2017/05/28 19:55:58

Todo dia é dia . Dia de levantar , focar e acreditar . 👊🏼 Look: @fittrainingbrasil


2017/05/28 19:48:25

Round 2 today 🍻 @papasandbeer


2017/05/28 19:01:50

Window view🌿🌼 #nature


2017/05/28 18:51:45

Whoever said "April Showers brings May flowers".... is a LIAR!!!! 💦😨😨💦😨💦😨 Ok, I sound like a total brat, I know....but ya don't think seasonal blues is a real thing?! Well it is!!! So as soon as it stops raining you best believe I'm spending more time outside! Are you feeling the same?!?!. . Check out what Why You and your fam NEED OUTSIDE TIME too!!!! ( I found this interesting info at sunsprite.com ) . We all know that too much sun can cause cancer, but even a lack of sunlight has been linked to certain cancers. Vitamin D deficiencies can lead to the development of prostate and breast cancer, memory loss, and an increased risk for developing dementia and schizophrenia. . Can a sunlight deficit be as harmful to your heart as too many cheeseburgers? Research shows that Vitamin D deficiencies in men caused by not enough sunlight make them twice as likely to develop heart disease. . If you’re not careful, a lack of sunlight can actually lead to a form of clinical depression. The less sunlight we see in the winter months, the more likely we are to develop Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Symptoms of SAD can be extreme: mood swings, anxiety, sleep problems, or even suicidal thoughts. If you’re a woman, it is 200% more likely that you will develop SAD than the average male. The average age of onset of SAD is between 18 and 30 years of age, and SAD is nearly non-existent in people over the age of 60. . Laying in bed at night scrolling through your Facebook newsfeed has a big impact on your brain. Once the sun goes down, artificial lights emitted by your electronics can create serious sleep problems. Too much light in your eyes from computer or phone screens can throw off your circadian rhythm (your body’s internal clock) which can create significant restlessness and potentially insomnia in the future. . A lack of sunlight can even impair your child’s eye development. Want your child to be able to read street signs while they’re driving? Turns out, children who spend more time outside reduce their risk of nearsightedness. So say bye-bye video games, and hello frisbee golf!!! . SUMMER GOALS=WEAR SUNSCREEN AND GET OUTSIDE!!!!! ARE YA WITH ME?!?!?!?


2017/05/28 18:26:09

Give me wings!! Hi, Chattanooga... see ya tonight! #wwelive 🦇🦇🦇 custom made by: @mrs_lindysue


2017/05/28 18:20:21

Here's to a good weekend! 🍾


2017/05/28 18:16:25

Tanning the 🍑 (What are you doing this Sunday?)


2017/05/28 18:13:34

If you have a band you might as well use it!!!!! Try these 2 Compound moves!!! 👉TRICEP EXTENSION WOTH GLUTE BRIDGE (Aim for 15-25 reps) 👉 DOUBLE LEG DROP WITH FRONT PULL OVER(Keep back flat to mat) ....I person like these moves because there's no excuses for neck getting sore from keeping you head up😊 ROCK IT OUT AND ENJOY YOUR WEEKEND!!!! . #fitgirlrevolution #fitgirlvideos #girlswholift #bandworkout #bootygains #sweatlife #thesweatlifewithsarah #bootywork


2017/05/28 18:13:09

Sunday #vibes be like ...


2017/05/28 18:10:37

Eu sempre planto amor no pior dos casos colho sozinha ♥️


2017/05/28 18:05:45

Несколько причин, почему полезно делать "стойки" вниз головой: 🔴Это омолаживает организм! Кровь приливает к голове, клетки насыщаются кислородом, состояние кожи улучшается! 🔴Укрепляются волосы! По той же причине, что указана выше) 🔴Оздоравливается сердечная мышца, нормализуется гормональный фон. 🔴Профилактика варикоза! Кстати, если у вас отекают ноги к вечеру, вообще рекомендуют полежать с поднятыми вверх ногами. 🔴 Такие простые элементы, как на видео, могут сделать ВСЕ уже в первый месяц занятий в @studio_polelife!❤️ Лично для меня все эти трюки, перевороты, сложные стойки-это страх! Я дикая трусиха)) И всегда пищу: "Ой, все)) Хватит, держи меня😂" Но делаю!💪🏼 Сейчас опять найдётся куча умников и знатоков! Где там у меня нога кривая, надо делать пластичнее и тд😺 Ну вы идите к стенке, да постойте)) и успокойте свои мысли🤗 а кому интересно и познавательно-ставим лайк и добавляем в сохранённое❤️


2017/05/28 17:55:53

Back to my #Mirror 😜 Hope you enjoy this #Sunday and Coming #holiday 😘 @camilita1207colombia #iamalejandragil #alejandragil #picoftheday #instagood #instadaily #instalike #instagram #follow #followme #followback #follow4follow #followforfollow #like4like #likeforlike #colombian #colombiana #latin #latina


2017/05/28 17:55:07

Nuestro domingo ❤ #lovemylife#fitnessmotivation#couplegoals #wife#husband#miami#mondrian


2017/05/28 17:55:06

cool as a cucumber 🥒😌🌴 - - round 2 to sign up for @workouts_by_katya 30 day bikini body challenge is happening now! click the link in my bio to sign up 💪🏽 #wbk30


2017/05/28 17:52:15

This as a backday finisher! 🔥 I need botox now after all these painful faces 😂 2 set of 15 reps. 😑🙌💥 PS; YouTube updated, finallyyyyyyyyy 😄 Link in bio!


