Cover photo


2017/04/24 02:08:20

Moving city lights 🌃(📷: @mikevisuals)


2017/04/24 01:28:53

@dog posts the cutest pictures and videos of dogs 😍😩 Follow them right now!! @dog @dog 🐶😘


2017/04/24 00:21:48

Alacati - Turkey ✨❤️❤️❤️✨ Picture by [email protected] . #wonderful_places for a feature ❤️


2017/04/24 00:00:45

Torres del Paine, Patagonia, Chile Photography by @maxrivephotography #TheGlobeWanderer


2017/04/23 23:56:50

New Construction Point Lot Pompano Beach @chadcarroll More info contact @chadcarroll ☎ 305-400-9407 📧 [email protected]


2017/04/23 23:05:16

Check it out friends! We got to explore with @climbworks at @keana_farms. It was absolutely amazing! This 455 acre tour is definitely the best Farm tour on the planet. You get to ZIpline across fields of Banana trees, Cucumber Groves, past Papaya Trees and so much More. We want you to experience this fantastic Zipline Farm Tour for yourself so we are giving away 2 tickets! All you have to do to enter to win is Follow @climbworks and @keana_farms and leave a comment below! We will announce the winner the 27th of April Video by my bro's


2017/04/23 23:03:10

Star gazing dreams 🌌 (📷: @jaxsonpohlmanphotography)


2017/04/23 23:01:39

My last post for @TheTravelBootcamp because we are closing ticket sales TODAY! If you've been sitting on the fence then time to jump off because it is going to be an epic, epic day! We've got at least a dozen people coming from really far away. (think USA, Switzerland, Hawaii and New Zealand) We have a dual Olympian coming! We have amazing writers and traditional media who would be great to network with. Olympus is there with all their gear and have actually ended up sponsoring a handful of our past delegates. We have a second brand so close to confirming their attendance and there's even a chance of a major show coming to film some snippets. Basically this is going to be our biggest and best event so far! Finally, Olympus have very, very generously offered 15% off for anyone booking today off social (a deal we have only shared with our email database). Just use 'OLYMPUS15' at checkout and get in quick because there's only a handful of tickets left and if we sell too fast I will close sales. See you on the weekend in Melbourne! Xx #TheTravelBootcamp


2017/04/23 21:51:05

Get your photos posted in our account, apply for a feature visiting 👉🏼the link is in our bio: @earthfever. #earthfever Hello from Rovinj Riviera, Croatia. Photo by @pinargltp


2017/04/23 21:31:53

Video by @tobyharriman // Elowah Falls is one of many photogenic waterfalls found in the Columbia River Gorge that separates Washington and Oregon State. It's only a short hike from the trailhead to see for yourself. Upper McCord Creek Falls is just beyond the Elowah waterfall and is gorgeous from numerous aerial angles. Music by @jteveringham #oregon #aerial #travel #natgeo


2017/04/23 21:28:00

Rain soaked salmon fishermen return to their lodge after a morning on Doo Lough in Ireland. Shot for a new book on the British Isles available soon.


2017/04/23 21:05:54

There's plenty of colour to be found on a cloudy day in @visitmelbourne 🎨 This is #HosierLane, which is rather famous for its street art; in fact, it's the mishmash of commissioned artworks here that have made the #Melbourne urban art scene renowned across the globe. The vivid array of colours, characters and shapes have been created by local and international artists. If you want to learn more, take a walking tour with an expert local company to get the inside scoop. Photo: @rayofmelbourne #melbourne #streetart #art #visitmelbourne #artworks


2017/04/23 21:01:25

" I've never seen a sunset I didn't like" This beautiful photo was submitted by @nodestinations in Bali, Indonesia. *Shoutout Sundays* Every Sunday we feature our favorite followers media that are tagged  #luxwt or #luxuryworldtraveler ━━━━━━━━━━━ "Dream Big, Eat Well & Travel On" ━━━━━━━━━━━


2017/04/23 20:53:47

Free as the waves 🌊 (📷: @chloe_bh)


