2017/02/21 18:32:15

I started getting arrested at 14yrs old. Our new @SevenBucksProds project means a lot to me. We take you inside one of the most hardcore prison boot camps in the world. Their success rate is unprecedented. In 2012 when I walked into this Dade County facility to speak with these offenders about taking advantage of their second shot at life, I knew then this was a place the world needed to see. All lives matter. Break them down hard. Build them up strong. Change is real. Set your calendars for MARCH 27th on @HBO. #HBODocumentariesFilm #SevenBucksProds #RockAndAHardPlace


2017/02/21 18:31:37

Only a few more hours until my music video!!! You won't believe the mess we made 😏 Today @ 430pm (PST) #WWIBWY


2017/02/21 18:24:41

The sailor of our ship. @rainamlawson shot by @davidbellemere Discover more of our March/April issue by clicking the link in our bio.


2017/02/21 18:21:35

10 more weeks to go!!! 💗 #pregnancyglow #pregnantfashion #boheme #megfab


2017/02/21 18:21:11

#beautyjunkieweek #naturesbeauty #motherearthcolor


2017/02/21 18:16:08

Todo por hoy! ⚡️👊Logrando mis objetivos de la mano del mejor 👏💪🏼 @spinningcentergym 💯% #actitudspinning Despelucada y sin maquillaje también se vale la foto 😂


2017/02/21 18:10:42

Love my @fittea first thing in the morning for extra energy! #fittea


2017/02/21 18:00:26

~ Driving around in small dirt roads in Făgăraș mountains and stumbled upon these guys. Local dogs seem to love the cold weather.


2017/02/21 17:59:58

MOVE : BEYOND creative meeting!! Can't wait to see this al come to life! 🙌🏼❤💃🏼🕺🏼👍🏼 @moveliveontour @juleshough @derekhough @nappytabs @kylehanagami and @marriannhough for moral support 👍🏼#movebeyond #moveliveontour


2017/02/21 17:58:43

Swimming holes and chocolate, this is Switzerland. 🇨🇭 #discoverearth Picture by @chrisburkard


2017/02/21 17:56:47

The subway - Zion National Park. This amazing Photo by @live_free_run_far


2017/02/21 17:54:23

“Acting helped me as I was growing up. It helped me learn about myself, helped me travel, helped me understand life, express myself, all those wonderful things. So I'm very, very grateful; it's a fun job. It's a luxury.” – Angelina Jolie


2017/02/21 17:50:51

Too cute for school ⛄️💕❄️


2017/02/21 17:46:29

Making friends in Quebec 🕊 By @valerie_deromemasse Share your story: #goneoutdoors 💛


2017/02/21 17:45:01

@Expofitness un año más de éxitos ... sigue el compromiso de mejorar y crecer ... a mi me quedan tantas cosas lindas que agradecerle a Dios y a tantas personas hermosas que conocí que se acercaron y me ofrecieron abrazos besos y mil fotos con sonrisas amplias y hermosas!!! Gracias por tantísimo a TODOS 💗 Esta pareja es una de ellas que tienen mi respeto, mi Admiración y mi amor infinito... un abrazo es como transmitir en un momento lo que eres y el cariño que le tienes a alguien ! #abrazos inmensos y bendiciones por montones! #TatiG n #friends @mago_fit @neybimoreno 💗🙏🏼 #thankful #thanks #friends #ungustoconocerlos #couplegoals #attitude #motivacion #blessed #expoftiness #expofitnesscolombia #colombia #medellin #fitness #generacionfit


2017/02/21 17:37:37

Возвращаюсь к своим вторникам и четвергам @studiofeelings 🐍


2017/02/21 17:34:21

คืนนี้อีกไกลนะคะพี่มะ 💋✌🏻️#clubfridaytheseries8


2017/02/21 17:34:16

Had such a lovely afternoon decorating cupcakes with @raysofsunshinecc & lots of lovely viewers ☀️ this was before the cupcakes got mushed in the car journey home 🤣


2017/02/21 17:32:51


2017/02/21 17:31:34

Leave everything behind but the lace.


2017/02/21 17:27:44

Photo: @ChrisBurkard The name of this waterfall is very literal; Havasupai, the people of the blue-green waters. The natives who live in the area share its name and consider the ancient calcium and magnesium rich water sacred. Grand Canyon, Arizona.


