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Lover of fun, hope haver and believer of miracles ♡♡♡ Twitter: itsgabrielleu Snapchat: GabUnionWade
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2017/03/26 00:45:45
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Saturday ❤

2017/03/25 19:40:40
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New dial style from my Invicta Watch Collection is dropping on @evinelive's site this weekend! Click the link in my bio to check it out.

2017/03/25 15:50:33
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These are missing CHILDREN. See these faces, see them as your own. You would want the world to care enough to bring these CHILDREN back to their families. Please help! Please post this. Demand equal coverage of ALL missing children from the media. Each of our children is loved and cherished and EACH child deserves all of our collective effort to bring them home.

2017/03/24 18:49:16
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Time for my first #FoodieFriday! I don't know what Dwyane and I would do without our incredible chef Richard Ingraham, so I wanted to share some of our favorites! And don't worry, @chefrli has a book coming out in the fall called “Eating Well to Win,” so you will be able to find all his goodness in one place soon enough! Here's one of my favorite comfort foods when I'm not vegan-glutenfree-saltfree-sugarfree-dairyfree-joyfree... He takes a Southern staple and puts his own twist on it... I literally dream about this dish. Here's all the info for Crispy Shrimp with Creamy Mushroom and Asiago Grits. YUM!

2017/03/23 16:09:38
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What really happens on the red carpet when you get big timed... They just want your ass out the way! Lmao #tbt #SummerInLA @adair_curtis @jasonbolden 👀👀👀... it's the look at the end though 😂😂😂😂😂

2017/03/23 00:13:04
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Spring in Atlanta 🌻🌸🌹🌷🌼

2017/03/22 19:20:53
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I decided it's time I start recognizing all the dope women in my life, whether I know them personally, or look up to them from afar. Today I'm kicking off  #WCW by recognizing one of my BFF's, @deirdremaloney. Deirdre graduated from Georgetown University and is a BOSS in every sense of the word. She is the co-founder of an amazing marketing, communications and sales agency called BPMW.... and her entrepreneurial spirit didn't stop there! She also launched Capsule, a boutique tradeshow which now operates all over the world. And to top it all off, she's a badass mom, wife, and philanthropist. Girl, you are a force to be reckoned with <3

2017/03/22 18:38:22
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May the light always find you, wherever you may go. Happy Hump Day!! 🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞

2017/03/21 21:49:02
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MID-SEASON FINALE on TONIGHT!!! 10pm on BET... video directed by up and coming director @theblackracheal starring @thereallisavidal as the frisky "Kara" #Plottwist 😛😜👅👄👀🔥🔥🔥

2017/03/21 17:45:12
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A preview of what you are going to look like tonight during the mid-season finale of #BeingMaryJane 😭😱 Grab that tissue box now yall!

2017/03/21 01:58:08
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When your back's against the wall... I got jokes 😂😂😂

2017/03/21 01:56:56
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Tryin to holla... He's cute, I guess 🤗 #coyfortheboy ❤

2017/03/20 16:53:26
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When you're waiting for someone to hit you with a camera flash so you don't sink into the sunken place 😐😨... And my ❤ with that robotic elbow propped up #ANightOnTheRunWade

2017/03/20 16:50:32
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Heading into work like... She lives!

2017/03/20 03:04:34
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When he wants to capture your moment ... 👁💦🌈 #ANightOnTheRunWade Thank you @naeemkhannyc ❤️

2017/01/17 02:19:30
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US ...Tuesday to Sunday ❤❤❤

2017/02/08 01:48:45
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Hanging at Jimmy Kimmel Show in @martingrantofficial ❤️❤️❤️

2017/02/20 14:08:36
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Ok... He's starting to get too heavy sitting like this at this point... like one long cute ab exercise 😯😮😐😏

2016/12/10 02:54:56
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Goals ❤

2016/11/09 21:37:06
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Forever #WCW @michelleobama ❤⭐❤⭐❤⭐❤⭐❤⭐❤⭐❤

2016/12/03 18:50:56
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✌&❤️ #TheWades

2017/02/18 00:38:39
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The hubby and I are out here for All-Star Weekend and put together a D&G His & Hers @Fancy pop-up shop! Stop by the International House Hotel in New Orleans today through Sunday (11am-7pm) to see our curated list of goodies and to be the first to get a peak at @flawlesshairday

2017/02/20 14:01:06
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Wades on the water... ⛵🛳🛥🍹🍹🍹

2016/10/21 23:38:40
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1940's Chicago #whenbffisbae @DwyaneWade ❤🤗😍

2017/03/20 16:53:26
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When you're waiting for someone to hit you with a camera flash so you don't sink into the sunken place 😐😨... And my ❤ with that robotic elbow propped up #ANightOnTheRunWade

2017/01/10 02:29:38
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👄 #beingmaryjane @naeemkhannyc dress

2017/03/26 00:45:45
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Saturday ❤

2017/01/01 22:02:35
196068 581

2017/01/18 18:33:59
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❤ is 👑

2017/03/02 19:43:06
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When he plays your favorite song... 🎵🎶🎧🎵#Spinderfella #tbt