Cover photo


2017/03/27 12:02:41

Exploring the world 🌍 (📷: @lukewaitphotography)


2017/03/27 11:42:56

Do you wanna see your photos posted here? Check the link in our bio for instructions: @worlderlust ( Mt.Otemanu, Bora Bora. ⠀ An easy and relaxing way to explore the underwater world if you don’t scuba. These helmets were originally designed to be used by professional deep sea divers but now commonly used for undersea walks. ⠀ [email protected] ⠀ Tag who you want to go here with 👇


2017/03/27 11:40:26

Do you wanna see your photos promoted here? Check the link in our bio for instructions: @earthfever Enjoying vacation with the one you love is what life is all about. 📷 @moliverallen


2017/03/27 11:38:51

Snapchat 👻: globe_wanderer. Follow our adventures live! Midnight madness in Oahu Photography by @surrealshotz #TheGlobeWanderer


2017/03/27 10:52:18

A peaceful life in the Swiss Alps 🇨🇭 Photo by @SennaRelax Explore. Share. Inspire: #EarthFocus


2017/03/27 10:29:51

Parisian light 🌅


2017/03/27 10:01:08

Care to take a dip with these adorable Australian fur seals in @loveeastgippsland? According to @kirstinscholtz, "there must have been over 50 swimming around us... so amazing to see how agile and inquisitive they are in the water". #Gippsland's beautiful coastline and winding waterways play host to loads of marine life - keep an eye out for dolphins, seals and visiting whales throughout winter and spring. #seal #marinelife #wildlife #ocean #visitvictoria


2017/03/27 09:49:05

Books make me happy. Used, rare and well-loved books make me really happy. Used, rare and well-loved books all about Antarctica, polar expeditions, old travel and adventures, make me so ridiculously happy I can barely articulate my joy 📚 therefore, Adventure Books in Oamaru is my new favorite place #booknerd #oldbooksmell


2017/03/27 09:34:27

I've finally decided to take action with all nine of these lamps that I've collected from around the world. For the longest time, they've just been sitting around my home... but now, I have a designer working on hanging them all up so it's a cute little path from the main house out to the studio... I'll let you know how it goes! #istanbul #turkey #culture #travelphotography #decor #light


2017/03/27 08:54:45

Photo by @christopheviseux // The picturesque turquoise-colored Lake Tekapo on the South Island of New Zealand lies 2,330 ft above sea level. Located 3hrs outside of Christchurch and Queenstown, it is a popular touristic destination. Among various outdoor activities, it is also a well known spot for stargazing. Away from artificial light pollution, you can explore the constellations on crystal clear nights from the Mount John Observatory. It is part of the Aoraki Mackenzie International Dark Sky Reserve. Follow me @christopheviseux for more images around the world


2017/03/27 08:52:42

Cherry Blossom in Washington, D.C ✨🌸🌸🌸✨ Picture by [email protected] . #wonderful_places for a feature 🌸


2017/03/27 08:52:33

Photograph by @thomaspeschak Marine iguanas are normally gray or black in color, but on some islands, like Espanola, they turn vivid shades of red and green during the mating season. They are also surprisingly good climbers and can scale tall wave washed cliffs with ease. Shot on assignment for @natgeo magazine for a forthcoming story on Climate Change and the Galápagos Islands. In collaboration with @darwinfound #galapagosnationalpark and @ecuadortravel For more images from the enchanted Galapagos follow photographer @thomaspeschak


2017/03/27 07:05:58

Chasing the sun 🌅 (📷: @tfbergen)


2017/03/27 06:44:24

Maya Bay, Phi Phi Island, Thailand Photography by @cbezerraphotos #TheGlobeWanderer