2017/02/21 17:27:20

Holy sweatfest batman!!!! Well I'm a wee humbled by this program! I've decided to start max30 today!!!! Even though I'm on vacay, I've decided I can still have time to workout!!!! Hope you don't mind a sweaty pic err'day. It's gonna help me stay on track so if you don't see one- call me out! I need major accountability!!!!!! Thanks friends!!! XO #imaxedout #insanitymax30 #max30sarah


2017/02/21 17:25:20

@celllos.transfersandtour se prepare para nossas andanças por aqui hein?! 🙌🏻🇬🇧 Já adorei o serviço e posso indicar por aqui, ele eh show! #thassiastyle #ThassiaEmLondon #TNtips


2017/02/21 17:24:35

Reasons to follow @thirdeyegemstones 1. They DONATE water with every item purchased.💦 2. They make natural GEMSTONE bracelets.💎 3. Their bracelets are HANDMADE in Canada.🇨🇦 4. Helps you set your INTENTION.👍🏻 Learn More


2017/02/21 17:22:16

Happy 21st Birthday, Sophie Turner! 🎉🔥


2017/02/21 17:21:45

Drift on. Drift on. @angelinaaboyko shot by @tysonlloydfilms see more of Angelina by clicking the link in our bio.


2017/02/21 17:12:37

Ensaio exclusivo para o Uol saiu, um pouquinho sobre mim! Está super bacana ✨💗🌸 @uoloficial Click: @iwionodera Stylist: @mullerantonio


2017/02/21 17:11:04


2017/02/21 17:07:48

Comment with your email address below (without the .com) and you'll receive an email right away!! 🌟LET'S START NOW MY BEAUTIES🌟 Direct link in [email protected]_sagra🌟 - ‼️‼️ESPAÑOL & ENGLISH PROGRAMS‼️‼️ - ⬇️DEJEN SU EMAIL SI QUIEREN COMENZAR⬇️⬇ -


2017/02/21 17:07:12

If you want success of any kind you have to get comfortable being uncomfortable. Every time you think you can’t, you have to do it anyway. Everyday. You have to create habits that foster your success. I know it’s not easy, but you can’t stay in your comfort zone and expect results. You can't be inconsistent and expect lasting changes. Challenge yourself. Don’t be afraid to be uncomfortable. _____________________________ Looking for a way to successfully reach your goals? My training program is available and customizable to meet ANY goal. - - -LINK IN BIO


2017/02/21 17:06:56

OOTD by @cmcoving - Like & Comment 💙


2017/02/21 17:03:04

Deviled eggs at Frenchie Covent Garden in London. #regram from @myhungryvalentine cc @frenchiecoventgarden Tag your pics with both #lefooding and @lefooding and we'll regram our favorites!


2017/02/21 17:02:08

Please follow my friend @mytruwood! The TruWood Leaf Green is available online, and 10 trees are planted for every order! Visit their site now! 🌳🌳 @mytruwood [] ❤


2017/02/21 17:00:55

Let's all move towards a common goal, eh?


2017/02/21 16:59:53

Sobre p fds... exato momento em que estávamos saindo da missa 😊🙏🏻😂. ❤️ #santasunset #vintageculture #sunset


2017/02/21 16:59:52

Mars Mission Complete 🚀 Photography by © @cameraismyeye and @lichterfang - Caption by © @lichterfang #OurPlanetDaily


2017/02/21 16:59:27

🀄️🗡#yakuza 🇯🇵


2017/02/21 16:54:03

Firmeza e concentração mesmo na exaustão. @reebokbrasil @reebok The grind never stops. #teamclaudia #mma #ufc #reebokbrasil #reebok


2017/02/21 16:52:15

Все-таки я сделала это! 🙈 Спасибо @arthair_irinakayli за лучшее наращивание волос! 💖 Поняла, что я не я без роскошной шевелюры, да и Вы так просили вернуть прежний образ Русалочки 😉 Результат - роскошные, живые волосы, такие лёгкие и невесомые, что совсем не ощущаются при носке, потому что работа выполнена по самой безопасной технологии микрокапсульного наращивания 👱🏻‍♀ Ну а цвет я оставила свой, потому что мне в нем очень комфортно, а волшебница Ирина из Arthair подобрала для меня пряди такого идеального цвета, что нам даже не пришлось делать окрашивание 🙌 Девушки, за весенним преображением только в @arthair_irinakayli! 🌸


