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2017/05/27 18:03:06

Do you wanna see your photos promoted here? Check the link in our bio for instructions: @earthfever The famous double arch bridge in Lavertezzo, #Switzerland. Photo by @chrisburkard #earthfever


2017/05/27 18:00:12

Florence, Italy 🇮🇹 photo by @dorpell


2017/05/27 17:41:01

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2017/05/27 17:38:36

Video by @paulnicklen // A flurry of snow rapidly covers the seascape as a mother polar bear frolics with her young, four month old cubs. In order to feed herself and her two growing offspring, she must be an infallible hunter. After a successful hunt, the playful cubs nuzzle and play with their mother, and she, ever patient and tender, endures their affections. To see my favorite photograph from this moment, #follow me on @paulnicklen For @Sea_Legacy with @fredgranath Music by @adamnriddle


2017/05/27 17:16:08

Morning hikes through the mountains.


2017/05/27 16:52:27

Photo by @josh.perrett check out his feed for more


2017/05/27 16:27:32

Geirangerfjord, Norway Check out @timothysykes self-made millionaire financial lessons! He he's turned $12,000 into $4.5 million, while visiting 100+ countries & has several millionaire students & even more profiting six figures using his proven strategies! ➖ Not only has @timothysykes recently been featured on FOX, CNN, The Steve Harvey Show & Larry King Now but he's willing to teach YOU the keys to making enough money to be financially free, follow @timothysykes for daily motivation! Photography by @maxrivephotography


2017/05/27 16:23:46

The famous double arch bridge in Lavertezzo, #Switzerland. Photo by @chrisburkard Explore. Share. Inspire: #EarthFocus


2017/05/27 15:47:33

Photo by @petekmuller. Ben Van Der Waal, a South African Ichthyologist (fish biologist) climbs out of the Cubango river in Angola after an evening collecting specimens. Ben has been collecting fish species in southern Africa for nearly 40 years. He and a team of other field biologists and botanists form a critical component of the @intotheokavango Wilderness Project which aims, in part, to chart biodiversity along the major tributaries leading into the Okavango Delta in northern Botswana. Evening sampling with Ben and his colleague, Paul Skelton, is one of my favorite activities on the expedition. #intotheokavango #cubango2017 #expedition #biodiversity #science #Angola #Cubango #river #Africa #adventure


2017/05/27 15:26:00

At the break of dawn 💜 (📷: @ilhan1077)


2017/05/27 15:24:22

Photo by @babaktafreshi The World at Night photography Swipe left to see this panorama of the Teton mountain range at night. The Grand Teton National Park is one of my favorite spots on the planet where the Earth & sky meet in most spectacular form. Light from the nearby town of Jackson is the yellow glow under the bright summer Milky Way. Light of the rising moon gently illuminates the landscape. On the last slide find the Big Dipper hanging over the mountains. @natgeo @natgeocreative @grandtetonnps #grandtetons #wyoming #jacksonhole #nationalpark #nightsky #nightscape #longexposure #nightphotography #astrophotography #milkyway #astronomy #darksky


2017/05/27 15:16:23

I've always loved exploring country roads, you never know what you're going to run across. #Montana is perfect for that, it's a place with no shortage of beauty and open spaces. @natgeocreative


2017/05/27 15:10:09

Hello Vienna - I can't wait for the photo walk in an hour or so! Also, don't forget we're about to choose the winners to join me for the upcoming @hanszimmer concert. To enter (you can be anywhere around the world!), come to - to find out more about his concerts, see This is a photo of the amazing city hall here in Vienna... I took this last night while I was scouting around for the photo walk - what a pretty city here! #80Stays #rcmemories #AirNZPhotoContest #InterFlixContest #FlixBus #Partner #HansZimmerLive


2017/05/27 14:49:02

Photo by @joepetersburger // FROM THE FLOWERBED // I was invited to La Palma Island, Canary Islands to hold a #presentation about my main message: „travel less, discover your backyard”. Beside showing award-winning photos from my neighborhood, I took pictures on site. Without any preparation and local knowledge, I had some really exciting shots. Like this one about a red-veined #darter #female #dragonfly (Sympetrum fonscolombii) perching on a twig. This twig was just couple steps away from the museum I presented! No need to travel far away for fantastic experience. Travel less, discover your backyard, reduce your ecological footprint! Please #followme at @joepetersburger to keep up-to-date with my images! @natgeo @natgeocreative @natgeotravel @natgeofineart @canonusa @canonuk #joepetersburger #instagood #photooftheday #beautiful #capture #moment #earthfocus #simple #macro #macrophotography #educateandinspire #findbeautyeveryday #canaryislands #MyCanon #TeamCanon #adventure #1frame4nature #lapalma


