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2017/03/29 00:01:04
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Regardless of what language you speak, “we can all come together to share, enjoy and engage,” says Coral Malfaz (@citomegalovirus), who gathered artists, photographers and friends for a #WWIM15❤️ in Spain’s Canary Islands. Photo by @citomegalovirus

2017/03/28 23:03:17
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For Maya Wardhani (@mayaraniaa), a day of fun on a playground in Banda Aceh, Indonesia, is just one manifestation of kindness, #WWIM15❤️’s theme. “Kindness is about creating happiness with friends,” says Maya. Photo by @mayaraniaa

2017/03/28 21:59:10
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Bad weather couldn’t stop Gary Lin (@s_way045) and his friends from joining forces for Taipei’s #WWIM15❤️ this past weekend. “The rain is heavy,” he says, “but the hearts are stronger.” Photo by @s_way045

2017/03/28 16:11:15
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Hello, world! It’s time for another edition of #WeeklyFluff. Meet Bono, the newest edition to the @lorylorikeet family. This sweet, snuggly bird lives with his siblings, Lory and Theo, in Vitória, Brazil, and loves a good head scratch from his human. (Who could blame him?!) Follow @lorylorikeet to make sure you never miss a moment with this bright and beautiful brood.

2017/03/28 03:17:05
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New friends and fun Boomerangs were made by Alfan Erdi Jozuna (@alfanzu) at this #WWIM15❤️ in Jakarta, Indonesia. #Boomerang by @alfanzu

2017/03/28 01:55:08
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Let’s play “how many hands are in this photo?” with Anna Egorova (@egoorushka) and her university friends in Russia. #WWIM15❤️ Photo by @alex_akimenko via @egoorushka

2017/03/28 01:00:34
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This past weekend, thousands of community members — like Sam Vasquez (@ettwas), here in Mexico — gathered around the world to celebrate Worldwide InstaMeet 15 (#WWIM15❤️) and its theme: kindness. Follow along as we feature more of our favorite moments. Photo by @ettwas

2017/03/27 22:31:08
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Actor Tom Holland (@tomholland2013) found out he was Spider-Man on Instagram. “Marvel had posted a photo and said, ‘Go to our website to find out who the next Spider-Man is!’” says 20-year-old Tom, who grew up in London. “I rushed to my computer, and lucky old me, it said my name. I went absolutely crazy.” With one film as Spider-Man under his belt and a second, “Spider-Man: Homecoming” (@spidermanmovie), coming out this summer, Tom adapted to his role and the physical training it demands, from freerunning to gymnastics — anyone who frequents his account is familiar with Tom’s signature backflips. But his favorite part about being Spider-Man is meeting kids while dressed as the superhero. “It’s such a joyous experience to see how happy it makes them to meet the real-life Spider-Man,” he says. Watch our Instagram story right now to see more from Tom. 🕷

2017/03/26 16:05:02
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After driving along the twists and turns of Switzerland’s Maloja Pass, Jonas Skorpil (@zrodyr) released his drone to take this nighttime shot. “I set it to a long exposure and tried my luck,” he says. #TheWeekOnInstagram Photo by @zrodyr

2017/03/26 15:31:58
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Who’s a good dog? #TheWeekOnInstagram Photo by @lennyruizc

2017/03/25 22:04:47
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“I can’t really say I had any female riders to look up to,” says motocross champion Vicki Golden (@vgolden423). As a three-time X Games gold medalist, and the first female to qualify for Supercross and Arenacross, the 24-year-old from Southern California is paving the way for female riders. Despite concussions and major injuries, Vicki has one motto: never quit. “Broken bones and all that stuff is just part of the game,” she says. This post is in celebration of Women’s History Month. Throughout March, we’ll be highlighting the stories of women doing extraordinary things around the world. Photo of @vgolden423 by @matt_cordova

2017/03/25 19:04:22
810972 3229

A visitor to the sculpture garden in Rome’s Villa Medici takes a new look at some ancient relics. #TheWeekOnInstagram Photo by @lenovchi

2017/03/25 18:09:17
1727255 6739

“I don’t normally shoot flowers,” says Yosuke Nishida (@yosuke_0312), but these blooming camellias scattered along a woodland path in Japan changed everything. #TheWeekOnInstagram Photo by @yosuke_0312

