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2017/01/22 13:12:39

Ladies READ! it's very important and due to some requests I'm sharing this with you. - 🚩Calorie restriction can stress negatively our metabolism resulting to blood sugar imbalance, insomnia, infertility and instead of losing weight we might Gain weight!! and furthermore could trigger hormonal imbalance and excess cortisol secretion, (resulting in your body holding onto it's fat store for survival due to calorie restriction as protective response) _ Fasting and calorie restrictions, for women is not a win game and specially for those who are exercising hard for long duration! If your goal is to optimize your health and to maintain a healthy & happy body, a balanced intake of Good Carbs, Lean Quality Protein & Healthy Fats and Vegetables are essential & don't ever forget to drink plenty of fresh water! In combination with Anaerobic Weight Training and of course good night of sleep 😴 Day by day you will see and feel much better- Get results, build lean muscles, shape & tone your body and lose fat for good. _ Send me your questions and concerns in a comment below and feel free to email me [email protected] ________________________________#caloriecounting #calorie #balancednutrition #optimize #losefat #TrainwithAndreia


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Brunettes, or blondes? 😜 TAG a friend that needs Mesh Panel Leggings from @Doyoueven 🔥 . 🎉 Use DYE10 to save 10% OFF STOREWIDE! 🎉 . Only at 🌎 link in BIO ✔️ featured @biancakmiec & @kelseybeehler


2017/01/22 12:46:38

Bom dia!!! Ontem não consegui postar nada, mas segura que fiz muita foto. 😜 #surradefotos Gargantilha linda da @ateliepontochic 💕.


2017/01/22 12:23:54

"Conoce tu Valor Y no te conformes con menos." #quierete #4dias


2017/01/22 12:11:39

Nasa ljubav raste iz dana u dan Sestre koje su me ostavila bez teksta, sestre sa kojima poneram svetove, radim nove fotografije za @libuel_bags najlepse torbe u Srbiji i sire. Radujem se kao malo dete!!! ❤❤❤ @libuel_bags izaberite i vi jednu za vas!!!


2017/01/22 11:44:13

6;00am Running modeON central Park 😍


2017/01/22 11:39:35

My sister is with me everywhere!😄😉 @backcamilla


2017/01/22 11:26:32

Loading for a workout with @christinasf_ifbbpro!👊✌️ @noccofinland @noccobcaa @nocconorge


2017/01/22 11:23:57

Amazing women from all over the world !! Results using my #bbg program!! Check out my 28 minute workouts at


2017/01/22 11:01:58

#муд грипп, отстань 🤤😷


2017/01/22 10:52:19

Too true! To better yourself in your training it helps to be around those who are better. I love training with someone stronger, or faster or fitter. It keeps me on my toes. Being top of the class is comfortable, but no ones going to progress sitting in their comfort zone. Step out of it and challenge yourself 👊🏻🏋🏽‍♀️❤️


2017/01/22 10:51:06

Até mais Rj 🐚🌊💙


2017/01/22 10:22:17

Part of keeping up with traditions means enjoying a donut after stepping off of a big stage! Bodybuilding or AVN, this girl is getting some sugar!! 😜


2017/01/22 10:11:42

#love ❤ | Ich kann mein Glück gerade nicht in Worte fassen. #diego | Habt einen tollen Sonntag.


2017/01/22 10:03:56

Полная версия видео с @rudovanata на Дне Рождения Григорьева-Аполлонова уже в приложении ZVEZDAGRAM. Скачивайте приложение на App Store и Google Play!


2017/01/22 10:00:11

The pants that can take you from business to barre class in an instant! 🤸🏼‍♀️ Are the Barre Active 3/4 Pants your style? Shop them now instore or via the Instashop. #thisisactiveliving #lornajane #movenourishbelieve #activeliving


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Happy Sunday IG 💥Getting it done with @rokhardbody Eliminator X pre-workout in @dedicatedfitnessgymxl 💪🏼you can use my #rhb code 'fiona10' to save $$$ at checkout #rokhardbody


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The goal isn't simply to succeed. It's to give absolutely everything you have for something you cannot go a day without thinking about. #makeithappen⠀ -⠀ 👙 @styleonstage⠀ 💍 @all_that_glitters_gems [15% off: Anna15] 👌🏾 @protanaustraliaofficial1⠀ -⠀ IG/Snap: @anna_mcmanamey⠀ WWW.IAMANNA.COM.AU