2017/04/23 20:21:02

Closing my eyes and dreaming away 🌸


2017/04/23 20:01:32

- Maroubra Beach Sydney, Australia 🌍 - cc - gabscanu


2017/04/23 19:54:21

It's just a decorative kind of place 🎠#thetravellinglight in #morocco #marrakech #rooftopping


2017/04/23 19:53:18

The flowering streets of Marbella were made for wandering. Get a taste of this Mediterranean beach town from Spanish-born wandering chef Dani Garcia through the link in our bio. Photo by @swedishnomad #traveldeeper


2017/04/23 19:44:57

Mesmerizing 70 meter walls of ice rising straight out of a lake. The size of the Perito Moreno Glacier blows your mind when you get to see it with your own eyes. #visitsouthamerica


2017/04/23 19:44:21

Birmingham Botanical Gardens, England. Follow @noah_patnode_herlache for more great travel photos. Tag who you’d walk with. Photo by @noah_patnode_herlache #earthfever


2017/04/23 19:40:19

We can post your pictures in our account. Check the link in our bio for more info: @worlderlust ( #worlderlust Rome, Italy. Photo: @thererumnatura


2017/04/23 19:10:11

Twilight Hour. / @london TV episode 10 now out! 👀


2017/04/23 19:02:19

Those eyes 😻 #Lioness Photo by @animal_migrations Explore. Share. Inspire: #EarthFocus


2017/04/23 19:02:15

Picture perfect views in the Maldives courtesy of @jessetting. *Shoutout Sundays* Every Sunday we feature our favorite followers media that are tagged  #luxwt or #luxuryworldtraveler ━━━━━━━━━━━ "Dream Big, Eat Well & Travel On" ━━━━━━━━━━━


2017/04/23 18:50:29

Photo by @michaelclarkphoto // Ventura Point in Ventura, California. Sometimes a long board is the way to go. Hang ten on a gorgeous Sunday afternoon. #surfing #ventura #venturapoint #california


2017/04/23 18:22:06

Playtime! Two young #wilddogs affectionately wrestle, moments after waking from a long nap. This display here is a form of bonding and way to warm up before a hunt. Wild Dogs are extremely loyal and affectionate to their pack, they also have the highest success rate in a hunt over any other predator in all of Africa. Photographing this pack today was truly a high light of my trip here with @danahrichardson! @jacadatravel


2017/04/23 18:02:34

Drifting away...💦 Pictured: Light Blue Allure


2017/04/23 17:57:51

For those that brought this to life ... I Thank you. NYC World premier of Under an Arctic Sky is happening now. 🙏🏼 @benweiland @ellithor @heidarlogi @timmymissions @jquinny @ryanespi @sweatpantsmedia @hammered_sam @renan_ozturk @taylorfreesolo @andybell @hogstine @sweatpantsmedia and all of you. . For tickets to the tour check my bio link or


2017/04/23 17:51:45

Nasir ol Molk Mosque - Iran ✨❤️❤️❤️✨ Picture by [email protected] follow his amazing feed!!!


2017/04/23 17:48:31

Paris morning 💛💚


2017/04/23 17:18:06

Stay golden ✨(📷: @sefayamak)


2017/04/23 17:12:20

Spring greens starting to fill the forests


2017/04/23 17:00:02

Stunning views by @places_to_see.things_to_do at his suite at Jade Mountain​ Resort in St. Lucia *Shoutout Sundays* Every Sunday we feature our favorite followers media that are tagged  #luxwt or #luxuryworldtraveler ━━━━━━━━━━━ "Dream Big, Eat Well & Travel On" ━━━━━━━━━━━


2017/04/23 16:58:33

No ideas too wild, no dreams too big ✨


2017/04/23 16:56:14

~ Well it's a lovely path to the waterfall


2017/04/23 16:17:02

When the forest is on party. 🎉✨


2017/04/23 16:15:00

take me to the mountains ⛰ #lexarmemory


2017/04/23 16:09:43

Trinidad definitely became the highlight of my trip to Cuba. Look at this gorgeous architecture my wonder friends. Also, did I mention the amazing music to can hear on the streets? What a wonderful time to visit Cuba yo. Are you planning on going this year ??? You totally should!!! . . . #trinidad #cubawonders #amazingdestination #travelcolorfully #visitcuba #caribbeantravel #caribbean #cuba #trinidad #cubatravel