2017/05/27 14:05:20

VIdeo by @cristinamittermeier \\ Sometimes the most interesting part of going to work is the journey. The Freya heaved and bucked as we traveled through the rough Barents Sea in northern Svalbard while on a mission to shine a light on the effects of climate change on polar bears. To see this gut churning moment in slow motion, #followme at @cristinamittermeier For @sea_legacy with @paulnicklen. #journey | @natgeocreative | #explore | #adventure | #commute


2017/05/27 14:02:18

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2017/05/27 13:59:03

🌅Queenstown, New Zealand Photo by © @robertlukeman #OurPlanetDaily


2017/05/27 13:36:28

A little sneak peek of what happened earlier this week in the South of France outside of Cannes together with my favourite @Diorparfums team... Filming for something very exciting coming out after the summer! 💕 #missdiorforlove


2017/05/27 13:15:49

Tunnel of Love⠀⠀ Klevan, Ukraine PC: @sergey_polyushko


2017/05/27 13:15:12

Saturday vibes. Maldives. #travelnoire #maldives 📷: @nodestinations Ready for your next getaway? Tag your travel partner.


2017/05/27 13:13:41

Abbotsford Tulip Festival Photography by @carlblanchet #TheGlobeWanderer


2017/05/27 12:50:53

DREAM Summer, with mystical scent of France! 5-12 July 2017 . Lead by @kyrenian @oldkyrenian @neskirimli @mr.mirrorless . Dream Tours & Workshops introduce you this mystical scent and texture of summer this July! Invites you to the unbeatable lavender fields of France to the awesome shades of purple. Get ready to photograph the georgeus little villages, turquoise valleys and wild horses in the nature that have preserved their authenticity for centuries with unique touch. The real photographic experience awaits you! . Join our Tour! Beauty is waiting for you!! . Several stunning spots of France in 8 days and you'll be learning how to capture them in a perfect way! Checkout @dreamtoursworkshops to see tour spots! . . For further details; Mail to ✉ [email protected] DM to 📝 @neskirimli


2017/05/27 12:50:46

Machu Picchu - Peru ✨💚💚💚✨ Pic [email protected] . #bestplacestogo for a feature 💚


2017/05/27 12:49:52

"I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget what you made them feel" -Maya Angelou. . . . #nepal #chitwan #nepali #buddhism #nepal8thwonder #visitnepal #nepalexplorers #himalayas #himalayasarecalling #htm2017 #HimalayanTravelMart #peoplewatching #locallife #likealocal


2017/05/27 12:47:56

Alacati - Turkey ✨🌺🌺🌺✨ Picture by [email protected] . #wonderful_places for a feature 💖


2017/05/27 12:25:15

A secluded island somewhere in the South Pacific 🌴🌴🌴 @tahititourismau #LoveTahiti @airtahitinui #AirTahitiNui


2017/05/27 11:36:11

Magical Indonesia 🌄 (📷: @ilhan1077)


2017/05/27 11:27:56

Photo by @CarltonWard / Sunset over Boca Grande Pass, on Florida's west coast between Gasparilla and Cayo Costa islands where Charlotte Harbor flows into the Gulf of Mexico. During the late spring and early summer, anglers from around the world gather here to drift outgoing tides in hopes of catching tarpon - a migratory game fish that can weigh up to 200 pounds. #bocagrande #gulfofmexico #sunset Please follow @carltonward for more #floridawild


2017/05/27 11:25:22

Follow @boldlyboundless for more. Get your picture posted here, apply for a feature following the link in our bio: ⠀ ⠀ Tag who you’d go here with.📍 Sequioa National Park, USA.. Pic by @boldlyboundless #worlderlust


2017/05/27 11:22:13

Venice, Italy. Follow @julianbregnard for more great travel photos. Tag who you’d go here with. Photo by @julianbregnard #earthfever