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#yanaklauser_трансформация Не путайте обычную безмышечную худобу с мышечной в меру обезжиренной формой☝🏾Это просто наглядный пример,как выглядит просто худое тело, абсолютно без какой-либо мышечной составляющей, и как может выглядеть форма,когда у вас будет иметься эта мышечная составляющая👆🏾Разница в весе около 8-9 кг, слева 48, справа сейчас думаю около 57 кг,параметры не спрашивайте,я их не знаю🤗Тренируюсь 4 года,под предыдущими 2 фотографиями писала свою историю,как пришла к этой форме,поэтому здесь повторяться не буду,почитайте там👐🏾И так же,много другой информации есть по тэгам: #yanaklauser_питание #yanaklauser_тренировки #yanaklauser_трансформация #yanaklauser_видео #yanaklauser_результаты_клиентов


2017/01/22 09:48:28

Breakfast on point 👅 Raspberry smoothie & acai bowl topped with blueberries, banana, walnuts, hazelnuts & coconut flakes! #hannaoeberg #healthyfood #healthybreakfast #joshalsocafe


2017/01/22 09:46:07

I will take these minibands to the Norrvalla Training & Inspiration event next weekend! Ni kommer väl på mitt BootyBuilder träningspass jag ska hålla i Norrvalla nästa helg? [email protected]_utbildning


2017/01/22 09:34:59

Bom dia ❤️📿 @mariaparaffina #Bali #SóAmor


2017/01/22 09:27:52

DANCE VIDEO DROPPED! 🔥 Here is another side of me that you mightn't have seen before 🙊 • Tory lanez - LUV by @Djliltaj • Choreography- @theakabadanis 👯


2017/01/22 09:02:18

Just out here trying to grow, everyday 🌱 consistent efforts to reach small goals is the easiest way to achieve what you want. Wearing bikini from @londonbeachswim


2017/01/22 09:01:50

Shape of the day! 🔥 📷 @racheldillonwbffpro


2017/01/22 08:56:44

125kg (285lbs) x 2 squat 💥 5kg increase from last week! Strength gainzzz are real! 😈 - This full squat session is up on my You Tube now!!! If you are interested in the strength training I do make sure you check it out 💪🏼💖 Click link in my bio or search you tube: Lauren Simpson - I'm thinking of filming a series of strength sessions for You Tube. Next up will be deadlift focus. Would you be interested in this??? 💭 - @dainemcdonald@cleanhealthfitnessinstitute@julius_d 🎥


2017/01/22 08:43:48

She often felt that too many people lived their lives acting and pretending, wearing masks and losing themselves in the process. 💭🎭 #nicholassparks #thoughts


2017/01/22 08:32:05


2017/01/22 08:28:05

Как я уже писала во втором аккаунте, сегодня мы спустились с небес на землю в прямом и переносном смысле. Из райского места в горах среди облаков вернулись к океану) эмоции такие, будто реально побывали на какой-то другой планете, как во сне) этот потрясающий вид и Инфинити-пул навсегда останутся в моей памяти! Я всегда хотела посмотреть на облака сверху, но мы были не просто над облаками, мы наблюдали, как облако находит на нас, видимость почти нулевая, потом дождь , ощущение пустоты у бортика бассейна, и снова лучи солнца😍 потрясающей красоты закат, который разукрасил все небо! Я же ещё дико сентиментальная, меня это так трогает!) ещё с заселения к нам приставили личного дворецкого! Он извинялся даже за дождь, который пошел, когда мы были на водопаде!)) Было поначалу некомфортно, но потом мы привыкли к нему так, что, когда уезжали, поняли, что будет его не хватать!) Настолько все-таки они все услужливые, милые и добрые! Кровать, в которой мы спали-вообще отдельное) Будто облако, в которое проваливаешься и погружаешься в его объятия) в общем, эти дни оставили неизгладимые впечатления, но впереди ещё много всего интересного❤


2017/01/22 08:08:25

If you don't like having to decide what's for dinner every night then the @aussiefarmersdirect Simple and #Fresh Dinner box is for you. Super simple recipes that are easy to follow, taste amazing, and are also ... #healthy! No more trying to decide what's for dinner and spending hours in the supermarket! Free and fast delivery 👌🏻


2017/01/22 08:03:09

🍸🍺🍷thank u for a fun night girls!!