2017/02/21 16:50:21



2017/02/21 16:49:35

This photo of Seth and I, performing as background on "A Beautiful Mind", was taken shortly after our very first date. 16 years and he's hunkier than ever. @stealthgabel, it blows my mind that I got a fellow like you. ❤️


2017/02/21 16:49:03

Video by @joelsartore | An endangered crested capuchin named Milo at the @thelosangeleszoo. Sadly, Milo passed away not long ago after a long illness. He was a 22-year-old male and the leader of his troop of twelve at the Los Angeles Zoo. Milo was also a great father to his eleven offspring. We'll miss you Milo! To see a portrait of Milo, follow @joelsartore. . . #capuchin #monkey #inmemory #photoark #natgeo


2017/02/21 16:44:59

Гроза ночных кошмаров, Черная Самба, спасет Родину от всех негодяев 💪🏻👊🏻 Для этого всего лишь нужно сделать #репост фото с тегом #ЗАЩИТНИКИСамбурской и если желающих будет много, то вы увидите меня во второй части фильма 🍿📽 @Sarik_Andreasyan дал слово 😂😜 А пока #ЯИдуНаЗащитники 23 февраля в кино!


2017/02/21 16:43:00

😍🍍👌🏼 Gorgeous


2017/02/21 16:41:38

One of a kind phenomenon 💙(📷: @tiffpenguin)


2017/02/21 16:40:31

Only thing I use. My hair care is on 👌🏼 @kristin_ess


2017/02/21 16:39:31

В преддверии наступающей весны и я разыгрываем денежные призы 💵💵💵 Участвуй в нашем розыгрыше с и будь удачлив! 1⃣ приз 3000💵 2⃣ приз 2000💵 3⃣ приз 1000💵 Даже если не первые три, то есть ещё шанс выйграть мелкие денежные призы 500💰300💰200💰 Внимание: условия просты ☝🏻 нужно всего лишь подписаться на аккаунт и на спонсоров данного конкурса🎁 И уже 1 марта мы вместе узнаем, кто обладатель главного приза в 3000💵 Конкурс настоящий☝🏻 Верьте в удачу с и побеждайте!🙌🏻😘


2017/02/21 16:38:00

Coffee in Garachico 🌴


2017/02/21 16:34:41

As seen and heard on ESPN Charlotte... 38 cities, 1 cause, 500,000 reasons to sign up! If you don't shoot, you can't score, so register today for a shot to win $500,000 in cash prizes (per region) #AmericaMadness @PalmerEmpire


2017/02/21 16:34:11

Enough already! For once and for all Fettuccine Alfredo does not, has never and will never have cream in it. How do I know? Becuase, being the good investigative journalist that I am, I went to the source, and discovered how Alfredo I (because there was also a II and a III) first invented his iconic dish. This is the real thing. Because enough with #fakepasta Also? The real thing is delicious. If possible head to Il Vero Alfredo to try it. And if not? And I strongly suggest you try this at home. Follow the link in my profile for the recipe and video. #pastalife #rome


2017/02/21 16:33:47

Join me, Kellogg’s and #NoKidHungry to help Give A Child Breakfast. Share your trick shot with #BucketsForBreakfast and nominate your friends. @rachelgirl528, you’re up. Share this status to help spread the word. Or, you can donate to No Kid Hungry directly


2017/02/21 16:30:40

No puedo más con esta foto!!! Una mujer que admiro profundamente... sus letras me llegan profundamente al corazón... gracias @alexisfuentescantante por mostrarme tremenda artista y gracias @monlaferte por acompañarme en los buenos y malos momentos ❤🌷


2017/02/21 16:27:28

OOTD by @chicpaolastyle — Double tap if you love this ❤


2017/02/21 16:26:38

• #tbt 💗


2017/02/21 16:25:47



2017/02/21 16:25:39

Wait... WHAT? Zesy. 😂😍😍❤❤❤❤🤗🙈 @jesynelson


2017/02/21 16:24:20

Pronta para gravar #TiciVisita #hojeemdia #Fortaleza #lookdaTici Body @b.dibody Short @johnjohndenim Rasteirinha @marianapenteado