2017/05/27 11:05:54

"Oh hai... can we be best friends please?" 😇 - This cute #quokka came up to say g'day to @aure_liie76 on @rottnestislandwa recently. This lovely island off the coast of @experienceperth in @westernaustralia is home to loads of these furry critters; they're native to #Rottnest so it's the best place to see them in the wild. The #quokkas here really do want to become your best buddy; in fact, they're so friendly that they'll hop right up and give you a sniff. No need to be alarmed - it's just their way of saying hello! #justanotherdayinwa #thisiswa #wildlifephotography #travelphotos #wanderlust


2017/05/27 10:32:08

Photograph by @thomaspeschak In the Galápagos some groups of sea lions have learned how to hunt yellowfin tuna. In small bands they intercept the schools and drive them into convoluted dead end bays. The sea lions trap them in crevices or push them onto rocky shores where they dispatch the fish with a bite to the head. Shot on assignment for @natgeo magazine in 2016. I believe this is the first time that this behavior has been photographed. Check out the June 2017 issue of @natgeo magazine for my story on Galápagos and climate change. In collaboration with @darwinfound #galapagosnationalpark @fonassociation #paulmangellfoundation To see a close up of this Galápagos sea lion guarding its catch follow @thomaspeschak


2017/05/27 10:11:02

The Blue Danube in Vienna! The big photo walk is tonight! Some of the bigger prizes are coming along too... we'll talk all about it when we meet out in front of our Flixbus during the pre-party at 6 PM! One of the biggest ones is we're choosing a few people to join me at the @hanszimmer concert in Frankfurt. Many more great prizes too - stay tuned. P.S. This is last night on the Danube... wow so many people... non stop party, food, and music along such a beautiful scene! 🙂 #80Stays #rcmemories #AirNZPhotoContest #InterFlixContest #FlixBus #Partner #HansZimmerLive


2017/05/27 09:33:26

Chiba, Japan 🇯🇵 Photo by @daisukephotography #TourThePlanet 🌎🌍🌏


2017/05/27 09:24:33

Lake George, Alaska, USA Photography by @tobyharriman


2017/05/27 09:11:16

Mount Fitz Roy, #Patagonia. Photo by @iso100_photography Explore. Share. Inspire: #EarthFocus


2017/05/27 09:02:55

Amalfi Coasting.. 🚤 🛥 ⛵️ Don't miss out on our La Dolce Vita sale at the link in profile Pictured: Praiano


2017/05/27 08:42:47

The desert will always keep secrets.


2017/05/27 08:42:04

Sunsets in Ibiza 🌅 (📷: @tomjauncey) #bdteam


2017/05/27 08:32:17

[NEW POST] New on the A Lady in London blog: how to spend 5 incredible days in Spain's Menorca. Link in my profile.

2017/05/27 08:25:50

Photo by @josh.perrett check out his feed for more


2017/05/27 08:20:32

Photo by @aneta1404 check out her feed for more


2017/05/27 07:21:44

Trunks for travel. #Havana, #Cuba.


2017/05/27 06:56:07

Even the local wombats can't help but admire the stunning views from @altitude1260 👌 This beautiful mountain retreat is located high in the @snowymountainsnsw, with breathtaking views over #LakeJindabyne and the towering peaks of the #Kosciuszko National Park. This 225-acre property is just a short drive from @thredboresort ski village, and is home to plenty of resident wildlife including wombats, kangaroos and wallabies. #wildlifephotography #newsouthwales #snowymountainsnsw #wanderlust #travelphotos


2017/05/27 06:47:57

3 brothers. Http:// ______ #myolympus #living_europe @olympusfrance #parisjetaime #parismaville  #huffpostgram #exploretocreate #beautifuldestinations #cbviews #alldaytravel #ParisCityVision #bbctravel #IamATraveler #yourshotphotographer #watchthisinstagood #pgdaily #topparisphoto #vacationwolf #super_france #forbestravelguide #merveillesdefrance #hello_france #earthofficial #loves_paris #discoverearth #ig_europa #earthpix #lonelyplanet #visitparis #travellingthroughtheworld


2017/05/27 06:12:01

We can post your pictures in our account. Check the link in our bio for more info: @worlderlust ( #worlderlust Queen Island, Australia. Photo by @paulmp


2017/05/27 05:32:51

A crocodile enters Kariba Lake in Zimbabwe - photo by @shaulschwarz - Lake Kariba was filled between 1958 and 1963 following the completion of the Kariba Dam , it is the world's largest man-made lake and reservoir by volume. Before Lake Kariba was filled, the existing vegetation was burned, creating a thick layer of fertile soil on land that would become the lake bed. As a result, the ecology of Lake Kariba is vibrant. A number of fish species have been introduced to the lake, notably the sardine-like kapenta (transported from Lake Tanganyika), which now supports a thriving commercial fishery. Other inhabitants of Lake Kariba include Nile crocodiles and hippopotami.


