Cover photo


2017/02/19 10:57:37

Legs eleven 😍🔥 📷 @sommerray


2017/02/19 10:49:18



2017/02/19 09:59:52

Goals 😍🔥 📷 @viki_odintcova


2017/02/19 09:56:00

Third stop of the night to visit my babe 💗 at my other old stomping ground! ... visiting friends on my last night here was a success 👍🏽 & visiting my old jobs also makes me realize how far I've come! 🙏🏽 #greatful


2017/02/19 09:49:43

Bachelorette Partayyyyyy🎉💍 #family #cousininlaw #twincousins #sisterinlaw


2017/02/19 09:46:13

Layer on the details! Maximum support, extra ventilation and higher neck for extra coverage... Do you know which Sports Bra this is? @marinedupratkiteboarding #thisisactiveliving #lornajane #movenourishbelieve #activeliving


2017/02/19 09:28:49

Second stop of the night to celebrate my cousin's fiancé bachelorette and see this haven hottie 😆😍


2017/02/19 09:28:09

SUNDAY MOTIVATION 😤💖 Tag your gym partner 👭 - Success requires obsession. Focus, work for it, hustle...every day 👊🏼 - 🎥 @julius_d X @musclerepublicapparel


2017/02/19 09:27:39

KETTLE BELL WORKOUT 👊🏼 TAG a friend for motivation for the week ahead. Wearing the amazing @bombshellsportswear 💖 - Umm how about this beautiful view though 😍 Challenged myself to this killer circuit - 90 seconds on 30 seconds off 4 rounds! Single leg kettle bell push ups, burpee into deadlift, sumo squat to upright row, single arm overhead static lunges!


2017/02/19 09:23:21

Bom dia vidas, um ótimo café da manhã pra vocês e um ótimo domingo ✨🌸 @ilhaacai


2017/02/19 09:19:38

Woah 😍🔥


2017/02/19 09:15:31

@libuel_bags @libuel_bags @libuel_bags o njima ce se govoriti!!! ❤


2017/02/19 09:10:44

Всегда было интересно кто как выбирает для себя тренера? Тренер должен только обладать знаниями или же быть примером? Или просто уметь развлечь вас? Или важна энергетика? Для меня тренер это обязательно пример! Какими бы невероятными знаниями не обладал тренер, если он не может показать все о чем говорит, мне сложно признать его авторитет. Я прекрасно понимаю, что здесь играет огромную роль генетика и прочие факторы, но все же не могу и все)) например растяжка. Тянусь с @tischenko_kat потому что Катя подкрепляет все упражнения своей растяжкой. Да, может быть Катя и тянулась с детства, но в голове все равно представляется что ты тоже когда нибудь так хочешь все уметь! Да, неинтересно смотреть как человек без усилий плюхается на шпагат, поднимает штангу, сводит лопатки (это я к видео из #guznenkova_марафон тренировки спины, после которого на каждой тренировке звучало - у тебя так чётко получается, а у нас нет почему то), но думаю ещё менее интересно было бы смотреть как тренер час тужится чтобы в конце тренировки показать вам шпагат 😅 или криво показывал бы упражнения, а вы повторяли бы также) сейчас планирую начать учиться плавать и заранее знаю, что тренер должен быть в прошлом спортсмен в этой области! Тогда я доверяюсь человеку и ни разу не спрашиваю почему и зачем мы так делаем! Сказали, значит так надо 🙃 П.С. РЕЧЬ НЕ О ПРОФЕССИОНАЛЬНОМ СПОРТЕ, куда вы хотите отдать детей или которым вы занимаетесь с детства) речь об обычных людях, которое хотят начать заниматься спортом) фитнес, растяжка, единоборства, плавание, коньки, танцы, полдэнс, и тд) те активности, куда вы приходите с нуля в сознательном возрасте.


2017/02/19 09:02:39

Talents: whipping up my shirt at lightning speed to take selfies before anyone walks into the gym and notices 🙈 (don't pretend you don't do it too!)