2017/01/22 08:01:12



2017/01/22 08:00:31

Running can be a pain in the butt, but it sure can give you a great one! 🍑 Just ask @tanyapoppett 🙈 #thisisactiveliving #lornajane #movenourishbelieve #activeliving


2017/01/22 07:58:41

Shopping day🛍 and of course I had to stop by my favorite sunglasses store @designershopmiami where I always find top brands, latest trends and exclusive styles of high quality fashion sunglasses👌🏼💯 . #sunglasses #topbrands #latesttrends #fashion #shoppingday #saturdaze #shoppingtherapy #vfit #fendi #dior #dita #gucci #versace #celine


2017/01/22 07:50:38

Мы сделали это ! Правда не без жертв . Признаемся мы ещё далеки от идеальных поваров . Поставить духовку разогреваться со всеми сковородками в доме -✅ Забыть купить главную составляющую для крема -✅ Устроить дома пожар -✅ Посыпать себя и всю кухню мукой -✅ Перемазаться тестом -✅ разместить в Инстасториз 10001 видео -✅ Хохотать и веселиться как сумасшедшие -✅ Торт в холодильнике . Дети почти спят. Кухня в чистоте . Счастье дома ❤️


2017/01/22 07:42:05

I'd rather be bat shit passionate than completely fucken boring! 😎😋😻🤡🤑🤓 #goodnight


2017/01/22 07:41:13

I love giving women the courage to believe in themselves ❤️✨ - Self belief is your power base energy; use it with confidence - #selfbelief #smile #bestoftheday #fitness


2017/01/22 07:40:53

Good morning lovelies ❤️ have you slept well ? I just took a look outside and the weather is again so amazing, I can't stand this country 😍🙌


2017/01/22 07:39:19

It really is a Pretty Valley 🙌🏽🏞😍 #longrun #sunday . . . 📸 @james_kaan


2017/01/22 07:30:11

Huntington Beach Top @ootdfash #ootd


2017/01/22 07:18:58

On our way to the Aussie Millions Poker Tournament! It's the main event that @GarrettJGreer will be playing in! Wish him luck!😄 - The extra person is our good friend @GoodLuckChuck541 GG's caretaker. Youtube fam met him first lol!😎 - **2 New YOUTUBE videos just went live make sure to check them out link in bio!👆🏼 _ - #GreasyChuck #AussieMillions #DontMindUsWeAllGotSunBurntLol


2017/01/22 07:14:59

This is my transformation photo. The left photo was taken in 2015 during my international modelling placement. I was at my weakest yet I was still considered muscular and big. I am not a naturally slim build, I was restricting my diet and exercise to meet industry measurement standards. Today I am at my fittest and strongest and have every intention of staying this way. Click the link in my bio to read my new blog post and see other transformation photos. The bottom line is, don't allow anyone to dictate how your body should look. Confident and happy is my ideal body image 💪 #gainingweightiscool


2017/01/22 07:13:28

❤u Amy


2017/01/22 07:12:11

Walking around beach like 🙌🏾 Wearing @MOANA_BIKINI of course.


2017/01/22 07:03:59

There is beauty in strength. ✨💪🏽 @gaspbbstore @officialbetterbodies


2017/01/22 07:03:47

Doing my signature "Kat Walk" cause the wind was too perfect for me not too 😄🍗👠💋 ° Today is Day 12 for me since I restarted our FitCurvy Program that built my body in the first place. And proud of the changes I'm continuing to see. ° @LutherFreeman developed something amazing for us and I'm gonna keep giving it all I got.. 2017 is all about the best me I can possibly created, mentally physically and spiritually... 👗TrainForTheDress👗 👠TrainForTheHeels👠 👙TrainForTheBikini👙 #30DayTransformationTeam #FitCurvy💪🍑 💥ItsTheScience💥 To Get Your FitCurvy Transformation Plan: (click get started) #fit #fitness #motivation #inspiration #weightloss #goals #fitthick #bodygoals #saturdaynight #love #thick #curves #thickfit #vegan #legs #weightlossjourney #slimthick #wshh #gymflow #ladiesnight #worldstar #downtown #womansmarch #dress #ootd #wshhbeauty #queen #fitspiration


