiding epic ski and climbing trips around the world. I'd say he's gotten it figured out. Give him a follow at @dougworkman if you want to see what an endless season of fun looks like. #iphone

2017/04/11 13:34:34
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Route finding in the Tetons. More misadventures w @dougworkman. Thanks for the pic and another good day in the mountains Doug. #staycation @thenorthface @revo @hanahliving

2017/04/10 14:32:57
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@dougworkman letting'em run after 2k ft of slightly tighter per yesterday's post. Suffice to say conditions were good....

2017/04/09 14:50:55
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Obvious answers to stupid questions. @dougworkman

2017/04/08 20:29:23
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Into the alpine....

2017/04/07 15:38:00
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Nice to spend some time in my neighborhood lately. Surf's up in the Tetons. #staycation Thanks for the [email protected] @thenorthface @hanahliving

2017/04/05 14:50:32
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@dougworkman enjoying a little exposure for breakfast....and a nice view down another classic Teton ski gem - the Bubble Fun Coulior.

2017/04/03 13:57:21
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2016/11/07 15:31:41
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I am thankful everyday to be able to do what I do. I know I wouldn’t have had the same opportunities to pursue this life in a lot of places on our planet. The more I travel and see the world, the more I recognize what an incredible country we live in. Tomorrow I am voting my conscience. I am voting for the environment. I am voting for what I believe are basic human rights - for people to be able to choose who they marry, to choose their religion, to choose what they do with their bodies. I am voting to RESPECT people no matter where they are from and to embrace the diversity that this country is built on. I am voting to increase taxes in my income bracket because I believe in working towards the collective good. I am voting to help those less fortunate because these are the ideals I want to instill in my children. Tomorrow I am voting for my country. I hope you do to. #imwithher

2017/03/11 15:58:31
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Sometimes you go for the views....sometimes you just go.... #whiteout #thebard

2016/12/04 18:09:02
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2017/02/01 15:20:28
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Just another @jacksonhole local.... @iandibradleeb dropping.... #casual #onceisenough #oneturnwonder @jxnfigs @jimmyhartman @joeleinhorn @jmcmillan @pedromcbride @revo @yeti @thenorthface @hanahliving

2017/03/26 15:19:13
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Cerro Castillo, Southern Andes, Chile. Just might be a bit of climbing potential down here... @tompkins_conservation @natgeo

2016/11/17 16:39:51
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#onlocation #onassignment #magiclight #iphone #sentinel @natgeo

2017/01/07 17:19:45
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2017/03/09 17:15:44
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@realwillgadd likes playing w sharp objects. Happy birthday cowboy! Wishing you many more years of bashing ice..... #theghost

2016/12/29 16:07:50
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2017/02/21 15:03:37
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You couldn't exactly ski from the summit...but damn if @m_synnott didn't try.... @kitdski @jxnfigs @natgeo #wyolife #gtnp @thenorthface @revo @yeti

2017/01/21 17:39:32
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@kitdski out being a woman.... For all the women, mothers, sisters and daughters marching today.... #dignity #grace #strength

2017/03/12 15:18:48
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@realwillgadd getting tubed. #playingwithsharpobjects #theghost

2017/04/18 16:17:20
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It's National Parks week. Just sayin.... @alexhonnold @thenorthface @canonusa

2017/01/28 17:26:12
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I grew up watching Scot Schmidt ripping turns and jumping cliffs on old VHS tapes. I was always trying to model his turn. He was my first poster in my bedroom and who I consider one of the original freeskiers that inspired multiple generations. So yeah, it's always ridiculously awesome to get a few days in the mountains with him and watch him make that Scot Schmidt turn. It's still one of the best in the business. #legend #scotschmidt #OG #stillshredding @thenorthface

2016/11/20 02:11:36
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Another end of day gift from Yosemite's dramatic light department. #iphone @natgeo @yosemitenps #