2017/05/28 17:50:20

Beauty is a state of mind. Embrace your beauty! 🙌🏻✨ #sunday #vibes #peaceofmind #bepositive #mood #loveyourself . . . A beleza é um estado de espírito. Envolva-se pela sua beleza. ✨🙏🏼


2017/05/28 17:48:38

D O M I N G O ✨


2017/05/28 17:42:25

Checkout @lordtimepieces 💦 Save 10% off yours now with my code "ANACHERI" on www.LordTimepieces.com 😘 #LordTimepieces


2017/05/28 17:38:30

This year I've met some of the most incredibly smart, loving and talented women. I LOVE being a part of a community that lifts each other up and inspires each other to be our best selves #TeamLSF 💕😘


2017/05/28 17:33:05

Sacar a mis pequeñas a jugar para que disfruten del parque es un panorama muy entretenido, pero siempre bien abrigaditas, con el cuellito cubierto, zapatitos que protejan sus pies y coche bien equipado. 👉🏻 Todos los #coches, modelos modernos y económicos pueden encontrar en #MundoBebé de #Lider #contigoencadapasito #mamasmodernas #mamaspreocupadas #mamasaldia #amordelbueno #hijossanos #hijos #hijas


2017/05/28 17:30:39

What are y'all training today? 💪🏼 A scoop of #OxyShred with some water before your workout will help you boost your metabolism to maximize fat cell breakdown; it will also give you that boost of energy you need to kill your workout! 💦


2017/05/28 17:26:35

Que sds eu estava de Feira de Santana 😍😍😍 galera tão alegre , receptiva e acolhedora. Qd cheguei na cidade já pude sentir esse clima bom , essa energia boa que eles tem! A inauguração da @causarmodafitness foi INCRÍVEL , amei conhecer e estar com todos vcs. Quero agradecer a Carla e a galera linda da Causar , pelo carinho e pela receptividade! E deixo aqui o meu OBRIGADA a cada um que esteve na loja ontem , me enchendo de carinho ❤❤❤ #osmelhoresfasdomundo #causarmodafitness #feiradesantana #ameireal #nainteGRA #teamgracyanne


2017/05/28 17:17:41

Email me or head over to my page @AngieBellemare and send me a dm 💕 I am looking for 25 motivated ladies who want to get PAID to live a healthy & fit life. No 6 packs needed ! Just REAL women that want to inspire and motivate others on their own personal journey. Full training program provided (including social media training) so you do NOT need to be a pro or have experience. You simply need to be self motivated and a Go Getter! Earn a part time or full time income from home. Earn fully paid trips and be part of an amazing and inspiring team of positive like-minded people! Shoot me a DM @angiebellemare or Email me 💌 [email protected]


2017/05/28 17:14:13

• 💙 Domingo com ela 🐶🐾 #minhaprincesa #minhaSophie


2017/05/28 17:13:34

This creature can be found in her natural habitat containing lots of sunlight and plant life. She spends most of her time alone and when she appears she is usually hunting or foraging. She has a noticeable wild mane that is unique to creatures of her kind. Keep your hands and arms inside the vehicle at all times and enjoy the ride. 😭🦁 📸 @brandonalmengo


2017/05/28 17:09:18

I'd rather be crazy & exciting than normal & boring 🐒TAG YOUR WILD FRIENDS 😜 @iamstevenspence @directedbystro @dredaydurham @adinkolansky @bryantwoodtv @ashleykfit [email protected] . . #gymgrind #ashleykaltwasser #stevenspence #directedbystro #adinkolansky #dredaydurham #fitnessworld #hollywood #npcbikini #workoutideas


2017/05/28 17:08:39

Lomaslindo ❤️💚💛


2017/05/28 17:05:49

Si yo soy incómoda para la vista de [email protected] POR QUÉ INVITAN 🤣


2017/05/28 16:59:58



2017/05/28 16:59:06

In honor of another island trip🐠🌺En route to Mexico for @hawkersco video shoot. 🤙🏽


2017/05/28 16:57:19



2017/05/28 16:53:56

Miss Somers! 💋🖤 - SnapChat:LaciKaySomersXo 📸 @uhhmazing1


2017/05/28 16:53:49

Abs Done✔️ 😜🍫 #happysunday #TatiG #tatiGDesafio2017 apoyándote en esta etapa !!! #abs #attitude #besuperhot #superhot #strength #fitmom #mom #favs #sundayfunday #sundays #mood #desafiosuperhumanos #extrañandote #missimissi


2017/05/28 16:49:08

Waking up issues detected😜 - How's your #MemorialDayWeekend? -Como esta tu fin de semana?😘


2017/05/28 16:40:46

Death never feels real until it hits home . I knew these two brave men and it hit #hurlburtfieldafb hard. Thank you all those who have fought and given their lives for this great country. Our country and freedom is not free, So while you sip on your beer tAlk about whatever you want , pray , Dance . remember not to take that for granted 🇺🇸 God Bless America 🇺🇸 #happymemorialday


2017/05/28 16:37:06

Aquela disposição de domingo que a gente tira laaaa do fundo, mas tira! 👊🏼💦❤ #LifeStyle #BeHealthy #BeHappy @alekta quase meu uniforme 😍


2017/05/28 16:34:52

Y por qué a mí ? Muchas veces te pregunte ...... Por qué me haces esto ? Por qué me envías aquello ? .... y luego de conocerte me respondió tu amor diciendo : " Porque era necesario HOY para que fueras testimonio " ❤️🙏🏽........ Porque después que te encontré entre tantos intentos que hiciste , te dije heme aquí " Úsame " , tú sabías que así lo haría y entendí que fue necesario el dolor de ayer , el engañó de una vida sin ti , la amargura de la soledad , el dolor de la traición , el cambio de país , el cambio de profesión , el soltar a quien no me amaba por no saberme Amar yo , fue necesario perderlo todo una y otra vez para darme cuenta que tu orden es importante , que tú palabra tiene poder de transformación , que tú amor es incalculable , que tú siempre siempre estás conmigo , que eres mi guía , mi protector , mi salvador y mi escudo , que lo vivido solo me dejo experiencia , fortaleza y aprendizaje , que entendí que existe un estilo de vida en ti , que existe un camino más fácil de vivir , que existe una verdad inquebrantable y eso eres tú Jesus , mi salvador , mi amado Rey , mi vida , mi guia , mi Fortaleza y toda la verdad ... GRACIASSSS por no tirar la toalla conmigo , por tu insistencia , por tu paciencia , por tu perdón y amor ❤️, gracias por sanar mi pasado , mi mente , mi cuerpo y mis emociones !! Te amooooo y hoy siempre te exaltaré y alabaré !! Quizás el HOY para ti sea cómo fue mi ayer , solo te digo que busca en Dios tu refugio y abre tu corazón a su palabra y camina conforme a su voluntad !! Dios los bendiga !! ❤️🙏🏽


