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Lover of fun, hope haver and believer of miracles ♡♡♡ Twitter: itsgabrielleu Snapchat: GabUnionWade FB: GabrielleUnionOfficial
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2017/07/24 23:36:59
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13 Reasons Why I ❤️ @ajionaalexus #BreakingIn Day 7 #TwinningOnAccident

2017/07/21 23:02:03
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When I told him, he might not wanna watch that episode of #beingmaryjane but he didn't wanna listen 👀👀😂🤣😂😂 #fbf ... Next 🔥🔥🔥 episode next Tues night on BET!

2017/07/21 17:36:23
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Who’s hungry?🙋🏾🙋🏾🙋🏾Today’s #FoodieFriday creation by @chefrli is a Miso Roasted Cod with Bok Choy Stir-Fry. Nothing like enjoying some delicious cod with a crisp glass of wine. I’m In!

2017/07/20 23:26:45
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Happy I wore my neck gear 😁 Photo cred @ayannnamcknight (UCLA woman, future filmmaker) #BreakingIn Day 5

2017/07/19 19:47:48
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This week I decided to do WOMEN Crush Wednesday because I have massive crushes on the entire cast of the uber talented, beautiful, funny women of #Insecure. My 💛 began when I was introduced to "Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl" and became obsessed with the episode entitled "Stapler"... the brilliance popped off the screen and I've been a fan of @issarae ever since. Having now met most of the cast... (@yvonneorji @issarae @amandaseales @nfrothwell) they are for real for real, the real deal and beyond cool. Each woman is a superstar in their own right, with projects on top of projects in the can and in the works, but this week they are back on Insecure for season 2 and killing it! Let us lift them up and keep them in the goodness of light. #wcw

2017/07/18 22:33:57
25249 784

Find out who's knocking on Mary Jane's door at 10/9c tonight!!!

2017/07/18 17:43:34
117790 1100

21 + 44 = #blackgirlmagic ❤️ @ajionaalexus #BreakingIn Day 3 ... Can't wait for tonight, the return of #beingmaryjane !!!!! Watch!!

2017/07/18 03:49:57
18648 342

When someone asks if you can wait any longer for all new #BeingMaryJane. Well good news, we're back at it tomorrow night!

2017/07/18 00:34:15
231856 697

My 💛. My MCE @dwyanewade

2017/07/17 17:59:53
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I want to express my deep gratitude for our Flawless testing panel. You guys have been working so hard with our product innovation team to test samples and formulas, giving us incredibly important feedback. We couldn't make @flawlesshairday so Flawless without you. Thank you! @lifestylebygab @modernmommyjazzz @ms_steal_urgirl @mesholaylay @anisa_curls @exemplarytkg @beemichelle_ @mua.iman @jamynlove @ladyporrima @indiaky_ @CoriMarie26 @ssmith618 @MelissaDenise27 @Glam_me_daily @Dianeyvette74 @4littlewomen @barbie_kristinaaa

2017/07/15 22:49:05
88444 1105

Big smiles because #BeingMaryJane is back in 3 days!!!! Just 3 days people!!!!

2017/07/14 21:57:13
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This tasty treat right here is a mouthful of goodness… and energy! Each ball is only around 240 calories, and it’s perfect for pepping you up while on the go. Here’s @chefrli’s recipe for Peanut Butter Energy Bites. Happy #FoodieFriday!

2017/07/13 01:07:36
120337 718

💛💛💛 Neverrrrrr Mellow Yellow

2017/07/13 01:05:21
62519 205

Loving this @sophietheallet dress I'm wearing for #Conan tonight! 💛💃🏿💛

2017/07/12 17:11:55
96611 726

This week's #WCW is a Queen @queenlatifah She is also the homegirl of your dreams. She is THAT girl. That fun, fly, down ass woman that is ride or die and always down for the adventure. My favorite memory (and there are many 🤣) was riding bikes around Atlanta and it started pouring and we didn't stop riding, instead we laughed our asses off and kept biking as people we passed yelled out "Queen Latifa?" And she would wave and smile, just wave and smile. From Day 1 shes been a consistently phenomenal woman and friend. Please let us lift her up. Her movie #GirlsTrip is in theaters soon, please support. And this is the organization that she works with and holds near and dear to her heart: @sclerodermaus. Find ways to get involved!

2017/07/01 19:36:07
317226 7682

When you marry your best friend... I really like this dude. #ImBetter #WadeWorldTour #Summer2017 All ❤ and praise to my girl #MissyElliot #VictorySlide #VacationCrewChallenge That ending is less than stellar 😂🤣😂🤣😂

2017/06/09 03:01:21
284574 947

#NationalBestFriendsDay ❤

2017/07/09 18:52:43
274925 1188

San Diego Parks & Rec type 😍 ... Loving my @nyandcompany dress from the @evamendes collection 💛

2017/07/08 00:54:42
270386 2679

When you steady lying during couples counseling cuz you want the counselor on your side 😐😑😒😂🤣

2017/06/25 21:45:27
263997 1240

Last night in Paris, had to 😍😍😍🗼 #WadeWorldTour #Summer2017

2017/06/27 15:25:34
248251 1005

Joy #WadeWorldTour #Summer2017 ❤

2017/07/05 01:58:25
231206 668

Happy 4th!!!! Photo cred: @niecynash1

2017/06/27 22:44:57
230228 1012

Ciao 🛳 #WadeWorldTour #Summer2017 #VictoryLap ❤️

2017/07/18 00:34:15
229668 686

My 💛. My MCE @dwyanewade

2017/06/17 14:09:31
226065 709

Photoshoot Fresh at the Forum #WadeWorldTour #Summer2017

2017/06/21 21:42:03
225625 821

When #BffIsBae x #Valentino ❤ #WadeWorldTour #Summer2017

2017/06/02 00:40:29
223284 694

When he supports your dreams ❤ #WereGonnaNeedMoreWine #BooksAreLife

2017/06/16 20:55:55
218351 637

Friday's in Rome ❤ #WadeWorldTour #Summer2017 #BucketList

2017/06/06 01:41:58
217880 1025

CFDA @rodarte x @gucci ... We rollin

2017/07/06 21:35:21
216779 4064

Just a bunch of kids having the time of our lives up in Tacoma/Seattle ... 1st movie & an experience that I'll never forget. The best/coolest/most generous group of people to share my 1st film experience. What a time man. ❤ and eternal light #RIPHeath #10thingsihateaboutyou #CanYouEverJustBeWhelmed