2017/03/27 06:21:53

photo by @daviddoubilet A DeHavilland Beaver floatplane flies along the channel separating Hook and Hardy reefs on Australia's Great Barrier Reef. The Great Barrier Reef is the worlds largest and most iconic coral reef system in the world and currently experiencing a 2017 coral bleaching event. High water temperatures cause the coral polyps to lose their symbiotic algae. Last year (2016) 90% of the 1200 mile long reef system experienced an unprecedented coral bleach event. Bleached corals may recover if temperatures drop or they may die and become algae covered deadzones. Shot on assignment for @natgeo with @natgeocreative @thephotosociety #ocean #coralbleaching #australia #coralreef #climatechange #moreocean to for more #greatbarrierreef see @daviddoubilet


2017/03/27 06:00:47

You'd have to be pretty stoked if you witnessed this sensational sunset! And to top it off, the Brighton Bathing Boxes just so happen to be excellent photography subjects. These striking structures line the sand at Brighton Beach, just a 30-minute drive from Victoria's capital city of @visitmelbourne. The best part is that Brighton Beach faces west so you can watch the sun as its sets over the water. Photo: @shirley7photography #sunset #beach #visitmelbourne #melbourne #clouds


2017/03/27 05:55:11

I'm completely in love with our beautiful suite at Katamama in Bali. It has so many cool details that I keep discovering. Also loving that there's a Dutch poem on the wall 😊 - And I'm really proud of myself that I saved that last eclair on the table for @jessonthames who finally made it to Bali after a 30 hour flight from London!


2017/03/27 05:54:55

This amazing shot of 😳😳 Paris France by @ilhan1077


2017/03/27 05:48:07

Back to paris for few hours before next trip. Thanks again @mathailande for this amazing trip. Need to come back for sure, stay connecr , i will post pics of thailand soon 😀😀😀. Http:// _____ #Parigi #巴黎 #パリ #파리 #باريس #loves_paris #loves_france_ #super_france #hello_france #france_holidays #Париж #beautifuldestinations #places_wow #travelawesome #awesome_earthpix #worldplaces #igmasters #global_hotshotz #forbestravelguide #master_shots #world_shotz #huffpostgram #passionpassport  #bestvacations #CBViews #프랑스 #フランス #法國 #Франция #EiffelTower


2017/03/27 05:37:59

When a photo you share can help someone see the world differently than they have before. Possibly even care a little more. Maybe thats when it becomes more than just a career.. but a calling.


2017/03/27 04:51:42

Stockholm facades 💕


2017/03/27 04:45:11

Make sure to check out the posh Refectory Bar @augustineprague when visiting the of Prague, Czech Republic. #augustineprague


2017/03/27 04:37:32

A #wilsonsStormPetrel virtually walking on water, dancing along the surface feeding on small planktonic food. This is a vastly successful bird, found nearly everywhere in the waters of the Southern Hemisphere, and even parts of the north. I photographed this beautiful bird last month in #antarcrica, they're lightning fast and graceful hunters, incredible to watch. Photographed #onassignment for @natgeo / @sea_legacy @paulnicklen @cristinamittermeier @andy_mann @craigwelch @ianvaso @shanemoorefilms @pattersonimages #CCMLAR2018


2017/03/27 04:16:38

There is no other place like Baja California, my home, my heaven. 😌 . I really hope I can be back to you soon 🌊 Music by Ludovico Einaudi


2017/03/27 04:07:19

Spring in the high Andes


2017/03/27 04:03:59

A goal without a plan is just a wish. #MKEXPLORE


2017/03/27 04:00:04

The small city of Trøllanes, Faroe Islands. Can't wait to come back here real soon.


2017/03/27 03:53:17

I watched down in awe as, one by one, the other balloons pierced the foggy veil and rose high above the Dubai desert #staysunny


2017/03/27 03:45:04

Over Chicago's Millennium Park


2017/03/27 03:38:12

Photo @ladzinski / A #CrabEaterSeal waking up from a nap with its own version of #bedHead. It's warm body has melted the ice it was sleeping on, wetting down it's fur on one side into this unique, stylish look. Photographed #onassignment for @natgeo / @sea_legacy @paulnicklen @cristinamittermeier @andy_mann @craigwelch @ianvaso @shanemoorefilms @pattersonimages #CCMLAR2018


2017/03/27 03:04:22

Back alley china town games.