2017/05/28 16:31:21

❤😍 domingo de cardio con el amor de mi vida @cristianyanez2890 #miamibeach#fitnessmotivation#lovemylife


2017/05/28 16:29:21

Manutenção do meu Mega com minha Vovó postiça ❤️. @niltacabelos . Tá aí, pra mulherada que lota minha caixa de direct perguntado do tipo de mega. O melhor método que usei até hj. Muito amor por esse lugar 😍💋❤️


2017/05/28 16:29:04

My mom told me to post this and moms are always right so here I am 💁🏼


2017/05/28 16:28:03

I can't believe how many amazing women came to support us at our London Pop Up! It's been one of my favorites so far! 💕🇬🇧 @abikiniaday @mondayswimwear @mondayactive @sttropeztan @sandersonsocial


2017/05/28 16:25:06

Sunday circuit 1. 15 each side 2. 15 each side 3. 60seconds each way 3-5 rounds #alexiaclark #queenofworkouts #weekend #fitforareason #workout #sunday #sundayfunday #fullbodyworkout #gym


2017/05/28 16:18:20

Fala sério galeraaaa... Essa nova proteína da @maxtitaniumsuplementos é surreal de gostosa. Para abrir a minha primeira embalagem da Top Whey 3W - Maçã verde 🍏 fiz questão de mostrar meu ritual matinal na cozinha.😂😂😂😂 Aproveitei para dar meu depoimento pessoal sobre a qualidade e sabor dessa proteína. Quero ter meu estoque pq é edição limitada.😭 ◀️Arraste para o Lado 😊 #maxtitanium #teammaxtitanium #vempramax


2017/05/28 16:17:43

Live to love ❤️ Transparecia: @ilustramor


2017/05/28 16:10:40

CON MI GRANDULONA!🐘 TE AMO HIJA MIA❤️ @hdanielaisaza 👭


2017/05/28 16:08:13

Booty gains 😜💪🏼


2017/05/28 16:03:51

I don't know what to caption this but I love you guys ❤️


2017/05/28 16:02:53

Looking for ladies who want to lose 5-10lbs by the end of June 👙 I'm running a FREE clean eating group starting Monday June 5th! It's swimsuit season and time for cleaning up the kitchen and getting motivated! Let's do it together! You'll get a complete menu and a shopping list to take the guess work out of nutrition...my last group was AMAZING and everyone that put in the work saw amazing results! . To join, simply click the link in my bio @daniellegracep and complete the clean eating application, once you're done drop an emoji below 💛....again this is absolutely FREE! Tag a friend below to join you! Excited! 💜 @daniellegracep


2017/05/28 16:02:41

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2017/05/28 15:59:47

Let's go back to the time when your girl used to trip when we were just friends 😳👀


2017/05/28 15:58:34

On the beach. In Malibu with @138watertm last year


2017/05/28 15:58:22

Cuando la vida te llena de motivos tan maravillosos🦋🌙


2017/05/28 15:54:43

Pueden existir miles de opciones, Pero aún así... Para mí eres la Única 🎶


2017/05/28 15:53:44

Eu tava há um tempo pra fazer essa montagem... mas agora que meus domingos são de "folga" resolvi juntar esses pequenos momentos ao lado dessa menina linda por dentro e por fora, ao mesmo tempo é um mulherão, incrível, simples, poderosa e com o coração do tamanho do mundo! Me conquistou logo que entrou no #BalédoFaustão ! @nathaliazannin voa que o Universo é todo seu! Te amo, viu?! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤


2017/05/28 15:50:32

💙 Paradise 💙


2017/05/28 15:47:53

Crucero ✨🚢


2017/05/28 15:46:24

Another day at the track. Congrats @danielricciardo on 3rd, great effort @maxverstappen1, and don't worry, @lewishamilton will come back strong next race. Thanks to all my friends at @redbullracing @redbull for taking such great care of me. ❤️🏎