2017/02/19 08:47:47



2017/02/19 08:41:59

‏الإخلاص عند النساء هو ان يتم زوجها مخلصا لها طول العمر اما الاخلاص عند الرجال فهو نوع من انواع التمور 😂 تصوير العالمي المجنون @ochophotography طيب مساء الخير 😘😉😀😁


2017/02/19 08:39:43

Dobro jutro uz @l4k3_style_srbija hvala na rodjendanskom poklonu, odusevljena bojom i stilom, odusevljena vama. Momac cesce da idem u tc Milenijum na famoznom prvom spratu!!! ❤❤


2017/02/19 08:35:49

It's hard for me to traditionally sit still and meditate because I find that my brain is always buzzing with thoughts and ideas. But one way that I AM able to find peace in my mind is with massages. I somehow reach a state of pure bliss as my mind and muscles relax. During my massage, I'm totally conscious but I'm totally not thinking. It's quite amazing. It's super peaceful. Plus, physically, massages are THE BEST for releasing tension and relieving soreness. If you don't have a partner to massage you or can't get an appointment right away, try rolling your back on 2 tennis balls. It's painfully incredible!! Wearing @popflex_active.


2017/02/19 08:34:38

First stop of my night @cffcmma fights at the @borgataac to visit the old stomping grounds & my girl ❤️


2017/02/19 08:33:12


2017/02/19 08:24:38

Poolside boss 😍💦 📷 @amandaeliselee


2017/02/19 08:19:20

Client spotlight 🙌🏼 See link in my bio for custom programs, diet plans, workout programs & more @laurendrainfitness


2017/02/19 08:11:34

Hello world 🌎🙃🌸 - Today is just not another day. It's a new opportunity, another chance, a new beginning. Embrace it. 🤗💗 - 🌸 Wearing @myproteinnl / @myproteinuk 🌸 Hoodie 🔜 online, but the legging (XS) is already 🔛line 🤘🏽!!! - Use "JILLY" for -10% at your order 💗✨ #newopportunities #sundayvibes #newcollection #myprotein #myproteinnl


2017/02/19 08:03:07

Amen 👏


2017/02/19 08:02:36

Target?! credit @carolinedeisler


2017/02/19 07:51:48

💕 25% OFF STOREWIDE at @DOYOUEVEN ❤️ TAG a friend that needs these! . Use code LOVE25 to save 25% OFF! 💕 . Grab yours now from 🌏 link in BIO ✔️


2017/02/19 07:33:45

thousands of miles apart... always in my 💖


2017/02/19 07:30:15

Repeat after me: "I will live each moment with purpose and intent" #THISISACTIVELIVING @glorygirlfit @lornajaneme #thisisactiveliving #lornajane #movenourishbelieve #activeliving


2017/02/19 07:19:25

She never looked nice. She looked like art, and art wasn't supposed to look nice; It was supposed to make you feel something. I admit she had a little madness. But I didn’t care; she was magic and I was on the edge. She wanted to fall and I wanted to fly. And somewhere in-between we lost direction in our heads. We collided, and I lost my heart on impact.. 🖤 . . 📸 @gerrygarciaphoto . . SNAPCHAT 👻 SONIAKIANI YOUTUBE ❤️ SONIAKIANI . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #treadmill #gainz #workout #getStrong #getfit #justdoit #youcandoit #bodybuilding #fitspiration #cardio #gym #exercise #weightraining #training #shredded #abs #sixpacks #muscle #strong #lift #weights #Getfit #weightloss #wod #aesthetic #christmaseve #impressionsvanity #sexy


2017/02/19 07:11:38

Сегодня у меня #Выходной!!! Первый за 1000001 день!!! А это означает, что мне никуда никуда не нужно идти, можно даже впервые из дома никуда не выходить 😂 Пересматривать старые фото, размещать из под знаком #tbt , смотреть сериалы , монтировать видео , есть , спать , есть , смотреть сериалы , не думать о будущем , думать о том зачем же я так много съела , спать !!! С первым Выходным меня друзья !!! И пусть весь мир подождёт !


2017/02/19 07:04:47

Daily affirmation day 4 ✨ I will treat my body and mind with respect because that's what I deserve ❤💜 Thank you @ashleymua___ for making me feel like a goddess today ✨ En route to shoot with @wolfs__spirit #thesportsmodelproject #hattieboydle #fitness #squad #bikini #motivation #beauty #love #chicksloveme #bethebestversionofyourself #progressnotperfection #WBFFpro #wbff #instagrambodybuilding


2017/02/19 07:00:30

@marianneargy is booty goals! 😍🍑


2017/02/19 06:56:57

What us ladies do best...nibble on cheese, sip red wine and listen to live jazz // @lozlaz_xo


2017/02/19 06:47:25

Leg day and then a big feast for dinner, what more could a girl want to do on her Sunday? Maximising gains with Nutrabolics BCAAs 15g during training consistently. #alldayeveryday ... - 🇦🇺For 15% off + free shipping use my discount code: MLM15 here 👉🏼 - #legday #nutrabolics #sunday #smiles #nutragirl #bcaa