2017/03/25 15:00:49
1219845 4749

In the waters off of Vitória, Brazil, Pepê Silva (@pepesilva_) draws inspiration from the sea and sunlight. “When I photograph someone, I try to put them in sync with these two elements.” #TheWeekOnInstagram Photo by @pepesilva_

2017/03/25 00:29:52
555496 3543

Paralympian Beatrice Vio’s (@bebe_vio) relationship with fencing started at age 5. “It was love at first sight,” says the gold medalist, now 20, from Venice, Italy. In 2008, Beatrice contracted meningitis, which resulted in the amputation of both legs from the knee and both arms from the forearm, with severe scarring to her face and body. “Getting back into fencing was the only thing I had on my mind,” she says. “Some people said it was impossible, but I did it!” Today, Beatrice competes in wheelchair fencing, using a special prosthetic device, created by her father, to hold her foil (a fencing weapon). “In wheelchair fencing, you can’t move backward — you can only attack,” she says. “This is the same thing that you have to do in life, and I always do.” This post is in celebration of Women’s History Month. Throughout March, we’ll be highlighting the stories of women doing extraordinary things around the world. Photos by @bebe_vio

2017/02/20 15:49:12
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Hello, world! It’s time to meet today’s #WeeklyFluff. Here’s Manny (@yoremahm) — aka “The Selfie Cat” — who, as you can see, understands the power of a portrait. This rescued gray Tabby is often seen posing with canine pals and is always clawing to be the center of attention in his shots. Don’t miss any of this outdoor cat’s adventures. Follow @yoremahm stat.

2017/01/21 16:00:06
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“When meeting wild animals, I always feel gifted to be able to capture such sincere moments,” says Valérie Derome-Massé (@valerie_deromemasse), a photographer and aspiring architect in Mont-Tremblant, Canada. “This particular encounter with this bird made me feel instantly at peace,” she says. “When you’re photographing a moving animal, finally getting the perfect shot makes for an unspeakable feeling of satisfaction.” Follow along as we feature more of our favorite moments from #TheWeekOnInstagram. Photo by @valerie_deromemasse

2017/02/01 02:02:11
1967973 16335

“Maru has always been a happy dog,” says his human, Risa (@maruhusky). Making this #WHPdisguise submission was as simple as positioning him next to his favorite panda toys. “It’s hard not to smile back when he starts beaming up at you.” Photo by @maruhusky

2016/11/11 15:59:46
1824019 11975

“As an amputee, I don’t want to be known as someone that lost their leg in Iraq. I want to be known for what I’ve done since,” says Melissa Stockwell (@mstockwell01), a Paralympian and US veteran. “The things I’ve done with one leg are much greater than what I ever would’ve done with two legs.” Melissa co-founded @dare2tri_, a paratriathlon club serving athletes with physical disabilities and visual impairments — including fellow service members. She’s an inspiration for so many but her greatest pride is right at home. “My son is old enough where he can walk around the house and he points to my prosthetic leg and he says, ‘Mama, Mama,’” Melissa says. “He’s going to grow up knowing that his mom only has one leg but she can still do so much. Being a mom kind of brings it all together.” #VeteransDay Photo by @mstockwell01

2017/03/06 15:59:52
1805928 10440

Sixteen-year-old Marco Lopez (@exploremarco) spends his weekends traveling to photograph the most beautiful landscapes in Switzerland. “I started photography two years ago. At first, it was just to immortalize memories, but little by little, I started going through tutorials to learn how to use my camera,” says Marco, who lives in Lausanne, Switzerland. These days, the young photographer has invested in a rail pass to travel around Switzerland from top to bottom. “I love walking in the Valais and Grisons. It’s true that I’d love to travel even further. But, in the meantime, I explore my country as much as possible. Later, I would like to become a photographer or a videographer. I want to be able to touch cameras every day.” To discover more stories from the French-speaking community, follow @instagramfr. Photo by @exploremarco

