2017/07/25 06:20:27

Sunny afternoons like these ☺️✨☀️ Jacket // @sportsgirl #sportsgirlstyle 📸 @jamescunningham_photography // @agencyeight #SP


2017/07/25 06:03:00

#Repost @harleydavidson ・・・ Family First. Make sure to go out for a ride with family or go visit them today for #ParentsDay. [email protected] #LiveYourLegend


2017/07/25 05:34:07

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2017/07/25 05:01:38

Booty pals 😍🍑📸 @nickygile @jilissann


2017/07/25 04:52:53

TUESDAY 🙌🏽 Feeling motivated! Did a body composition scan this morning and since my last one (4 weeks ago) I've put on 1kg of muscle, lost 1.2kg of fat, and dropped 2% body fat 💪🏽 They're only small improvements but progress is progress, no matter how small! 🙌🏽 Little changed make all the difference, I've been forcing myself to workout at least 4-5 times per week- in the past week or so I've had a few back issues which meant I wasn't able to exercise as much as I would have liked but still! Those are things that can't be controlled sometimes. I've also been making little changes to my diet, it's still not 100% perfect but it's a lot better than it was a month ago and there always time to improve! Hoping next months scan will be even better but seeing progress has given me that little bit of extra motivation to keep pushing further, keep exercising harder and to keep cleaning up my diet even more!


2017/07/25 04:42:20



2017/07/25 04:35:23

Booty queen 👑 @saraunderwood


2017/07/25 04:20:44

Bogotá 📍#DanielaBaptista #venezuela #influencer #model #likes #instagram #instalike #instafollow


2017/07/25 04:05:11


2017/07/25 03:30:32

Boss babes 😍📸💪 @rosannaarkle @brookeevers


2017/07/25 03:17:27

" Ela é feita de mistérios infinitos escondidos em detalhes tão pequenos, que só quem parar pra olhar será capaz de decifrar ..." 🖤Buenas Noches


2017/07/25 02:45:52

Showing up for yourself is not always easy. I taught this AM and planned to take an evening class at the studio since I didn't get to practice like I normally do. Mornings are easy for me because baby sleeps in (she has to catch up on the zz's she misses out on in the middle of the night!🙈) and I can sneak a practice in before the day has really started. Evenings are harder, but I want to stick with my daily practice even while teaching, while running a business, while being a mom. It's important. So, today. I ended up in a few meetings during the day with Dennis taking care of Luna, and as the day went on I started feeling more and more guilty about the idea of going to practice since I had already been away. My mind started filling up with thoughts like "I shouldn't be selfish, I should go home" and "it's not that important anyway". Baby isn't sleeping well these days and I'm walking around in sort of a zombie-like haze. Truth is, having one full hour to myself every day is a gift I need to give myself when I can. It makes me a better mother, wife, friend, boss... But all day I had that voice at the back of my head making me feel guilty for planning to take a yoga class after a full day of work. In the end guilt won and I went home anyway. It wasn't until I stepped through the front door and felt my body aching with disappointment that I changed my mind. I need yoga to function! So. I left Lunis with my mom and when I lingered to get out of the door she told me; "go to yoga but on one condition: it has to be guilt free. If it's full of guilt it doesn't count and then you might as well stay home." I drove to the studio and spent 60 minutes flowing on my mat, fully present, connecting my body with my breath. I set my intention for the week: to move with ease and to leave guilt at the door. What's it good for anyway? Does feeling guilty make me a better person? No! Does practicing self-care? Hell YES. When class was over I sneakily left my mat in a cubby outside the shala. That way I won't have to go looking for it when I come back for 8am practice tomorrow morning☺️ . . One hour a day, people. It's worth it. #yogaeverydamnday


2017/07/25 02:42:04


2017/07/25 02:35:39

Already missing these Waikiki nights 💥 dress @fashionnova


2017/07/25 02:20:19

Twinning ❤📸🙌 @isabel.lahela


2017/07/25 02:11:39

Y ahora si a descansar, espero hayan tenido un día muy productivo hoy 👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻 . . @xtrategynutrition_


2017/07/25 02:08:29

Papi 💋 #MCE @willy_beamen #Husbandoftheyear #letsmakemorebabies #mine #hesthebest


2017/07/25 01:48:22

I'm jetting off to Texas right now but look what arrived! Thank you @casper for my gift! I can't wait to try it out once I'm back from traveling! I'll definitely be posting up a video and review for y'all the moment I put it on my bed frame! 🙌🏼 #inmycasper


2017/07/25 01:11:19


2017/07/25 01:09:20

@bossgirlsofficial do it better 😍💪🏼


2017/07/25 00:45:36

loveeee me a white kini 😏 thanks to my babe @xoobruna for spoiling me alwaysssss w/ @brukinis 💋


2017/07/25 00:42:54

Perfect way to end a pretty epic trip to NZ and Kauai. 🙌🏽 A Beach Hut breakfast sammich with a view 😍 I enjoyed it so much I almost missed my flight 😬 It wouldn't be a Kauai trip without me almost missing it 😂 Lloyd Christmas got me there right on time! 😭 BRB Kauai! #travellife #kauai #beachhut #itokimalimodriver #soclose #notBOMS #dietstartstomorrow #mondayish #tambasurfco


2017/07/25 00:32:00

The @DOYOUEVEN ProMesh Hoodie is LIVE! 💪🏼 TAG a friend that would love these! 🔥 . Grab yours now from 🌏 or tap the link in our BIO ✔️


2017/07/25 00:19:31

Excited to give an inside look into the future of sleep and a product I’ve been working on with @Leesasleep tomorrow on their Instagram page at 6:45PM EST! Have a question you'd like to ask me? Submit here:


2017/07/25 00:15:01

Just another manic Mondayyyy. #amirite and another magical shot by @nathanielgerdes ☀️🌵🙏🏼 (sporting @champagneswim!) Next GOT review dropping on my channel tonight!! Episode was 🔥🔥🎉🎉. Reg vlogs will continue tomorrow. Yay for another week!! Hope yalls is amazing!