2017/02/19 06:39:37

Pretty in pink Valentine's girls party💕🎉 . All about love💗💗💗 . #vfit #pink #valentinesday #valentinesparty #prettyinpink #girlspower #girlsparty #saturdaze #chocolatecoveredstrawberries


2017/02/19 06:39:01


2017/02/19 06:35:50

The love of my life 🌹 2 U :)


2017/02/19 06:23:57

I turn out the valley girlz ...... fit: Top @fashionNova Jeans & tights @poshbyV boots: @amiclubwear


2017/02/19 06:18:43

Woah 😦🍑 📷 @levydiana


2017/02/19 06:14:48

Ahhhh, THE MASTERCLASS IS TODAY FEB 19 4-6pm ✊✊ Last chance to get your dance on with me Lancaster!!! Please come by, you will NOT be dissapointed!!! Zumba famous & uber talented @zumbatravis will be teaching also!!!! Hope to see you there!!!! 😘😘😘


2017/02/19 06:07:59

EVERYONE loves me😈 (And I dedicate this pose to @sashabankswwe)


2017/02/19 06:02:58

On the fence ; ) 👖👕👑@cre8nhavok 📸👄


2017/02/19 06:02:44

I didn't think motivational leggings were a real thing until I put on my @newtypeofficial leggings and instantly wanted to go for a run! So comfortable with a nice high waistband which doesn't slide whilst exercising! (We all know how annoying that can be 😂) I live in my activewear, especially black leggings so these are a welcomed addition to my wardrobe 💪#newtypeofficial ❤


2017/02/19 05:57:59

Tonight at the AIF premiere of Britney ever after with my Roomie @cleomassey 🎥


2017/02/19 05:54:23

😂😂 Si estás en Miami no dejes de ver " TERAPIA DE CHOQUE " con @cesarroman33 @arturodelosrios @miguelaugusto20 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 100% recomendado en el @paseolasartes !!! 👗👠 @Kabbuh


2017/02/19 05:47:47

I wasn't actually hungry... or was I?🤔😂🍕w/ @kazvanderwaard . . Enjoy your weekend cheatmeal! . #girlsdontknowwhattheywant #alwayshungry #swissgirl #pizzaislife #caligirl #funvideo #vine


2017/02/19 05:47:39

Y todo estos hermosos recuerdo de nuestro matrimonio gracias a mi gente de @gustavopicture ❤️ te amo gracias por hacerme la mujer más feliz de este mundo @cristianyanez2890 Mi bouquet obsequio de @garofanobouquets Vestido @isragonz


2017/02/19 05:44:19

When I hit it bounce back 👋🏼


2017/02/19 05:42:32

Follow if you want to see the best girls and memes on your feed every day !!🍑😏 😳🍑 🍑😳 😳🍑 🍑😳 😳🍑 🍑😳 👻FREAK SNAPCHAT Humps.TV


2017/02/19 05:39:44

Isso é amor a primeira vista, calma que só to falando do meu #SharkEnergyDrink 😅😂 Valeu galera toda do bar Lucena, vcs transbordaram energia... 😁 @sharkenergy 💥💥💥


2017/02/19 05:36:09

"Somewhere over the rainbowS..." #theyendhere


2017/02/19 05:34:02

Good night 🌟


2017/02/19 05:31:28

Respect. 🖤


2017/02/19 05:18:10

Just realized we missed #NationalWineDay!? 🍷🍷 So we'll share our favorite wine moment together...when our rosé and the Caribbean Sea made purple. 💜 Take us back to this amazing girls trip!!! #ombrérosé


2017/02/19 05:10:01

💕I would fly anywhere in the world just to spend a few hours with these two💕 @sesselhoffen @esessel I love you both so much & I thank God everyday for blessing me with such kind & loving brothers...Thank you for being the best support system in the world😘 #TeamSess #Triplets #Family


2017/02/19 05:09:57



2017/02/19 05:08:45

Hope you're having a sweet weekend! 😘🌴🌊lashes @elysee_makeup_beauty - #natural #makeup #selfie #picoftheday #brunette #photography #positivevibes #happiness #ootd #girl #lol #look


2017/02/19 05:08:06

That body though 😍🔥 📷 @camilapazchavez


2017/02/19 05:06:06

Estávamos fazendo um teste para Verdades Secretas, mais especificamente para o papel de Grazi Massagata, no @paris_6 ❤️️ Espero ter passado nessa audição. Obrigada, de nada! 🙏🏼