2017/03/27 03:00:35

🇩🇪 German Lakesides Photo by © @lennart #OurPlanetDaily


2017/03/27 02:02:03

Views from Imerovigli. Santorini, Greece. #travelnoire #santorini 📷: @mary_quincy


2017/03/27 02:00:17

Taj Mahal, India 🇮🇳 ☀️ Photo by @halzaim Explore. Share. Inspire: #EarthFocus


2017/03/27 01:45:21

Follow @thetravelpro for more amazing photos of travel and adventure! @thetravelpro A tranquil sunset scene Photography by @furstset #TheGlobeWanderer


2017/03/27 01:36:57

I don't paint so I left my coffee cup there because I definitely drink coffee. ☕️


2017/03/27 01:30:56

Photo by @stephenwilkes: Trash: once discarded, it is easy to forget. Out of sight, and out of mind. In the many series’ I have done in my many years as a documentary photographer, I find that a few images always carry a common theme - a near post-apocalyptic sense, reminding us of the impact our actions and lives inflict upon the earth. I share this photograph with the hope that it provides the inspiration to recognize the urgency and need for a solution to our impact on the earth. #recycle #reduce #reuse #ecofriendly #earth #trash #garbage #FreshKillsLandfill #StatenIsland


2017/03/27 01:30:16

Tag friends that would love to have lunch here in the Amalfi Coast. Photo by @places_to_see.things_to_do


2017/03/27 01:24:34

Here's a photo from a few days ago when I went on a little walk through the wetlands of Glenorchy. #x1d #x1d50c #hasselblad #nz #southisland #nature


2017/03/27 01:16:08

One really cool thing about my conference, which I don't talk about enough, is that our major sponsor is Olympus and they literally rock up on the day with a shit load of gear for us all to play with. As most of you know I have a great relationship with these guys and love my gear so it's really cool to be able to introduce you all to it. From my last Travel Bootcamp on the Gold Coast we've managed to start relationships between Olympus and a handful of the delegates so don't rule out the value of meeting a brand face to face. Let me know if you have any equipment questions and check out the event using the link in my bio. 😍 @thetravelbootcamp @olympus_au


2017/03/27 01:12:31

Étretat located in Upper Normandy, France is famous for its three natural arches and white chalk cliffs that tower high over the Atlantic Ocean. By @mrs.thebest #goneoutdoors 💛💙


2017/03/27 00:37:03

Elves Chasm, Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona⠀ PC: @danransomphoto


2017/03/27 00:06:40

Mother Darling 🍸


2017/03/26 23:16:42

Photo by @michaelclarkphoto // Sunset over Joshua Tree National Park, California. #joshuatree #joshuatreenationalpark #california


2017/03/26 23:15:55

Is it just me or does it finally feel like spring here in the Canadian Rockies?


2017/03/26 23:03:55

Campfire on the beach 🔥 (📷: @daniel_ernst)


2017/03/26 23:02:53

@lorettiwatches is offering FREE watches for a limited time. Just pay for shipping! 🌎 Shop: ➝ @lorettiwatches #lorettiwatches


2017/03/26 22:56:15

Photograph by @simonnorfolkstudio On this day (26th March) in 1970, the USA announced its 500th nuclear explosion since 1945. During the Cold War, both the US and Soviet Union developed nuclear-capable ballistic missiles, that were capable of reaching any target in each other’s territory. The dawn of the era of Mutually Assured Destruction... Here photographed, the Interior of a preserved Titan II nuclear missile launch complex. Looking down the 160' deep silo which would have contained a 'ready to launch' missile. The final Titan nuclear missile was decommissioned in 1987. Vandenberg Air Force Base, California. The Titan II ICBM had one W-53 warhead with a 9 megaton yield, and formed the backbone of America's nuclear forces, launched from silos just like this. Follow @simonnorfolkstudio for updates, outtakes, unpublished and archive material. @instituteartist @michaelhoppengallery @benrubi_gallery @galleryluisotti @natgeo @thephotosociety #coldwar #war #warfare #fullspectrumdominance #nuclearmissile #nuclearwar #ICBM #photojournalism #journalism #TitanII #documentaryphotography #simonnorfolkstudio #simonnorfolk #documentary #lensculture #apocalypse #visualarchitects #drstrangelove #silo