2017/04/23 16:07:04

Tangled up in blue. Blue hour is a magical time in the Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park. Almost like a painting, the rolling hills of the distant canyon are beautifully layered in the fading, post-sunset light. Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park (49 of 59) Shot with FUJIFILM X-T1 and XF100-400 F4.5-5.6 lens Photo by @jonathan_irish // Photographer Jonathan Irish (@jonathan_irish) was on an epic road trip in 2016 to visit and create incredible content in all of the 59 U.S. National Parks in 52 weeks during the centennial of the National Park Service. #59in52 #onassignment #nps100


2017/04/23 16:04:59

You can check how to get your photos promoted in our account, use the link in our bio @earthfever Beautiful sunsets in Samuel H Boardman State Park, Oregon Photography by #earthfever


2017/04/23 16:02:21

Baja California is a hot spot for fresh fish. Drooling? Click the link in our bio for a one week guide to this seafood-lover's paradise. Photo by @lifeandfood #traveldeeper


2017/04/23 16:00:22

GIVEAWAY! @my7gen is giving away 5 'World' design bracelets! To enter: 1. Follow @my7gen 2. Tag a friend latest pic ON 👉🏽 @my7gen - Winners will be announced 4/26/2017


2017/04/23 15:58:32

We can post your pictures in our account. Check the link in our bio for more info: @worlderlust ( #worlderlust Congrats to @jonaspiontek for shooting one of the best photos of Godafoss I've ever seen - #Iceland


2017/04/23 15:50:02

Let's make every day Earth Day 🌎


2017/04/23 15:34:38

Now headed over to the Lisbon Photo Walk - can't wait to meet you all. See you by the big party bus 🙂 If you want to follow along, we'll probably do a little bit on Facebook Live as well. Even if you're not at any of these 10 photo walks, you can still register to win all kinds of great prizes like a week with me in New Zealand! To find out our tour schedule and more, go to #80Stays #rcmemories #AirNZPhotoContest #InterFlixContest #Partner #80StaysLisbon #instameet


2017/04/23 15:13:10

Under the blossoms 🌸 Spring time is beautiful wherever you go, here in Vancouver we caught the season perfectly and explored these stunning streets of pink blossoms 😍 We only have few more days left of this @beautifuldestinations trip as we wrap up our time in PNW, what an amazing experience it's been 🌎 #beautifuldestinations


2017/04/23 15:08:24

🎶"And I want a Sunday kind of love." ~ Etta James 🍑💦💙 #bahamas


2017/04/23 15:06:10

@TheTechCreative capturing the calm before the storm in manchester Follow @TheTechCreative for more quality photos! #EarthFocus


2017/04/23 15:00:46

Earthlings, protect this magical place 🌍#EarthDay ✧PHILIPPINES BLOG POST LIVE✧ finally, I've been working on this one for a while now! ⚡️✨ link in bio!


2017/04/23 14:36:27

Maldives Check out @timothysykes self-made millionaire financial lessons! He he's turned $12,000 into $4.5 million, while visiting 100+ countries & has several millionaire students & even more profiting six figures using his proven strategies! ➖ Not only has @timothysykes recently been featured on FOX, CNN, The Steve Harvey Show & Larry King Now but he's willing to teach YOU the keys to making enough money to be financially free, follow @timothysykes for daily motivation! Photography by @chardichard


2017/04/23 14:12:45

Amalfi Coast - Italy ✨💖💖💖✨ Picture by [email protected] check him out for millionaire lifestyle!!!