2017/05/28 15:46:05

Você sabia que os seus pensamentos podem construir ou destruir coisas na sua vida? Isso ocorre porque a sua mente tem o poder de cristalizar as coisas... Logo, se você vive pensando em coisas negativas, que você não vai conseguir, que tudo vai dar errado o que você acha que vai acontecer? Por isso é tão importante cuidarmos do que pensamos, pois temos o poder de chamar a existência das coisas através do nosso pensamento. Porque, como imaginou no seu coração, assim é ele. Provérbios 23:7 Onde estão os seus pensamentos nesse momento? Você está pensando coisas boas, construtivas ou está perdendo o seu tempo com pensamentos ruins? Sabe aquelas pessoas que passam o tempo todo se questionando e questionando Deus sobre tudo? Pois é, esse tipo de pessoa vive em dúvida o que mostra que a fé ainda não foi instituída de fato em sua vida, pois quando você tem fé você não duvida, apenas a segue e as coisas acontecem! A fé vem primeiro no seu coração através do seu pensamento. Por isso é tão importante você construir pensamentos de fé na sua mente. Vc já parou para pensar o qnto é difícil entender pq Deus qr usar a sua mente, te curar, te livrar das dúvidas? Por isso vc tem q decidir no q pensar... Vc tem q se esforçar para controlar os seus pensamentos, afim de q eles não te dominem e sim vc domine sobre eles. A dúvida elimina a sua fé. Como vc pode ter certeza das coisas? Buscando a palavra de Deus e confirmando as promessas dele para a sua vida, pois as leis de Deus diferente das dos homens, sempre são cumpridas. Por isso vos digo que todas as coisas que pedirdes, orando, crede receber, e tê-las-eis. Marcos 11:24 Se vc tem certeza q os seus pensamentos são de Deus pq a dúvida? Afinal, agindo Deus qm impedirá? Aí vc pode se perguntar, ok eu sou uma pessoa positiva e encontro diariamente com pessoas negativas o q eu devo fazer nessa situação? Você deve orar para q esses pensamentos não entrem em vc e para que o Espirito Santo transforme essa negatividade em positividade. Que você tenha pensamentos positivos e consiga lutar contra os negativos diariamente, q a sua mente só tenha pensamentos de Vitória e o inimigo não tenha poder sobre ti, Amém.


2017/05/28 15:38:35

Trata de que estas palabras no te queden grandes cuando las leas, porque son de tu talla... con cariño #quierete "Valora el poder de las palabras. No las uses contra ti, tampoco para hablar mal de los demás. Asegúrate de decir lo que quieres decir. Usa el poder de la palabra en beneficio del amor y la verdad. Lo que dicen y hacen otras personas, no tiene nada que ver contigo, si no con ellos mismos. Nuestros actos son un reflejo de lo que llevamos dentro, de nuestros sueños, de lo que somos capaces de ver y soñar. Intenta comunicarte de la forma más clara y precisa, evitarás dramas y malos entendidos. Haz siempre lo mejor que lo sepas hacer. Busca la excelencia en todos los aspectos de tu vida, porque lo que no es excelencia, es mediocridad. Vive tu propia vida." #V


2017/05/28 15:37:02

Sunday shape 💪🏼 Feeling good, strong & proud. Looked back on some old pics today and realized how far I've come 🙏🏼 Always keep fighting for what you want!! Balanced lifestyle is my goal! Length; 158cm Weight; 57kilos Age; 28y/o #hannaoeberg #beproud #womensbest #gymshark #gymsharkwomen #gymgirl #girlpower #girlswholift #fitgirls #fitnessmotivation #fitnessgirl #adidas #adidasoriginals #loungeunderwear


2017/05/28 15:33:57

#Repost @barstoolsports (@get_repost) ・・・ On this date in history we lost one of the greats. Never Forget #ripharambe #oneyearanniversary


2017/05/28 15:33:01

Last day in Toronto with @bodybuildingcom and my teammate 4 life @briandecosta ☺️ loooooovvvvedddddddd meeting you all so freakin much!!!!! It's been a blast this weekend 😻🙌🏼 #TeamBBCOM #thisguythough #Bodybuildingcom @toprosupershow


2017/05/28 15:30:34

Wesoła, rodzinna niedziela💃🏻👯 | Sunday - Fun day with my family💃🏻👯 #joannachampion #joannajedrzejczyk #jedrzejczykfamily #sisters @ostrowska_kasia #EwaCoNieMaInsta #Polska #sunday #sunnyday


2017/05/28 15:25:09

Trots! ❌❌❌


2017/05/28 15:21:52

Seja Ousado.


2017/05/28 15:20:34

50% off all of my F.I.T. Programs 👆🏼In Bio! ~ I'm going to keep drilling this in! 😝Weight lifting does the human body wonders! Not just superficially speaking (because they are great for shaping and toning your body) but they strengthen your body and mind too. I strongly suggest doing exercise that you enjoy doing but ladies, please don't ever fear lifting weights, the benefits far outweigh any fear you may have of them.- They won't turn you into a man! ☺️ . .


2017/05/28 15:19:42

This photo made me laugh out loud.😂🍩 The whole Heidi donut thing started a few years ago because it's my favorite cheat meal. BUT I love that people think of me when they see a donut because it shows females that you don't have to give up your favorite foods during your fitness journey. Yes, you are going to eat healthy most of the time but find a balance and eat that donut as well! 😛 #LifeIsShort #LiveaLittle #EatHealthy #ButAlsoHaveaLittleSugahhhh - PS....I'll be at the Toronto Pro again today from 12-4! 💕 -


2017/05/28 15:19:40

#bdaybabimu na minha festa teve o melhor açaí do mundo 🌟❤️🌟 Obrigada @barcodeacai !!!


2017/05/28 15:17:38

Woke up from a nightmare that I was in a big house that was being flooded and was like AHHH NEED TO MAKE THE NEW @popflex_active PRODUCTS LIVE!!! 😱😱😱 So that's what I just did! The final 4 #DARKBLOOM pieces + the 1 new stationary item are up! I hope you like them! I'm wearing the new Danger Tank in Cabernet🍷with the Wishing Star Capri in Night in size 4. I ♥️ it so much! Go to popflexactive.com! (Link in bio) Also if you have any questions on styles or sizing, leave a comment below and I'll do my best to reply to everyone! #POPFLEX


2017/05/28 15:16:33

BOGOTA este miércoles 31 de Mayo a las 7:00am‼️tenemos una cita en el lanzamiento de la nueva colección de @officialunicajeans en el cc Gran gran @el_gransan_moda local 1208 primer piso acompañame! Tendremos muchas sorpresas 💋🔝👖 @officialunicajeans •" • • Video @nicolase.audiovisual M&H @glambydavemakeup Fotografia @catmousephoto