2017/02/19 05:05:46

@hiit.whit inspirational !! 52 weeks using my #bbg program 💛💛


2017/02/19 05:05:21

Gala por el comienzo del Carnaval ❤ vestida por @facundowendler Makeup: @raphaeltargino


2017/02/19 05:03:31

How is everyone's weekend 👀


2017/02/19 05:00:13

When you own your breath, you control your movement 🙏 @yogaluls finds her balance in the Feel The Heat Sports Bra and Astro F/L Tight available via the Instashop or instore @lornajaneeurope #thisisactiveliving #lornajane #movenourishebelieve #activeliving


2017/02/19 04:58:54

Thank you #maybelline for the best time ever ❤️


2017/02/19 04:56:17

Just one night!!!!😎😉💥 #TatiG #night #bar #girls #saturdaynight #saturday #fun


2017/02/19 04:48:41

My cousin's fiancé Bachelorette Party!!! #cousins #twincousins


2017/02/19 04:45:43

goodnight loves ❤😴 . @alendeclaudia


2017/02/19 04:43:37

It's so nice to be seeing more changes since I added back in my Fat Burning stack from @NLAforHer!! Getting leaner! I use Shred Her (2x per day), Her CLA (2x per day), and Her Carnitine (2x per day). Not safe if pregnant or breastfeeding. Helps SO much with fat loss! 20% off your purchase at with code FITAMY20. And yes I'm all ready for bed at 9pm on a Saturday night 👵🏼👊🏼 #NLAforHer #fatburning #fatloss #fitness #women


2017/02/19 04:39:14

Lady Gaga para a festa a fantasia da @unidosdatijuca ✨ styling @thiagosetra @keylhasilva 💋


2017/02/19 04:33:24

When you were 3 years old you told me that YOU chose me to be your mother. You looked up into the sky, and you said that when you was up there, you wished for me to be your mommy. So there I was, 11 years ago, still a child myself, looking at the most beautiful boy my eyes have ever seen. God knew I had no knowledge of how to be a mother but from the moment I first saw you, I recognized the enigmatic responsibility and honor with which I had been entrusted. I remember praying for the strength to be a good mother, for the strength to guide you even though I didn't know all the answers, and for the strength to teach you even though I haven't learnt it all myself yet. But with time I came to understand that it was not I teaching you, but rather you teaching me. Every day you inspire me with your beautiful thoughts and ideas, you fill my heart with joy, and not a day goes by without you making me laugh. You have taught me the true meaning of love - real, unconditional love, and I am forever grateful for your beautiful soul. HAPPY BIRTHDAY my LOVE ❤️ @jaden.amarrio


2017/02/19 04:32:03

@larry_lala7 looking boss! 😍🔥


2017/02/19 04:27:41

😎 ninja skills 😎


2017/02/19 04:11:14

Totally boss! 😍🔥 📷 @valentinalequeux


2017/02/19 04:07:05

Las morena sexy del @elconejotv #mernesjaz #conejitasexy


2017/02/19 04:03:28



2017/02/19 03:57:27

Loving the shirts @bourbonandbacksquats especially the #backtheblue💙 and #brotherhood🚒 ones! Go check them out guys! $5 from sales of those two shirts goes to policemen/women and their families and a firefighter in TX that experienced a tragedy. Thanks for being awesome guys 🙌🏽😘 #bourbonandbacksquats #giveback #squat #got #drinkandliftthings ❤️💙❤️💙❤️💙❤️💙


2017/02/19 03:55:46

Amazing weekend with good company in Key Largo💕 It's time to rest😌 Have a good night guys😘 Thanks for the #flamingo @perfecting_athletes🙋🏻 | Udany weekend w dobrym towarzystwie🤗 Czas na zasłużony odpoczynek😌 Dobranoc Misie😘 #rest #weekend #goodcompany #friends #team #teamjoanna #perfectingathletes #KeyLargo #Floryda #Florida #minivacation #vacation #holiday #weekend #relax #relaxing #JJ #JJchamp #joannamma #joannachampion #joannajedrzejczyk #polishgirl #polish #athlete #ufc #ufcchamp #gshock #flamingo #flamingofloot #reebok


2017/02/19 03:50:01

My feed was looking a tad #tagyoursponsor -ish so here's a video of @giotraining and I 🤣🙈🙊


