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2017/03/27 10:56:35

Photo by ©Pedro Jarque Krebs #WildlifePlanet


2017/03/27 08:46:45

Nobility 👑😊 Photography by @Willbl #Wildgeography


2017/03/27 04:37:32

A #wilsonsStormPetrel virtually walking on water, dancing along the surface feeding on small planktonic food. This is a vastly successful bird, found nearly everywhere in the waters of the Southern Hemisphere, and even parts of the north. I photographed this beautiful bird last month in #antarcrica, they're lightning fast and graceful hunters, incredible to watch. Photographed #onassignment for @natgeo / @sea_legacy @paulnicklen @cristinamittermeier @andy_mann @craigwelch @ianvaso @shanemoorefilms @pattersonimages #CCMLAR2018


2017/03/27 04:20:08

昨日は4匹の捕獲に成功しました。 全員女の子… まだ捕獲しなければならない猫たちがいますが、スペースの確保などでリターンするまで捕獲はお休みです😣


2017/03/27 04:10:30

目があうとゴロゴロしちゃう ふきちゃん。ずっと野良だったのに、こんなに甘えん坊。避妊手術で5匹の命を宿していることがわかりました。賛否両論ありますが、私たちには産ませてあげることができませんでした。 #ふきちゃんとうどちゃん #里親さん募集 #里親募集 #札幌


2017/03/27 03:51:52

シャムチビ保護名ドーナッツくん🍩 餌やりさんの隣のおばさんが教えてくれたのですが、お母さん猫はドーナッツくんが2カ月くらいの時に隣のおばさん宅の玄関前で亡くなってしまったそうです。それからは、たくさんの猫たちに可愛がられお世話してもらい生き延びることができました。先に保護した#ふきちゃんとうどちゃん の姿を見るなり甘えた声で鳴いてお腹の下に潜り込んでいきました。これからずっとの家族を探したいと思います! #ドーナッツくんに家族ができるまで #里親さん募集 #札幌 #里親募集


2017/03/27 00:31:46

I wish this rain would go away.✨🐶☔️🐸✨今日は超寒いよね。頑張って行ってくるんだよ! #雨やまないかな🙄 #電車に傘を忘れないでね #パパはいっつも忘れてくるんだから😤 #この角度はまるく見える #りんごのカッパ


2017/03/26 23:51:29

Moomoo, Border Collie mix (6 y/o), Broome & West Broadway, New York, NY • "She was abused and won't take food from anyone else but the people she trusts." @gimmeshelteranimalrescue


2017/03/26 22:28:11

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2017/03/26 21:53:41

Black Shadow Photo by @shaazjungphotography #WildlifePlanet


2017/03/26 20:42:04

Snow Leopard 😍👑 Follow @about_animalslife for more cuties animals photos and videos @about_animalslife #Wildgeography


2017/03/26 19:49:48

be careful wth that look you give, it steals heart beats. ~R.Zatko


2017/03/26 19:44:59

Sophie, mix (3 y/o), Broome & West Broadway, New York, NY • "I just adopted her today. She was used for breeding and found tied to a tree in Arkansas." @gimmeshelteranimalrescue


2017/03/26 18:40:27

A beech marten at Centro Fauna Selvatica "Il Pettirosso" near Modena, Italy. This beech marten was found in Turin, Italy with a broken paw, however the treatment from a vet and convalescence resulted in imprinting, which meant he became too tame to release. This is when he arrived at Il Pettitrosso rehabilitation centre in Modena, which acts as a halfway house for creatures like this. They house another marten at the rehab center, also too tame to live in the wild, so the two live together. Since 2000, the recovery centre “Il Pettitrosso” has rescued and rehabilitated more than 50,000 wild animals near Modena in Italy. This means up to 4,000 per year, of which 70% are placed back into their natural habitats. In addition to this, another 800 wild animals have been brought in for care by the Italian Police from accidents or after being found in distress. In recent years the economic crisis has forced other local rehab centres to close, therefore the number of animals being sent to Il Pettitrosso is increasing even more. A very special thank you to @greenteenteam, an organization promoting youth involvement in nature and wildlife conservation. . . #beechmarten #cuteanimals #wildliferehab #nateo


2017/03/26 18:16:47

Standing tall 😍😊 Photography by Jess Findlay #Wildgeography


2017/03/26 17:51:23

When you just want to eat your cookies in peace 😭🍪 Photo by @jordhammond #WildlifePlanet


2017/03/26 17:34:07

@stevewinterphoto @natgeo Here is a snow leopard from my @natgeo story. I am excited to bring my NG LIVE presentation, “On the Trail of Big Cats” to @natgeo’s Grosvenor Theater in Washington DC on April 13th! Please come to hear about my life and work with Jaguars, Snow Leopards, Cougars and Tigers!! Snow leopards are the ghosts of the high mountain areas of central Asia in which they live. The areas in which SL’s live are vitally important as they provide water for 100’s of millions of people. But the glaciers that provide the water are rapidly disappearing, which begs the question - what will the future bring for people and animals? Local people need to benefit from living with predators - snow leopards are persecuted by revenge killings - when they kill someone’s livestock a herder will then kill them. There are great community conservation projects where local herders can protect their flocks, making more money and saving snow leopards at the same time! Turning and economic negative into an economic positive - and saving snow leopards at the same time! Please visit National Geographic’s Big Cat Initiative @, to find out ways to become involved - to save big cats! Check out - Panthera, Snow Leopard Trust, WCS, UNDP, WildAid - Environmental Investigation Agency - Wildlife Protection Society of India, @stevewinterphoto @natgeo @natgeocreative @thephotosociety #leopards #tigers #lions #snowleopard #jaguars #bigcatsforever #canon #apple #bigcats #photooftheday #catoftheday #photography #art #camera #fotografia #wildlife #instacat #catlovers #me #cat #cats #ilovemycat #wildlifephotography #conservationphotography #canonusa #redcine #undp #gef @africanparksnetwork #ldfoundation @leonardodicaprio @sanctuaryasia


2017/03/26 15:40:37

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2017/03/26 15:25:40

Spring flowers carpet the floor of #OlympicNationalParks mossy #hohrainforest / for @natgeo


2017/03/26 15:05:52

Good night!!✨🐶💤✨明日も寒いらしいよ #風邪ひかないようにね #そういえば稀勢の里かっこよかったね #やっぱり練習あるのみだな🤔 #まるも頑張る


2017/03/26 15:00:35

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2017/03/26 14:46:33

Madison, Finn, & Fritz, Miniature Dalmatians & Swedish Vallhund (1 & 2 y/o & 9 m/o), 25th & Broadway, New York, NY • "They're three of the rarest dogs in town. Walking them is a real pain – everyone wants to know what they are."