2017/04/23 13:52:57

Stunning. Paris, France. #travelnoire #paris 📷: @nodestinations


2017/04/23 13:43:47

Another glass of rosé s'il vous plaît 👋🏻🍷


2017/04/23 13:32:13

Jura 3 lakes is just magic place for landscape and nature. Feel the spirit of the nature here. ______ #whpnaturalbeauty With @jura3lacs #jura3lacs #jura3lakes #creuxduvan Http:// #living_europe #myolympus @olympusfrance #visitswitzerland #switzerland_vacations #super_switzerland #igersswiss #inlovewithswitzerland #switzerland #exploreswitzerland #ig_swiss #main_vision #ig_europe #huffpostgram #visualsoflife #cbviews #instagramhub #bbctravel IamATraveler #watchthisinstagood #pgdaily #vacationwolf #fantastic_earth #ig_captures #instaghesboro #ig_europa #ig_masterpiece


2017/04/23 13:00:27

I really had to share this photo of Turquoise Bay, even though shooting conditions weren't great when I shot it. (Hence the people in the water aren't totally sharp) I was in a small plane at 500 feet, i.e. very, very low for a plane, and we were doing super fast pass overs. I was also shooting through perspex to boot. Despite all of that I was really stoked with how the image came up and it it definitely shows how gorgeous this bay is, the most famous in Exmouth. Thanks Ningaloo Aviation. I hope you're all somewhere cool. 💙💦✈️🌊🐳 @WesternAustralia #JustAnotherDayInWA


2017/04/23 12:57:01

We can post your pictures in our account. Check the link in our bio for more info: @worlderlust ( #worlderlust Photo by @christofs70 📍Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland


2017/04/23 12:55:47

You can check how to get your photos promoted in our account, use the link in our bio @earthfever Looks like photographer Audun Rikardsen catched the right moment, doesn't it? 📸 He was priced as Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2016. 🏆


2017/04/23 12:50:28

Photo by @babaktafreshi, The World at Night photography Moonlight and the Milky Way from the coast of Southern Ocean in Victoria #Australia. The Southern Cross and bright stars Alpha and Beta Centauri are in the center. The Large and Small Magellanic Clouds are on the left. Located along the Great Ocean Road in the Port Campbell National Park, the foreground rock was formally called the London Bridge, when it was a complete double-span natural bridge but the part between me and the rock collapsed in 1990, leaving two tourists stranded on the outer span before being rescued by helicopter. @natgeo @natgeocreative #victoria #southernocean #ocean #moonlight #milkyway #nightsky


2017/04/23 12:17:08

Wow waterfalls 🙌🏻 (📷: @sa_photo)


2017/04/23 12:01:52

feeling the chill vibes @sultan_cave_suites ✨✌🏻


2017/04/23 11:53:38

Seeing the plane fly so close to the sea in #stmaarten was a once in a lifetime experience! ✈️🌊 #caribbean


2017/04/23 11:24:47

Last night the amazing people here at @singita_ went above and beyond for yet another unforgettable dinner! #honeymoon @danahrichardson


2017/04/23 11:13:21

How good is nature?! That's what @nik_to had to say about this surreal scene she captured on @lordhoweislandtourism recently, and you'd have to agree - it's pretty darn impressive! #LordHoweIsland is part of @visitnsw, and you can fly here from @sydney or @visitbrisbane in under two hours. On arrival, you'll be greeted by formidable volcanic mountains, lush greenery and sparkling blue water. Warning - you may never want to leave! #island #newsouthwales #clouds #mountains #landscape


2017/04/23 11:06:14

Phi Phi Islands, Thailand Photography by @umutkiziltan #TheGlobeWanderer


2017/04/23 10:46:14

Endless lightning bolts of a Catatumbo storm #Venezuela Photo by @jonaspiontek Explore. Share. Inspire: #EarthFocus


2017/04/23 10:39:36

Happy Children's Day🎈🎈 23 Nisan Ulusal Egemenlik ve Çocuk Bayramımız kutlu olsun ❤️💙💚💛💜 #istanbul #turkey #23nisan


2017/04/23 10:37:14

We can post your pictures in our account. Check the link in our bio for more info: @worlderlust ( #worlderlust Photo by uknown, please email us for corrections


2017/04/23 10:35:20

Do you wanna see your photos promoted here? Check the link in our bio for instructions: @earthfever Photo by @dotzsoh #earthfever


2017/04/23 09:53:03

Lean on me 🇮🇹 (📷: @meletispix)


2017/04/23 09:47:37

Tea time with @tailsofamermaid 🌸☕️ ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• @theoysterbox #oysterboxhotel #theoysterbox #SouthAfrica #durban


2017/04/23 08:46:27

Sorry I've been a bit MIA - I've had the craziest, most adventurous week in a while, hopefully you've been following along on my Stories ⭐️ from eating and wine tasting around Central Otago to hiding away in a historic cottage to chasing wildlife and auroras in Dunedin and then today I've been filming a big big BIG secret project, it's been amazing! Stay tuned! So many stories to share!