2017/05/28 15:15:20

I love art! Especially when a pineapples involved 🍍😱Last summer I started drawing to help de-stress. My whole family is incredible artistic, but until recently I never got into it. Ok thinking I'll try some actual painting this summer. A pineapple project perhaps? Haha 🎨Are any of you guys into art? What do you do!? . Don't forget to grab your Ultimate Sweat Kit {link in bio}! We're doing a private LIVE workout at 9am PACIFIC for all the #lsfhotbody babes 🙌🏻 . . . Repost 📷 @maajiswimwear


2017/05/28 15:13:25

Дни потрясающих видов🔥 Жизнь сталкивает меня с самыми талантливыми фотографами💗 @yuliyabezdar 📷 #Cappadocia


2017/05/28 15:12:28

Я не представляю, как раньше люди понимали эмоции в сообщениях!🤷🏽‍♀️ С появлением смайликов наша жизнь определённо стала проще!) Сравните: Круто. Или "круто😍🤤" Прости. Или "прости🙏🏼🙏🏼😭" До встречи. Или "до встречи🤗😘" Человека, который не использует смайлы в сообщениях, воспринимаешь, как сухаря😂 Да что говорить, смайлами можно даже общаться😂 У кого богатое воображение, так точно))) А ещё смайлами можно намекнуть (👉🏼👌🏼)😹😹, послать 🖕🏼 или выразить такую эмоцию 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️😂 Как мы жили без этого смайла, не пойму) шедевр же😅 Вот, кстати, и мой любимый эмоджи-😅😅😅! Он подходит почти под все мои мессенджы😅 А какие у вас любимые смайлы?🤔


2017/05/28 15:11:55

Everyday is #beautiful


2017/05/28 15:11:22

My Tribe takes on #AnimalKingdom #ElijahFayson #Keanabanana #Amaresito


2017/05/28 15:06:28

Showing how the @fujifilm_northamerica @fujifilmx_us #xt2 freezes, 2 times in less than 2 minutes with @jsearcyfitness bottom @fmsfashionmiamistyles , @fujifilm_northamerica read your Dms and fix this please ;)


2017/05/28 15:05:19

Aquela academia que é SÓ sua para fazer caras e bocas no domingo de manhã 😜💦 #fazendoPoseDeModeleteAlta #queroVerFazerIssoComAacademiaLotada #micoAgenteVêPorAqui Day OFF de musculação e a gente já está como? 💦Suada, endorfinada AND arretada depois de 1h de cárdio! Porque só quem vai para a suadeira sabe a energia e a vontade de viver pós atividade física! #lifestyle #workout #healthy #healthylifestyle #fitness #fit #foco #motivation #mundobt #lauflook


2017/05/28 15:04:08

Как же все таки тяжело держать себя в форме на отдыхе..... когда столько соблазнов: валяться, кушать и пить кока-колу, которую я так обожаю😓


2017/05/28 15:03:22

Rare occasion of me saying a cliche but no other way to caption this SUN OUT BUNS OUT🌞... Finally about to enjoy a 100% day off! Probably at my pool because the beaches are a complete mess this weekend. What are you guys doing today? 📸 @inline_photography // @inlinephotography 🏠 @prominentstatus Production: @kelvin7talent Bronze: @tatanmiami ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• #fitgirl #sundayfunday #sundaybumday #hardwork #goals #weekend #weekendvibes #strongnotskinny #strongwomen #women #bikinimodel #bikini #summermotivation #summer #beachlife #beachvibes #beachbum #summerfun #positive #positivevibes #healthylifestyle #sun #sand #healthy #memorialdayweekend #memorialday


2017/05/28 14:57:12

Muitcho amor envolvido 💕 Sorrisos by @drviotto


2017/05/28 14:57:09

When he's cute but you saw him wearing a romper on Instagram last week...🖐🏻 eh ⛔️


2017/05/28 14:48:47

Como domingo tem cara de família, hoje compartilho com vocês um pouco da minha. Em nosso seio familiar é onde aprendemos, pela primeira vez, sobre a gratuidade e genuinidade do amor. É nesse núcleo, e tão apenas nesse núcleo, que já nascemos amados, sem precisar ao menos provar quem somos ou quais são as nossas intenções. Existe forma de amor mais divino na terra? Existe não. Ame sua família. ❤️ @malununes55 @raphafalconi @wanderbocelli . . . Sundays have a family atmosphere, so today I share with you a little bit of my family. It is in our family that we learn, for the first time, about the gratuity and genuineness of love. It is in this nucleus, and so only in this nucleus, that we are already born beloved, without even having to prove who we are or what our intentions are. Is there a more divine love on earth? No sir. Love your family. ❤️ @malununes55 @raphafalconi @wanderbocelli


2017/05/28 14:46:16

The people in #monaco are so fun I never want to leave 😍 #dress @catherinegeedesign #pr @redlightpr #followmenetwork #fmnmonaco #formula1 #grandprix #fashion


2017/05/28 14:33:08

Home sweet home.. 🇳🇱 And it actually feels like summer in my own country! ☀️ So I'm in a great mood and basically excited about everything that's coming 😂 #Newchapter - Wearing @bodyengineersofficial👇🏻 ATHENA GEOmetric Legging & Sports Bra


2017/05/28 14:28:49


2017/05/28 14:27:39



2017/05/28 14:26:42

[NEW RELEASE] - TAG a friend that would love these @DOYOUEVEN leggings! 😍🔥 . 🎉 Use DYE10 to save 10% OFF STOREWIDE! 🎉 . Grab yours from www.doyoueven.com ✔️ tap the store link in BIO 👈🏼


2017/05/28 14:24:48

Domingo en Uno de mis lugares Favoritos


2017/05/28 14:21:05

Preview of todays shooting in Switzerland, Luzern🇨🇭 SWIPE LEFT to see more or go to my Snapchat: andrinafit ❤️💯 - #fitgirl #tonedlegs #swissgirl #switzerland #shooting #bts #behindthescenes #shootingvideos


