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2017/03/27 09:45:35

“I'm just glad I was able to return to some of that innocence and beauty I had as a child when I started my own family, and my children brought me back some of that spirit.” – Angelina Jolie


2017/03/27 08:36:16

Good Morning Buenos Días Bon Dia Barcelona!


2017/03/27 08:18:24

You can control almost anyone with a well placed middle finger to the temple


2017/03/27 04:27:47 Picking one of my most loyal fans that deserve a paid for vacation to to meet me at the Calgary Comic Con and have lunch with me.  Download the app from the link and become a subscriber and tell me why we should have lunch! #contest #winnerannouncement #goodluck #thx


2017/03/27 04:20:54


2017/03/27 04:03:29

Un dia domingo cualquiera con #daftpunk en casa 🤘🏽🤖 Just an ordinary Sunday w #daftpunk in da house


2017/03/27 03:18:43

Happy Creative... All love.


2017/03/27 03:14:35

I am one lucky gyal @seapa220 @steve_stamp @kuruptfm #eyebrowtwins


2017/03/27 01:11:33

Vogue 2011 @bruce_weber


2017/03/27 01:04:51

Dallas skies opened up a portal. No filter needed. 📸 @mark_nieman


2017/03/27 00:52:45

Only two episodes left y'all! 💋 #BigLittleLies tonight @hbo


2017/03/26 23:27:02

I felt robust about having two apples ,a punnet of blackberries and some wet wipes in my handbag just in case there was an apocalypse or an impromptu clerb food fight ❤️ #fam


2017/03/26 22:18:00

Woooiiii @craigdavid smashed it tonight... nostalgia at it's finest 😂 Thanks sis for bringing me @loulouvictoria #reeewind #whenthecrowdsayboselecta #suchfun #13again #O2Arena #London #borntodoit


2017/03/26 22:08:03

So proud @voguemagazine included @honest_beauty mascara as one of their 8 mascaras that are gentle on the eyes, perfect for sensitive skin! "Proving that, in the world of mascara, gentle is not synonymous with ineffective, makeup artist @dmartnyc points to the performance power of Honest Beauty’s dermatologist-tested, dual-ended mascara, which is his on-set go-to." | Link in bio!


2017/03/26 22:07:06

"Just focus on the horizon". 🤢🚣


2017/03/26 21:44:40

Sunday chill spot. #NoFilter #SanAndres #Colombia


2017/03/26 21:44:22

Happy #AirMaxDay people!!!! Celebrating today with a bang @nike


2017/03/26 20:46:33

My addiction since my pregnancy. Aged earl grey tea with milk and honey


2017/03/26 20:25:35

Six years ago I was lucky enough to marry this wonderful man. He makes me laugh everyday and supports me in everything I do. Happy anniversary, JT! Here's to many more! ❤️❤️❤️


2017/03/26 20:14:00



2017/03/26 19:39:45

#Regram #RG @everydayclimatechange: Image by @sean_gallagher_photo A young boy pushes himself along the shallows of the Ganges River in Kolkata --- Coastal cities in India, such as Kolkata and Mumbai, have been identified as some of the most at risk to climate change effects, such as rising sea levels. In late 2016 however, Kolkata was named as one of the 11 best cities in the world for addressing the effects of climate change at the C40 Mayor's Summit in Mexico City. "Kolkata’s climate change risks have been exacerbated by unsanitary disposal and waste dumping...[The city's] project aims to eradicate open dumping and burning of waste and to limit the concentration of methane gas generated in landfill sites", according to National Geographic News. A promising step for one of the world's most vulnerable cities. --- #asia #india #kolkata #ganges #river #climatechange #water


2017/03/26 19:32:50

Just be.. Photoshoot by the talented @fabrizioferriofficial and @spiritandflesh.


2017/03/26 19:16:28

Oh just in Florida for the the day, no big deal ! @esp_wef 🐴🍺🍺


2017/03/26 19:02:29

| who's else is loving spring??😍🌻 can't wait to hit the gym tomorrow with my trainer @mackfit. How old r you??


2017/03/26 17:49:39

Happy Mother's Day Mama Debs ❤#teamsince1989 #HappyMothersDay #thankyouformysister #strongbeautifulwoman #proudtobeyourdaughter #sheinsistedonputtingmeinpink #likeallthetime


2017/03/26 17:49:13

Congrats @iisuperwomanii on your new book, "How to Be A BAWSE" ❤️ go out and get her new book! It's so. . . BAWSE. Get it? Because the name.. of the book... yup. ❤️


2017/03/26 17:30:19

My naked truth.. Get this month's issues of @spiritandflesh shot by @fabrizioferriofficial


2017/03/26 17:11:38

Great therapeutic way to end a very tough and emotional week. We blew off lots of steam. Thank you guys so much for the outpouring of luv, support and condolences. Means so much to me and our family. In the wake of any death, we gotta live as greatly as we possibly can, hold onto our faith, be grateful for every blessing and hug and protect our loved ones just that much tighter. You guys have a great Sunday and let's have a productive week. Thank you again. Grateful for the luv. Luv u back. 🤙🏾


2017/03/26 16:57:56

We have not forgotten you Frida 💙💙💙💙 (edit: this is an excerpt from Carlos Fuentes Introduction to "The Diary of Frida Kahlo")


2017/03/26 16:54:47

#Harts #livelovelaugh


2017/03/26 16:52:28

Home dinner with the boys. @kihonglee @dexterdarden


2017/03/26 16:32:06

Look of the day


2017/03/26 16:28:10

before and afters from #toughmudder


2017/03/26 16:23:02

What goes into making #RitaRepulsa #PowerRangersMovie magic ⚡️ Anyone watching? (Hi @iambeckyg)


2017/03/26 16:07:07

So excited for you guys to meet Carina Smyth this May! #jacksparrow isn't sure what to make of her!! #potc5 #deadmentellnotales #salazarsrevenge


2017/03/26 16:01:42

Game of Thrones Cast 🔥


2017/03/26 15:34:13

Had a amazing time yesterday at my Healthfest....Major thank you to the city of San Francisco & all of the unbelievable people that came out. Also major thank you to my partners @rallyhealth & our other ambassador @mariamenounos .....The event was everything that we wanted it to be plus more. We got people to come out & understand the importance Health & Wellness. The next one will be even bigger!!!!! #RallyWithKevin #HustleHart


2017/03/26 15:08:25

Weekend vibes on a windy beautiful day! Photo by dad!


2017/03/26 14:50:35

Happy Mothers Day mamaaaaa ❤️❤️❤️


2017/03/26 14:17:58

Ben bobs. #SanAndres #Colombia


2017/03/26 14:12:30

Happy #mothersday to all the mothers in the #uk