2017/04/23 08:42:54

Happy Earth day from Bali 🌴🍃


2017/04/23 08:38:39

Without zooming in, can you guess what they are selling in this incredibly colorful and vibrant store in Lisbon? #80Stays #rcmemories #AirNZPhotoContest #InterFlixContest #Partner


2017/04/23 07:11:28

Пока в Москве дождь и прохладный восточный ветер, я улетел в один из самых любимых мною городов. Вену. Как раз у @S7Airlines с этого года открылось новое направление в этот потрясающий город. Всего 3 часа в небе из Домодедово и я в городе музыки и вкусного кофе. Расскажите о своих любимых городах, куда бы вы хотели отправиться прямо сейчас?#S7Airlines #займитесьсчастьем #хочутудагде


2017/04/23 06:59:47

Welcome to @westernaustralia's natural aquarium - the #NingalooMarinePark 👌 The water here is so clear you could almost mistake this photo for an above/below shot (if it wasn't for the jet ski in the corner!). The #NingalooReef stretches for around 260 kilometres along @australiascoralcoast and is teeming with turtles, tropical fish, manta rays, humpback whales and the elusive whale shark. Photo: @bjk_photo #coralreef #reef #ningaloo #ocean #beach


2017/04/23 06:43:43

So sad to leave Australia tomorrow 😢 I knew it was impossible to see everything in 3 weeks and that I had to make choices about where to go and how long I would stay. But as always I wish there were more hours in a day so I could see and do more. . . . #visitbrisbane #seeaustralia #igersbrisbane #thisisqueensland #NGTUK #brisbaneanyday #rivercity


2017/04/23 06:38:10

Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany. Follow @sindy_lutz for more great travel photos. Tag who you’d go here with. Photo by @sindy_lutz #earthfever


2017/04/23 06:36:50

Another treasure, you can see the plants in the salt for the sunrise in Israel. The nature is amazing. ______ #whpnaturalbeauty #living_europe #myolympus @olympusfrance #alldaytravel #main_vision #ig_europe #huffpostgram #exploretocreate #createcommune #cbviews #bbctravel #IamATraveler #discoverearth #watchthisinstagood #pgdaily #citybestpics #vacationwolf #thelensbible #wonderful_places #beautifuldestinations #voyage #ig_captures #guardiantravelsnaps #yourshotphotographer #ig_europa #ig_masterpiece #livefolk #earthofficial #travel #earthpix


2017/04/23 05:14:58

Dub Nation.


2017/04/23 04:28:17

Nervous, excited & I can literally feel my heart beating through my chest. Tomorrow we premier "Under an Arctic Sky" at @tribeca film festival then kick off our Tour. Through this process I've gained a respect for any filmmaker that has ever gone through this.. there is no greater or worse feeling than putting your work out there. . We just released our first months worth of film Tour stops. We're traveling the whole Western US including Canada. I would be honored to have you attend one of our film screenings + slideshows so I can share this film with you in person. . More stops are being added everyday including Midwest, East Coast, Europe, Aus, Iceland + many more later in summer/ fall. For Tickets check my bio link or


2017/04/23 04:16:56

One of the most idyllic campsites, found wandering the California coast a few days ago.


2017/04/23 04:13:48

Snapchat 👻: globe_wanderer. Follow our adventures live! Lake Lungern, Switzerland Photography by @sennarelax #TheGlobeWanderer


2017/04/23 04:12:20

East Coast Beach Park - Singapore ✨💖💖💖✨ Picture by [email protected] . #wonderful_places for a feature 💖


2017/04/23 04:08:35

I've never seen more bikes in my life.