2017/03/26 22:42:29

River of Eden: “In the rainy season, you can’t be out of sight of a waterfall and bars of light come through the canopy that is nothing short of a laser show—in nature,” says Nate Bricker, a river-runner who made some of the earliest descents on the Navua River. The Upper Navua River, often dubbed the ‘River of Eden’, slices through the heart of Fiji’s largest island and is unique not just for its staggering beauty, but for its protection. That is unusual is this part of the world where quick profits for timber and gravel are tempting. But the Navua represents one of the most unique conservation cooperatives in the world, which prevents logging, mining or roads within 200 meters from either side of the upper river’s lapping waters. The small villages that line the Upper Navua looked into the future and decided that a flowing riiver, lined with jungle, is more valuable in the long term than any immediate profits from timber, gravel or even a dam project which some investors have explored as a possibility in the area. Video by @pedromcbride for @oars_rafting. To see the full film, check link in bio. #fiji #oars #chasingrivers #petemcbride #riverofeden


2017/03/26 22:16:52

Clouds all weekend but it was still paradise 🌴 #thetravellinglight in #giliair #lombok #indonesia #giliislands


2017/03/26 22:11:58

Video and words by @pedromcbride // River of Eden: The Upper Navua River, often dubbed the ‘River of Eden’, slices through the highlands of Fiji's Viti Levu and is unique not just for its staggering beauty, but for its protected status. That is unusual is this part of the world. In fact, the Navua represents one of the most unique conservation cooperatives in the world, which prevents logging, mining or roads within 200 meters from either side of the upper Navua river’s lapping waters. The small villages that line the Upper Navua looked into the future and decided that a flowing riiver, lined with jungle, is more valuable in the long term than any immediate profits from timber, gravel or even a dam project which some investors have explored as a possibility in the area. To see more, go to @pedromcbride. #nature #fiji #oars #chasingrivers #petemcbride #riverofeden


2017/03/26 22:00:32

Views in the Deep Blue Ocean Photo by © @donalboyd #OurPlanetDaily


2017/03/26 22:00:04

Have you ever been inside an ice cave? @iuriebelegurschi has. This amazing Ice Cave is in Iceland


2017/03/26 21:57:01

The crystal blue waters of Negril, Jamaica courts of @travel_fred. *Shoutout Sundays* Every Sunday we feature our favorite followers media that are tagged  #luxwt or #luxuryworldtraveler ━━━━━━━━━━━ "Dream Big, Eat Well & Travel On" ━━━━━━━━━━━


2017/03/26 21:37:43

Do you wanna see your photos promoted here? Check the link in our bio for instructions: @earthfever Switzerland by @ilhan1077


2017/03/26 21:34:50

Do you wanna see your photos posted here? Check the link in our bio for instructions: @worlderlust ( Photo by @iuriebelegurschi


2017/03/26 21:21:30

Thank you to all the photographers who have continued to submit amazing photography over the years. This community wouldn't be possible without you. Let's keep it going 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 and last but not least @iamraynbow @noah249 @nin_jai @ericdamier


2017/03/26 21:06:13

Lake Baikal, Russia. PC: @danielkordan


2017/03/26 20:51:44

Exploring a new destination on your own can teach you unforgettable lessons about yourself and the world around you. Click the link in our bio for 10 reasons why you should travel solo. Photo by @sliceofpai #traveldeeper


2017/03/26 20:42:17

Photograph by Michael Yamashita @yamashitaphoto - The bridge across the moat of Matsumoto Castle glows red in early morning mist. I love the fog as it hides and reveals - here blotting out the modern city in the background, giving you the illusion of being back in the 16th century. One of the top 3 premier castle historic sites in #japan #samurai #castle #matsumoto #nagano @natgeocreative @natgeotravel @thephotosociety