2017/05/27 05:14:29

Geirangerfjord, Norway Photography by @maxrivephotography #WeLiveToExplore


2017/05/27 05:06:19

Cable Beach camel commutes Photography by @jasoncharleshill #TheGlobeWanderer


2017/05/27 04:55:59

Bali's endless light rays. Photo by @josiahwg Explore. Share. Inspire: #EarthFocus


2017/05/27 04:05:35

I woke up just before 3am, drove to the @skyhelicopters helipad, met up with @tomjauncey and @amberleighwest then flew up in to the mountains for a few hours 🚁🏔 It was one of the most beautiful mornings I've ever spent in the mountains


2017/05/27 03:58:31

Scrambled up the East End of Mount Rundle Peak just in time for sunset.. We had expected a slower ascent because of snow but got gifted with summer like conditions. We sat up here for an hour, watching the shadows of the mountains get longer and longer over the valley floor..


2017/05/27 03:40:34

Photo by @dguttenfelder A Cuban man parks his red Russian car along the sea in the fishing village of Cojimar, #Cuba.


2017/05/27 03:19:13

On the corner. Havana, Cuba. #whpcolorstudy


2017/05/27 03:12:11

Here's a favorite new photo I took at Mauerpark. I used the Leica 35mm f/1.4 on the Sony - but I'm not quite sure how I got the background to have such a funky spiral look. Oh well, happy mistake I guess! #80Stays #rcmemories #AirNZPhotoContest #InterFlixContest #FlixBus #Partner


2017/05/27 02:58:54

Beautiful Light in Bali Photo by © @ilhan1077 #OurPlanetDaily


2017/05/27 02:57:24

Oh I really love rainy days. 😌☔️


2017/05/27 02:46:54

Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm - Oregon 🌷🌷🌷 Pic [email protected] . #bestplacestogo for a feature 💖


2017/05/27 02:45:27

Lavertezzo - Switzerland ✨💚💚💚✨ Picture by [email protected] . #wonderful_places for a feature 💚


2017/05/27 02:40:02

My favorite thing about road trips is the unexpected moments and traveling like this is honestly my favorite way to travel. As I become a more confident and experienced traveller I'm also using hire cars a lot on international trips so that I can see more and not just hit the same landmarks that everyone else does. It's actually really funny because I'm getting a hire car on a family trip at the end of the year and the first car I was offered was a Skoda! So my top tip to anyone is to do more road trips! Especially if you don't do much international travel. Explore your own backyard and drive down all those dodgy looking roads to see what you can find. Sometimes it's a big fluffy cow. 😂😂 @SkodaAustralia #Skoda #Sponsored


2017/05/27 02:12:51

One step closer 💦 (📷: @everchanginghorizon)


2017/05/27 02:06:08

El Chalten, Argentina | Photography by © Taylor Burk (@taylormichaelburk) #earthofficial


2017/05/27 01:07:54

Photo by @amivitale for @natgeo. Wildlife keeper Dorothy works as nutritionist feeding the baby elephants at Reteti Elephant Sanctuary (@r.e.s.c.u.e) in Northern Kenya, the subject of a story I am very excited to share this week for National Geographic. "Before I was afraid of wild animals, especially elephants, but now I see them differently," she told me. "The sanctuary has changed my feelings about elephants. And they are helping our own children to become healthier too. Our culture from Samburu is being promoted." Follow Reteti Elephant Sanctuary (@r.e.s.c.u.e) and help the local Samburu community save what is left. What’s happening here at Reteti, without fanfare, is nothing less than the beginnings of a transformation in the way Samburus relate to wild animals they have long feared. Follow all of us, @r.e.s.c.u.e, nearby @sararacamp and @amivitale to support and learn more about these initiatives. @nrt_kenya @lewa_wildlife @kenyawildlifeservice @tusk_org @sandiegozoo @conservationorg @natgeocreative @thephotosociety @nature_africa #elephants #saveelephants #retetielephants #ecotourism #stoppoaching #kenya #northernkenya #magicalkenya #whyilovekenya #africa #everydayafrica #photojournalism #amivitale