2017/01/22 07:02:59

😻🔥 📷 @sierraaaskyee


2017/01/22 06:47:20

BB shoulder Front Raise 🎥 How to perform: Start standing tall, spine in neutral position, feet hip width apart and knees soft. The bar should start on your thighs, arms straight and hands in a pronated grip. Your hand placement can be upto the individual- I like to have mine shoulder width apart. Initiate the movement by flexing the shoulder, raising the weight straight out in front of you till you reach just above shoulder height. Keep the elbows extended and the wrist neutral throughout the movement. I performed 10 reps as a Tri set with Db shoulder press and Lateral raises 👌🏽 😘 Outfit by @aimnsportswear @aimn.oceania @wbff_official @the_sportsmodel_project #hattieboydle #fitness #squad #bikini #motivation #beauty #love #chicksloveme #bethebestversionofyourself #progressnotperfection #WBFFpro #wbff #instagrambodybuilding


2017/01/22 06:42:58

Пока все на завтраке.......😄 Until everyone having a breakfast🤗


2017/01/22 06:41:51

Ура! Кажется я наконец в своём часовом поясе 🙃 не думала, что будет так тяжело переходить 🙄


2017/01/22 06:38:06

#homeswag #tb Have a safe Saturday night everyone ❤ happy to be back in Houston, but it hardly feels like home anymore. 😳 I think it means I'm ready. 🙏🏼✈️🏡 #cheerstonewadventures #also #happybirthdaysterlingmartin #iloveyou #okaybirthdaycelebrationday


2017/01/22 06:27:25

Doing my signature "Kat Walk" cause the wind was too perfect for me not too 😄🍗👠💋 ° Today is Day 12 for me since I restarted our FitCurvy Program that built my body in the first place. And proud of the changes I'm continuing to see. ° @LutherFreeman developed something amazing for us and I'm gonna keep giving it all I got.. 2017 is all about the best me I can possibly created, mentally physically and spiritually... 👗TrainForTheDress👗 👠TrainForTheHeels👠 👙TrainForTheBikini👙 #30DayTransformationTeam #FitCurvy💪🍑 💥ItsTheScience💥 To Get Your FitCurvy Transformation Plan: (click get started) #fit #fitness #motivation #inspiration #weightloss #goals #fitthick #bodygoals #saturdaynight #love #thick #curves #thickfit #vegan #legs #weightlossjourney #slimthick #wshh #gymflow #ladiesnight #worldstar #downtown #wshhfitness #dress #ootd #wshhbeauty #queen #fitspiration


2017/01/22 06:25:23

When u find a perfect blood sausage💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽


2017/01/22 06:18:31

Gratitude turns what we have into enough. 💕💤 #grateful #goodnight _______________________________ "People who regularly practice gratitude by taking time to notice and reflect upon the things they're thankful for experience more positive emotions, feel more alive, sleep better, express more compassion and kindness, and even have stronger immune systems."


2017/01/22 06:11:02

Straight from SnapChat - I never post selfies so here's one from last night. Do y'all follow my SnapChat or prefer Instastory? 👻 LaurenDrainFit


2017/01/22 06:08:30

Woah 😻🔥 📷 @lynaritaa


2017/01/22 06:06:21

You can walk on water and people will say it's because you can't swim.. 🌊🖤


2017/01/22 05:58:01



2017/01/22 05:53:56

Found in a God centered love 🔐


2017/01/22 05:40:33

🏃🏼‍♀️Home HIIT Fat Burner Workout! 💪🏼 - Make sure you don't skip the last exercise, it's the most important!!! 🤣 🕝 Take 30-60 secs rest in between rounds. . My FIT Programs👆🏼in bio! 🏋🏽 . . 💚 Outift: @reebok / @reebokwomen . . @emilyskyefitness . .


2017/01/22 05:39:28


2017/01/22 05:35:25

Woah 😻🔥 📷 @camilapazchavez


2017/01/22 05:33:15

Hopping out in new @mondayactive 💫 #comingsoon


2017/01/22 05:30:22

When you're ready to be your brightest, and your best - the Direct Sports Bra has your back! 💥 Are you ready to get vibrant? Shop instore or online via the Instashop #thisisactiveliving #lornajane #movenourishbelieve #activeliving


2017/01/22 05:09:25

Yesssssss !! So happy to be home and training again😍👏💛💪 Having a family dinner tonight with everyone !! 😘💛 #lifesgood


2017/01/22 04:52:59

It's coming together. 6 weeks to go. @arnoldsports #asfprep17


2017/01/22 04:52:10

Ringside with my girl @ambernicholemiller - main event @titoortiz1999 vs @sonnench live now on @spiketv - if you're on the west coast be sure to download the spike app to watch live! #bellator170


