2017/09/25 02:13:21

I'm coming to CONNECTICUT this Tuesday Sept 26th at Nathan Hale @uconn Can't wait to meet you all at the @aerie pop up! Tag a friend who would wanna come☺️ Have a lovely Sunday evening my loves😘❤️✨ #aeriereal


2017/09/25 00:59:09


2017/09/25 00:16:31

Lost luggage = no tan lines 🤷🏼‍♀️ @azuliktulum #AzulikHoneymoonVilla 📸 by @partylikejzl


2017/09/24 23:29:58

Tag someone who’d bust in 2 seconds💦🍑 @samanthalynnarb


2017/09/24 23:02:25

How can you not ❤️ @dolcegabbana Such a fun, sexy, gorgeous show!! Thank you 👊 @tabithasimmons #domenicoDolce @stefanogabbana @guidopalau @patmcgrathreal


2017/09/24 21:38:11

New chapter


2017/09/24 21:32:56

Proud to be a part of this cast, who took a knee as our curtain closed today. Thank you to our electric audience for your energy and support. #1984onbroadway #takeaknee


2017/09/24 21:29:23



2017/09/24 21:27:03

Cuando llegas muuuy adelantada al teatro,te aburres,te diviertes y hasta modelas 😜 xq tu linda productora rayó con tus @victor_zapatos ❤️👠 #LosVecinosDeArriba


2017/09/24 21:17:41

Leaving home on this gorgeous day! I hope it's sunny in Paris 😁 ---------- Indo viajar nesse Domingo lindo de sol! Espero que Paris esteja assim tb! Haha 😁


2017/09/24 21:17:26

🍉Sophie from California🏝 #TCB #TheCollegeBabes


2017/09/24 21:06:46

dress up 👗👗👗👗👗 thank you @brandymelvilleusa


2017/09/24 20:55:31



2017/09/24 19:37:38

Can I be cool now?


2017/09/24 19:32:18

the fire reveals you. 📷,h&m: @paintdatface


2017/09/24 19:17:27

Já estamos prontinhas e loucas pra quebrar tudo nesse palco!!! @mariajoana @galisteuoficial #dancadosfamosos #teambella #teamgalisteu #teammajo


2017/09/24 19:17:15

Этому городу нужен свой герой. ⚔️ Возвращаю неверных на путь истинный, отправляя супруге скрины неверности. Агрю адских злопыхателей на себя, что бы другим меньше доставалось. Прививаю любовь бесконечную к белому волку. Спамлю мемами. За Каму и Пулю стреляю в упор. Да пусть прибудет моя сила в толстой тени от меня. Всем дэбчики.


2017/09/24 18:53:37

Brandal & delanus


2017/09/24 18:24:41

Gracias a todos por su sintonía y cooperación!! La verdad que en este momento en cuando más estamos #unidosporlosnuestros #gracias Vamos a levantarnos más fuertes y mejor 💪


2017/09/24 18:15:07

Ó a gente inventando moda nesse domingão! @welidaq #dancadosfamosos #rock


2017/09/24 18:12:45

Если снова захочется красивые длинные волосы, то сразу обращусь к моим @natashabogdanovaspb )) А мой цвет волос заслуга @anatoliy_penkov ! Со мной всегда работают ЛУЧШИЕ❤

2017/09/24 18:12:34

Last nights getup.. black on black.. leather on leather 🕶


2017/09/24 17:48:17



2017/09/24 17:44:26

Churro time 🥖 © elhartista®


2017/09/24 17:26:45

Tag someone who likes cake! 🎂Katie from Salem State University🍑 #TCB #TheCollegeBabes


2017/09/24 17:07:10


2017/09/24 17:05:14



2017/09/24 17:03:03

In Mexico! Airline lost my luggage, does it look like I care? 💁🏼🙌🏼 📸 by @partylikejzl


2017/09/24 16:57:44

Como cuando decides usar lencería como parte de un look para Milan Fashion Week ⚠️ When you decide to wear lingerie as part of you #MFW look • #VestaTakesMilan


2017/09/24 16:50:20

Con mi esposo @cristianyanez2890 y mi bella Carla 👸🏻🤴🏼👸🏻 #friend#husbandwifelife#wedding#lovemylife


2017/09/24 16:41:39

Favorite color 🖤 @adammont


2017/09/24 16:27:34

Into the jungle 🐒💦


2017/09/24 16:24:25

Mi negra bella ya son 14 años de amistad ❤👸🏻👸🏾te amo mi negra visitándonos #bestfriends#couplegoals#love


2017/09/24 15:18:46

Thank you @swarovski for the wonderful Crystal Wonderland event! To many more brilliant and dazzling events like this in the future! ✨ #Repost @swarovski ・・・ Sky High Style. #Swarovski's versatile Holiday crew took to the red carpet, spreading a message of #brillianceforall in extravagant fashion while on route to the evening's luxurious event.