2017/05/27 01:02:52

Ready for ya, Memorial Day weekend ✨


2017/05/27 01:01:51

Limited @zinvowatches BLADE with 1-second-spin Turbine! In stock NOW at @zinvowatches


2017/05/27 00:56:14

Gent , Belgium PC: @ilhan1077


2017/05/27 00:37:26

Kayaking in Pula, Croatia Photo by @erubes1 #wildernessculture


2017/05/27 00:12:31

Photo by @amivitale on assignment for @natgeo. Weligama is a town on the south coast of Sri Lanka. The name Weligama, literally means "sandy village" which refers to the area's sandy sweep bay. @natgeocreative #weligama #srilanka #asia #everydaysrilanka #photooftheday #photography #topshot #amivitale


2017/05/27 00:10:48

I recently finished watching my first tv show - Breaking Bad, which took me five months from start to finish. How have I made it this far in life without watching an entire tv show you ask? Have I been living under a rock? Well, I grew up without tv. So, kind of. Anyways, Breaking Bad. Oh my God you guys, it was so good! I'm so glad I grew up without tv because if every show is as good as this one I can definitely see how I could waste way too much time on this. 😂 Also, here's an unrelated photo of the beautiful yucca plants in Nevada, which I loved because they are so unlike any of the plant species where I live. @TravelNevada #TravelNevada @MatadorNetwork #TravelStoke


2017/05/26 23:48:41

We wish we could have joined @gypsella for this fresh seafood lunch at @dmarisbay in Marmarmis, Turkey! Are you a food fanatic too? Check out the link in our bio for the best food tours around the world. #traveldeeper


2017/05/26 23:27:52

On the way into that same park in Berlin, I saw these two cute kids taking turns on the swing. #80Stays #rcmemories #AirNZPhotoContest #InterFlixContest #FlixBus #partner


2017/05/26 23:25:48

Sunrise roaming through glowing slot canyons with @annacalla & @tczech. @NewMexicoTrue #NewMexicoTrue Photo by @shortstache


2017/05/26 23:07:08

Lookin good #Montana ☀️


2017/05/26 22:44:55

Photograph by @susanseubert // A group of visitors to the Brick House Winery in Newberg, Oregon enjoy wine and snacks under an old oak tree on the edge of the vineyard. The first Pinot Noir grapes were planted in the Oregon Wine Country in 1965. Since then this region has become world famous for its terroir and is now home to over 500 wineries. #oregon #winecountry Follow @susanseubert for more from the Pacific Northwest and beyond!


2017/05/26 22:43:40

Photo by @BrianSkerry. A large Tiger Shark swims alongside a diver in the Bahamas. With the Tiger Shark once considered the most dangerous shark species in tropical waters, researchers are just now beginning to understand behaviors that were once a mystery. Despite being large predators, life in the ocean is difficult, and these creatures face many challenges in order to survive. As with all species of shark, the Tiger Shark faces declining populations worldwide due to the continued demand for shark fins. Photographed on assignment for @NatGeo Magazine. This photo appears on the back cover of my new book - entitled ‘SHARK’ - which will be available on June 13th wherever books are sold. This book is filled with photos of sharks, and it chronicles my personal journey of photographing sharks worldwide over the past 40 years. Follow me on Instagram, @BrianSkerry, to see more photos from the book and to learn more about my adventures as a National Geographic photographer. #shark #sharks #bahamas #tropics #caribbean #tigershark #predator #underwater #photography #natgeo #nationalgeographic #conservation #preservation #savesharks #photooftheday


2017/05/26 22:02:26

#MemorialDayWeekend rainbow 🌈 (📷: @karl_shakur)


2017/05/26 21:59:47

Light Shining Through in Marin County Photo by © @gettyphotography #OurPlanetDaily


2017/05/26 21:53:27

Aerial Big Apple: Such an honor and so fun to shoot the June cover for @smithsonianmagazine (which just came out) - all about the returning health of the city's beautiful bay. #aerial #newyork #chasingrivers [email protected] thx #DelHelicopters.