2017/07/25 00:08:55

Would love to be back here right now but this mama has work to do ! Hope you all have a productive week ♥️


2017/07/24 23:55:05

Come with me 🍑😍👌 @gabbyscheyen


2017/07/24 23:53:21

Galera massaaaaa... Roubei a foto da @ricademarre !!! 💥💥💥💥


2017/07/24 23:48:24

I'm not the kind of woman that begs. I'm not the kind of woman that sits around and waits for things to magically fall into my lap. If I want something, I work hard for it. I fall a lot, but I always figure out a way to get back up. I don't make excuses, instead, I find solutions. So the way I see it, the only men that find me "intimidating" are the kind that either don't have their shit together, or prefer women that have "less than" them — and those aren't the kind of men that I want in my life anyway🦄 ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Photo by @karlogomez H & M by @auralisflores Words by @thecrimsonkiss


2017/07/24 23:43:16

What's for dinner? 😋Try one of my favorite #HealthyDinner options! ❤️Only 338calories & packed with protein & healthy fat! Try this #HealthyDinner option from the #Recipe and #Meals section of our club @hollywoodtrainerclub 😋😋😋Delicious and easy to prepare #WildAlaskanSockeyeSalmon with a side of Organic Lemon #Asparagus and #SweetPotato ❤️The entire meal is only 338calories, 30.8grams of protein, 7.8grams of Fiber! #SockeyeSalmon is packed with #HealthyFat #Omega3 fat that helps with transporting #oxygen through the blood needed for #fatburning, it decreases your risk of #heartdisease, a building block for #hormone production & so much more! ❤️💪🏽Healthy Fat is also needed for your brain. Did you know that 60% of your brain is composed of fat & #HealthyFat Omega3 deficiency puts you at increased risk of #BrainDisorders like #ADD #LossOfMemory & #Dementia 😳It only takes 10-15min to bake & it's so delicious! ❤️For more delicious recipes & #cookingInstructions just login to the club @hollywoodtrainerclub & click meals/recipes ❤️It's Day24 of our #30DayBootcampChallenge and all 30Days of #workouts are loaded in the #VirtualGym in the club @hollywoodtrainerclub and it's never too late to join us! #GreenVegetables #JeanetteJenkins #Nutrition #SockeyeSalmon #HealthyFat #Omega3 #Asparagus #TheHollywoodTrainerClub #HealthyDinner


2017/07/24 23:35:19

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2017/07/24 23:23:58

Boa noite gente!! ❤️ Depois de uma segunda feira corrida, venho aqui aproveitar para tirar uma duvida frequente que recebo nos directs. Muitas pessoas me perguntam se tenho lente de contato nos dentes mas não tenho não, são todinhos meus! Rs 🤓 E são grandes sim e eu gosto deles assim! 🙈 rs Então mantenho-os branquinhos fazendo clareamento anualmente. A última vez que fiz (no dia desse vídeo) foi com o aparelho BMW da @mmoptics e amei o resultado! É meu uso frequente no consultório! ❤️ O meu único problema com clareamento é segurar o café, aí eu sofro real!! Rs Mas vale a pena né? 🙌🏼 #dentistasfit #projetodentistasfit


2017/07/24 23:21:58

É claro que é difícil ser uma força positiva quando tudo ao seu redor parece ruim, mas você precisa insistir. Essa é a única escolha possível. Já tem muita gente desistindo de fazer o que é certo, de combater o que é errado. Já tem muita gente se entregando a essa maré de hipocrisia que periga nos engolir. Você precisa manter o pé firme e combater tudo isso. Você não precisa salvar o mundo, precisa só fazer a sua parte. Look MARAAAAAAA DA minha coleção de inverno @hiit_fitwear by Carol Porcelli 😍😍😍 Amo vocês ❤️ . . . Of course it's hard to be a positive force when everything around you looks bad, but you need to insist. That's the only possible choice. Already there are many people giving up doing what is right, fighting what is wrong. There are already many people surrendering to this tide of hypocrisy that will swallow us up. You need to keep your foot firm and fight it all. You do not need to save the world, you just have to do your part. #hiit #goodnight #beautiful #carolporcelli


2017/07/24 23:18:20

Rodéate de gente a la que le BRILLEN los ojos.


2017/07/24 23:13:40

Boa noiteeeee 🦋


2017/07/24 23:10:17

Com meu parceiro de todas as horas! Amo você! 😍🙏🏽🍀✨ #PartiuCasa #SóCoisasBoas #MeuAmor @feliperoque #ExisteAmorEmSP


2017/07/24 22:54:35

Booty goals 🍑❤📸 @julia_duerr97


2017/07/24 22:53:26

Equilíbrio de corpo e mente no evento que rolou no @desfrutti 🍀 @rolimisadora @marcelafetter @jonas.mbt Vídeo : @rodolfobelon


2017/07/24 22:44:43

Dos niños celebrando casi una década de amor ❤️ #PepePoolParty


2017/07/24 22:15:08

Dream Team!!! ✨🍀 Um prazer trabalhar com cada um de vcs! 🙏🏽🙌🏽💜 #DiaDeCampanha @biotipojeans #foto @yurisardenberg e @anaamonteiro1 #beleza @krisnacarvalho #produção @aledupratoficial #AMO


2017/07/24 21:48:07

"Not all who WANDER are lost" - #samanthasepulveda #CatchSamIfYouCan #Boston #newburystreet


2017/07/24 21:44:30

Gotten into a pretty good routine to warm these puppies up before leg day. If you've never tried floss bands before, BUY EM. Wrap that quad up and do both open and close chain movements for 2 mins max and feel that new fresh flow of blood move into that pain free quad 😍 . On another note I realized I got put those damn things on upside down and inside out to be able to get em up but it works great so far 😂 #LongerThanYourWarmup . . . #fitness #inspire #inspiration #motivate #motivation #femalelifters #glutes #fitspo #fitness #workout # #health #lift #build #bodybuilding #powerlifter #strong #girlsthatlift #cardio #dedication #progress #sponsored


2017/07/24 21:43:04

Yummy afternoons at moms 😍 Bolo quentinho saindo do forno, quem resiste?!


2017/07/24 21:35:36

Pessoal hoje estarei Live no facebook da @liveoficial as 20h horário de Brasília! Espero todos vocês 😍 . . Hey guys I will be Live on @live.official 's facebook at 7 pm EST! See you guys there 👏🏻😙 #teamlive #euvivolive


2017/07/24 21:22:26

Única la decoración de la estación de comida gracias a @4enjoymiami que siempre logran sorprenderme. Y @balloonsdecorbytania por los balloons


2017/07/24 21:19:37



2017/07/24 20:55:54

I can't with these. So funny 😂


2017/07/24 20:53:42

un·break·a·ble 🖤 #MadeInTheDungeon #unbreakablemonday


2017/07/24 20:52:21

Oh hey!! I know her 🙋🏻😻 So incredibly proud of my bf @KatrinaaScott 🙌🏼 We've been practicing yoga together since our first yoga date 7 years ago and she just finished her Yoga Training to share with the TIU team (hello #TIUyogabooty!) 🤸🏼‍♀️🙏🏼📿 Keep an eye out on for her post on her training experience and if you're in LA, pick up the Summer '17 issue of @LAYoga with this babe on the cover!! 💗💗💗 Namasté xx @KarenaDawn #MondayMuse #MotivationMonday #TIUyoga