2017/09/24 15:12:04

The girl in the red dress won’t make it through the event without these people, so thank you to my glam squad for dolling me up! 💕 @fiziwoo @kaifiziwoo @minluna @khirkhalid


2017/09/24 15:09:17

Let’s just address this big bow 🎀 in the room for once 😆. It just didn’t happen guys, it took a village so the bow can survive the night! It was a risky choice but it paid off because everyone loved it and I loved it so much too! ❤


2017/09/24 14:58:39

Sunday strolls at Hyde Park ♥️


2017/09/24 14:52:14

So lucky to be around these inspiring women @shaninamshaik @mayemusk @enricaponzellini and of course @nathaliecolin_ and, the food! This brilliant night, will always have a special place in my heart! ❤


2017/09/24 14:46:46

Segura se prepara que hoje é dia de #rock 🤘 #dancadosfamosos #teambellaediego


2017/09/24 14:39:00

My previous post was sharing how I feel about my body now. But how did I get there? SELF CARE. And I'm excited to share (link in my bio to sign up) that you can be part of a whole week that's completely free called SELF LOVE WEEK It's starts tomorrow so sign up RN👆 that will challenge u daily to practise ways to empower and love you. I'm so proud of my gf @iammelwells for all the work she does creating content and courses around healthy body image and relationships with food. She's also a best selling author of the goddess revolution sharing her own Eating disorder journey and recovery and how she got to a place of self love and acceptance. You can cop that on Amazon! So happy Sunday, if you feel fly hell yes post that belfie🙌let's celebrate the glory of Gods creations and tell ourselves everyday how proud we are of who we are. Thank u for all those who read this far down my comments I feel like I wanna put a secret random word in and see friedoreo who comments it below😝😘❤️✨ ------ Ps yes this is an @aerie bodysuit and yes it's dope as hell, soft, fits like a dream and u need it in all the colours lol x #aeriereal #iskra #bodyhero ------ Also for everyone asking my bedding is all from @dormify


2017/09/24 14:34:09

Как же хочется затискать этого мелкого ❤️


2017/09/24 14:26:13

The wonderful surprise of the night was Andrea Bocelli, the famous Italian classical singer! Well, I couldn’t think of any other better way to experience his amazing voice than at the @swarovski event, in Milan, Italy. Got goosebumps all over listening to his voice and it was so surreal!


2017/09/24 14:13:19

The @swarovski Crystal Wonderland has left such a wonderful impact on me and I have @nathaliecolin_ to thank for all that amazing experience! She made sure I felt comfortable, gave me the special treatment and was super understanding. She is just fabulous! Felt very lucky and blessed to know this lady and be a part of her amazing @swarovski family! 💖


2017/09/24 14:04:45

Подруга прислала вот такой вот лютый ад -Новостройка в Вологде. Это все,что вы хотели знать о месте женщины в России в представлении большинства. "мягкая", "скромная" и "идет за мужем". Это что вообще за ад?:)) Или в рамках демографической политики это как раз то ,что надо?🙈🙈😳😳


2017/09/24 13:53:44

🎂Linnéa from BI Bergen🇳🇴 #Norway #TCB #TheCollegeBabes


2017/09/24 13:52:20

Thank you for having me close your beautiful show @blumarine 🦋


2017/09/24 13:48:41

Dolce! 💋❤️💥


2017/09/24 13:43:27

Я признаюсь. Я грешна. 😂 Я не могу остановиться покупать обувь. Этим летом я купила одну модель туфель в 5 расцветках. Босоножки, туфли, кроссовки, ботинки, угги, сапоги, ботильоны, слипоны, сандали и ,мать их не знаю до сих пор как правильно - сланцы. К сумкам это тоже относится и к очкам. Каждый сезон я освобождаю свой шкаф от вещей, которые не ношу. А вот от обуви я избавиться не могу. Скрипя душой я выкидываю или отдаю уже то, что не надену. Еще я грешна блокнотами и записными книжками. Я их обожаю. Я покупаю с мыслями «ща как испишу тебя с корки до корки, тварь», а потом через месяц бац! «О новый блокнот?!» беру. Но я их заполняю. Пишу, сочиняю. Грешна помадами, которыми не пользуюсь. Коробка. Одолевают мысли о том, что они мне пригодятся. Когда-нибудь. Грешна чаем. Беру сто разных вкусов и пью пока не лопну. Грешна постройкой в симс 4. Могу целый день строить дома/квартиры с модами, создать семью и выйти из игры и забыть ее до следующего года или нового каталога. Грешна парфюмом, декором квартиры, смешными носками и футболками домашними, на которых я делаю фото печать. Скоро будет новая футболка 😄👌🏽 Чем грешны вы?