2017/03/26 20:34:55

Golden Venice rainbow 🌈(📷: @brianthio)


2017/03/26 20:14:53

Tuscany, Italy Check out @timothysykes self-made millionaire financial lessons! He he's turned $12,000 into $4.5 million, while visiting 100+ countries & has several millionaire students & even more profiting six figures using his proven strategies! ➖ Not only has @timothysykes recently been featured on FOX, CNN, The Steve Harvey Show & Larry King Now but he's willing to teach YOU the keys to making enough money to be financially free, follow @timothysykes for daily motivation! Photography by @pistonemassimo


2017/03/26 20:08:40

Waves for days in @visitnoosa 🙌 @paulsmithimages snapped this sensational shot from above #Noosa Heads in the glorious @visitsunshinecoast, where golden-sand beaches are surrounded by lush national parks and tropical vegetation. The #SunshineCoast is known as one of the northernmost spots to get consistently good waves on Australia's east coast, so if you're a keen boardrider, you'll be in heaven. #queensland #beach #waves #surf #surfing


2017/03/26 20:04:53

Photograph by Michael Yamashita @yamashitaphoto - Layered landscape photographed from atop Asahidake Volcano #Daisetsuzan #NationalPark #Hokkaido #Japan. @thephotosociety @natgeocreative @natgeo


2017/03/26 19:56:31

I arrived back in home sweet London today ❤


2017/03/26 19:54:53

Mornings in the woods 🌳 #weroamgermany


2017/03/26 19:50:10

Get this inflatable lazy sofa bed from @shopyville. Great for any outdoor activities! Currently 50% off and FREE shipping worldwide. Get yours now for your weekend getaway. Link in bio✅ Additional 10% discount for first time customers for a total of 60% savings for a LIMITED TIME, use code: OUTDOORS 🏝


2017/03/26 19:36:17

On a dark and stormy night, 28 miles southwest of Land's End...


2017/03/26 19:19:43

A big thank you to everyone who came out for #wwim15london yesterday! Lovely to connect with you and #dosomethingfornothing all across the city. Don't know about you guys but my legs are dead! Have a good Sunday! ❤️


2017/03/26 19:17:48

Hang loose 🤙 #TheArcticStory


2017/03/26 19:15:57

Follow @DiscoverOcean for the best ocean & underwater photography! 🌊 Photo by @caitensphoto #EarthFocus


2017/03/26 18:51:10

It's easy to get addicted. The feeling can be really hard to forget... Photographer and surfer alike, we were both mesmerized by the simple idea that is was even possible. Fueled by a passion to try something new we pushed our cameras to the absolute limit ( often shooting ISO 40,000 +) & ourselves even further. But that numb frozen smile on @jquinny 's face after he got out of the water is something I'll never forget. . There is 8 hours left to buy your copy of Under an Arctic Sky on Kickstarter. Link in bio or :


2017/03/26 18:49:06

Stockholm flower shops 🌷


2017/03/26 18:46:50

Follow @jontheroadagain for more. Tag who you’d go here with. ⠀ ⠀ #worlderlust 📍Prospect Point - Stanley Park. Pic by @jontheroadagain


2017/03/26 18:44:22

You can check how to get your photos promoted in our account, use the link in our bio @earthfever Tolantongo, Mexico Photo by @carol_trevelin #earthfever


2017/03/26 18:42:35

Athens Greece- photo by @bbetulusta


2017/03/26 18:39:01

Our friend @thefierce_nay enjoying a little rest and relaxation in the tropical waters of the Maldives.