2017/02/19 03:48:53



2017/02/19 03:48:19

I talk about accepting a challenge a lot. Daily asking people I don't know to consider it for themselves with the FAITH that it will produce more than just physical transformation in there lives. Like it did in mine. That it will cause you to believe in more than what you currently see around you as possible. To see that "what it is" is not what it has to be! • We are all a PIECE OF THE PUZZLE. We fit somewhere. We help "fill a gap" I suppose you could say. Over 7 billion of us on this planet 🌎 and some have the guts to believe that they are meant to meet the needs of millions with the "gap" they fill, others the hundreds of thousand, some a few hundred & those who believe their impact is meant only for their household or themselves. What you believe will usually be what you you receive. If @SelenaGomez (the biggest influencer on IG) can reach 110 million just on Instagram with her gifts & talents. Her human-ness, her good days and bad days. Yet her influence reaches farther I'm sure than she ever imagined. I'm led to think based on her reach, she did believe that her life was meant to impact the millions! Sure she has resources and a team and a huge stage now. But it all started with her. Her voice. Her choice to use it and to make choices to participate in things that at the time didn't reach millions or even hundreds. We've all got the potential, the "gap filling" possibilities are endless! Where do you fit, abs what role will you play? Well, how much are you believing for. And what are you doing today that's gearing you up for tomorrow's opportunity. Questions we all need to ask ourselves often & then looking back inward START.WITH.US. #30DayTransformationTeam #FitCurvy💪🍑 💥ItsTheScience💥 👂TransformationOfTheMind👂 👗TrainForTheDress👗 👠TrainForTheHeels👠 👙TrainForTheBikini👙 To Get Your FitCurvy Transformation Plan: (click get started) #ootd #empowerment #nbaallstar2017 #neworleans #love #thick #queen #allstarweekend #heels #fit #fitness #fitspiration #curves #workout #thickfit #saturdaynight #motivation #christianlouboutin #inspiration #wshh #thickfit #fitthick #model #worldstar #mua #slimthick #weightloss #thick


2017/02/19 03:44:07

vamos trabalhar ? To chegando Bloco Chupa Limão/Carnanindeua


2017/02/19 03:41:21

@thoseleggings though 😍🔥 📷 please tag


2017/02/19 03:41:03

"Hueles eso? Huele a ramo de oportunidades. A tu pecho vestido de gala. A carcajada limpia. A tu vida, nueva, de nuevo". E.S. PH: @ricardo.tapiacortes MUA: @prissariasmua #shooting #love #cocoalingerie #followme #instagood #instamood #instalike #amazing #instadaily #instafashion #cute #brunette #photooftheday #bestoftheday #picoftheday #fit #bootyforday #bootybuilding #ass #beachbums #bodybeach #sexy #lingerie #squats #picoftheday #hot #fitchick #bodybuilding #fitgirl #fitness


2017/02/19 03:39:10

Guess the cut off word! 🤔 - When you're late to your best friends bday dinner because selfies and also because she decided on a vegan spot so you're doing everyone a favor and picking up Taco Bell as party favors. #namaste #food #tacos


2017/02/19 03:38:49

Off on another adventure.✈️ Its time again to go to a place I've never seen, work with people I've never met and have experiences that I haven't yet dreamed. I have to say that no matter how many times I have stepped out on my own into the abyss, it never gets easier. I still get those butterflies likes it's about to be my first day of kindergarten.😌 A mix of excitement and anxieties- what will it be like, will people like me, will I be good enough at the work I've got to do?🙏🏼 But I keep stepping out and taking that leap of faith, I keep boarding planes and ending up in places I have only seen in pictures...I realize, I have yet to regret even the most trying trip. And upon reflection, I know, that my life would be a little less significant, if I had chosen comfort over chance.🍃 #adventure #ahead #puertorico #bound #throwback #palawan #philippines


2017/02/19 03:35:03

#haightashbury ✌🏻


2017/02/19 03:34:10

This photo makes me smile 💜💜 Who wants to come lay next to me and do nothing all day 😌


2017/02/19 03:33:46

Late night cardio! Ambition is my drug. Success is the only cure. 😎 - - My training program is now available for ONE MORE day at the discounted Valentines Day rate! GO GET IT!! - - WWW.STEPHMAHOE.COM


2017/02/19 03:31:41


2017/02/19 03:30:48

PREE-Jazz Cartier


2017/02/19 03:30:34

Round 2 💎🏆 With the VIP Membership you get to hang out with me at ALL MY EVENTS. I have Bootcamps, Seminars, Lunch N Learns, Club hostings, AND MORE COMING SOON! So if you want to hang with me get the VIP Membership available on my app 😜