2017/05/26 21:16:53

We can post your pictures in our account. Check the link in our bio for more info: @worlderlust ( #worlderlust Paris by: @wonguy974


2017/05/26 21:14:52

Do you wanna see your photos promoted here? Check the link in our bio for instructions: @earthfever Miguel Colorado Cenote Azul, Mexico 🇲🇽 Photograph By @erubes1 #earthfever


2017/05/26 21:08:31

Positano Coasting 💦  25% off La Dolce Vita prints at the link in profile


2017/05/26 20:49:19

New York ✨❤️❤️❤️✨ Picture by [email protected] . #wonderful_places for a feature ❤️


2017/05/26 20:22:31

If you're looking for us this weekend, we'll be paddling the turquoise waters surrounding @orpheusisland... don't wait up 😎 This secluded island on the #GreatBarrierReef accommodates just 28 guests at a time, so you won't need to fight for a spot on the island's 11 kilometres of beach. You can get to Orpheus Island via a 30-minute flight from @townsvillenorthqueensland or a 90-minute flight from #Cairns. Btw, there are only 27 spots left now - see you there! Photo: @jamesvodicka #thisisqueensland #travelphotos #wanderlust #kayaking #travelgram


2017/05/26 20:05:09

I'll share three photos here from a fun few hours at Mauerpark in Berlin. They have a huge organic karaoke concert and everyone goes nuts... all sorts of colorful characters here! #80Stays #rcmemories #AirNZPhotoContest #InterFlixContest #FlixBus #Partner


2017/05/26 19:48:48

Gratitude is the fairest blossom which springs from the soul. ⚘ Photo courtesy of @erubes #goneoutdoors


2017/05/26 19:48:24

"Spring in Weinheim, Germany often passes in the blink of an eye; you fall asleep in winter, and when you wake up the next day summer has already swooped in the door. When I took this photo, I stood under the tree and thought of how grateful I am to live near a place like this. For me, photography isn’t about seeking beauty elsewhere; it’s about discovering the beauty that already exists beneath your own two feet, and distilling that beauty into an image. . As I write this, spring has arrived in Weinheim — for now at least — and it has brought with it the anticipation of new life. A fleeting and fragile green bud and stem that can’t be rushed — only appreciated. I have a small son, and as he grows older, I plan to take him to this tree each spring and teach him to see the beauty in front of him. If I can do that, I can only imagine how the world beyond Weinheim will appear to him when he’s ready to explore it." . Photo credit goes to @hatcat_photography for this amazing image and story, and a big thanks to @alamorentacar for joining us for #TPSMySpring. Lastly, thanks to everyone who shared their springtime stories and images with us!


2017/05/26 19:39:08

Diving down in the crystal clear waters of Hawaii 💦 I love how the ocean collides with the mountains, creates for an incredible view 🌊⛰ Thanks @nolanomura for snapping this epic shot of me 🌴


2017/05/26 19:36:31

Friday hangs in a Kiwi style😍🙏🏼

2017/05/26 19:31:32

Photo by me @oldkyrenian please visit my personal account @oldkyrenian


2017/05/26 19:13:18

Video by @bertiegregory. A wild peacock in Yala National Park, Sri Lanka. These amazing colours are surprisingly not caused primarily by pigments, instead by tiny crystal-like structures in the feathers. These structures, spaced at different distances apart, cause different wavelengths of light to be absorbed and reflected, creating the amazing iridescent patterns our eyes see. Shot for @natgeo, @natgeowild and @stevewinterphoto. Follow @bertiegregory to see this male in action trying to impress a potential mate!


2017/05/26 19:08:23

Rainbow window views 🌈 (📷: @onthere)


2017/05/26 19:07:27

It's hard to tell whether this picture was taken at the Musée des Confluences in Lyon, France, or at a futuristic space station in outer reaches of the galaxy. Either way, this building design is totally out of this world—who agrees? Photo by @dkelleghan #traveldeeper


2017/05/26 19:06:52

Street scenes from #Odessa, #Ukraine. I loved this city so much. If you stick to the city center, you'll see a lot of beauty, but my favorite part of the city was the surrounding streets, like Pushkinska Street here. Some of my friends told me it reminded them of Brooklyn! Elegant streets, lots of greenery, romantic architecture in periwinkle blue and soft pink. I think you can see why I'd love to go back to Odessa and hang out for a month or so. These streets. And the 95-cent lattes. 👻 Now back in NYC - adventurouskate


2017/05/26 19:01:31

@CedarWright just found out it's a 3 day weekend. Moments later he remembered his entire life is a 3 day weekend. He still looked like this. Photo by @Andy_Bardon


2017/05/26 18:55:45

Somewhere, over the ocean...🌈🌦 #kauai #hawaii


2017/05/26 18:52:22

When we started this project 2 years ago we never dreamed it would turn into this. Currently on a global tour with my film, "Under an Arctic Sky" showing tomorrow in Montreal then Quebec City Sunday. . Next week Colorado! Tickets just went on sale for: Silverthorne Boulder Denver See you there for a night of slideshow + film . Tickets in bio or www.UnderanArcticsky.con/tour


