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2017/04/24 00:52:55

The boys missed me so much after my weekend away, they actually let me sleep on their pillows. (I know- I was shocked, too.) Didn't last long tho. #Welp #AtLeastIGotMyMemories


2017/04/23 22:42:17

昨日はパパが寝ちゃってたの😤 #ごめんね #パンダさん肩借りるね


2017/04/23 21:51:00



2017/04/23 21:36:03

Justin told the boys he could only hang out for a few mins since he had a lot of errands to run today, but Stump Stump wasn't hearing any of that nonsense. #StumpStump #ItsMondayNow #UrGonnaGetMeFired / #StumpStumpFakeSnoring* / #sigh*


2017/04/23 20:56:02

So cutee 😄😄 Follow @about_animalslife for more cuties animals photos and videos @about_animalslife #Wildgeography


2017/04/23 18:22:06

Playtime! Two young #wilddogs affectionately wrestle, moments after waking from a long nap. This display here is a form of bonding and way to warm up before a hunt. Wild Dogs are extremely loyal and affectionate to their pack, they also have the highest success rate in a hunt over any other predator in all of Africa. Photographing this pack today was truly a high light of my trip here with @danahrichardson! @jacadatravel


2017/04/23 17:20:46

Mom! Please play with me.😅😅 Follow @wildlifeplanet for more amazing wildlife and animals photos @wildlifeplanet #Wildgeography


2017/04/23 17:13:54

Check @iuriebelegurschi for the most amazing nature and landscape photography from around the world! - Photo by @iuriebelegurschi


2017/04/23 17:12:09

Four-eyed fish at the @okczoo. These fish have eyes at the tops of their heads that are split into two separate parts so they can see both above and below the water simultaneously. They spend most of their time on the surface of the water, feeding on insects. Remarkably, this species has the ability to survive while exposed to air in the mud during low tide. . . #foureyedfish #fish #foureyes #weirdanimals #underwater #natgeo #photoark


2017/04/23 15:22:26

The most accurate depiction of my life. #MultipleTimesADay


2017/04/23 13:41:12

Follow @cub.animals for more cuties animals photos and videos @cub.animals Photography by Josephine Lange #Wildgeography


2017/04/23 11:24:47

Last night the amazing people here at @singita_ went above and beyond for yet another unforgettable dinner! #honeymoon @danahrichardson


2017/04/23 11:20:32

Momma Raccoon taking the kids home for the day. #WildlifePlanet


2017/04/23 09:20:43

Let's go back early for dinner! ✨🐶✨おつまる〜*\(^o^)/* お腹すいたから早く帰ろ〜 #晩ごはん何かな🤔 #肉はいいな☺️ #シンプルに肉だけ #何も足さない #何も引かない


2017/04/23 09:06:21

Jedi mixed cowboy mixed ninja with a camera. Lots of people ask me what my job is? Well... I graduated with a computer engineering degree and instead followed my passion in creating media. Engineering thaught me how to think differently and approach problems or ideas in a different angle. I'd like to think I do things a little different. (So not all that engineering knowledge gained was fruitless) I take photos, I setup shots for other people to snap the photos of me, I make videos, I email companies pitching marketing ideas, I sell photos, I talk at events and conferences, I make videos for other people, I go on sponsored campaigns, I sit on a computer editing content for hours. All the media I create showcases how I spend my time outside with the aim of teaching others what's possible. Your job in life is to figure out how you enjoy spending your time and how it can help others. Jump at your wants! Thanks for helping out with the snap @trevlake


2017/04/23 03:38:10

Large bull #elephant giving me a little staring competition. I lost. @jacadatravel @danahrichardson