2017/02/19 03:24:54


2017/02/19 03:22:37



2017/02/19 03:21:50

5 часов съёмок! сломали источник, пленочный фотик и стереотипы с моим @bitkovfedor 📸 ps закрепили результаты фотками на айфон со вспышкой, конечно же #дикийстиль смотрим серию 🖤


2017/02/19 03:19:07

🏋🏽‍♀️ Legs & Booty Workout! - Does anyone else pull faces like these while training? 🤣 . My FIT Programs👆🏼in bio! 🏋🏽 . . @emilyskyefitness . . Gym gear: @reebok @reebokwomen . .


2017/02/19 03:18:22

기쁜맘에,인증샷하나더💙하하 다음달클래스에서,만나요💙 #워너비린다스튜디오#소규모클래스#3월에또만나요#아디다스우먼#감동선물#아디다스#다함께이뿌게입어요🌷#즐건주말되세요#adidaswomen#workoutlifestyle#adidas


2017/02/19 03:15:32



2017/02/19 03:13:11

Body suit ✔️ Heels ✔️ Robe ✔️ solo turn up ✔️


2017/02/19 03:11:32

워너비린다스튜디오 회원을위한 마음💙 #아디다스#감사합니다🌷 #워너비린다스튜디오#운동하는여자들#adidaswomen#wannabe_linda_studio


2017/02/19 03:07:32

#finalmentesivaadormire🙃 #buonanotte❤🗝


2017/02/19 03:02:48

Just chillin with my boy @officiallysteveo doing some trick shots! This should be in the olympics or something on TV! Tag a friend and try this yourself 😝 - 👻LaciKaySomersXo


2017/02/19 03:01:55



2017/02/19 02:52:42

I wanna love you every day and every night ❤️ @maguila #bae #loveofmylife #twinsoul


2017/02/19 02:49:41

Good things happen when you squat 🍑 © elhartista®


2017/02/19 02:47:28

Shoulders night 💪🏽 wearing @barsandbranches


2017/02/19 02:46:43

The Painted Hills of Oregon. I wore my most painted on looking suit just to be ironic 😜 📸 by @stevebitanga


2017/02/19 02:43:36

He holds me in the air like this at least 5 times a day😂 and we kiss about a million #imneedy #hegetsme🙌🏼 and since y'all are always asking our height difference here's an idea! @steveace_physique💙🌍 #beastandminibeast


2017/02/19 02:42:44

Say Cheese 🧀 Extremely enthused vs Not impressed #KeanaBabana #BigLy


2017/02/19 02:33:49

Melhor proteína depois do sparring. Best protein after a hard session. @apollonnutrition #teamclaudia #mma #ufc #apollonnutrition


2017/02/19 02:32:24

Sobre o casamento de hoje!! Preciso falar alguma coisa desse dress? 😱😍 Agilitá by @domeuclosetproseu estou simplesmente apaixonada!! ❤️ #dentistasfit #projetodentistasfit #casamentoalineeivan


2017/02/19 02:32:06

Do you ever do Tabata!? It's the ultimate way to get both cardio and toning in at the same time, which boosts your metabolism quickly. 🏋🏼 You’ll do 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off for 8 different exercises. ❣️✔️ Lace up your tennies and find your moves on for a quick, 9-minute Tabata workout you can do anywhere! 👟💋


2017/02/19 02:28:45

Don't be in such a rush to figure everything out. Embrace the unknown and let your life surprise you. 🙏🏼❤️#trust #faith #patience


2017/02/19 02:28:36

Summer please come back 🙃


2017/02/19 02:26:45

Guess I should drink beer more often 😂 Worked up to a heavy deadlift then hit 250lbs for 3reps since I ran out of plates 😂 did the following workout.. "Time Priority Diane": 60 seconds of deadlifts (225/155) 60 seconds of handstand push-ups 45 seconds of deadlifts(225/155) 45 seconds of handstand push-ups 30 seconds of deadlifts(225/155) 30 seconds of handstand push-ups -102reps with abmat Then benched 125lbs for three singles 😇 And did some more bench & push-ups 😒 #WorkIsPlay #CarbBackLoading