2017/05/26 18:46:39

Friday feeling. We can post your pictures in our account. Check the link in our bio for more info: @worlderlust ( #worlderlust Photo by: @ashleyinwanderland of @beccaruski


2017/05/26 18:46:15

There's a new girls band in town. #peaksofeurope


2017/05/26 18:44:07

Window or aisle? You can check how to get your photos promoted in our account, use the link in our bio @earthfever Photo by @jasonmpeterson #earthfever


2017/05/26 18:37:14

Blue city in Morocco💙 Photo by @missjetsetter


2017/05/26 18:29:44

Daily commute 😎


2017/05/26 18:26:21

Another way to experience the stunning Gap of Dunloe. Just hold on tight! 🐴 #loveireland @tourismireland


2017/05/26 18:23:51

Paddling through caves of Pula, #Croatia. Photo by @erubes1 Explore. Share. Inspire: #EarthFocus


2017/05/26 18:20:55

I'm up north but here's a photo from down south. Im excited to go camping for the next 3 days. We will be circling the whole state of Oregon so stay tuned on those Instagram stories.


2017/05/26 18:11:58

Today's early encounter


2017/05/26 18:09:41

Long weekend vibes ☀️️ Pictured: Cinque Terre Vertical


2017/05/26 18:09:21

Stepping out on this highline was one of the most terrifying things I've done. With my heart pounding, palms sweaty and whole body tensing up, I honestly started to question my sanity (even though I know it's extremely safe). I think it's important to push our comfort zones, test our will power and also figure out what drives us. Our bodies and minds are a lot stronger than we give them credit for but if we don't put ourselves out there, we'll never know what we are truly capable of! This was one of the most beautiful lines I've ever been on! Swipe right to see the full pano image with Yosemite Falls that @handsomerobinson captured. Huge thanks to Ryan, @andyto, @zeekyan and @beautifuldestinations for making this possible! Taft Point, Yosemite National Park.


2017/05/26 17:50:22

Photo by @oldkyrenian check out his feed for more


2017/05/26 17:49:36

Photo by @andywcoleman // Hiking to see the Mountain Gorillas in the Bwindi Impenetrable National Park in Uganda can sometimes be a bit exhausting. To get to this family, we trekked up and down the steep slopes of the forest for nearly two hours. It would have been nice to catch a ride like this baby gorilla. Fortunately, they stayed in one area for the entire hour we got to spend with them. For more wildlife images, follow me at @andywcoleman


2017/05/26 17:42:11

Photo by @gerdludwig After a spectacular wildflower season, the Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve Center in the Mojave Desert closed its doors, scheduled to reopen in February 2018. Here is a selection of 4 images I have taken during short trips to Antelope Valley last month. Due to the heavy precipitation during the rainy season, the poppy bloom blanketed the rolling desert hills of the valley but often closed early as a result of cold winds. You can see additional photographs from my visits to the Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve at @gerdludwig @thephotosociety @natgeocreative #wildflowers #AntelopeValley #California #bloom #poppies #Mojave


2017/05/26 17:37:59

Amazing sunset in El Nido Photograph by @etchd


2017/05/26 17:34:15

A baby leatherback sea turtle, just hatched from its shell, heading to sea for the first time. #EverythingEverywhere #TLPicks #BBCTravel #dominica #caribbean #turtle #turtles #sealife #nature


2017/05/26 17:22:03

It's amazing what you can find a couple hours deep into the woods. This place was unreal 😍 @visitmexico

2017/05/26 17:07:11

DREAM Summer, with mystical scent of France! 5-12 July 2017 . Lead by @kyrenian @oldkyrenian @neskirimli @mr.mirrorless . Dream Tours & Workshops introduce you this mystical scent and texture of summer this July! Invites you to the unbeatable lavender fields of France to the awesome shades of purple. Get ready to photograph the georgeus little villages, turquoise valleys and wild horses in the nature that have preserved their authenticity for centuries with unique touch. The real photographic experience awaits you! . Join our Tour! Beauty is waiting for you!! . Several stunning spots of France in 8 days and you'll be learning how to capture them in a perfect way! . . For further details; Mail to ✉️ [email protected] DM to 📝 @neskirimli


2017/05/26 17:00:39

Sometimes we just got to stop everything we're doing and enjoy the all the beautiful things around us. Thanks for the views New Zealand.