2017/03/26 18:39:00

Trio. @thetravelingchild // Chiang Rai, Thailand. #travelnoire #chiangrai


2017/03/26 18:36:18



2017/03/26 18:32:53

Birds eye view of Alcatraz #MKEXPLORE


2017/03/26 18:10:06

Photo by @CristinaMittermeier. Our expedition turned somber on the day we found the carcass of this humpback floating in a shallow bay. I swam around it several times trying to imagine what could have caused its death. Perhaps it was sick? Perhaps it was struck by a passing ship? Whatever the cause, it is always sad to bear witness to the passing of such a beautiful creature. #OnAssignment for @NatGeo, @NatGeoPristineSeas and @SeaLegacy. With @Paul Nicklen, @Andy_mann, @Ladzinski and @CraigWelch. * * * To see more images from this assignment, please #FollowMe at @CristinaMittermeier #whale #humpback #beauty #love #naturelover #photographersforAntarctica #babypenguins #cute #seal


2017/03/26 18:03:10

Amalfi coasting ☀️ Pictured: Lido di Conca Wooden Boat


2017/03/26 18:00:11

🌲Umpqua Hot Springs, Oregon Photo by © @robin1time #OurPlanetDaily


2017/03/26 17:49:13

Today's Daily Blog Post! To see the full rez image (5,000+ pixels across) and read more, visit today's blog post at (also clickable in profile) Well, the title is loosely related to That Tree in Wanaka, except this one is a bit harder to reach. I thought about getting closer to it, but the ice started to crack and so did my nerves! If I had the proper ice-climbing equipment and rescue stuff, I might have. But since I was all alone, I didn't make the attempt… and I'm sure that made my mom happy. But I kept thinking about how cool it would be to ride an ice dragon! 🙂 #antartica #ice #dragon #adventure #epic #south


2017/03/26 17:49:06

Winter crystals ❄️ (📷: @wisslaren)


2017/03/26 17:44:27

To Sua Ocean Trench, Samoa-
Photo by: @tomarcherphoto 💦 This natural swimming pool on a volcanic Samoan island offers visitors the ultimate experience in relaxation. To Sua Ocean Trench, which translates as 'big hole,' is located in Lotofaga village, on the south coast of Upolu island in Samoa. When the volcanoes erupted on the island, much of the ground fell away, and this 98-foot deep hole was the result. Steps lead down to a ladder, which tourists can use to descend into the grotto, or use as an impromptu diving board (providing the water levels are high enough). For those less brave, a tumble in from a board a matter of inches above the water may be the safer option. The green landscape is matched by crystal clear waters, an abundance of tropical fish and a sandy bed. A series of canals leading from the pool to the South Pacific Ocean ensure the hole is never dried out. In order to protect the serene spot, as well as maintain the safety of the visitor routes into the water, there is a charge to swim. It will cost adults $15, children $6.00, but is free to those under the age of seven.


2017/03/26 17:32:09

photo by @andrea_frazzetta // San Blas Islands. The archipelago of San Blas consists of hundreds of small islands. Approximately 365 islands and cays, of which only 49 are inhabited. They lie off the north coast of the Isthmus of Panama, east of the Panama Canal. A part of the comarca (district) Guna Yala along the Caribbean coast and home to the Guna Indians. San Blas and its surrounding area is a haven for ecotourists because of its pristine environs. @andrea_frazzetta @instituteartist #Panama #natgeotravel #sea #ocean #sanblas #intotheblue


2017/03/26 17:27:10

Check out @myzensense! Their amazing diffusers and essential oil scents are available online 💨😌 Visit their website - 50 days of water is donated for every order 👉 link in @myzensense's bio! 💧🍃 -- Use our discount code GLOBE10 for 10% off 😉


2017/03/26 17:21:02

Three years. It has been three years since my last time in Tasmania. This island has an important place in my heart as this is where I started to get serious about travel photography. For that reason I've been dying of coming back, but always had to postpone it again and again. When one of my clients, #Leffe, invited me to join a trip to Tassie in order to discover the origins of the new #LeffeRoyale and shoot some content for them, the opportunity to return to my favorite state of Australia was too good to refuse, although very short stay. I tried to do as much as I could during these 3 days even though I was soooo jet lagged. Here's a shot I took this morning from the top of Mt Amos (check out my story for more). #Royale


2017/03/26 17:02:17

it's the simple things 😊⛰ @beautifuldestinations


2017/03/26 17:00:21

Cenote Ik Kil - Mexico ✨💚💚💚✨ Picture by ✨@_letstravel_✨ follow her for amazing travel location like this!!!