2017/02/19 02:25:34

ESPECTACULAR MI @laura_naranjo7 👑💪🏽 #xpofitness #2017


2017/02/19 02:23:24

JOIN MY TEAM & BUILD THAT SEXY BODY 😉💪🏼💙 Shout out to all the #BossBabes who have joined my team this year!!! It's been so amazing to see how many girls have been putting their health & fitness as first priority! 👊🏼 - My online coaching is custom to you, your lifestyle and your goals! You can join me for 4, 8 or 12 weeks!! I'll get rid of the guesswork for you....simple and effective programming! 👏🏼 - 💙Custom nutrition plans 💙Personalised workout programs 💙Supplement guide 💙Weekly check in to hold you accountable! 🌏Worldwide 💙Vegetarian/vegan plans available 💙Home or gym workout option - Email me if you are interested in more info: OR click link in my bio! Let's kill it 💪🏼


2017/02/19 02:21:21

❤️❤️❤️ @cristianyanez2890 @genesis9028


2017/02/19 02:18:20

@andreu12m @jorgevillaveces 😘😘 team muscleology


2017/02/19 02:16:59

Tune in tonight for #bellator172 on @spiketv photo: @lucasnoonan


2017/02/19 02:16:44

To aqui com muita energia e em grande estilo junto com a @sharkenergy #SharkEnergyDrink 💥💥💥 Meowww


2017/02/19 02:09:51


2017/02/19 02:07:30

Jantar delícia nesse lugar apaixonante! @bravobistro #SuperIndico #Delícia de recepção e comida! Hummmmmmm! 😋🍴🍷🍤🍛🥗🍏🥖🍫


2017/02/19 02:04:10

@currencaples last week at home || storm surfin' | #5dmarkii dewd. ✌🏻


2017/02/19 02:03:59

Forever 🌹


2017/02/19 02:01:35

For me it is a pride to belong to the team RCSS, with the best bodybuilder 8 times Mr.Olympia @ronniecoleman8 💪🏽 Great example as an athlete and as a human being.


2017/02/19 02:00:58

There is no force equal to that of a woman who believes in herself. Tag someone below who needs to be reminded of this inner power 🙌 Pick up your copy of #LJLOVEYOU or download the app via link in bio #thisisactiveliving #lornajane #movenourishbelieve #activeliving


2017/02/19 01:59:52

Jantarzinho maravilhoso, com meu amor no @cocobambucuritiba 👏🏻😋😋


2017/02/19 01:52:55

Na vida há diferença sutis, porém essenciais entre fatos, comportamentos e circunstâncias, que as pessoas, a seu bel-prazer, desvirtuam conforme conveniência. Leveza é diferente de superficialidade. Pessoas leves têm conteúdo, mas dão aos fatos e circunstâncias apenas a densidade necessária, não se tornam vítimas da vida e nem reclamam o tempo todo. Enquanto pessoas superficiais, como o nome diz, não têm profundidade em nada do que fazem, do que sentem, do que praticam. Vivem ali na superfície de tudo e por isso não conseguem resistir à correntezas de quaisquer espécies. Viva a vida com leveza, mas seja profundo, denso em suas relações, em seu trabalho e, especialmente, em seus sentimentos. Pois somente quem toma fôlego e mergulha fundo pode aprender a vencer as correntezas e decidir por onde ir e aonde chegar. SL❤️️


2017/02/19 01:44:11

Darse cuenta que la felicidad sólo depende de ti, el poder está en ti, en nadie más. 🦎🌸🍃


2017/02/19 01:38:45

‪happy birthday momma biles 👑❣️‬ ‪I LOVE YOU - thanks for being the greatest mom ! ‬


2017/02/19 01:34:09

#KeanaBabana x Mommy


2017/02/19 01:32:54

Hi from Thailand 🌴 so, on Monday I'm stoked to be joining #MackenzieMondays, a weekly yoga challenge hosted by the one and only Mack Daddy aka @mackenzieyoga - one of my biggest inspirations! She has lined up some amazing sponsors: @jasperyoga @codyapp @aloyoga @purepharma. The details: Start by following Mack, me and the sponsors! Next, Sweat with her- tune into Cody's Online Studio Monday at 9am PST, 12pm PST and 4pm PST to take an organic free flow with MacKenzie. After class take a picture or video of yourself doing your favorite pose or flow from the class. Post the photo to Instagram using the hashtag #MackenzieMondays, tag me, MacKenzie and the sponsors. **That will enter you to win a free @codyapp plan of mine and MacKenzie's, $100 @aloyoga credit, and a @purepharma natural supplement bundle worth $105** Oh and did I mention a priceless NUDE print of MacKenzie and I taken by the infamous @jasperyoga! Hands down one of the most unique prizes. If you don't know- his work is undeniably beautiful. This is a fantastic opportunity, so don't miss out!!