2017/01/22 04:51:33

👱🏼‍♀️👱🏼👱🏼‍♀️👦🏻true love [email protected] @santicavaz1204 @natalia_adrada


2017/01/22 04:47:38

Доброе утро 🛳🛳🛳🌊🌴☀️


2017/01/22 04:44:27

I'm based out of Hawaii now and living on a ranch. I get to wake up every morning to these two, and as you can tell I couldn't possibly be any happier 😍! 📸 by @everchanginghorizon


2017/01/22 04:43:24

Highlights from last night! Ready for another show #PieceOfMe


2017/01/22 04:36:44

goodnight 🌙 boa noite . @alendeclaudia


2017/01/22 04:34:45

Currently holding tryouts for our third ring girl position, competition is lookin tough! @urijahfaber #bellator170


2017/01/22 04:26:44

#Repost @elconejotv with @repostapp ・・・ ¡Despedimos una noche espectacular en #ElConejoTv como siempre! 🎉🐰🎉 ¡Muchas gracias por acompañarnos como siempre aquí por #Telefuturo!


2017/01/22 04:24:36

Quinn Twyla Herrig had a great birthday. * I hope she doesn't go through her Terrible 2's now * 📸- @michellethemachine #LBDQUINN


2017/01/22 04:16:54

Feels so good being back in the tropics 🙌🏽 photo @aaron_nakamura


2017/01/22 04:16:03

NEW RELEASE! 👀 TAG a friend that needs these @Doyoueven Supernova CompFit Tights! 🔥 . 🌐 Use DYE10 to save 10% OFF your entire order! 🌐 . Only at 🌎 link in BIO ✔️ featured @oliviaorchowski


2017/01/22 04:15:43

Today. . 📷 @jmanzphoto Bra: @jadedxjade


2017/01/22 04:12:09

New York Times Square with my ❤ hubby. Life couldn't get better than this, I so needed this getaway! My longest childhood dream has come true. What is your dream vacation? Let me know in a comment below 👇🏼 💋Adry


2017/01/22 04:04:21

Head over to my Facebook to read my post baby story! Click the link in my profile! If you can share my recent post about post baby bodies on my Facebook to spread the message that would be awesome! Let me know if you do by commenting here and I will follow you!


2017/01/22 04:02:25

@1stPhorm Banquet with these fools! Two of my favorite people! @djgfitness & @theptboss !


2017/01/22 04:00:46

👩🏽💕tummy dirty from burpees #brunette


2017/01/22 03:54:28

#Repost @wwenxt with @repostapp ・・・ The #GoldenGoddess has something in-store for #NXTFTPierce. @mandysacs


2017/01/22 03:46:00

Ridin' in the 'bach with the seat way back


2017/01/22 03:42:57

"Desenvolver força, coragem e paz interior demanda tempo. Não espere resultados rápidos e imediatos sob o pretexto de que decidiu mudar. Cada ação que você executa permite que essa decisão se torne efetiva dentro de seu coração." Beijo e boa noitinha☺️💕


2017/01/22 03:32:23

😳💦 . Follow @bossgirlsofficial for more 💕


2017/01/22 03:25:23

Pow wow👙


2017/01/22 03:15:48

🔊🚀✌️#Búzios Hoje minha amiga @yvesjales arrasou na Make 😍👏


2017/01/22 03:10:28

Body Goals?! credit @veronicabielik


2017/01/22 03:05:56

Our type of Saturday night date night 💑 High volume upper body workout and now my arms feel like spaghetti. I usually lift anywhere from 6-15 reps so I switched it up and did 4 sets of 25 which was definitely a struggle!!! - #swolemate #saturdaynight #gymlife #ifbbpros #bf #lovehim #traintogether #teamedge #teamwycked #JKPathlete


2017/01/22 03:02:40

Core goals 😻🔥 📷 @michie_peachie


2017/01/22 02:59:57


2017/01/22 02:57:11

"Sitting here just watching you sleep Wish I could slip inside and be In some technicolor dream But the air's too thick for one of us to breathe" @bonjovi #JanieDontYouTakeYourLoveToTown photo: @angelopastorello


2017/01/22 02:48:52

Today with my baes 💕 #GenBeauty


2017/01/22 02:47:30

A little bit of #speed, #explosiveness and #agility and #coordination 🤓💙 When performing any kind of jumping exercises, it's imperative you stay light on your feet, keep your knees behind your toes, and stay focused on your balance and coordination. Jumping exercises add more impact to your joints so make sure to keep things "light" to avoid too much impact on your knees, hips and back 💙💪🏼 Outfit by P'tula @ptulaactive .. @homesquat @squatvideos @squatguide @squatgirlsguide @squatspo @lazygirlsquat @squats.booty @howtoburncalories @howtogetabs @howtogetabooty @cosmopolitan @fashionnova @fashion.selection @fashion_cosmopolitan @gym_videos @gymgirlvids @befitvideos