2017/05/28 14:20:16



2017/05/28 14:16:26

Felicidades y gracias mamá por modelarme los principios y valores con los que he guiado mi vida y manejado mi carrera. En este día reconozco con creces todo tu valor. ( Gracias al periódico nacional por la portada de su revista Que Pasa y Miguelina terrero por la nota)


2017/05/28 14:07:23

No one represents @2pawz quite like @wwerollins! Happy birthday, Seth!!! You rock. ☕️🍰🎉💰🐐🎁🎂


2017/05/28 14:05:39

Bom diaaaaaaa amores meus ❤ Vamos aproveitar o domingo com muita gratidão e alegria ? 😁🙏🏼 Fiquem com Deus 😘


2017/05/28 14:04:54

@pharmafreak booth day 2! ❤️ @toprosupershow We will be giving away a ton of these and more goodies at our booth if you can show us how strong you are 😍💪🏼 Both girls and guys! Make sure to come by our booth # 425 & 520 would love to meet a lot of you today! 😘 #letsgetittt #pumpfreak #torontosupershow


2017/05/28 14:03:06

Grateful, everyday! 💛 #happy Grata, todos os dias! #feliz


2017/05/28 14:01:16

Everyone L🍩VES Sunday Morning Donuts! 💗 Especially when they're fresh & pretty in pink 🎀 Donut tell the fam they're healthy! 😏😋 Makes 10 donuts! * 1/2 cup chocolate @Tone It Up Protein (available at @Target!!! 🎯 And on My.ToneItUp.com 🤗 * 1/2 cup almond meal * 1/2 tsp. baking soda * 1/2 tsp. baking powder * 1/4 cup unsweetened cocoa powder * 1/4 cup maple syrup * 2 Tbsp. coconut oil * 1/4 cup egg whites * 1/4 cup unsweetened almond milk * 1/4 cup Greek yogurt (or almond) * 1/4 cup dark chocolate chips (optional)
coconut oil spray Donut Directions STEP 1: Preheat the oven to 350 degrees STEP 2: In a bowl, combine all dry ingredients and stir to combine. STEP 3: Add the wet ingredients and optional dark chocolate chips to the bowl and mix until combined. STEP 4: Spray donut tins with coconut oil and scoop batter into each one. Bake for 15 minutes or until a toothpick comes out clean. Top with coconut frosting mixed with crushed raspberries & pink sprinkles or peanut butter drizzle! Enjoy babes!!! 👯 Xxxo K&K


2017/05/28 13:57:05

Bom dia amores! Segura essa make bafônica da @laiaramakeup ✨💕


2017/05/28 13:33:00

Celebrando el día de las madres dominicanas en el lugar más feliz del mundo, con los que contribuyen grandemente a mí felicidad: Mis hijos, mis bronceaditos, mis caramelitos y solo cuando duermen mis angelitos. Soy afortunada de escucharlos todos los días decirme la palabra más dulce que existe en la lengua española : mamá


2017/05/28 13:29:16

Bom dia @sheratonrio 💙 Que delícia aproveitar esse lugar maravilhoso ✨ Viemos usar o DAY PASS... Um pacote que inclui desconto em massagens, acesso à área de lazer, estacionamento, recepção infantil e desconto nas quadras de tênis! . . #sheratonrio #sheraton #riodejaneiro #rio #rj #piscina #daypasssheraton #bomdia #goodmorning


2017/05/28 13:26:29



2017/05/28 13:19:52

Piss up in the park


2017/05/28 13:19:46



2017/05/28 13:17:31

#byebye #siriparte🐾🐾🐾 @boylondon_italia @mmconsulting


2017/05/28 13:12:57



2017/05/28 13:08:23

@sommerray 😍🔥


2017/05/28 13:07:50

Sunday 🏋🏻‍♀️ Eu tenho duas opções: ou eu faço acontecer, ou espero que algo aconteça. Como eu sei que ninguém vai fazer nada por mim, eu escolho fazer eu mesma 👊🏼 (do céu só cai chuva) né? 😅 @vestem 🆚 #elasvestem #vestemteam #embaixadoravestem


2017/05/28 13:07:44

Just found this video of me lifting 😂😂😂🙃 volume up!!! I thought that what is happening in my garage is more entertaining then trying to put inspirational music or stuff ya know!!! #reallife #keepitreal #workhard #havefun #nodistraction @davefreakinlipson


2017/05/28 13:04:32



2017/05/28 13:01:52

Note to self: I am going to make you so proud ❤️ #jordankefit #npc2017 #npcprep #npcbikini #npcposing #npc #girlswithabs #girlswholift #shredz #shredzambassador #shredzwomen #fitfam #fitnessgirls #bikini - - - - HUGE SHREDZ SALE! Don't miss out!! 75% off plus an extra 15% with my discount JORDAN15 at jordan.shredz.com


2017/05/28 13:00:12

Ice cream, pizza, pasta... repeat 😜🍦🍕🍝🇮🇹 Honestly tho, this is why I work hard when I'm home because what is living if you can't enjoy the indulgences of travel and culture?!? No guilty eating just more life 👊🏾👊🏾


2017/05/28 12:57:19

@vestem 😎 #elasvestem #vestemteam #embaixadoravestem


2017/05/28 12:56:25

Bom dia!!! Domingo, dia de café da manhã tarde. Já fomos pra missa e agora vamos comer!! De hoje, foi pão de queijo de frigideira no capricho, e o de vocês??? 🤗❤️


2017/05/28 12:53:11

The power of our thoughts lead to actions that can push us to create anything in our life 🙌🏻 Sometimes where you are isn't where you will be in 10 years but you can make changes any day!Tag a friend to remind them 💙 #createyourlife #sundayreminders