2017/02/19 01:30:27

Muchísimas gracias a todos mis seguidores por sumarse a este festejo tan lindo por la semana de los enamorados de parte de SOCOCO. Felízmente ya hay una ganadaora que va a llevar a su enamorado a Maceió Brasil con estadía incluída!!! Antes que nada les invito a continuar siguiendo a @brumadosapy por que tiene muchas sorpresas para ustedes para el resto del año!!! 😉👌 LA GANADORA ES @lusmiiivaliente !!!!!!! Ya hablé con ella, es de Villarrica y su novio es de San Lorenzo. Ella esta en 5to año de medicina y este año todavía no tuvieron vacaciones 😉😉🤗🤗 MUCHISIMAS FELICIDADES!!!! 💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗


2017/02/19 01:28:18

GUYYYYS UPDATE ON THE @hardmagnum GIVEAWAY 🙌💱 ❤🙈🌷🙌 Im so sorry im sorry im two days late but i got a new camera this mornin so mega #GameChangeeeer. I got SWAMPED with work this weekend and got a lil backtracked so i PROMISE ill do it tomorrow. I didnt want to just scroll and choose one because i dont feel thats fair to the people at the very top or bottom and I really want it fair cause everone deserves an equal chance ❤ So its just gonna take an extra day to but your chances are higher so #GlassHalfFull . Side note, 10 DAYS TILL ARNOLDS #LeanEatingMachine . . . #Contest #giveaway #freestuff #free #legs #femalemotivation #quads #motivate #motivation #health #lifestyle #inspire #inspiration #healthy #lift #gym #fitness #powerlifting #powerlift #girlswhopowerlift #girlswhoeat #bodybuilding #competition #booty #abs #determination #strong


2017/02/19 01:27:22

Hasta mañana 😘❤️


2017/02/19 01:22:39

What the water bottle challenge looked like in the beginning... 🤦🏼‍♀️


2017/02/19 01:15:51

@legendarios no ar galera!! Liga na Record 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽


2017/02/19 01:07:08

Perfect New week!!! Love you❤


2017/02/19 01:06:35

Why you gotta do em like that


2017/02/19 01:04:17

Aproveitei que estava em SP para garantir meu bronze para o carnaval no @beachbronzebm .😊


2017/02/19 01:01:48

Feelin Snatched.


2017/02/19 00:54:02

Just wanna give a shoutout to my homie @therealpunk bumped to the main event tonight in #Bellator! Started way back in #Strikeforce together, always enjoy watching you fight! #TeamThomson


2017/02/19 00:53:17

Agradecida con nuestro amigo que se encarga de nuestra alimentación a diario no pueden dejar de venir a su restaurant @habibimealsplan_3055040520 @habibimealsplan_3055040520 @habibimealsplan_3055040520 @cristianyanez2890 ❤️🙏🏼💪🏼


2017/02/19 00:49:53

Night circuit 😤 Powered by @1upnutrition #1upnutrition -Bicep curls➡ 4 Sets x 2mins (non stop) -Lat Pull down➡ 4 Sets x 25 Reps -Burpees➡ 4 Sets x 15 Reps -Dead lift➡ 4 Sets x (20-15-15-12) Reps *Increasing weight every set


2017/02/19 00:47:02

Someone was excited to see his daddy!


2017/02/19 00:42:32

@alejitarico1_ love you


2017/02/19 00:41:25

Check out my last post🤓W @lianev @ticandance @kingsamjonesiii @adamw @nampaikid


2017/02/19 00:40:21



2017/02/19 00:36:28

Everybody wants it, you just have to want it more. #2017Prep #finally #thecountdownbegins #evogenelite


2017/02/19 00:35:48

@kamilgrosicki10 co powiesz na to? 🦄&⚽️ Bedą ze mnie ludzie?😉| 🦄 @adrianalima next time you need to join the @perfecting_athletes clan on vacation ⚽️ #fun #happy #happytime #minivacation #holiday #weekend #keylargo #Floryda #Florida #joannamma #joannachampion #joannajedrzejczyk #JJtraveler #JJ #JJchamp #Polish #JJcomic @paulinaindara @michelleingels @dpolodara @thevonz22 #soccer #footballgirl #smile #positivevibes @tonyhinchcliffe @reebok @reebokpl