2017/03/26 16:57:48

~ There is 1 million of you guys already. I could not be more thankful about the support you have give me, my work and for the animals for all these years. It all started from the squirrelhood so I felt like a "selfie" video from my favorite place on earth could be the best way to say " Thank you ❤️!" Video by the amazing @joonaslinkola


2017/03/26 16:56:19

Shipwreck Beach located on Zakynthos Island in Greece is a definite #bucketlist destination. Photo by @thiago.lopez *Shoutout Sundays* Every Sunday we feature our favorite followers media that are tagged  #luxwt or #luxuryworldtraveler ━━━━━━━━━━━ "Dream Big, Eat Well & Travel On" ━━━━━━━━━━━


2017/03/26 16:55:29

My travel partner in crime. Always willing to revisit places he's already been to so I can see them too. 💕


2017/03/26 16:50:20

From a different time and a different place 🍃


2017/03/26 16:43:09

The Zin River Canyon in the Negev Desert of Israel.


2017/03/26 16:38:47

Back in the forest


2017/03/26 16:33:22

Hard to beat this happy hour special


2017/03/26 16:32:29

Scoped these hillsides full of green brittlebush buds last Sunday, came back yesterday and


2017/03/26 16:10:26

Playing Marco Polo with @jordanherschel. Freeze tag would've been more fun but there's always a next time... Pula, Croatia 📷 @erubes1


2017/03/26 16:00:33

@herbandeatery café in San Diego has "Sunday morning coffee spot" written all over it—who agrees? Click the link in our bio for 20 more amazing places to drink coffee around the world. Photo by @lifeandfood #traveldeeper


2017/03/26 15:58:19

Good evening from Krakow.I love Sundays, wherever I am in the world. Always a good day to pause, reflect, on moments good and tough, gather your thoughts and start again, start dreaming again...wondering where this magical journey called life will take you.


2017/03/26 15:42:29

The spirit of nature💛💚 Aspen, Colorado by @nomadic.aesthetic #goneoutdoors


2017/03/26 15:40:54

Photo @ladzinski / It's hard to deny the beauty and power of an electrical storm. Lightning bolts can be hotter than the surface of the sun and astonishingly over 40,000 lightning storms are active on the earth each day.


2017/03/26 15:37:56

This beautiful flamingo at Welsh Mt by @tobiasmatthew


2017/03/26 15:25:40

Spring flowers carpet the floor of #OlympicNationalParks mossy #hohrainforest / for @natgeo


2017/03/26 15:19:13

Cerro Castillo, Southern Andes, Chile. Just might be a bit of climbing potential down here... @tompkins_conservation @natgeo


2017/03/26 15:16:12

Sun, Sea and rooftops swimming pools 💦 I've spent the last few days in Miami with the @beautifuldestinations team and it has been unreal. Shooting with @orlebarbrown and @samfeldtmusic for the past 3 days and tonight we hit the main stage at @ultra with @zedd 🎶🌴 #beautifuldestinations


2017/03/26 15:08:57

We can promote your photos in our account. Check the link in our bio for instructions: @earthfever Autumn in Portland, Oregon Photography by © @ravivora #earthfever


2017/03/26 15:07:17

Follow @Goldston_akg for more. Get featured, follow the link in our bio: @worlderlust ⠀ ⠀ Tag who you’d go here with📍Loveland Pass, CO, USA. Pic by @Goldston_akg #worlderlust


2017/03/26 15:06:27

Skies of #Paris on fire 😍 Photo by @ilhan1077 Explore. Share. Inspire: #EarthFocus