2017/01/22 02:46:51

💋Just to remember you to KEEP STRONG! #NoCheatDay 😋


2017/01/22 02:39:18

Asi cuando te aburres de como te ves y crash ✂️👯🎀🙆🏻 , ([email protected] )


2017/01/22 02:35:09

I wouldn't be the woman I am today without the strong independent woman in my family. My Mom & Nonna are literally the definition of hard work and the reason I hustle so hard. Together we shine, we grind, we can do anything we put our minds to. Support and love one another. Stop comparing yourself. You are a goddess perfect just being you! Together we stand. I love you girls❤🙌🏽 photo by @joshryanphotos


2017/01/22 02:29:26

Take time out of you day to relax, breathe, get a massage, stretch or have a cup of tea. 'YOU time' is VERY important ☀️️💛🙌 @kobechanel


2017/01/22 02:27:34

💪😉 #nwc60 #nicolewilkinschallenge


2017/01/22 02:24:40



2017/01/22 02:22:38

@1stphorm ladies killin the evening wear game tonight!


2017/01/22 02:20:58

Thanks for the cheese ;), till next time @princesanegraflowviolento @hotkatchina @felicia_luv @lindsaycrolius by an @ohrangutang


2017/01/22 02:12:13

My babe @patrickta KILLED his makeup seminar!! I was taking notes like 🙋🏻📝 thanks for my outfit @itsnbd @revolve


2017/01/22 02:08:00

The Jungle Collection is OUT NOW at @DOYOUEVEN 🔥 Tag a friend that needs these! . Use DYE10 to save 10% OFF your order 🎉 . Grab yours now from 🌏 link in BIO ✔️


2017/01/22 02:04:07

In Mexico with @followmenetwork by @meganeclaire


2017/01/22 02:00:11

Make adventure part of your routine, and your life will become so much richer #THISISACTIVELIVING 🌏 Shop @nadineerose 's look via the link in bio #lornajane #movenourishbelieve #activeliving


2017/01/22 01:59:14

😂❤️️🙏🏻 @jmanziel2


2017/01/22 01:58:46

Thinking about all my ladies today ❤❤❤


2017/01/22 01:56:20

The Past is Done.... It's Life and it's YOUR Story to Tell • Your experiences to learn from. • But have you allowed them to DEFINE you- which can feel like a "life sentence" of paying for the mistakes of our past?? • Or do they REFINE YOU with wisdom and grace to walk forward even more prepared for the n cut battle you'll surely face? • Life is hard and very unfair at times. I believe ALL can relate to that at some point. But it's what we do with the hardships SURVIVED that truly show our guts! The best stories are ones that experience failure and prevail in spite of it all, right! • I love the messy ones! The ones you look at and think, "I bet her/ his life is so easy. They have it all together! Wish I could be even half that put together!" The messy ones are often the most dynamic, bold, the most resilient, the most brilliant voyagers, and if you watch their walk closely and pay attention to what they say and how they think you see the GEMS 💎 they have to offer from their journey. • So be inspired if you're "struggle is real" right now. • There is more to this story line I swear! • You have the power to write the next page. • Never forget that!! • Imagine if you fixated on your next glory as much as you have the issues causing you worry🤔😩! Wake up call!! You are pouring your energies into something, don't let it be what's dragging you down!! Elevate yourself❤️🙌😘 #30DayTransformationTeam #FitCurvy💪🍑 💥ItsTheScience💥 👂TransformationOfTheMind👂 👗TrainForTheDress👗 👠TrainForTheHeels👠 👙TrainForTheBikini👙 To Get Your FitCurvy Transformation Plan: (click get started) #fit #fitness #motivation #inspiration #weightloss #goals #fitthick #bodygoals #plantbased #love #thick #curves #thickfit #vegan #legs #weightlossjourney #slimthick #wshh #gymflow #worldstar #womensmarch #wshhfitness #dress #protest #ootd #wshhbeauty #queen #fitspiration


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2017/01/22 01:54:43

It's been so many years, yet seems like just yesterday. Great to reconnect with great friends. @kendra_brooke_ ❤️


