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2017/05/28 16:12:42
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In Brazil, Raphael Angelo (@raphaelang) was drawn to the shapes created by a goat peeking out from a square portal. “I could not escape the chance to capture that moment when I saw that goat, standing between shadow and light.” #TheWeekOnInstagram Photo by @raphaelang

2017/05/28 14:27:00
355980 1574

A lot has changed since Felipe Massa (@massafelipe19) was 8 years old, racing go-karts in his home country of Brazil, but his love for driving remains the same. “I can’t see myself doing anything else in my life,” says Felipe. With more than 250 Grand Prix entries and 41 podiums under his belt, Felipe is in his 15th Formula 1 (@f1) season. He’s racing in this year’s Monaco Grand Prix, a course that winds through the narrow streets of the European city-state along the French Riviera. “The glamour of Monaco is amazing,” says Felipe. “And for the drivers, it’s really challenging. The walls are so close and it’s so easy to make a mistake. You have to be more focused and aware than in other races.” Watch our Instagram story now to see the action at the Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix.

2017/05/27 16:26:00
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“I like the shadows that are cast on the wall when the sun goes down,” says Stefan Turtzer (@nineoutoften), a resident of Berlin, who frequents the local Sunday market here. “I believe the picture celebrates the chill atmosphere and the late afternoon vibe, when people enjoy the last rays of sunlight.” #TheWeekOnInstagram Photo by @nineoutoften

2017/05/27 15:02:09
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A fan of anime, Nijat Gafarson (@gafarsonn) saw this moment in a park in Vienna and imagined the story of a princess with a four-legged companion. Follow along as we feature more of our favorite moments from #TheWeekOnInstagram. Photo by @gafarsonn

2017/05/26 23:55:16
801903 3934

A single daisy in a French field twirled its way into our #BoomerangOfTheWeek. Add #BoomerangOfTheWeek to your next Boomerang’s caption — yours might show up here on @instagram. #Boomerang by @boomyourlife

2017/05/26 21:30:11
1298907 5135

Weekend Hashtag Project: #WHPcolorstudy This weekend, the goal is to create photos and videos that celebrate one dominant color. Here are some tips to get you started: Capture light and dark versions of the same color to add more depth to your frame. All different tints and variations will make your color study shine. Sure, you could set up a still life. But challenge yourself to seek color in the wild. Find a moment where everything comes together for one great frame. PROJECT RULES: Please add the #WHPcolorstudy hashtag only to photos and videos taken over this weekend and only submit your own visuals to the project. If you include music in your video submissions, please only use music to which you own the rights. Any tagged photo or video taken over the weekend is eligible to be featured next week. Featured photo by @codyguilfoyle

2017/05/25 20:56:11
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“I started being open about my experience as a person with mental illness, because there’s a real serious void in the dance world,” says professional ballet dancer Sydney Magruder (@theblackswandiaries), who has struggled with anxiety since childhood. “In January of 2015, after having mixed success auditioning in New York, I went and did a show in Boston. And then I’m not exactly sure what happened, but for nine months after coming back to New York, I didn’t leave the house. I didn’t go to class. I didn’t see my friends. I hardly talked to anybody except my wife. I’m just getting back to where I feel like I can audition again. In the ballet world, we don’t pay attention to people with mental illnesses. We kind of write them off and marginalize them as not being dedicated or hardworking enough. But I am one of the most passionate and dedicated people I know — anybody who knows me will also tell you that. You don’t have to pretend you’re not sick, but you do have to fight every day to make your life what you want it to be. Every day you do have the choice to get up and do something and be great. You can’t let anybody tell you you’re not worthy.” #hereforyou Photo of @theblackswandiaries by @rachelnevillephoto

2017/05/25 16:05:14
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Today, we’re introducing two new features in Direct: landscape and portrait orientations, plus links. Now, whenever you send a permanent photo or video to your friends in Direct from your camera roll, you don’t have to worry about cropping it. We’ve also added support for links in Direct. You can share website links with friends and preview them directly from your thread. You’ll also see links for phone numbers and addresses. Since introducing the new Instagram Direct in April, we’ve been excited to give people more ways to have fun, visual conversations. We’ll continue to make improvements to Instagram Direct throughout the year. Landscape and portrait uploads in Direct are available today on iOS, with Android coming soon. Links in Direct messages are available today on both Android and iOS as part of Instagram version 10.22.