2017/04/23 03:38:10

Large bull #elephant giving me a little staring competition. I lost. @jacadatravel @danahrichardson


2017/04/23 03:27:14

Watching Chinatown and all its character light up makes for a classic NYC scene! One of my favorite spots in the city especially at sunset, shot on the @lgusamobile #LGG6 f2.4 1/120s ISO 50 #HandsOnLGG6 #ad


2017/04/23 03:25:42

Every day #Earthday 🌎


2017/04/23 03:08:05

Duo. @anna_aita // Tinghir, Morocco. #travelnoire #tinghir


2017/04/23 02:36:51

Winter sunset overlooking the delicate arch.


2017/04/23 02:21:05

@King_Roberto taking in the view in south Iceland! Explore. Share. Inspire: #EarthFocus


2017/04/23 02:07:31

Saturday splash 💦 Pictured: The Wave, Hawaii


2017/04/23 01:44:36

Happy #EarthDay! Today, we're reminding ourselves how precious and beautiful our home is. Let's protect the future by caring for the environment. Comment #EarthDay2017 to show your support! #NorthAmerica captured by @erubes1


2017/04/23 01:31:46

Here's Torre de Belem on another perfect night here in Lisbon. Believe it or not, my friend @renejsmith fell in the ocean right here! Yes, first he fell in a canal in Venice, and now into the drink here... that guy, I tell ya... somehow is camera survived this time! #80Stays #rcmemories #AirNZPhotoContest #InterFlixContest #Partner


2017/04/23 01:19:40

Happy earth day! @eddiebauer #liveyouradventure After stashing our overnight gear at the Bow Hut, we continued climbing, first across the edge of the Wapta Icefield, before boot packing towards the summit of Mt Olive. #ebcontributor


2017/04/23 01:17:16

Photograph by @susanseubert // In honor of Earth Day, a Polar Bear, stranded on the beach in Svalbard, Norway. This beautiful marine mammal has become a symbol of how man made climate change is globally accelerating habitat loss. In 1970, Earth Day was started as a way to celebrate environmental science. Today is also the March for Science where thousands of people throughout the world are marching to defend the vital role that science plays in our safety, health, economics and government. Photographed #onassignment for @natgeotravel @natgeoexpeditions #EarthDay #PolarBear


2017/04/23 01:07:40

Jumping into action on climate change 😂#EarthDay 🌏💚


2017/04/23 00:49:53

Good morning! This is Mandu Mandu Gorge at sunrise, one of the very popular activities on offer at Sal Salis. We had a 5:30 start to ascend to the top of the trail in time for sunrise and it was worth it. I didn't love it that Jayde, Jewels and I were totally beaten on the trail by a seven year old, he must have been half a km away from us at all times. Right, time to start exercising again. 😂😂 @WesternAustralia #JustAnotherDayInWA


2017/04/23 00:48:02

Andrea cooking in the hot springs around Mammoth Lakes. Just what we needed after a cold night in the tent..


2017/04/23 00:12:22

Bavaria, Germany Photography by @karwendelbilder #TheGlobeWanderer


2017/04/22 23:09:31

Happy Earth Day!! 🌎🌏🌍 We all need to do our part to preserve Mother Nature and make sure future generations are able to enjoy the beauty of this planet. One such place is Angel Falls located in Venezuela which is the tallest waterfall in the world. (featured above)


2017/04/22 22:59:06

Snowman on Antarctica ... this just happened! You can't travel to the continent of ice and snow without building one!! Cruise with @chimuadventures - Travel insurance with @covermore


2017/04/22 22:45:09

Apply for a feature following the link in our bio and we will publish your photos in our account: @earthfever #earthfever | Lost in the blue Mosque ~ Saint Petersburg, Russia Photo by @vi66nya


2017/04/22 22:33:45

Photo by @erikaskogg // Thankful for all the incredible natural beauty found on this planet, like the tiny details of morning dew drops covering a spider web. Happy #EarthDay!


2017/04/22 22:33:26

Happy #EarthDay! Today, we're reminding ourselves how precious and beautiful our home is. Let's protect the future by caring for the environment. To celebrate this day, we'll be sharing photos from all seven continents. Stay tuned and comment #EarthDay2017 to show your support! #Asia captured by @lielaine


2017/04/22 22:22:09

Na Pali Coast State Park - Kauai ✨💚💚💚✨ Picture by [email protected] . #wonderful_places for a feature 💚