2017/01/22 01:53:50

@diu_accessories ❤❤❤


2017/01/22 01:51:07

Mais que dia especial hoje. Um ano que minha vida mudou, um ano que comecei a trabalhar com esse cara, que além de um grande amigo é o responsável por toda minha saúde dentro e fora do esporte. Obrigada por ser tão atencioso e responsável, não só comigo mas com todos os seus pacientes. Tenho orgulho em dizer que trabalho com o melhor. Sem duvidas você é o melhor. Parabéns por tudo que tem feito pelo nosso esporte e obrigada por fazer parte da minha história. More than a special day today. A year that my life has changed, a year that I started working with this guy, who besides being a great friend is responsible for all my health inside and outside the sport. Thank you for being so considerate and responsible, not only with me but with all your patients. I am proud to say that I work with the best. No doubt you're the best. Congratulations for everything you have done for our sport and thank you for being part of my story. #teamclaudia #drpereira #simplethebest


2017/01/22 01:48:37

LA Bound in my #WomxnsMarch boots


2017/01/22 01:42:17

Such a good night!! 😍 B1 e MauMau!! #crazycouple #bagatelle #love #forever #casal #punk


2017/01/22 01:39:20

No gym? No problem! Use resistance bands at home with @sweetsweat for a great workout. There are hundreds of workout options & stretches available online 🤗 Use my code: Fit20 to get a discount on both the bands & SweetSweat products & their supps 😘


2017/01/22 01:34:49

Oooohhh yeaaaahhhh... #coconutsandwich #mybabies #LOVE


2017/01/22 01:34:45

Sleepy mermaid vibes. 🐬


2017/01/22 01:27:12

I'm so happy to have been nominated for the 3rd time for the Fighters Only MMA Awards. I'm counting on your vote! #LinkinBio #LinkNaBiografia #MMAawards #RingGirlOfTheYear


2017/01/22 01:21:17

Nunca se esqueça, nenhum segundo, que eu tenho o amor maior do mundo... como é grande o meu amor por você @malununes55 #mãezona ❤️☃️


2017/01/22 01:21:00

Presença ilustre hoje no @olganurbh 🐶 Segundo o Oreo, o carpaccio de polvo com guacamole levemente picante está sensacional! Vale pedir 🤣 Estava morrendo de saudades dele e do restaurante, então viemos direto do aeroporto para cá! ❤❤❤ #eatClean #eatHealthy


2017/01/22 01:18:19

@glowmedspaencino is where I've been getting laser hair removal. Love this clinic and the people who work there ❤️❤️❤️ use my name at the front desk for discount 😘


2017/01/22 01:16:11

Easy like Sunday morning.. 👒


2017/01/22 01:14:25

@lindseyharrod and I goin full #Goro right before the fights!! Yes I took it back to mortal combat! What's your favorite old school video game?! #bellator170


2017/01/22 01:13:37

#selfie WinnieTime ⏰❤ #TatiG 🌹 #fitnessgirl #saturdaynight #night #food #friends #attitude #style #lovestyle #girlsnight #thankgod #loveit #fitmom #fit #fitness #me #REB #IL #soon #selfie #selfietime #fresh #healthylife #pillada #ups


2017/01/22 01:11:48

Finally the sun came out 🙂


2017/01/22 01:09:26

Afortunadamente tu felicidad solo depende de TI☺️! Buenas noches💐


2017/01/22 01:07:38

Making it look easier than anyone around here. And FYI..... this was his 4th rep👊🏻👊🏻👍🏻💪🏼


2017/01/22 01:05:17

"Había en el aire que respirábamos un sentimiento parecido al amor. Como si bruscamente el mar estuviera cerca". PH: @santogallo By @ovejasanta_ #shooting #love #tbt #followme #instagood #instamood #instalike #amazing #instadaily #instafashion #cute #brunette #photooftheday #bestoftheday #picoftheday #fit #bootyforday #bootybuilding #ass #beachbums #bodybeach #sexy #lingerie #squats #picoftheday #hot #fitchick #bodybuilding #fitgirl #fitness


2017/01/22 01:03:51

Happy birthday to me!!!!! #champagneshowers #sketchnite


2017/01/22 01:01:51

@1stphorm Banquet tonight! 💃🏼...that me


2017/01/22 01:00:51

Galera tamo chegando!! @legendarios no ar na Record 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 liga aí 💪🏽


2017/01/22 01:00:22

Girls RULE! ✊🏻 #equalpay #womeninbusiness #womensmarch .. Beyond blow away at all the amazing women who marched for equality today. I'm standing up for equal pay in the workforce! It's about damn time. .. Womens rights are human rights.