2017/05/25 15:00:19
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Twenty-nine-year-old Sarah Diouf calls herself a serial entrepreneur. She started a digital media and visual production company that houses two publications, and her latest venture Tongoro (@tongorostudio) is a ready-to-wear clothing line #MadeInAfrica. “By sourcing our materials on the continent and working with local tailors, our long-term goal is to contribute to the development of the retail production in western Africa, opening our first atelier here in Dakar, Senegal,” says Sarah, who was born in Paris and is now based in Dakar. Tongoro translates to “star” in Sango, the national language of the Central African Republic, where Sarah’s mother comes from. “I want to invite young Africans to dare and reach for the stars, prove that we can build our own dream by owning our ideas and putting them into fruition,” she says. “I dream of an Africa healed from the wounds inflicted because of a way of thinking that limited us for too long. It’s time for us to get to work and build a secure, strong and promising place, challenging the rest of the world with assets that belong to no one else but us.” #AfricaDay Photo by @tongorostudio

2017/05/24 21:28:02
975692 5172

“#hellomynameis Malena Flores (@imalenaflores). I’m 23 years old and I’m an illustrator. I live in Itamari, a rural town in Bahia, Brazil, where I find the small moments of beauty that inspire me — like a clear night sky, where I hunt stars. Drawing has always been close to my heart. It was my favorite pastime as a child and is the best way I have to externalize my thoughts. I like experimenting with lots of different things; I’m incapable of sticking to a single medium. Art is freedom. Light, colors and flowers are the elements that characterize my work. Without them, what I do would be empty. Before, I used to draw on my own in my room. Illustration is a solitary pursuit; people spend a lot of time alone, creating. Today, I receive lovely messages from thousands of people, more than the entire population of my town. Knowing that what I do here reaches and inspires other people makes me feel that I have fulfilled my duty and gives me a warm feeling. May our future be filled with flowers.” Illustration by @imalenaflores

2017/05/24 18:44:49
1129131 3603

“My first modeling contract was in Japan when I was 13,” says model, photographer and TV and radio personality Brandise Danesewich (@antimodel). “I’m Canadian, but I spent the majority of my youth in Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Southeast Asia before moving to New York, and later settling in Los Angeles. I was generally the black sheep, punk outcast among my modeling peers, so I quickly discovered music and photography as a refuge. I realized I could intimately access all my favorite worlds with a camera. My work flow is a little unconventional, but luckily it works for me and the way I see the world. I grew up in the last generation before the smartphone era, so I make prints and often re-photograph the prints, or even photograph my monitor or the back of my camera, adding in window light, artificial light sources, reflections, animate and inanimate objects. A few years ago, I left LA for Palm Springs, California. I have always had an undeniable magnetic attraction to the desert — it’s a magical place. I spend more time on the road than at home and use the desert as a basecamp. I was born with sand in my veins. The desert is a great place to both come back to and to leave.” #WhereIComeFrom Photo by @antimodel

2017/05/24 02:27:47
665470 3746

This portrait was quite literally a flash in the pan. Saeed Kouhkan (@skouhkan) found his sister’s reflection in the oil of a frying pan while cooking at his home in Behbahan, Iran. “It’s a mysterious portrait,” he says. “I like the contrast between the red lip and the dark background of the pan.” #WHPreflections Photo by @skouhkan

2017/05/24 01:01:21
1643016 7125

By positioning her foster grandson and labradoodle, Reagan, along the reflective waters of the Columbia River in Portland, Oregon, Sandi Swiridoff (@reagandoodle) was able to capture two meanings within the #WHPreflections theme. “The practice of yoga encourages us to reflect back on our own lives,” she says. Photo by @reagandoodle

2017/05/23 23:47:39
718000 2536

At home in Izmir, Turkey, Serkan Çolak’s (@serkanncolak) daughter played with a pocket mirror as her parents looked on. “This photo tells the story of me and my family,” says Serkan. Follow along as we feature more of our favorite submissions to #WHPreflections. Photo by @serkanncolak

2017/05/23 21:04:16
1334077 7736

Hello, world! Today’s #WeeklyFluff is a very good boy. Meet golden retriever Mambo (@mambohitsgolden), a therapy dog who is part of INATAA, an animal assisted therapy organization from São Paulo. Mambo spends lots of time volunteering for people in need of some puppy power — often with a big crew of his canine companions. To learn more about Mambo’s life and work, follow @mambohitsgolden.

2017/05/22 20:46:48
2466618 12857

Spanish sculptor Isabel Tomás (@lisatoms_dolls) dreams up creatures that don’t live in our world. “My greatest source of inspiration is nature itself, not just animals and plants,” she says. From her home studio in La Sénia, Spain, she invents personalities for all her special species. “I like to imagine how they’d behave, where they’d live, what they’d eat and other details, as if they were a real animal.” Isabel designs, produces, sews, paints and varnishes all her creatures, which can be an arduous process since she does everything by hand, but she wouldn’t have it any other way — Isabel loves being her own boss. Discover more stories from the Spanish-speaking community on @instagrames. Photo by @lisatoms_dolls

2017/02/20 15:49:12
2196381 18216

Hello, world! It’s time to meet today’s #WeeklyFluff. Here’s Manny (@yoremahm) — aka “The Selfie Cat” — who, as you can see, understands the power of a portrait. This rescued gray Tabby is often seen posing with canine pals and is always clawing to be the center of attention in his shots. Don’t miss any of this outdoor cat’s adventures. Follow @yoremahm stat.