2017/02/21 16:22:01

There is no magic pill, only hard work 💪🏼👱🏻‍♀️ leggings: @pursuefitness photographer: @jpaullphoto


2017/02/21 16:20:33

Coming soon.. new app dev team, really excited for all the tech news updates @andreadeiap @aeroman84


2017/02/21 16:19:01

A little #backattack combo. 💪🏼 Tag your workout partner & try this superset on your next back day. ⏺Straight arm pulldown with rope-12-15 reps ⏺Cable rope rear delt pull- 15 reps Make each one count, squeeze ! 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼 ---- #fitnesswithashli #fitfam #transformationtuesday #bodybuilding #motivation #gym #builtnotbought


2017/02/21 16:16:25

••••Más opciones para las mujeres que como yo, nos gusta vernos y sentirnos bien #CaroCruzLookDelDía (aquí Matías apenas estaba creciendo) @marketingpersonal #MPSinLimites #MPoderosas #SoloGanar MP es la empresa de mayor crecimiento en COLOMBIA, MP EMPODERA Personas 💙••••


2017/02/21 16:13:18


2017/02/21 16:10:00

Tag your partner and start workout. credit @meggan_fit_music


2017/02/21 16:06:43

Aquello en lo que crees recibes✨🙌🏼✨. #universo . El éxito no es definitivo, el fracaso no es fatal. Es el CORAJE para continuar lo que cuenta 💪🏼 #teambarbie #miami


2017/02/21 15:57:20

adivinen quien estara conduciendo @premiolonuestro ?? pues estos dos💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻 Un honor trabajar contigo mi Luisito😬 @luiscoronelmusic


2017/02/21 15:56:36

Hello seus lindos! Quem aí lembra daquela dica que postei aqui sobre o movimento #AMarcaDaProteção de NIVEA Sun? Vocês sabiam que 8 em cada 10 brasileiros não usam protetor solar diariamente? 🙀 Esse hábito precisa mudar para reduzir a incidência de câncer da pele no Brasil, sério! Eu mesma, antes de sair de casa, nunca deixo de passar protetor! 💙 Eu já fiz minha marquinha, entre no movimento também: tire sua foto com a marquinha da proteção de NIVEA Sun e poste com a hashtag #AMarcaDaProteção. Vamos mudar essa realidade juntos 🤜🏻🤛🏻 ! #NiveaSun @NiveaBrasil #publi


2017/02/21 15:51:04

Лучший клуб на свете!!! И Самое лучшее место для того,чтобы прийти в себя перед тяжелой командировочной неделей :) #Яworldclass @worldclass_zhukovka


2017/02/21 15:50:37

Follow @Vronnielolo for more. Tag who you’d go here with.⠀ ⠀ #worlderlust📍Huka Falls, New Zealand. Pic by @Vronnielolo. Follow the link in our bio: @worlderlust to request us to promote your pictures in our account.


2017/02/21 15:49:16

We can promote your photos in our account. Check the link in our bio for instructions: @earthfever Lake Oberon, Tasmania. Photo by @everlook_photography #earthfever


2017/02/21 15:48:58

Набор на мои СИЛОВЫЕ тренировки в тренажёрном зале в мини группах продолжается! Уровень подготовки не важен! Тренировки направлены на укрепление всего тела, а также совершенствование или изучение техники упражнений! Плюс веселая компания, которая не даст вам халтурить и прогуливать! . Запись в Telegram +79264770669/guznenkova . ‼️СТАРТ СО СЛЕДУЮЩЕЙ НЕДЕЛИ‼️ Расписание: Вт/пт 10.30 Вт/пт 12.00 Вт/пт 16.30 Сб/вс 15.00 Сб/вс 13.30 ‼️Ср 21.00-вс 10.30‼️ . Условия: Стоимость 8 тренировок - 7 000₽ (сб/вс 6000₽) 🔻Действие абонемента - 1 месяц 🔻При отмене занятие сгорает 🔻Продолжительность - 1,5ч 🔻Запись на занятие только после 50%-ой предоплаты 🔻‼️Абонемент в зал покупать не нужно‼️ 🔻Адрес: м. Чистые пруды, Луков переулок 9 (5 мин от метро) 🔻Состав группы - 4-5 человек . Зал можно посмотреть на видео по хэштегу #guznenkova_марафон . #фитнес #функционал #функциональныйтренинг #растяжка #шпагат #sport #fitness #workout #stretch #stretching #fitnessmodel #flexibility #health #bodybuilding #cardio


2017/02/21 15:48:07

Hello lacris! Já estou aqui na @jotatreis conferindo o lançamento. Muitas peças lindas de veludo molhado! Super tendência! Amo ❤️


2017/02/21 15:47:25

@josephineskriver working some magic in cool crochet.