2017/01/22 00:58:55

Time for the iCryo Grand Opening After Party 🎉🎉🎉 Come join me tonight at Club La Roux in Houston, TX on Washington Street!!!


2017/01/22 00:52:46

This outfit tho [email protected] @officialbetterbodies @gaspbbstore @officialbetterbodies - I took the constructive criticism from last week about my bench press and I put it to use! I did lighter weight in order to really focus on my form. Felt like a huge stride of progress! So overall yesterday was a successful chest/shoulder/tri day! 🙌🏽 And today I'll be smashing some legs! 😈 - Bench 5x5 DB Shoulder Press 3x10 Triceps Pull Down 4x12 Skull Crushers 4x10


2017/01/22 00:42:49

💦 Quick swim and my @womensbest protein. 💕 Perfect start to the day! 🌴#womensbest


2017/01/22 00:42:25

Esse post é só pra você lembrar de cuidar de você, dos seus sonhos, dos seus desejos... pra cuidar de todos eles você tem que ter persistência, foco, coragem e o principal, FORÇA DE VONTADE! Se vc tiver um pouquinho de cada um, tudo acontece mais fácil e aí quando você menos pensar, CONSEGUIU! ✨✨ Então não se esquece, de acordar e ser a melhor versão de você mesma, de se esforçar pra que tudo aconteça da forma que você sempre sonhou! Independente do tamanho do seu problema, quem deixa tudo mais fácil é vc! Viu? 🙏🏻


2017/01/22 00:39:26

Happy birthday to @wgrazifpapro my coach of 2 years!!! Will has been an absolute pleasure to work with and be friends with. He flew all the way from Florida with his wife @tsquatmama to handle me at my meet tomorrow and I could not be more grateful. He also is an absolute beast and repped out 315 for 32 reps today 😼 HAPPY birthday Will!!! #TeamGrazione #MetabolicEvolution #Family


2017/01/22 00:39:22



2017/01/22 00:37:48



2017/01/22 00:36:03

"I'm going to make you so proud" - Note To Self. 1 day out from my meet! Got this shirt from @wgrazifpapro #MetabolicEvolution #TeamGrazione #IgniteYourFire #AmandaBucci #JuggernautWinterOpen #63kg #TimeToDoThisShit #BestSelf #BePardomas


2017/01/22 00:35:56

'Cause I'm Happy ❄️☃️🗽🤗


2017/01/22 00:29:59

Fotinho do treino de hoje! 👊🏼💪🏼 Dia de descansar, treinar e.. tomar chuva! 🙄 rs Amanhã faremos outro Live com mais tempo dessa vez, avisamos vcs!! 😍 @kvraco 👊🏼 #projetodentistasfit #dentistasfit


2017/01/22 00:28:04

👯🙌🏽❤️👊🏽 March on ladies! #womensmarch #strengthinnumbers #riseup #fightforwhatyoubelievein #Repost @withlovefromparadise with @repostapp ・・・ Nothing more powerful than women supporting women✌🏼March on girls. . ZERO ROOM FOR NEGATIVITY! Block me if you don't like my post! 😘


2017/01/22 00:25:41

Couldn't decide what to wear, so I wore a tshirt. @themidnightco tees may be under the men's section, but it made for a great tshirt dress! Thanks for the snap @stylesnooperdan 👍🏼 #streetstyle #boyfriendstee #vintagedenim #sm17


2017/01/22 00:23:41

Fitness is not about punishment, it's about enjoying what your body is capable of. Find what you love to do and not what is expected. Make working out FUN 💪🏼 Check out my training programs (CLICK LINK IN BIO). . . #teamhourglass #hourglassworkout #super_athletes #bodyweight #ashleykaltwasser #wshhfitness #fitnesslifestyle #fitnessmodel #npcbikini


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2017/01/22 00:14:57

✊🏼✊🏽✊🏻✊🏿✊🏾 I like her style #womensmarch #vancity


2017/01/22 00:13:41

Esta semana aprendí .. que no es bueno usar tacones 👠 en el pasto🙃me hundí 😒como el titanic 🖤🖤 Pero bueno que tengan una linda noche de sabado👊🏼pero no tomen😒o les pego 🐻🌟