2017/05/28 12:50:19

Do you like my look today?? Happy Sunday loves ❤❤ Os gusta cómo voy hoy? Me he vestido con jeggings y camisa @bershkacollection por menos de 30€ 😅 qué os parece? Luego os subiré historias, estad atentos! ☺ me voy a comer mi cheat meal ❤❤ Feliz domingo a todos 💋💋💋


2017/05/28 12:49:45

Voy a decir algo que con seguridad va a molestar a muchos, pero que cuando se los explique les va a molestar más, y es que a veces cuidamos más lo que tenemos seguro, que lo inseguro. Me explico: yo siempre digo, "no cuides tanto a tu familia, cuida a tu pareja" y la gente se sorprende por ello. Pero cómo que no voy a cuidar mucho a mi familia? Es mi familia! Y no, tu familia, que es tu familia, está segura, es tu familia, nunca se pierde. Ustedes han oído decir a alguien "por ahí va mi ex hijo, o mi ex padre"? No, verdad? Pero han oído mucho, "allí va mi ex pareja". Los padres, los hijos, los hermanos y la familia es lo más seguro que se tiene, no hay ex. Ellos están ahí, y por muchos años que duren sin verse, por mucho tiempo que tarden en escribirse o en hablarse, ellos están siempre ahí. Usted no puede decir "aquella señora que va pasando por allí fue mi madre por 35 años". Una madre siempre es madre, es segura. Y es más, les voy a decir otra cosa, de todos los amores, que es tender lazos, de todos los puentes, el amor más débil que existe es el de pareja. En una pareja no hay nada. Por eso hay que darlo todo, para quedarse con algo. Tener una pareja es como cuidar una flor. Si una flor no se riega, se muere, y si se riega mucho, también. Hay que ser un artista para cuidar una flor. Cuida a tu pareja como una flor. Yo no sé cuidar flores. Por eso, el amor de padre, de madre y de hijo siempre está allí, a pesar que pocos lo riegan, pero está ahí. Eso que llamamos amor eterno se da en papá, en mamá, en un hijo, y en los amigos, que también puede ser un amor eterno. Pero en una pareja es un amor diario, tiene que cuidarse todos los días. Quien tenga esa hermosa flor, ya saben lo que tienen que hacer, regarla todos los días para que siempre este fresca y radiante y se mantenga ahí, hasta que Dios decida llevársela de este mundo, y los que no, no dejen de tener fe de que Dios les regalará nuevamente una flor para su jardín💐


2017/05/28 12:49:03

🦋👑💫🏎GEMINI SISTER🏎💫👑🦋 @carmenjorda🦄🦄👯👯👯👯👯👯👯👯


2017/05/28 12:34:47

Self respect has nothing to Do with how much or how little clothes you wear. Modesty empowers some. Nudity empowers some. #bodiezoutofthisworld #womenruntheworld #beautiful #celestial #nudity #modesty #selfrespect #womenruntheworld


2017/05/28 12:28:46

When the motivation fades thats when the disciplin shows its strength. And yes we ALL have bad days but keep pushing and never ever give up💦👊🏻 #nevergiveup #fitnessbyaspen


2017/05/28 12:27:03

Turminha boaaaa do fds ❤❤❤!!! #doricrew @dorineto @albertonigianne @janyckdaudet @pri.fantin @crisarcangeli @rafalakapereira @hugogloss @drgustavoendrigo !! #clubmedlaréserve


2017/05/28 12:22:38

Morning, Sunday!!!☕️🍓 Bom dia, Domingo lindo!!! #breakfast #breakfastinbed


2017/05/28 12:20:27



2017/05/28 12:20:12

А кто сегодня на ЖАРЕ @zharatv премьерит новую песню??? Все верно ! Я ☺️☺️☺️ Если вы уже смотрели мои бесконечные сториз, то уже даже слова могли выучить ))) Так что жду вечером на сдачу экзаменов ! Будем петь , танцевать и фотографироваться ))) ❤️


2017/05/28 12:20:02

Busy loving life right now. Be back soon! ✌🏻💗⚡️😘 . @libfestival #lib #libfestival #lib2017


2017/05/28 12:14:43



2017/05/28 12:10:06

Body Goals?! credit @okaspen


2017/05/28 12:07:16

Мастер-класс прошёл удачно! Спасибо всем кто приехал ❤️#станьчеловеком #reebokrussia @reebok_russia #ЭтоМояИстория


2017/05/28 12:05:29

Definitely hard work pays off 🙊 #OurNewHome 💘 @tfit360 #PowerfulCouple


2017/05/28 11:59:00

💏 ren och kär kärlek! Gårdagen var magisk och då inga ord finns som beskriver den tacksamhet och lycka jag känner för att jag fick dela denna stora dag med er så säger jag bara; Jag älskar er #makarnawestling @pennerdahl @jowes010 ❤️


2017/05/28 11:58:45

Travel Day🚀 Night adventures in a sacred place 🏜


2017/05/28 11:52:27

🏎👑 @lewishamilton #LETSGO🦁👑


2017/05/28 11:52:15

Booty poses for video, shot in Vegas for a camera test ;), #Ohrangutanglovesbumbum


2017/05/28 11:48:49


2017/05/28 11:47:17

This is Sunday ☀️ who is online, guys? 🌈


2017/05/28 11:45:52

😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 when you have someone who makes you so happy!!! 🐶🐶


2017/05/28 11:41:55

Zipping' bcaa between sets! Love the cola:lime flavor, makes it easy to get a liter of water down 🙄👅 @womensbest #bcaa #besttaste #annons #womensbest