2017/09/24 13:28:08

TAG your fashion partner in crime! 🔥 . Shop your @balr outfits now at . @balr @balr


2017/09/24 13:23:02

👸🏻👸🏻🤴🏼🤴🏻 disfrutando con @cristianyanez2890 @princejuliocesar @ninoskavasqueza @genesis9028 en el matrimonio de @franco.yohanna y @giovannilagunaa


2017/09/24 13:21:12

Ketika Mata Batin terbuka dan semua yang kita lihat menjadi berbeda. #comingsoon #MataBatin #November2017 @hitmakestudios Tunggu teaser filmnya besok.


2017/09/24 13:02:55


2017/09/24 12:32:20

Hoy vinimos a almorzar al Restaurant de @bulgariofficial en Milan ⚡️#VestaTakesMilan


2017/09/24 12:15:02

Обновила цвет у @rita_major 😻 Не решилась я снова в брюнетку 😔(но это пока что..😏) поэтому сделали красивый блонд 😻 @rita_major


2017/09/24 12:02:05



2017/09/24 11:30:04

Short pants and t-shirt from @ds.doggystyle kind of Sunday.


2017/09/24 11:07:35



2017/09/24 10:21:13

Fresh out of the runway 🎬 Hair mousse in dry hair: @kbeautyhair Hair spray: @bedheadbytigi Song: @ehrlingofficial - lounge Frenchie: @baileyangius #hairtutorial #sarahangius #somethingnew


2017/09/24 10:17:43



2017/09/24 10:03:42

Hey guys! Who wants to walk in my shoes? 😊💃 ‼️ ‼️ Our first official @seamsfordreams collaboration with @greensole just launched with auctioning off an up-cycled pair of my own shoes! 💥 The funds raised through this auction will go to @seamsfordreams' mission to clothes people in need and @greensole's mission to provide appropriate footwear across India. ‼️ The auction is now live and you can bid on the pair here: ‼️ At @seamsfordreams we believe in collaborating with other amazing NGOs to achieve the biggest impact possible! 💥 Keep donating your old clothes and shoes to us and become a part of our movement! Check out (link in bio) for more info and contact details. Keep giving in style! XoE


2017/09/24 09:35:02



2017/09/24 08:58:11

Носочки 🖤 В продаже с завтрашнего дня. Спрашивайте в магазинах #calzedonia #calzedoniarussia


2017/09/24 08:02:08

Today was good. I'm tired. Goodnight 🍁


2017/09/24 08:00:25

Еженедельный отчетный концерт @novaya_fabrika_zvezd на @muztv . Самое красивое платье в коллекции @vikagazinskaya -уже на мне😘


2017/09/24 07:15:19

With the genius Giuseppe himself🙌🏼👠 The new collection is SO bomb😍


2017/09/24 07:00:56

[Ellie] I walk through the valley of the shadow of death. And I'll fear no evil because I'm blind to it all. And my mind and my gun they comfort me, Because I know I'll kill my enemies when they come. Surely goodness and mercy will follow me all the days of my life, And I will dwell on this earth forevermore. Sure I walk beside the still waters and they restore my soul, But I can't walk on the path of the right because I'm wrong. But I can't walk on the path of the right because I'm wrong. [Joel] What are you doing kiddo? You really gonna go through with this? [Ellie] I'm gonna find and I'm gonna kill every last one of them. ❤️


2017/09/24 06:27:09

Training during mid-semester uni assessment consists of strong and effective workouts to clear my mind and build my glute strength 🍑 Right now my focus is on building my booty (as always) through both home and gym based workouts. Massive thank you to @connor_marriott for being such an awesome trainer 💪 Learning new exercises every session!


2017/09/24 05:53:46

My new @valfre phone case kitty is named Virgil 🐾 🖤


2017/09/24 04:13:55

You've got a fetish for my love


2017/09/24 04:07:24

Y aquí seguimos #unidosporlosnuestros 🙏💪 Gracias por todo su apoyo 👏👏👏


2017/09/24 03:56:48

🍑Ambassador Brooke Swallow from Loyola Marymount University💍 #LMU #TCB #TheCollegeBabes


2017/09/24 03:30:21

Con mis princesas bellas 👸🏻👸🏽👸🏼👸🏻todas vestidas por @kgkarinagarcia 👗#girls#weddingdress#venezolanas#miami#tagsforlikes#followme By @ciscofilms


2017/09/24 02:53:31

Mi tía me acaba de enviar este video de cómo la gente está haciendo en #puertorico para poder agarrar señal y comunicarse con sus familiares 💔 😪 La desesperación en estos momentos es increíble. Igual que nosotros acá están haciendo hasta lo imposible por que todos nos morimos por saber de nuestros seres queridos 🙏 Estamos aquí para ustedes! #unidosporlosnuestros


2017/09/24 02:38:11

Seguimos 💪 #Repost @peopleenespanol (@get_repost) ・・・ @aleydaortiz #unidosporlosnuestros ¡Apoyemos! @univision 💪🏾


2017/09/24 02:22:15

Be truthful, be humble, be fearless.