2017/07/24 20:40:13

El destino pone muchas personas en tu vida . Pero solo las mejores permanecen para siempre C&G 🦋#model#keybiscayne#fitnessgirl#wifelove


2017/07/24 20:31:56

Un nutella shake bar en la fiesta de mi hijo , solo @bocas_house hace algo así 😍🎂🎈


2017/07/24 20:28:05


2017/07/24 20:23:31

Never in a million years did I think I'd be as strong as I feel today. Being a new mum has been a real challenge, but it has been the most rewarding experience I've come across thus far. After giving birth I didn't recognize myself, neither my body. I had a hard time accepting the changes that today became the catalyst to the new woman you see standing in front of you. Almost 5 months later through lots of patience, discipline, and trust in myself, I stand proud of what I've been able to accomplish. I've found my purpose again. I feel like myself again. I feel like I can take on anything that comes at me...why? Because I just did something amazing...I gave life, and also found life again. I am a mother and that is my superpower. If I was able to do this and continue finding balance in my life, I want to reassure you that you will too. Trust the process. Give in. Adapt. Grow. Blossom! New core restoration program for mums with diastasis coming soon... WWW.MASSYARIAS.COM #ma30day #babyindi #babygirl #momlife #childofgod _____________________________________________________________ Nunca pensé que iba a sentirme tan fuerte como me siento hoy en día. Ser una nueva mama ha traído muchísimos desafíos, pero ha sido la experiencia más increíble que he tenido hasta el día de hoy. Después de dar a luz no me reconocía, ni tampoco mi cuerpo. Me tomo bastante aceptar los cambios que hoy en día son la razón de la nueva mujer que me he convertido. Con casi 5 meses postparto, mucha paciencia, disciplina, y creyendo en mi, hoy me paro delante de ustedes con mucho orgullo por todo lo que he logrado hoy en día. Volví a encontrar mi propósito. Vuelvo a sentirme como la persona que siempre he sido; alegre y con mucho enfoque. Hoy siento que puedo vencer todo lo que se me aviente en frente...porque? Porque acabo de hacer algo increíble. He dado vida, pero también he encontrado una nueva vida. Si yo he podido hacerlo y aún sigo encontrando balance, quiero asegurarte que lo harás también. Cree en el proceso. Déjate llevar. Adáptate. Y florece! Nuevo programa de reconstrucción abdominal después del embarazo viene por ahí... #hijadecristo


2017/07/24 20:19:45

🤰#15weekspregnant butt/legs/core💪🏻Tag a prego 👭.... ⚠️Ps: Ask your doc before performing ! ••••••••••••••••••••••••••• 🇫🇷Fessiers/Gainage/Cuisses👐🏻Tag une 👭. ⚠️: Accord du doc avant reproduction !. • Fitness E-book ✔🖤


2017/07/24 20:10:33

Segunda-feira e eu estou como??? 💚💦 Eu voltando a ser EU 🤸🏼‍♀️ . . #notyourtypical #notyourtypicalhandstand #handstand #ipanema #beach #riodejaneiro #rj #rio #praia #beachaholic #onehandstand #happy #upsidedown #handstandwhereistand #achadosdasemana


2017/07/24 20:09:01

Жизнь без замесов - зря потраченное время


2017/07/24 20:00:41

Style is an outlet to showcase your personality and uniqueness without needing to speak 💕 @gabyburger shows us her style on the streets wearing the Zaraha Active Bomber Jacket. Are you thinking of how you're going to rock today? 🤔 Shop her look instore or via the link in our bio #womenstechnicalfashion #thisisactiveliving #lornajane #movenourishbelieve # activeliving


2017/07/24 19:53:19

Believe you can, Believe you will💪🏽🦄


2017/07/24 19:52:42

Be there when I turn around and I'll turn your world around🌎 ‪ ‬ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Outfit: @fashionnova


2017/07/24 19:46:18

Post photoshoot today, our last day in Miami! 🌴Its REALLY hot here. Wearing @magalipascal 💫


2017/07/24 19:42:59

Скучаю по сырой и холодной Москве... По своему кактусу, по виду из окна на трёшку. По невозможным пробкам.... Вру ... Вру, что вру😉#ЖПМ #ЖпМ2


2017/07/24 19:33:54

Lista para Celebrar al amor de mi vida , #mommyfirst . Pastel de @adriscake


2017/07/24 19:24:42

Chef shows are the most dramatic 😱😂 (FULL VID IN BIO) @iamstevenspence @hanagiraldo @twan @fi_cavatorta @juhahnjones @samlivm_


2017/07/24 19:05:18


2017/07/24 19:04:23

So proud we are partners ❤ World of Coke in Atlanta, Georgia


2017/07/24 18:52:59

Inspire-se ! @lifefitnilopolis


2017/07/24 18:52:28

Mexa-se! @capricho 😋 💙💛💚 Hoje o live do #papodeamiga vai reunir eu e a Bia com a @mbottan para conversarmos sobre como esportes e atividades físicas estão vinculados ao bem-estar. Começa às 18h, no Instagram da Capricho beijosssss


2017/07/24 18:50:14

( 🇫🇷en bas) Workout done !!!! #15weekspregnant💪🏻👐🏻 There are two sides : dreamer or actors ! Which was yours ??? Who felt his butt burn ?? Comment: 🔥🔥. • • 🇫🇷Séance faite mes Tbc&Sbt girls !!!💪🏻 Il y a deux camps " rêveur " et "acteurs " Quel a été le votre ??? Qui a bien senti son popotin brûler ?? Commente:🔥🔥 ---------------------------- ✔SBT : ✔Tbc,Ventouse et "Les Recettes de Sonia Tlev" sur


2017/07/24 18:46:08

Obse con este look 😱 Gracias @miamisunvb por dejarme negrita ❤️ @thevoxofficial @ninacharme


2017/07/24 18:42:21

Reposting the luckiest man alive @arod and reposting the most beautiful woman inside and out @jlo on this very special day! Happy Birthday my super pal! @mariakelling @acmcb1 @lashonna1020 and I love moving with you and watching you inspire the entire world with your incredible talent! Have the BEST day ever! Sending you tons of love and birthday wishes ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍


2017/07/24 18:38:40

Plate workout 1. 12 each on each side 2. 12 reps 3. 15 reps 4. 15 each side 3-4 rounds #alexiaclark #queenofworkouts #fitness #fitgirl #fit #workout #workoutmotivation #monday #workoutmotivation