2017/03/23 14:11:20
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Last September, we made a commitment to the community to keep Instagram a safe place for everyone. This year we will continue to act on that commitment and also focus on fostering kindness. The first step is to celebrate the kindness our community is already known for. On March 25 and 26, Instagrammers will come together for Worldwide InstaMeet 15. Join an InstaMeet near you — or spread kindness by leaving an encouraging comment, giving an inspiring person a like or sharing a message of support with a friend. As part of our goal to build a safe environment, we also have some updates to announce. Soon you may notice a screen over sensitive photos and videos when you scroll through your feed or visit a profile. While these posts don’t violate our guidelines, someone in the community has reported them and our review team has confirmed they are sensitive. This change means you are less likely to have surprising or unwanted experiences in the app. If you’d like to see a post that is covered with a screen, simply tap to reveal the photo or video. We also have developed a new, easy-to-use site where you can learn about keeping yourself safe on Instagram. Check out for more information. Our teams are focused on making Instagram a kind, welcoming place for everyone, and we’re just getting started. Kevin Systrom Co-founder & CEO

2016/12/10 22:03:24
1756635 6693

Victor Murillo Clavé (@vitex) of Catalonia, Spain, was playing with some decorative string lights when his cat crouched into position. How did he get that intense gaze? Some yummy treats. “I wouldn’t have been able to do it without the help of temptations — chicken and cheese!” Each week we look back and highlight some of our favorite voices from #TheWeekOnInstagram. Photo by @vitex

2017/03/25 18:09:17
1727255 6739

“I don’t normally shoot flowers,” says Yosuke Nishida (@yosuke_0312), but these blooming camellias scattered along a woodland path in Japan changed everything. #TheWeekOnInstagram Photo by @yosuke_0312

2016/10/01 21:00:55
1706333 9134

🌈 + 🐶 = ❤ Follow along as we feature more of our favorite moments from #TheWeekOnInstagram. Photo by @shibainu_non

2016/10/31 23:07:44
1690582 7127

Dark skies match dark stares — this Halloween portrait of the Mele family ( raises the quintessential skeleton costume to a new level of spooky. The goal of #WHPsupernatural was to make photos and videos of otherworldly scenes, follow along as we share more of our favorite submissions this week. Photo of by @nickmelephotography

2017/03/14 00:49:02
1681775 5973

In Vivien Liu’s (@vdubl) #WHPtravelogue submission, a moody, serpentine road in China’s Hunan province kicks our wanderlust into overdrive. Follow along as we feature more of our favorite submissions to last weekend’s project. Photo by @vdubl

2016/10/30 15:00:31
1656478 7528

Along California’s Highway 1, Jim Mangan (@jimmangan) found a piece of art that doubles as a riddle. “I like the idea of someone contemplating whether or not the silhouette of the woman sitting under the tree is real or a sculpture,” says the photographer. “There’s a moment of contemplation, mystery.” #TheWeekOnInstagram. Photo by @jimmangan

2017/01/15 21:55:53
1654925 8646

Fog as far as the eye can see. David Afandi (@maspeot) shares a tranquil moment overlooking the view from Bukit Panguk Kediwung, Indonesia. #TheWeekOnInstagram Photo by @maspeot

2017/03/14 23:55:46
1653090 6293

A road trip from his hometown of Sydney, Australia, prompted Pat Kay (@pat_kay) to create his #WHPtravelogue submission. “I was inspired by the vastness of the Stockton sand dunes and wanted people to experience the epic scale of this place with me.” Photo by @pat_kay

2016/11/12 03:18:13
1610781 9839

For the past four years, Richard Phibbs (@richardphibbs) has photographed animals rescued by the Humane Society of New York (@humanesocietyny). “I thought if I took portraits of homeless animals then these images would help them find a loving, forever home,” says Richard. Almost all of the animals he’s photographed have found homes — including his new dog, Finn. “I had lost my much-loved dog one year before, so I was not sure I was ready,” he says. “When I picked up the little guy to put him in front of the camera I could feel in my heart he was the one.” The project’s success rate has been incredibly gratifying for Richard, a fashion and portrait photographer. “To see a sweet, homeless dog find a home is the best feeling ever,” he says. “I think these images also awaken and enlighten people to see not only the value and beauty of shelter animals but the value and importance of all living beings.” Photo by @richardphibbs