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Lover of fun, hope haver and believer of miracles ♡♡♡ Twitter: itsgabrielleu Snapchat: GabUnionWade
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2017/05/26 19:52:33
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Kick off your 3 day weekend with some flavor and try @chefrli's recipe, Lobster and Shrimp Cobb Salad with Dijon Vinaigrette. Which has been your favorite so far?! #FoodieFriday

2017/05/25 18:36:24
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Squad 💪🏽

2017/05/25 01:00:58
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Your favorite auntie's favorite auntie... She's back sang-in the hits 😳 #beingmaryjane #Season4 #ThatsAWrap @jigcutme 😂😂😂

2017/05/25 00:58:41
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Last day of #beingmaryjane filming ... Always an antic 😬💃🏾💪🏾❤️ #Season4 #ThatsAWrap

2017/05/24 19:45:39
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This week's #WCW is Racheal FIoyd (@theblackracheal). I met this Grand Rapids native when she became a PA on #BeingMaryJane during Season 2. Immediately I was drawn to her. She's my kinda woman...whip smart, astute, and a born problem solver. She told me her dreams and then set a course to make those dreams a reality. She is now a newly minted member of the DGA. Racheal studied film at the New York Film Academy and received her degree in Television Broadcast at Tennessee State University. She discovered her passion for storytelling at a very young age and has been working as an independent filmmaker for 6 years, making short films and music videos. Keep up the amazing work!

2017/05/20 16:41:16
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2017/05/20 16:28:54
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Ready for @beautycon 💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾 See ya soon ❤️ @flawlesshairday

2017/05/19 21:35:32
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Most of you have heard me talk about how much I love bacon, so I'm extra hungry over today's #FoodieFriday.... King Crab Linguine with Tomato Bacon Sauce! Yum!

2017/05/19 18:34:07
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You know it's real when my dimples are poppin ❤❤❤ Joined forces with @michelleobama to encourage folks to drink more water & commit to making healthier choices. #DrinkUp #FlashbackFriday ... FYI @michelleobama is EVERYTHING!!! 🙆🏾‍♀️💃🏿💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽Learn more: @teamfnv @urh2o

2017/05/19 01:19:33
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Have you tried the Edge Control Gel from @flawlesshairday yet? You can get one for *free* when you spend $20 on Flawless products in-store at @UltaBeauty until June 3! There's only a limited amount, so get shopping!

2017/05/18 17:11:51
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Smile 🤣😀😎 #bts Miami photoshoot #tbt

2017/05/17 21:05:14
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Ever meet someone and right away you know that you've come across a truly magical person? That's what it was like when I met today's #wcw Gina Rodriguez (@hereisgina) and her dad after the Golden Globes one year. Her smile is electric, her talent endless, and she's a Chicago lady that loves her pops... my kinda girl. Named the “Next Big Thing” and one of the “Top 35 Latinos Under 35,” by The Hollywood Reporter, Gina continues to be noticed for her incredible acting ability, philanthropy, producing, and Movement Mondays. Rodriguez can currently be seen playing the title role on the CW series “Jane the Virgin,” which is in its third season.  It is for her work on the show that Rodriguez won the Golden Globe for “Best Actress – Television Series Musical or Comedy” in 2015.  Next, she will lend her voice to Sony’s animated film The Star, and to Twentieth Century Fox’s animated film Ferdinand. In Addition to acting, Rodriguez is a leader in supporting and empowering women and diversity. This passion led Rodriguez to create, with her production company, I Can & I Will Productions, the first annual Marie Claire’s Young Women’s Honors. @youngwomenshonors is a global platform that discovers, honors and celebrates women who demonstrate confidence, intelligence and leadership, that will inspire others to follow. Currently, Gina is working on a book being published by Simon & Schuster encompassing all of the lessons she has learned from her father, Genaro Rodriguez. The book titled, “I Can And I Will: Tools My Daddy Gave Me,” is expected to be released in 2018.

2017/05/15 21:09:20
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Singing 🎤 Force M-Ds with my #MCM @dwyanewade ❤️🎤❤️🎤

2017/05/14 23:40:22
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Happy Mother's Day to my gorgeous mom Theresa Marie Glass Union. She raised 3 ballsy global citizens and adopted 3 more after 60. My mom is simply the shit. She reminds me everyday that I have alot more to give and lot more to teach and that patience is a talent and a gift. She also shows me daily that a mother doesn't have to give birth to children to love them and care for them, just merely be there and be consistent with your love. I love you mom.

2017/05/12 22:26:23
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All of today's excitement has me hungry!! Thankfully it is #foodiefriday! Show off your cooking skills and learn @chefrli’s recipe for Garlic Shrimp in a White Bean Ragu.

2017/04/29 21:54:57
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2017/04/04 23:01:17
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When @nyandcompany meets @flawlesshairday 💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾❤️❤️❤️ @hairbywankaya did that!

2017/03/31 14:44:11
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Just me ❤

2017/04/30 17:11:43
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2017/01/17 02:19:30
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US ...Tuesday to Sunday ❤❤❤

2017/02/08 01:48:45
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Hanging at Jimmy Kimmel Show in @martingrantofficial ❤️❤️❤️

2017/02/20 14:08:36
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Ok... He's starting to get too heavy sitting like this at this point... like one long cute ab exercise 😯😮😐😏

2016/12/10 02:54:56
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Goals ❤

2017/05/06 20:36:15
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2017/05/07 22:42:52
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2016/12/03 18:50:56
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✌&❤️ #TheWades

2017/02/18 00:38:39
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The hubby and I are out here for All-Star Weekend and put together a D&G His & Hers @Fancy pop-up shop! Stop by the International House Hotel in New Orleans today through Sunday (11am-7pm) to see our curated list of goodies and to be the first to get a peak at @flawlesshairday

2017/02/20 14:01:06
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Wades on the water... ⛵🛳🛥🍹🍹🍹

2017/05/20 16:41:16
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2017/05/01 23:15:17
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❤ #MCM