2017/07/24 18:31:58

Que festa linda!!! 😍😍😍


2017/07/24 18:28:36

Message to self: success is directly proportional to the size of your efforts!!! @live.official #teamlive . . . Mensagem do dia: o sucesso é diretamente proporcional ao tamanho dos seus esforços! 😊 @liveoficial (veja o look completo no stories 🎀) #euvivolive


2017/07/24 18:28:07

На домашке


2017/07/24 18:21:19

Nunca dejes de entrenar un lunes 💪🏼#trainingday#couplegoal#friend#southbeach#miami#venezuela#spain#fitnessmotivation#nike#healthyfood Cuida tu cuerpo que es único donde vivirás toda tu vida ❤


2017/07/24 18:20:34

Ambition is the first step to success, the second step is action💪🏽 ••••••••••••••••••••••• Less than 5 weeks out💪🏽 ••••••••••••••••••••••• Show some support and come see me on Saturday August 26th at the NPC @ifbbvictormartinez #LegendsChampionships in the Bronx as I compete in the Bikini Class👙 •••••••••••••••••••••• My coach @chrismvilla will also be competing at this show •••••••••••••••••••••• Tickets can be purchased by calling 718.518.4455 •••••••••••••••••••••• Prejudging 11 AM Finals 5:30 PM HOSTOS Community College 450 Grand Concourse Bronx, NY 10451 •••••••••••••••••••••• #noexcuses #fit #fitfam #fitness #gym #fitnessmodel #fitnessgirl #fitnessjourney #fitspo #fitspiration #fitsporation #npcbikini #npc #workout #bodybuilding #powerhousegym #powerhouse #giantsportsathlete #physique #bikini #bodybuilder #competition #competitor #teamvilla #chulafitness #spartagym #bevsgym #bevfrancis #eastcoastmecca


2017/07/24 18:07:34

Happy Summer. Credit @angirechberger


2017/07/24 18:04:26

Li hoje que a @jessicammapro está querendo lutar comigo. Estou esperando a resposta do UFC sobre minha próxima adversária desde que desci do octógono na última luta e ninguém topou até agora. Então Jessica, vamos fazer acontecer?? Estou esperando uma ligação hoje qualquer hora, até se for 2 da manhã. @seanshelby @danawhite @ufc !! I'm waiting to hear about my next fight since I got out of the octagon in my last fight. Nobody stepped in until now but I read today that @jessicammapro wants to fight me. She is got some guts!! Let's make it happen @jessicammapro @seanshelby @danawhite ?? I'm waiting for a phone call anytime today. 📱 #teamclaudia #TeamCG #mmanerd #ufc


2017/07/24 18:00:14

3 🍑🍑🍑 killers that you HAVE TO TRY!! Especially the second one!! Wow, that one gives you that amazing burning feeling!! 🔥🙌🏼 • Revered lunges 4set x 10reps /leg • Resistance band kick ups 4set x 15-20reps • Dumbbells squats (standing with the feet like a L. This to get more contact against the glutes) 3set x 12reps /leg TAG the friend you wanna workout with 👏🏼😍 #hannaoeberg #womensbest #fitness #fitfam #fitgirls #fitspo #fitgirls #girlpower #girlswholift #gym #booty #mindset


2017/07/24 17:53:06

Loved the @carrottoplive show last night, too funny! He's awesome!! #carrottop #cupcake #CarrotCake


2017/07/24 17:47:13

❤️ HVALA TI!!!


2017/07/24 17:47:01

Сейчас самый сезон ягод и фруктов и я на 100% знаю,что все худеющие (не правильно худеющие‼️) ограничивают себя в этих вкусностях,мол сахар,быстрые углеводы😕🤷🏻‍♀️Либо позволяют себе,но только утром,или как это все худеющие любят делать-до 12 и в небольших количествах😕Я прям призываю вас сейчас,не лишайте свой организм возможности получить хоть немного витамин из натуральных продуктов и себя этого удовольствия не лишайте,ведь ещё целый год не увидит ваш организм этого всего🍓🍒🍉🍈Девочки,КУШАЕМ сезонные ягоды и фрукты не только по утрам, а и днём и даже вечером,не боимся,главное-вписываем их в ваш суточный калораж☝🏾Я сейчас пишу о таких сезонных ягодах и фруктах как: дыня,арбуз,персики,нектарины,абрикосы,клубника,черешня,что там ещё сейчас супер спелое🤔ДА, верно, в любых фруктах и ягодах содержится сахар,но количество этого сахара мизерное и калорийность везде маленькая,так же как и содержание углеводов не большое,занесите в FatSecret все вышеперечисленное и не увидите цифры более 30-50 ккал на 100 грамм и углеводов не более 7-13 грамм,это ведь не торт вы уплетаете на ночь в котором на 100 грамм 500 ккал и 50 грамм углей,ну🤗Так что, наслаждаемся сезонными фруктами и ягодами и ничего не боимся,главное вписываем все в ваш суточный калораж,который вы опять же не с потолка берёте и не у какого-то там блогера на страничке вычитываете,а рассчитываете исключительно для себя,исходя из вашего возраста,веса,роста и уровня активности,по формуле Миффлина-Сан-Жеора👌🏾А по поводу фруктов и ягод,даже я-не любитель сладкого‼️ ем их сейчас в хороших количествах,ибо вкусные,спелые🤤и просто невозможно их не есть😋Я ем чаще на ночь,просто потому что именно вечером мне их хочется, я ем: дыню,арбуз,персики,абрикосы,клубнику и черешню,прям😋#yanaklauser_питание #worldclass #яworldclass #МЫWorldclass


2017/07/24 17:44:54

🤣🤣🤣 👍 @muscle_and_fitness .... and goto 🔥🔥🔥 @beckylynchwwe


2017/07/24 17:43:56

🌺Не пропустите интересный конкурс 🌺
👉🏻 @diamond_give дарит один из четырёх невероятных подарков на выбор победителя, среди которых:
💠 iPhone 7 ;
💠 iPad Pro ;
💠 Тур на двоих, на выбор: Турция, Дубай, Болгария;
💠 Денежный приз номиналом 17000 гривен.
Для того, чтобы принять участие в конкурсе, нужно перейти на страницу организатора 👉🏻 @diamond_give и выполнить пару простых условий ✔️
Выполняйте все условия и верьте в свою победу🤞🏻😉
Всех целую!💋 Всем удачи!☘️
👉🏻 @diamond_give


2017/07/24 17:33:36

Обещала без текста просто рыбку 🐠, го не могу. Столько хочется спрашивать.🙂🙂🙂Вам интереснее когда я пишу большие тексты или когда я короткой, о чем то спрашиваю? Или тексты вообще не нужны? 😭🤔Смотрели трансляцию? Вижу что да. Потому что именно трансляции с готовкой вы больше всего любите. Почему? Вы любите готовить так же как я или поесть?👍🏾😋 Я снова готовлю себе еду по контейнерам. 🥘🍱И ежедневные тренировки. Режим вернулся. Сегодня у меня 🐠Семга и салат из моцареллы, капусты, перца, помидора, и кедровые орешки. А и в конце вместо соли посыпьте зелёным сыром. 🌽🧀🥗 #angelica #angelicaanderson #cookies #ringgirl #m1global


2017/07/24 17:32:33

Best weekend with all my favourites ❤☀️🎆🌈 @morgan__leighhh #tomorrowland


2017/07/24 17:30:43

JAKA💀 . 3x20💀. . Gym: @angelescapf. . @nitrofitoficial💊.


