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2017/02/21 18:32:15

I started getting arrested at 14yrs old. Our new @SevenBucksProds project means a lot to me. We take you inside one of the most hardcore prison boot camps in the world. Their success rate is unprecedented. In 2012 when I walked into this Dade County facility to speak with these offenders about taking advantage of their second shot at life, I knew then this was a place the world needed to see. All lives matter. Break them down hard. Build them up strong. Change is real. Set your calendars for MARCH 27th on @HBO. #HBODocumentariesFilm #SevenBucksProds #RockAndAHardPlace


2017/02/21 18:21:11

#beautyjunkieweek #naturesbeauty #motherearthcolor


2017/02/21 17:54:23

“Acting helped me as I was growing up. It helped me learn about myself, helped me travel, helped me understand life, express myself, all those wonderful things. So I'm very, very grateful; it's a fun job. It's a luxury.” – Angelina Jolie


2017/02/21 17:22:16

Happy 21st Birthday, Sophie Turner! 🎉🔥


2017/02/21 14:57:31

#Repost @morellibrothers with @repostapp ・・・ ODDA Cover 6/7 starring @lindsaylohan shot by @morellibrothers, Fashion Editor @albamelendo, Creative Director @davidmartings for ODDA 12 5th Anniversary issue #ODDAmagazine #oddaanniversary


2017/02/21 13:33:27



2017/02/21 10:06:21

Ooh I looove my little minty milk pot @riessemaille ! #riess


2017/02/21 08:45:55

Can I keep him? ❤️🐴🇳🇿#nzadventures


2017/02/21 07:19:01

When your sista from another mista is in LA at the same time as you and life is good. #sistafromanothermista #lovehersomuch #ridiculousbeauty #dinnerdate #so #much #hair #curlcrowntimesdeux #funtimes #catchingbarejokesasperusual


2017/02/21 07:05:23

Late night comedy grind....Got a couple of sets in tonight. I'm loving the growth of this new material people. This new hour is going to be 🔥🔥🔥🔥 .....I'm about to fuck 2018 up.....yes I'm planning my next years work already. #ComedicRockStarShit #AlwaysOnMyGrind #Focused


2017/02/21 06:32:10

#beautyjunkieweek this doesn't seem like it would fit in, but these pads are amazing on the take, if you work out. Longstanding amazing trusted brand.


2017/02/21 06:14:37

#beautyjunkieweek OK this might seem like a cheat. But I don't care. This is beauty to me. My sweet Olive in my shoes. This is also a girl flirting with felling pretty.


2017/02/21 06:08:13

#beautyjunkieweek Ok this might seem like shameless promotion, but I swear I haven't been paid or encouraged to promote anything. I have seriously dry eyes. This is so jelly. This eye lubricant gets me so happy. #jellyeyes


2017/02/21 06:01:55

Never a dull moment.


2017/02/21 05:57:44

#beautyjunkieweek if you are trying to preserve a blow dry or just like slept in hair, this is the best dry shampoo. Poof and marvel. Spray in at roots and then comb out with a thick brush. Like a @masonpearson.france


2017/02/21 05:37:57


2017/02/21 05:03:51

#cashmeoussidehowbowdah 😝


2017/02/21 04:19:51

We laughed and had fun with The Return of Xander which is on its way to make more world wide then both previous ones combined... then last week I recorded vocals for what became a number one song (Charlie Puth is the first one to notice my voice in the background, haha)... and then Kygo dropped a full on duet which he says is Amazing... Just blessed.


2017/02/21 03:58:54

#LilSwag #DopePic #NewYorkNights #ComedicRockStarShit


2017/02/21 02:18:12

Hahaha😃 Honestly who hasn't heard the Kygo remix? My kids are so impressed with their father that now they want to go to Norway to see Kygo and make more music. Hahahaha


2017/02/21 02:08:21

So excited to share our new campaign, Moments, which is built around the notion that life is made up of a series of moments that strung together tell the narrative of your life. It's honest, emotional, diverse, features real @Honest families and was entirely dreamed up by our internal team - so proud of them! Link in bio to watch more #honestmoments!


2017/02/21 01:58:53

Fun afternoon doing ADR for @fastandfuriousmovie with our incredible post team and with the guidance of our director @fgarygray. It's always exciting doing ADR because you get to see some of the movie.... and it. looks. AWESOME guys! #Ramsey #thefateofthefurious #april14th2017 #stillhardatwork #shoutouttothepostproductionteam #adr


2017/02/21 01:50:49

Together we will rally for artistic freedom. To support the cause and add your voice visit the link in my bio. #UnitedVoices


2017/02/21 01:36:27

The hunt begins... Day 1 of filming #thepredator begins today. "And just to be clear, PG-13 is for pu--ies." -Shane Black (*that word is PUPPIES)


2017/02/21 00:55:00

Long hair don't care xo @carrera


2017/02/21 00:17:04

Real friends fly in from Toronto on a rainy weekend to help you finish the puzzle you started in December. Big sloppy kisses for @ericagodfrey79 and @noahgodfrey. And thank you @christinelennonplus2 for the birthday gift that kept on giving, the puzzle and your amazing book 📚 #thedrifter. Link in bio. 😜 Xoxoxo 😘😘😘


2017/02/21 00:10:38

Proud to support my fellow Ukrainian filmmakers. #BitterHarvest #London


2017/02/20 23:57:18

The faces of Monday...


2017/02/20 23:48:47

New York Nights..... #brotherlylove


2017/02/20 23:46:27



2017/02/20 23:41:39

Can't stay away @latenightseth 🎆


2017/02/20 22:35:45

Another fun lunch with the New Yorkers❤❤ @tizzielisch @mason.lanee 🍔🍟 come back soon!!!!


2017/02/20 22:33:32

Happy Presidents Day. 🤢


2017/02/20 22:21:43



2017/02/20 22:19:59

Went to LACMA today!


2017/02/20 21:53:53

🌞 mellow yellow 🌞


2017/02/20 21:48:18

First official bathroom selfie.. is this how it works?


2017/02/20 21:46:19

For the WWE Universe who's attending TONIGHT'S RAW at the Staples Center here in LA.. When RAW goes off the air, that's when the next level of fun begins. You're all gonna be in the movie.. energy thru the roof. At 445pm today before RAW goes LIVE.. the music hits, the bass drops, backs crack, livers quiver and I'll smell like a primate. Tonight'll be fun. Can't wait. See you in a few hours. #RAW #LA #StaplesCenter #FightingWithMyFamily #ChampionshipMatch


2017/02/20 21:40:09

ayyyy i got the business thing on my profile and i feel so professional woooooo and wE'RE SO CLOSE TO 5K WHAT OMG


2017/02/20 21:28:39

Dark and stormy waves this weekend. 🤙😀🤤


2017/02/20 20:01:41

Puttin' in that ring work w/ @theatrinidadtmt (our Divas Champion) and @tessa_blanchard (our bad ass ring/stunt double) for their big match tonight at the Staples Center here in LA once RAW goes off the air. For those insiders who know the wrestling business, you know how hard these two independent female wrestlers work. For those who are are new to the wrestling world when you see our movie, just know you're watching some very unique and special athletes achieve greatness in a male dominated world. Respect is given when it's earned. Tonight, they earn it. Get ready WWE Universe and RAW crowd. It's your night too. #FightingWithMyFamily #SquaredCircleDNA #BloodSweatRespect #StaplesCenter #LA #RAW


2017/02/20 19:34:44

A #MondayMuse can come in any age, shape or size...including this lil gem of a lady! ❤💐 Love this gal @stormreid! #AWrinkleInTime #NZAdventure