2017/02/21 15:45:26

Photo by @FransLanting Baring your teeth at someone can be a sign of aggression. But here, Lana, a female bonobo, was doing it to provoke me. Bonobos and humans are so closely related that we share many facial expressions—and an ability to use deception. That is exactly what Lana was doing here. She was feigning aggression to get my attention—evidence of a social sophistication that crosses species boundaries. I spent several days with Lana and other bonobos in a captive family group for a series of intimate portraits to help people understand how unique bonobos are. Follow me @FransLanting for more bonobo portraits. @natgeotravel @natgeocreative @thephotosociety #Attitude #GreatApe #Bonobo #Aggression #Communicationi


2017/02/21 15:45:23

Video by @pedromcbride // Santeria dancers perform in an abandoned building site in Havana, Cuba. The dance company leader teaches discipline and teamwork and creates performance jobs throughout the city via dance. To see more from this @natgeoexpeditions photo workshop, follow @pedromcbride. #dance #havana #santeria #cuba


2017/02/21 15:40:36

If I could have had an easier road to where I'm at now... I don't think I would take it. 💯 • I'm better for it because of the battles fought. • I once thought life robbed me of my joy. That was until I decided I didn't like that too much. My parents didn't sacrifice there lives to raise me for me to be miserable! My heart didn't make it through countless heartaches to STAY sad. I didn't wake up AGAIN to a sunrise and a new morning to give up! Sometimes we decide we "have to" be sad, mad, hurt, depressed, forgotten... decide different ❤ Decide that you are more than what happened to you. Wake up and determine to be KIND no matter what. Determine to be joyful no matter what. Determine to be LOVE in motion no matter what. Today is YOUR day, I can feel it😚 #30DayTransformationTeam #FitCurvy💪🍑 💥ItsTheScience💥 👂TransformationOfTheMind👂 👗TrainForTheDress👗 👠TrainForTheHeels👠 👙TrainForTheBikini👙 To Get Your FitCurvy Transformation Plan: (click get started) #goodmorning #morning #fashion #love #chanel #thick #queen #gucci #transformationtuesday #fit #fitness #fitspiration #curves #workout #transformation #motivation #inspiration #wshh #beauty #instagram #model #curlyhair #worldstar #mua #melanin #naturalhair #natural #ootd


2017/02/21 15:38:47


2017/02/21 15:38:44

The Fairy Pools, Isle of Skye, Scotland 🔹 #goneoutdoors


2017/02/21 15:37:46

Spanish Tuesday💃🏼 What are your plans today my 💕's? // Martes Madrileño esperando a que mi mamá llegue! 👏🏻😊 Que planes tienen hoy mis amores?


2017/02/21 15:36:28

Has anyone here watched #SYTD2? How was it? From the scale of 1-5, how would you rate this film?


2017/02/21 15:33:43

@btfitapp vai comigo em qualquer lugar do mundo! Como me ajuda 🙏👊🏼! Corridinha de 30' + treininho na academia com o personal online do #btfitapp! Mto pratico e mtooo bom! N temos mais desculpas para se cuidar e pra treinar! Só precisa de força de vontade! E n esquecam que usando o cod GABIPUGLIESI20 vcs tem 20% de desconto no plano! Bora 💦! #LifeStyle #WhereverYouAre . Look @alekta


2017/02/21 15:32:49

10 Minute Lunge Challenge! 60seconds of each variation. Go from one Lunge variation to the other without stopping for the full 10minute! 1. Neural Lunge 2. Pulse Lunge 3. Wide Step Lunge 4. Cross Step Lunge 5. Reverse Lunge Repeat! #AlexiaClark #queenofworkouts #gymworkout #legday #lunges #menshealthmag #workout #fit #fitness #challenge #fitnessmotivation #motivation #womenshealth