2017/07/24 17:22:51

INSTAREPOST @lacasamagicadesarau . . Todos los días recibo muchos comentarios preguntándome cuál es el tono de mi pelo. ¡Aquí está! 💆💆💆Y puedes aplicártelo con los mejores profesionales del país en #LaCasaMágica.❤❤❤ . . ¡Pide tu cita! 📲📲📲Al (1) 2560708 o al (1) 2560705 en Bogotá.📲📲📲 . 🌎Recuerda que estamos ubicados en la Carrera 7Bis #124-93. Bogotá.🌏 . #LaCasaMágica #LaCasaMágicaDeSaraU #LaCasaMagica #LaCasaMagicaDeSaraU #Amor #Autoestima #Princesas #Sueños #TrepateConSara #SaraU #JuntasEsMejor #Bogotá #Colombia #Belleza #SiempreLindas #Hermosas #CuentosDeHadas #RCN #Caracol #Canal1 #CanalUno #Televisión #EstiloDeVida #SomosUna #Farándula #MujeresDeVerdad #MujeresFelices @sara_uribe @lacasamagicadesarau


2017/07/24 17:22:11

Amar é compartilhar momentos e histórias! Me sinto muito especial de fazer parte de cada momento da sua vida, te ver sorrir me faz sorrir! Foi o que te falei ontem " Tamos juntos " ❤️ O evento ontem foi demais, como é bom aprender com todos @mahamudrabrasil, junção de tantas pessoas superando seus limites. Obrigada por me unir a essa família linda ✨ 📸 @dipandastudio


2017/07/24 17:19:58

... Collect beautiful moments... ❤️ #greece #mykonos #sunset #magical #moments #grateful


2017/07/24 17:09:51

I stayed up so late last night packing for my 6am flight, just to find out that it's the PM flight 😑 #mondaysbelike


2017/07/24 17:08:30



2017/07/24 17:06:12

💪🏼 Segunda e dia 😅 Hoje eu tentei pegar leve, Ainda estou sentindo o treino de quinta feira! Quem já foi bate aqu 🙌🏼 Quem Ainda não foi vai que dá tempo 😉 #fitnessmotivation #workout #musculacao #gym calça e tênis @authentic_feet ❤️👟 #love #beauthentic


2017/07/24 17:01:21

SENTADILLA BAILADITO!!💀💪🏾 . 3 series máximo 8 repeticiones descargas peso y al fallo!!💀💦. . Gym: @angelescapf. . @nitrofitoficial 💊💥


2017/07/24 17:00:00



2017/07/24 16:56:51

Less than 5 weeks out💪🏽 ••••••••••••••••••••••• Show some support and come see me on Saturday August 26th at the NPC @ifbbvictormartinez #LegendsChampionships in the Bronx as I compete in the Bikini Class👙 •••••••••••••••••••••• My coach @chrismvilla will also be competing at this show •••••••••••••••••••••• Tickets can be purchased by calling 718.518.4455 •••••••••••••••••••••• Prejudging 11 AM Finals 5:30 PM HOSTOS Community College 450 Grand Concourse Bronx, NY 10451 •••••••••••••••••••••• #noexcuses #fit #fitfam #fitness #gym #fitnessmodel #fitnessgirl #fitnessjourney #fitspo #fitspiration #fitsporation #npcbikini #npc #workout #bodybuilding #powerhousegym #powerhouse #giantsportsathlete #physique #bikini #bodybuilder #competition #competitor #teamvilla #chulafitness #spartagym #bevsgym #bevfrancis #eastcoastmecca


2017/07/24 16:48:30

У нас в клинике красоты и здоровья очень хорошее отделение стоматологии и наши пациенты часто интересуются процедурой отбеливания зубов! Не каждый человек может похвастаться совершенно белым оттенком своих зубов. Для решения этой проблемы наша клиника предлагают самые разнообразные методики. Одним из популярных методов является осветление с помощью серии Amazing White Extra .Используемые при этом средства позволяют осветлить эмаль за одно посещение без негативного воздействия на эмаль. СТОИМОСТЬ ПРОЦЕДУРЫ по акции - 4500 руб. ;) Заботьтесь о себе вместе с нами в @anatomia_beauty_clinic ☘️❤


2017/07/24 16:46:34

Oh this Barbie squats 🎂🍰💕💕 - - SNAPCHAT 👻 SONIAKIANI YOUTUBE ❤️ SONIAKIANI . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #Foreveruntamed #persian #iraniangirl #dokhtar #🇮🇷 #bellamihair #lolashoetique #babe #makeupgeek #fashion #lillylashes #ghalichiglam #morphebrushes #lolashoetiquedolls #motd #makeupfanatic1 #quayaustralia #hudabeauty #slave2beauty #forever21 #universodamaquiagem_official #vogue #brian_champagne #vegas_nay #eotd #fashionblogger #outfit


2017/07/24 16:45:39

Treinin 💪🏽 @gabrielafechter #jiujitsu #jiujitsuparamulheres #mulheresnotatame #bjjgirls #oss #girlsbjj #artesuave #gabifechter


2017/07/24 16:40:56

Monday mornings at the studio are my favorite. I start every week with teaching a sweaty flow class, then breakfast (avocado toast with mushrooms + coffee today), then I prep the office (light candles, water flowers, get organized) and THEN I open my computer. I don't like to dive into my inbox if things are messy around me. I begin by making a clear to-do list starting with the most important tasks that need to get done, I delegate what I can and get to work on the rest, ticking things off as I go. Learning how to delegate - i.e. learning how to let go - is the most valuable thing when it comes to managing several businesses while being a mom. I can't do it all! By delegating what I can I have much more time left in the day to be creative and to focus on what's truly important, and of course: much more time to be present with this little moonbeam☺️ Things are always busy around here but always fun. July Retreat starting Thursday! It's going to be a good week💪🏼🤗❤ #workingmom #entrepreneur #motherhood #islandyoga #yogaeverydamnday