2017/05/28 11:35:46

Bom dia mundoooo! Que minha mídia sirva de ajuda a casos assim ! Vamos ajudar esta princesa guerreira! Que o mestre Jesus toque o coração de vocês e vamos juntos @todos_pelayasmin! Como ajudar sem gastar nada: 1️⃣- Vibrando positivamente, mandando mensagens de força, apoio e divulgando o perfil @todos_pelaYasmin para quem puder ajudar. Como ajudar sem gastando só um pouquinho: 2️⃣- Doando os suplementos ou fazendo doações de R$ 10, R$ 20, R$ 30, não importa o valor, se cada um dos seguidores ajudassem com 1 real... meninas vamos ajudar?! @bellafalconi @#Repost @laracostaroriz ・・・ Bom dia mundoooo!!! Vamos ajudar esta princesa guerreira! Que o mestre Jesus toque o coração de vocês e vamos juntos @todos_pelayasmin! Como ajudar sem gastar nada: 1️⃣- Vibrando positivamente, mandando mensagens de força, apoio e divulgando o perfil @todos_pelaYasmin para quem puder ajudar. Como ajudar sem gastando só um pouquinho: 2️⃣- Doando os suplementos ou fazendo doações de R$ 10, R$ 20, R$ 30, não importa o valor, se cada um dos seguidores ajudassem com 1 real... Banco Itaú agência 7159 conta poupança 22390- 3/500 Yasmin Sartori Araújo, CPF: 517.914.088.93 whatsapp: (19) 992956705 #ajude #doarfazbem #todospelayasmin


2017/05/28 11:27:27

It's Sunday! May your day be filled with joy equivalent to an 11-week old smiling in a pink tutu☺️🤗❤ #happiness


2017/05/28 11:25:12

💓Good Vibes😁🌸 @viki.vikini 👙


2017/05/28 11:24:14

TOMORROW I'll be doing a live yoga class here on Instagram! 🙌🏼 I thought I'd take you through some of my favourite hip and hamstring stretches and also share some splits tips! 😃 Check my story to see what time I'll be live 🎥😊 #live #yoga See you tomorrow fam!! ab❤x


2017/05/28 11:20:46

@chelle.fit.mama progress using my #bbg program!! www.kaylaitsines.com/app


2017/05/28 11:18:02

Мои хорошие, я создала канал SS.FIT в телеграм https://telegram.me/ssfit , ведь сейчас на инстаграм времени тратить хочется все меньше и меньше, а информацию получать желание остается. Особенно я переживаю, что много народу пропускает информацию о старте марафона, а потом ждет следующей волны Попробую наполнять его инфой, которой маловато здесь: о добавках, витаминах, косметике и местах для тренировок в Москве, как вам идея? Вы добавляйтесь, а я начну потихонечку заполнять❤️


2017/05/28 11:17:51

Que sea un suuuper domingo #abscheck ya viste mas fotos y datos en @mariuxinusk


2017/05/28 11:12:47

Mood 👿 Stay tuned for all new shoots this week : ) 👄🐥Especially what me and @liverichmedia have in store🔥🔥


2017/05/28 11:09:02

Flawed and fabulous 💋 Because perfect doesn't exist, and normal is boring 💫 #makeithappen⠀ Bikini: @styleonstage⠀ Jewellery: @all_that_glitters_gems⠀ Image: @dallasolsen68⠀ H&MU: @jensteyn⠀ Tan: @protanaustraliaofficial1


2017/05/28 10:56:42

BOMMMM DIAAAA domingão no estilo sexy cult de @pmglingerie 🤓 Já leu suas notícias, viu que o nosso país está um caos, que a economia e a política estão dançadas, mas que também tem muita gente BOA como você nesse Brasil! E mais um dia você vai levantar da cama arrasando para fazer a sua parte! PORQUE VOCÊ É FODA! E nada te desanima! Não é mesmo? 👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻 Genteeeeee! Últimos dias da minha coleção para a @pmglingerie com desconto de 40%! Aproveitaaaaa para garantir o presente do dia dos namorados que já tá aí hein!


2017/05/28 10:51:46

Hello tout le monde !😊 Comme beaucoup doivent le savoir, je ferai partie de la liste des invités du challenge sportif #myfiitchallenge2 de @justinegallice et @thibault_geoffray ! 🎉🎉 Le challenge dure 2 mois, est accessible à tous les niveaux, à faire chez soi ou en salle, basé sur la méthode HIIT que j'affectionne particulièrement 🤗🤗 vous me retrouverez pour des sessions LIVE ! 💪💦ça va être morteeeeeel ! 💪😜 ✖️✖️ Toutes les infos sur www.myfiitchallenge.com ✖️✖️ vous avez jusqu'au 31 mai pour vous inscrire ! 😊 Bonne journéeeee !!!!


2017/05/28 10:43:13

80 minutes, 15 positions, no protection. Wanna ruck? 😆☘️🇮🇪🙌🏻🏉🥔🎩💚


2017/05/28 10:34:20

Так много хочется Вам рассказать , но с начала #музыка ❤️ Моя #ПерваяЛюбовь


2017/05/28 10:33:18



2017/05/28 10:30:30

Очередной #СтаньЧеловеком позади 🤘🏽каждый забег все мощнее и мощнее! @reebok_russia вы крутые! Организация уже на каком-то невообразимом уровне! А вообще люблю всем сердцем именно #СтаньЧеловеком за то, что здесь всегда крутые волонтёры! На каждом препятствии столько криков поддержки! Столько энергии они отдают, что потом ещё неделю ходишь заряженный 🔥🔥🔥 Ну а препятствия это отдельная история) мое самое любимое, когда суть препятствий не столько в упражнениях, сколько в командном духе и веселье 😅 сегодня я, кстати, поняла, что забег в мае в коломенском, мимо цветущей сирени самый идеальный 😌 даже утренний ливень, из-за которого трасса превратилась в грязевое месиво не испортил впечатлений ❤️#reebokrussia #reebok #СтаньЧеловеком