2017/04/19 01:37:30
2126464 12044

In the US Pacific Northwest, Joseph Watrous (@gemini_digitized) waited for the perfect morning light to hit the farmland in front of him. “I could wake up here every day and never miss the city!” #WHPgoodmorning Photo by @gemini_digitized

2017/04/15 14:02:59
2038243 11193

Eight hundred sakura trees live in Tokyo on the Meguro River. Takashi Komatsubara (@takashi_komatsubara) captured one in all its glory at night. 🌸 “The Japanese strongly feel the four seasons in their daily lives,” explains Takashi. “Many people love the cherry blossoms in spring.” #TheWeekOnInstagram Photo by @takashi_komatsubara

2017/01/21 16:00:06
1990725 9114

“When meeting wild animals, I always feel gifted to be able to capture such sincere moments,” says Valérie Derome-Massé (@valerie_deromemasse), a photographer and aspiring architect in Mont-Tremblant, Canada. “This particular encounter with this bird made me feel instantly at peace,” she says. “When you’re photographing a moving animal, finally getting the perfect shot makes for an unspeakable feeling of satisfaction.” Follow along as we feature more of our favorite moments from #TheWeekOnInstagram. Photo by @valerie_deromemasse

2017/02/01 02:02:11
1967973 16335

“Maru has always been a happy dog,” says his human, Risa (@maruhusky). Making this #WHPdisguise submission was as simple as positioning him next to his favorite panda toys. “It’s hard not to smile back when he starts beaming up at you.” Photo by @maruhusky

2017/04/01 14:00:39
1941045 9817

In the urban hustle and bustle of Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Nathalie (@natneuilly) found tranquility in this “paradise of flowers.” #TheWeekOnInstagram Photo by @natneuilly

2017/04/08 14:10:54
1904798 7839

A pod of sleeping spinner dolphins floated by Galen Craddock (@galen.neil) and his friend off the coast of Oahu, Hawaii. “When I capture moments like these, I want to inspire others to go out and explore for themselves,” says Galen. #TheWeekOnInstagram Photo by @galen.neil

2017/04/02 15:05:57
1874896 8704

The stars — and the fog — aligned for Adela Filip (@adelicko) when she walked into the woods near Zagreb, Croatia, one morning and spotted this lone wolf emerging through the trees. “It was a lucky moment,” she says. #TheWeekOnInstagram Photo by @adelicko

2017/04/16 15:00:01
1867446 8602

Fiesta (@fiestathecat), a posh and playful Jack Russell terrier, peers out at the world from a pool of daisies. #TheWeekOnInstagram Photo by @fiestathecat

2017/05/11 00:09:36
1817350 10196

Hello, world! It’s time for today’s dose of #WeeklyFluff. Meet Max and Louise (@max_et_louise), two pooches from Portugal who love to spend time in the water and enjoy their home city of Lisbon. Don’t miss out on any of their metropolitan (or nautical) adventures. Give @max_et_louise a follow right now. 🐶🐶

2017/03/06 15:59:52
1805928 10440

Sixteen-year-old Marco Lopez (@exploremarco) spends his weekends traveling to photograph the most beautiful landscapes in Switzerland. “I started photography two years ago. At first, it was just to immortalize memories, but little by little, I started going through tutorials to learn how to use my camera,” says Marco, who lives in Lausanne, Switzerland. These days, the young photographer has invested in a rail pass to travel around Switzerland from top to bottom. “I love walking in the Valais and Grisons. It’s true that I’d love to travel even further. But, in the meantime, I explore my country as much as possible. Later, I would like to become a photographer or a videographer. I want to be able to touch cameras every day.” To discover more stories from the French-speaking community, follow @instagramfr. Photo by @exploremarco

2017/03/23 14:11:20
1785738 8613

Last September, we made a commitment to the community to keep Instagram a safe place for everyone. This year we will continue to act on that commitment and also focus on fostering kindness. The first step is to celebrate the kindness our community is already known for. On March 25 and 26, Instagrammers will come together for Worldwide InstaMeet 15. Join an InstaMeet near you — or spread kindness by leaving an encouraging comment, giving an inspiring person a like or sharing a message of support with a friend. As part of our goal to build a safe environment, we also have some updates to announce. Soon you may notice a screen over sensitive photos and videos when you scroll through your feed or visit a profile. While these posts don’t violate our guidelines, someone in the community has reported them and our review team has confirmed they are sensitive. This change means you are less likely to have surprising or unwanted experiences in the app. If you’d like to see a post that is covered with a screen, simply tap to reveal the photo or video. We also have developed a new, easy-to-use site where you can learn about keeping yourself safe on Instagram. Check out for more information. Our teams are focused on making Instagram a kind, welcoming place for everyone, and we’re just getting started. Kevin Systrom Co-founder & CEO

2017/05/16 05:12:38
1784404 7170

“Is it croissant time yet?” Dominique (@allthatisshe) and her daughters catch a few extra winks before breakfast in bed. 🥐 #WHPhomesweethome Photo by @allthatisshe

2017/04/25 04:02:23
1784235 6640

In Victoria, Australia, Sunny (@s.wei_) ventures out to explore the mysterious, foggy forest. 💨 #WHPnaturalbeauty Photo by @s.wei_