2017/07/24 16:34:56

My face when I have only straightened a small section of my hair and my arms are already tired and it's taking too long


2017/07/24 16:33:34

Really hope you are all tuned into @siriusxmstars already because we are half way through two of my favorite women! @mariakelling gets real on what it's like working for me for 10 years😂 and @sallypr81 is well scandalous as always 😂 if you miss it at noon you can catch it again at 10pm est or online at @siriusxm ❤️ if you missed last week with @hilaryhrhoda and @drewramseymd you must go back anyway! 😍⭐️⭐️⭐️


2017/07/24 16:32:07

Currently wearing #BAREPRO Liquid Foundation Sandalwood 15. I've been getting lots of compliments lately on my skin and I'm soooo happy 😊 because I've NEVER had smooth skin growing up. Here's what I'm doing now that might work for you guys too! . 1️⃣ Eat as whole as possible! Stay away from processed food. 28 Day Reset friendly foods will clear your skin! . 2️⃣Wipe off all your makeup at night! I use a makeup remover wipe as well as a foam cleanser in the shower to get EVERYTHING off. . 3️⃣ Moisturize! Once after I wash my face in the morning and then once again at night before bed to keep my face hydrated. . 4️⃣ Wear foundation that's actually good for your skin! And don't cake it on! . I've been looking around forever for a foundation that could let my face breathe. And lemme tell you, the @bareminerals #BAREPRO Performance Wear Liquid Foundation is LEGIT! It's flexible, lightweight and matches my skin tone seamlessly! Oh yeah and there's vitamins and minerals in the cream that's actually GOOD for my complexion too! 😘 . Hope those tips help you guys! Lemme know in the comments if you have skin care tips for me too! #blogilates #goBare #ad


2017/07/24 16:31:32

In Miami on a Monday 🌴


2017/07/24 16:10:22

Знаете, что здорово? Я поняла, что могу достаточно легко изъясняться на английском языке 😍 Некоторые слова, правда, забываю🙈 и пытаюсь заменить😅 Получается калечно) Но в целом, могу объясниться:) И почти всё всегда понимаю😍 Не знаю, помните ли вы...я как-то писала, что учила английский 4 года, и уже 4 года не учила😭😭 Писала, что времени не хватит ездить на курсы и искала вариант он-лайн🙌🏻 Знаете, что мне помогло?))) Я начала смотреть сериал Друзья на английском))) Я уже писала тоже, что нереальный фанат друзей😂😭😭😭 Смотрела сериал на украинском раз 100 уже))) Так что всё помню, каждую серию😂🙈О чём и что говорят, поэтому гораздо легче понимать и воспринимать🙌🏻 Смотрю, когда крашусь, или готовлю..🤔😅 👐🏻Ну и я ещё пошла на он-лайн курсы..но пока только прошла 3 урока🙈 Но в целом очень нравится и буду продолжать🙌🏻 Если интересно - пишите в комментариях, я позже поделюсь что за курсы и как они проходят☺️ 🙋🏻Английский в современном мире очень нужно знать, согласитесь? 😍А вообще, я восхищаюсь людьми, которые знают много языков😍 Я только русский, украинский и английский (пре-интермидиат мой левел😭 4 г назад был уже аппер в начальной стадии😅) 🙋🏻Есть у меня такие, кто знает больше трёх стандартного набора?)) #просто_соня


2017/07/24 16:09:20

Shape 😍🔥 📷 @biancataylorm


2017/07/24 16:08:49

Monday's are meant to be crushed 🔥 Partner work today with @leadersofmovement and some fun movements I'll be trying to master this summer. If you try these tag us and use the hashtag #mawarriorchallenge Show us what you got. This week is full of fun workouts and to my beginners, I promise I'll have some cool routines you can perform. For my programs visit 👇🏽 WWW.MASSYARIAS.COM #mondaymotivation #childofgod #ma30day #beastmode _____________________________________________________________ Los lunes son para ser conquistados 🔥 Trabajo en pareja con @leadersofmovement y algunos movimientos súper cool al final que estoy tratando de dominar completamente este verano. Si tratan estos movimientos menciónenme y usen el hashtag #mawarriorchallenge . Esta semana les traigo muchas rutinas divertidas y para mis principiantes, no se preocupen que también publicare rutinas más fáciles pero desafiantes. Feliz lunes mi gente! #hijadecristo


2017/07/24 16:05:50

My first and sweetest show this week 🤤😋 Thanks SOOO much @lolliswim for having me 🙋🏻😍 #mymilkshakebringsalltheboystotheyard 😜


2017/07/24 15:55:32

Campanha @lifefitnilopolis acontecendo ! 💥💚🏋🏻‍♀️🏋🏼🤼‍♂️🤾🏻‍♀️⛹🏼


2017/07/24 15:53:52

Mom's love is like no other love! It completes you, makes you stronger and the happiest human being on earth! ❤ I love youuuuu! --------- Amor de mãe não têm igual! Te completa, te deixa mais forte e a pessoa mais feliz do mundo! Não abro mão por nada dos meus dias com ela! Te amoooo!


2017/07/24 15:53:15

Blondie 💫 wearing @fleurswim


2017/07/24 15:44:13

Arrancando la semana ! Hola Baires ♥️ #buenosaires // @lasersoprano


2017/07/24 15:39:25

Вот не знаю, что меняется, наверное, взрослею)) но мне становится все более и более стыдно выставлять фотки в белье и даже в купальнике в некоторых ракурсах!) Раньше было вообще пофиг, как и в чем фоткаться! И, кстати, я жалею о некоторых фотосессиях в юности🔞🤷🏽‍♀️ Отсюда совет девчонкам: Сто раз подумайте, прежде, чем раздеваться перед фотографом или кем-то другим😂 Сейчас, мало того, что весь мой фото-контент проходит процедуру одобрения у Лёни, так и я сама перестала фоткаться, как раньше) 🌰 все меньше в моем ИГ, хотя я и допускаю демонстрацию фигуры, ибо это мотивация для вас. Просто есть грань между показом красивого тела и пошлостью. Я стараюсь не переходить эту черту! И честно, мне надоели жоп-аккаунты! Уже даже неинтересно)) Все чаще меня цепляют профили девушек с незаурядной внешностью и красивыми мыслями в голове. Я всегда читаю, что написано под фото, вникаю в смысл, а не тупо пролистываю дальше. Вдохновляться красивыми местами, идеями, здоровым и спортивным телом, новыми темами для обсуждений-вот, что мне нравится❤️


