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2017/05/27 00:21:14
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#Beasters!! I’m soo impressed with all your dance challenge posts 💜 LAST DAY to post your dance choreography on Twitter or Instagram for the contest!!! One winner will win a video chat with me 😆 Remember to use #TodoCambioChallenge!!

2017/05/26 22:03:08
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Out here in these streets true friends are hard to find. This gal right here, she's the real deal.

2017/05/25 23:33:35
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👠👗👚 No se olvidan de votar por mí for #PremiosJuventud Mejor Fashionista!

2017/05/24 18:57:55
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Only 2 days left!! #BEASTERS mi encanta all your submissions for the #TodoCambioChallenge💛 Post your dance choreography to my song #TodoCambio on Twitter or Instagram by May 26th for your chance to win a video chat with me!

2017/05/23 19:24:31
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Been weighing heavy on my mind and heart. Everyone please take a moment to pray for those affected by this tragedy. As an artist myself, I cant help but feel for Ariana and the tour team who were involved. As a fan, my heart breaks for the innocent people who lost their lives in a place where people go to share love, positivity and joy. Looking back at my first concerts watching some of my favorite artist have been moments that are beautiful and inspiring to look back on. The thought of people seeing their favorite artist & then losing their lives or now having to live with this horrific memory is not the way it should be. All prayers, thoughts and positive vibes to the families and friends of those who were lost.

2017/05/22 16:30:35
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Happy birthday momma. I love you so much. I am so blessed to have you as my mother. I don't know what I would do without you. Watching you grow has been such a beautiful experience. I couldn't ask for a better best friend. You deserve everything great in the world. I love to see you smile. ❤ #HappyBirthday

2017/05/20 01:38:06
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Worked with the legendary Don Was today 🙌 What a humbling experience... #blessed

2017/05/19 22:25:37
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It’s here #Beasters!!! Check out the #SiUnaVez Spanglish Lyric video now y canta con nosotros 🎤🎶 Check it out on YouTube!

2017/05/19 15:25:16
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Last night was so fun! 💯 #PiratesLife ❤️

2017/05/18 23:25:00
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#Beasters!! Y’all have been impressing me with your dance moves. Submit your solo or group choreography to Instagram or Twitter with #TodoCambioChallenge for your chance to win a video chat with me!! Contest ends MAY 26TH!

2017/05/18 16:13:12
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Yay!!!! Look guys! "Mejor Fashionista" nominee! Let's do this! ❤

2017/05/16 19:55:45
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Univision Upfronts were a success. Thank you so much New York. Until next time.

2017/05/14 18:14:01
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Happy Mother's Day to one of my favorite people in this entire world. Momma, you've been there for me through every high and low. You've taught me everything I know. You are such an amazing woman to look up to. I admire your wisdom, knowledge, and way loving and giving to those around you. You deserve nothing but the best. I love you momma. To the moon and back. Today is YOUR day. @iammamagiampapag ❤💯

2017/05/13 17:59:25
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Thank you Miami for good times and a good tan. ☀️

2017/05/12 19:45:12
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📣 CALLING ALL BEASTERS!!! 📣  Who’s ready to show off their dance moves?? I am so excited to announce my “Todo Cambio Dance Challenge”!! Along with music, dance is also such a big part of my life and now I want to see YOUR dance moves :) Post your best dance video (solo/group) on Instagram or Twitter to my original “Todo Cambio” song and use #TodoCambioChallenge. One winner will receive a video chat with me!! 🤗 Contest ends on 5/26. I can’t wait to see your moves! 💃🕺💃🕺

2017/04/12 23:32:04
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Happy 😊 PC: @theylovedaboy

2017/04/26 00:23:53
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Hola Miami 🏝

2017/04/28 02:00:19
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2017/05/01 18:39:04
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Miami I'm coming backkkkk ❤

2017/04/27 00:11:41
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This bad bunny and I have got something coming for ya #beasters🍍😏🍍😏#Mayores

2017/04/12 23:49:58
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Oh hi

2017/04/20 23:10:13
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2017/04/26 12:12:56
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What does your perfect trip to the beach consist of? 🏖☀️

2017/03/18 01:14:33
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#Repost @farrukoofficial ❤ ・・・ #UNAMONOS #DontLetGo @iambeckyg • Link in his Bio 👆🏼

2017/03/23 16:42:00
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Last nights fit.

2017/05/04 22:22:49
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Wore my Selena Lipstick for yesterday's special occasion. ❤

2017/01/02 07:12:22
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This is how I feel going into the new year. I can't thank you guys enough for all your support and for sticking by my side. We've accomplished and overcome a lot these past years and I can't wait to see what this next one has in store for us. I love you guys so much! HAPPY NEW YEAR BEASTERS!

2017/04/13 00:45:16
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Last one for the gram

2017/04/21 02:30:02
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Looking at the glass half full and not half empty saves me. 💛 today was productive.

2017/02/13 06:47:40
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After Grammy business with my amor. ❤