2017/05/26 16:53:46

Sending positive thoughts and prayers to my good friends @coryrichards, and @adrianballinger currently on the final summit push up #everest without the use of supplemental oxygen. This will be Cory's second ascent in this style and Adrian's first, an extremely difficult achievement. It's been a hard and sad year for Everest mountaineers, with a lot of unfortunate death and tragedy. Wishing you guys big love, strength and a safe ascent/descent from the top of the world!


2017/05/26 16:35:26

Summer drinks in a yard of disused shipping containers with an artificial beach : nice start to the weekend in Poznan!


2017/05/26 16:32:44

Photograph by @andyparkinsonphoto[email protected] Arctic tern in aggressive posture – This image was taken as part of a commission that I worked on many years ago for the National Trust. I had special permission to land early on the larger of the Farne Islands, Inner Farne before the packed tourist boats began to arrive. Part of the unique experience of these islands is that upon landing you then have to make your way up the boardwalk which takes you through the arctic tern colony. These birds are notoriously protective of their territories and in a scene almost reminiscent of the birds all of the tourists are flown at and pecked as they wander through the colony. On many occasions I have seen terrified young children arrive on the island in floods of tears, doubtless left with a lifelong fear of birds, such is the aggressive nature of these beautiful birds. Under the watchful eye of the warden David Steel I was able to spend some time alone working with these birds and so all of their ire was directed solely at me. The time that I with them spent was extremely brief but part of their defensive strategy, as well as pecking at ones head with their needle sharp beaks is to defecate on any interloper as well. In no time at all I was covered in faeces with one particularly accurate bird even managing to defecate in my mouth. Having never eaten meat in the 20 years previously I can still remember the distinctive fishy taste of that runny, white liquid so for anyone who thinks that the life of a wildlife photographer is glamourous then think again! 😀 Please #followme at @andyparkinsonphoto to keep up-to-date with my images @andyparkinsonphoto @natgeo @thephotosociety #arctictern #farneislands #nationaltrust #ethicsbeforeimages #phototips #educateandinspire #nature #naturelovers #wildlifephotography #donoharm #wild_animalsgram #animalonearth #wildlifeaddicts_ #animal_beauty #nature_brilliance #nationalanimals


2017/05/26 16:30:16

All packed and good to go ⛺️⛰


2017/05/26 16:28:52

Breezy. @iamabyssinia // Cancun, Mexico. #travelnoire #cancun


2017/05/26 16:19:05

NEW story at, update on life in Paris since I last wrote my journal. Basically...I manifested a new place to live, I started having creative accountability meetings with @ulablocksage, I started having Slow Sundays, I started playing the piano again, I'm planning a bunch of trips in Europe this summer...and I feel home and in the flow of life here. Full story and pics via link in bio #thetravellinglight in #paris #findthelight #journal #france 📷 @ulablocksage


2017/05/26 16:12:46

Morning and happy Friday! I’m honored to be featured in the current issue of @TraditionalHome ☀️ To celebrate, I'm hosting a #TradHomeTakeover on @traditionalhome's instagram all weekend long so come join the fun and get in the summer spirit xx 😘


2017/05/26 16:07:22

Here's to hoping all of your Memorial Day weekend plans look this good. #TLPicks courtesy of @nodestinations


2017/05/26 16:03:35

Costa Rica Del Torro Waterfall 🇨🇷⠀ PC: @sergio_vindas


2017/05/26 16:02:40

Under the Tuscan Sun. ------- Our time in Tuscany was amazing. We tasted great wine, partook in fantastic meals and witnessed some stunning scenery. There is a reason this region is so special. What made it even more special was the friendliness and kindness of the locals, especially one in particular. Elena from @borgoargenina not only made our stay fun she reminded us of how passion for ones homeland can be contagious. It certainly made us want to return. -------- #italy #igeurope #tuscany #chianti


2017/05/26 15:58:58

Slather me in sunshine. 🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞 #sardinia #italy


2017/05/26 15:54:56

Lift them up 🎈(📷: @cbezerraphotos)


2017/05/26 15:44:52

Wicklow was one of my favorite places in Ireland, and I reckon one of the best kept secrets. A rugged, wild national park, it makes you feel like you're wandering the moors and heaths from an Emily Bronte novel @tourismireland #loveireland