2017/07/24 15:38:04

As fofuras do #NTCsp 💕 Muito amor em uma foto! PS: tão bom ter uma Juaca para chamar de sua! 😂 . . #ntc #NTCyoga #yoga #peace #friends #nike #sp #nikewomen #love #like #juacas #justdoit Foto @caduvigilia 📸


2017/07/24 15:37:52

Pull Up Craze 5 reps of each Grip: wide Grip, close grip, underhand (chin up grip) Followed by 60seconds resistance band pull down. 3-5 rounds #alexiaclark #queenofworkouts #fitforareason #pullups #fitgirl #fitness #fit #workout #monday #motivation


2017/07/24 15:36:52

Meu presente do universo!!! Melhor cia dos ultimos tempos @yansondahl 🤙🏽 fico admirada como um garoto de 12 anos consegue ser tao inteligente, amoroso e perspicaz 😂❤


2017/07/24 15:27:22

Vaca Workout Flow!


2017/07/24 15:27:16

Se você perdeu o meu e-mail passado com um convite exclusivo para se juntar à nossa Equipe, quero que você saiba que estamos lhe dando mais uma chance de começar com a gente hoje! Você se cadastrou à nossa lista de espera anteriormente, portanto eu acredito que você está mais do que preparado(a) para começar agora! Esta é a sua chance de alcançar os seus objetivos, com uma nova estrutura, recursos e novas ferramentas para lhe orientar. Agora, tudo o que estamos esperando, é você! Inscreva-se hoje! Seu convite irá expirar em 7 dias. Nos falaremos em breve :) Bella Falconi


2017/07/24 15:22:19

oh we playin games ? 👸🏻👌🏼👅


2017/07/24 15:18:39

Não tem nada pior do que comida sem sabor, sem graça e sem aquele toque especial que os temperos dão né?! Eu sou a louca dos temperos e me sinto uma magica criando misturas e sabores. Mas além do sabor, eu sou apaixonada por temperos devido às suas propriedades e benefícios à saúde. Adoro usar todos, misturar e pesquisar a respeito de cada um! Esses do @mundoverdelourdes são fantásticos! Tem vários que amo muitooooo como o Curry, a cúrcuma, a pimenta cayenne e meu AMOR, o pumpkin pie spice! Dica sobre a cúrcuma: a raiz ajuda a diminuir a irrigação sanguínea no tecido adiposo, enfraquecendo a reserva de gordura. Dessa forma, é altamente indicada para pessoas que estão em uma dieta para perda de peso. Rica em curcumina, que é um pigmento amarelo com alto poder anti-inflamatório e antioxidante, também traz benefícios para a pele, fígado e acerta o ritmo do metabolismo.  A curcuma eu uso nos ovos, no frango, na carne moída! Em praticamente TUDOOOOOOO! #eatClean #eathealthy #beHealthy #foco #fit #fitness #lifestyle


2017/07/24 15:05:33

Tag your best friend. Credit @sincerelyjules


2017/07/24 15:04:06

Amamos conhecer Calico, a cidade fantasma 👻, coisa mais fofa as casinhas que hj viraram lojinhas, restaurantes !!! Parecia que estávamos em um cenário de filme de faroeste!!! Adoreeeei!! Eu e Belle estamos de look @dicollanioficial


2017/07/24 14:55:18

Look @garotafit ❤️ - Simboraaaa mulher !!! O mais importante é NÃO DESISTIR e encontrar um tempo pra cuidar de você, antes de pensar no seu corpo, foca na sua saúde porque pode ser um estímulo pra começar pra ONTEM! Vamos juntas que fica muito mais fácil !!! Injeção de ânimo pra essa semana que está começando 🙏🏻 E não se esqueça de tentar ser melhor a cada dia ok ? Que sua semana seja muito abençoada 😘 #look #lookdodia #bomdia #fit #fitness #running #run #runner #love #garotafit #divafitness


2017/07/24 14:39:48

🙌🏼ORGANIZACIÓN .. es la clave.!💡 Solo si formas habitos ,puedes continuar una vida equilibrada, o llegar a las metas propuestas, en el caso de de la alimentación, si organizas ( al menos al principio todas tus comidas) va a ser mas fácil obtener lo q buscas y caer en menos tentaciones , ahora si no te gusta y nunca tienes tiempo dejalo en manos de expertos como @wellnessfit2.0 o seaaa como les cuento q ya ahora si q los probé (2 semanas )doy mi puntuacion !✔️☑️✅sabor, calidad, porciones, excelentes, consulta y cotiza segun tus requerimientos diarios!!


2017/07/24 14:28:21


2017/07/24 14:27:08



2017/07/24 14:24:51

Poolside boss 😍💦 📷 @genesismialopez


2017/07/24 14:23:30

•Eles querem coisa de pele, a gente tem coisa de alma 🦋


2017/07/24 14:20:47

Meniiiinaaaaaassss ! Estou tomando e amandooo! Olha só o que comecei a tomar!!! Um chazinho 🍃Detox🍃incrível!!!! O @fittea ajuda a desinchar e perder aquelas gordurinhas que a gente tanto odeia ! Provem mesmo. Não é à toa a fama boa que o chá tem 😊😊 #FITEA #chadetox#ad


2017/07/24 14:15:23

#bbgprogress 💛💛 @dancingwithdumbbells progress using my #bbg program 😍 She says “Motivation comes and goes in varying levels. If your have read my posts recently you will know that I have been lacking motivation and have kind of been in a rut the last few weeks. But even though I've lost a bit of my mojo lately, I look back at old pics like this one on the left and I'm nothing but proud of what I've achieved. I've come so far over the years not only physically, but mentally. It has been an adventure of highs and lows in transforming from girl on the left to girl on the right! All the ups and downs that I've experienced along the way have built me into the person I am today. And I'm finally in a place where I'm comfortable with me. Yes there is a long time between these pics. It doesn't matter how long it takes. It might take you 10 years or 10 months... who cares...? It is not a race, it's never a race. Nor is it a competition! My journey and my goals are unique, just as your journey and your goals are unique to you. Do not compare your road to the road of the person next to you! They will never lead to the same location... Do what's best for you, find what works for you... . This right here is my motivation! Even though I've been in a rut I know that it's not permanent and I've only got to take a look at how far I've come to know that I'm so much healthier, stronger and happier then I was back then. This fuels me to keep pushing, keep working and keep smashing those goals. Onwards and upwards" 🌸