2017/03/26 14:48:33

Photo by @christian_foto ( Christian Rodríguez ) Girl of the ethnic group Hmong Flower at home in "Lao Chai " village. The Hmong/Mong is an ethnic group from the mountainous regions of Vietnam. The Hmong are also one of the sub-groups of the Miao ethnicity in China.Significant numbers of Lao- and Viet-Hmong Animists and Christians, including Protestant and Catholic believers, have been subjected in the 21st century to military attacks, police arrest, imprisonment, extrajudicial killings, and torture for seeking to worship independently of the Marxist government of the Lao People's Democratic Republic and Communist Socialist Republic of Vietnam. Photo: @christian_foto / @prime_collective #mountains #hmnog #vietnam


2017/03/26 14:47:13

Do you believe in heaven? 🙌🏼💦☁️🌞#indianocean


2017/03/26 14:37:51

🎼"I swam across, I jumped across for you, Oh what a thing to do, 'Cause you were all yellow." 💛🌟🌞 #jamaica


2017/03/26 14:31:35

Limitless. Alberta, Canada. #travelnoire #alberta #banff Tag who you'd love to explore Alberta with!


2017/03/26 14:09:11

I came to San Francisco to find some #FairmontMoments and I found quite a few. I hope you enjoyed seeing those in my Stories! And yes this was a job, I have been #sponsored to do this by @travelmindset. But like so many things, this weekend took on a life of its own, becoming something more personal than just a job. So it's this view from my perch in the Tony Bennett Suite, after watching the sun set and the lights of the city begin to sparkle like so many diamonds, that will stick with me as my personal favorite moment from this weekend. You see after the difficult catalyst that first launched me into travel photography as a career, I spent some time regrouping, living with family in San Francisco and though that period was brief, it was very transformative. The city came to feel like home. And though I've had many homes, this one burrowed so deep into my heart that it's right up there with where I was born. Every time I visit, I know it won't be the last time and I'm not worried about what I didn't get to do or see. I know I'll be back. No one at @FairmontSanFrancisco knew this when they put me in this Suite where Bennett's paintings hang in my field of vision and many stories above where a statue of him graces the lawn, but it's incredible that it happened this way. You see the Suite's namesake once sang, downstairs in the Venetian Room underneath where I type this, "I left my heart in San Francisco..." then later he said: "That song helped make me a world citizen. It allowed me to live, work and sing in any city on the globe. It changed my whole life." San Francisco is that song for me & since I first heard its notes, I've traveled all over the world. Always, to come back.....


2017/03/26 14:07:12

The colours of spring in Stockholm 🌸


2017/03/26 13:26:16

Neuschwanstein Castle, Bavaria - Germany ✨🌸🌸🌸✨ Picture by [email protected] follow his amazing feed!!!


2017/03/26 13:11:33

Gliding through the weekend with huskies like... Had an awesome weekend at @leviniglut and can't wait to get back there😍🙏🏼


2017/03/26 13:09:08

Photo by @christianziegler A lilliputian orchid, of the genus Pleurothallis. Each tiny flower is less than a centimeter, and it blooms brightly in the highlands of Panama. This is part of an article on NG online about how to photograph orchids. Please check it out: Photographing Orchid Flowers. #orchids #natgeo #panama


2017/03/26 13:00:54

Perfect Reflections in Palm Springs, CA Photo by © @mcgeephotografy #OurPlanetDaily


2017/03/26 12:57:02

There's no motorised transport allowed on the Gili Islands, so people get around by bike, electric scooter, on foot or with the help of these horses. The sad truth is, though they look pretty, they're not well looked after or loved in a lot of cases. I know there's an organisation working to abolish the use of these horse drawn carts all together but in the meantime, there's one guy on the island who's sole job is to look out for the wellbeing of the horses on Gili Air and he apparently takes this job very seriously 🐎❤️ #thetravellinglight on #giliair #lombok #visitindonesia #giliislands


2017/03/26 12:53:03

Palmy Sundays 🌴 ending our week by a last minute trip across to the other side of the world, see you again v soon asia⚡️