2017/07/24 14:12:03

Mais um pra conta ! Borá ! 💥 @lifefitnilopolis


2017/07/24 14:10:41

Когда ты не шмара, а на лодку всё равно позвали 😂😂😘#ЖпМ2


2017/07/24 14:07:07

Когда день удался 😉 Люблю тебя @lastory_store 💋


2017/07/24 14:03:03

Feliz cumpleaños amor de mi vida. 9 años que llegaste a para hacer de mi mundo uno llenísimo de alegría y color . Te amo sin reservas , te celebro hoy como mi gran bendición 🎂🎉


2017/07/24 13:57:15


2017/07/24 13:56:11

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2017/07/24 13:54:28

момент, когда тебе говорят, что у каждого блогера должен быть контент-план и полезные посты 😂😭


2017/07/24 13:47:12

TanG me up before the shoot please ;) @felicia_luv by an @ohrangutang H&M @cristinapilo


2017/07/24 13:35:05

Hoy les quiero compartir un rinconcito de mi casa. 🏡Cada vez que me levanto, lo primero que hago es encender la velita (tranquilos, la apago cuando la casa se va a quedar sola) y orarle 🙏a la virgen que me saca ilesa de todo y me lleva de la mano.🖐 ¡Buenos días! Que tengan muchos motivos para sonreír . ⛅ . #SaraU #Presentadora #Televisión #Colombia #Princesas #Sueños #Hermosas #Farándula #Belleza #RCN #Caracol #Canal1 #CanalUno #MujerReal #MujeresReales #BellezaReal @LaCasaMagicaDeSaraU @TrepateConSara


2017/07/24 13:31:53

Bom dia meu povo!! Vamos trabalhar!! Good morning guys. Let's work hard today, okay? #Repost @apollonnutrition (@get_repost) ・・・ UFC & TEAM APOLLON @claudiagadelhaufc photo shoot at @apollongym with @photography_by_vladimir This is the first photo from shoot and more to come! Both Claudia and Vladimir did a great job and we can't wait to share the rest @apollon_arsenal #teamapollon #teamclaudia #claudiagadelha #apollongym #apollonnutrition #premiumsupplements #mma #ufc #jacksonwinkmma #brazil #bjj #muaythai #kickboxing #boxing #ufcstraweightdivision #apollonnutritionhooligan #apollonnutritionenigma #apollonnutritionenigma #apollonnutritionchaos #apollonnutritionclusterbomb


2017/07/24 13:29:15

Alguém já disse que "A maior batalha do ser humano é contra si mesmo", e isso é uma realidade. Muitas vezes, nos tornamos o nosso maior inimigo. Quando o homem dá vazão a ira, ao orgulho e a FALTA de perdão, ele está a um passo de ser derrotado por ele mesmo! . Em relação à "ira", a Bíblia diz: "Irai-vos e não pequeis; não se ponha o sol sobre a vossa ira. Não deis lugar ao diabo" (Efésios 4:26-27); e ainda "Meus amados irmãos, tenham isto em mente: Sejam todos prontos para ouvir, tardios para falar e tardios para irar-se, pois a ira do homem não produz a justiça de Deus" (Tiago 1:19-20). Significa que, como cristãos, não devemos permitir que a ira domine nosso coração; do contrário, estaremos permitindo que o diabo nos "use" para atingir os seus objetivos! . Sobre o "orgulho", a Bíblia diz que "O homem mau não se importa com Deus; por causa do seu orgulho ele pensa assim: “Para mim, Deus não tem importância.” (Salmos 10:4). O orgulho impede que o homem reconheça a sua dependência de Deus! Essa "auto-suficiência" o torna cada vez mais "senhor de si" e arrogante. Para este, a sentença é: "O Senhor dos Exércitos tem um dia reservado para todos os orgulhosos e altivos, para tudo o que é exaltado, para que eles sejam humilhados;" (‭Isaías‬ ‭2‬:‭12‬). . Por fim, mas não menos importante, está a FALTA de perdão. A Bíblia diz que "Pois, se perdoarem as ofensas uns dos outros, o Pai celestial também perdoará vocês. Mas, se não perdoarem uns aos outros, o Pai celestial não perdoará as ofensas de vocês" (Mateus 6:14-15). Isso, por si só, já seria motivo suficiente para perdoarmos os outros, ou seja, se queremos o perdão de Deus, precisamos oferecê-lo aos outros! Porém, a pessoa que não perdoa, se torna "prisioneira" dos seus próprios sentimentos! (Leiam Mateus 18:23-35).


2017/07/24 13:24:42

GIVEAWAY ENDED 🎧 @sackit_official THANK YOU all for joining guys 💕 A usual I wish that I could give each one of you a gift.. but there has to be one winner..!! THE WINNER OF one pair of WOOFit headphones & one MOVEit speaker goes to @martvolden 🌸🌸🌸 Send me a DM! For those of you who are interested in my fave headphones, @sackit_official have a really good summer deal!! Check it out ✌🏼 #hannaoeberg #sackitofficial #fitness #fitspo #fitfam


2017/07/24 13:14:45

Вот это MOOD)))))))))


2017/07/24 13:10:56

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2017/07/24 13:09:40



2017/07/24 13:06:39

Todos somos singulares .. raros e únicos ! Bom dia ☀️


2017/07/24 13:03:36

Yes we do 🙌🏽


2017/07/24 13:03:17

Happy Monday Everybody!!!! New week, new goals, new ideas, new opportunities... let's get after em!!! I am starting my prep for Nationals in September... in honor of that, my newest contest that was just released will start when I start my prep!!! So you guys can prep with me!!!! Link in bio for more info.... #mondaymotivation #miamiswimweek #swimsuit #swimsuitmodel #swimmodel #bikiniprep #bikinigirls #bikinimodel #fitness #fitnessgirls #fitnessgurls #monday #newweek #newyou #jordankefit


2017/07/24 12:58:31

Elephant Nature Park es un refugio de rescate de elefantes y centro de rehabilitación en el norte de Tailandia, donde se puede ser voluntario y visitante, aqui han participado en decenas de rescates que han creado manadas de elefantes próspera . El parque ofrece un entorno natural de elefantes , perros, gatos , búfalos y muchos otros animales bajo su cuidado. Los voluntarios y los visitantes contribuyen a la curación mientras aprenden acerca de su vida pasada y presente . Organizar una visita a todos sus proyectos en Tailandia , Camboya y Myanmar. Una de las mejores experienciaaas de mi vida..! #elephantnaturepark #chiangmai #Thailand #saveOurPlanet #FLASHBACK 1 año y medio atras


2017/07/24 12:57:11

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