2017/02/21 15:32:25

É fácil ver o resultado final e aplaudir, mas suas horas de dor ninguém verá, e são nessas horas que vc terá que mostrar pra vc mesmo, quem realmente é... 👊🏼💢 #funcionalfight #CatenacciTeam @marciocatenacci


2017/02/21 15:31:56

Luidy o adotado e sua nova vida


2017/02/21 15:31:16

Gracias siempre por consentirme mi carooooo ❤️❤️❤️!!! Mi pile esta superrrrr 🤗🤗🤗#Repost @karomartinezdermato with @repostapp ・・・ Aquí tenemos a @cvillaloboss cuidando su piel de manera natural, con las mejores hidrataciones de vitamina c pura. Despues de tanto sol ☀️ en su viaje a República Dominicana, decidió preparar su piel para las grabaciones 🎥de su nuevo proyecto. Bienvenida a Colombia 🇨🇴 carmencita estamos felices de tenerte de vuelta y sabes que nos encanta cuidar siempre tu piel. ☎️3112069199 para toda la información Bogotá y próximamente cartagena.


2017/02/21 15:30:24

Cheguei London! 🇬🇧 Nada mais prazeroso que chegar em um hotel e se sentir em casa né?! @45parklane | Just checked in to @45parklane - yay! #thassiastyle #BTviaja #ThassiaEmLondon | Thanks @chrisbiagioniviagens, um prazer sempre seguir suas dicas! {Mais no insta stories! 👏🏻}


2017/02/21 15:29:16

E o vídeo de hoje o que tá engraçado? 😂😂😂 sobrou até pra vocês migasssss @blogmarianasaad @bocarosablog kkkkk só consigo rir e dizer: ASSISTAMMMM!! Hahahahaha link dele na bio!


2017/02/21 15:28:52

Start it right with @replay Stone Supernova, an explosive new fragrance . @replay 女性淡香精💐 一開始噴上你會最先聞到一股淡淡的蘋果+紫羅蘭香味,是一股舒服清新的海洋調,後勁則是會聞到一股檀木香氣,融合了麝香及琥珀,整體進入到一個很溫暖的香氛氛圍。 #replaystonesupernova #replayfragrances 2017/2/21 #mollylife2017February


2017/02/21 15:28:33

Я снова из 90х 🖖🏼 За самыми крутыми окрашиваниями и косами👉🏼 к этим ребятам. Обожаю вас #Repost @egor_ryabchik ・・・ Бэвэрли Хиллз 90 210 @lenatemnikovaofficial 🙋🏼‍♂️🙎🏿💇🏻💗 #косы #тренд


2017/02/21 15:27:03

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2017/02/21 15:26:10

[email protected]_wines 🇮🇹: Today we present Gorgona from @frescobaldivini, this wine is the result of Frescobaldi social project with the Gorgona prison, where the vineyard is kept and looked after by the prisoners 😊🍷 #Frescobaldi #gorgona #italianwine #socialproject #Toscana #tuscany


2017/02/21 15:25:44

Start it right with @replay Stone Supernova, an explosive new fragrance . #有隕石墜落凡間成了ㄧ股迷人香氣 #replaystonesupernova #replayfragrances 2017/2/21 #mollylife2017February


2017/02/21 15:24:15

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2017/02/21 15:21:42

“The #TIUnutritionplan redefined my relationship with food. It provided me with a clear understanding of what my body needs & a newfound passion for cooking & clean eats.” 🙏🏼💚 Our girl Stacey’s transformation story will give you major motivation to kickstart YOUR success story! She’s a mama of 2, a recently-certified barre instructor thanks to encouragement from the #TIUcommunity, & is committed to her healthy lifestyle with the @ToneItUp NUTRITION PLAN! 😽💪🏼 Join @stayfit_tiu on the #tiuplan at! 💃😋


2017/02/21 15:21:29

Hanging with My Ride or Die Chick [email protected]


2017/02/21 15:19:05

Heaven 😍


2017/02/21 15:16:12

Talvez os dias que tivemos se foram vivendo em silêncio por tempo demais...


2017/02/21 15:14:16

With both casts of #SYTD2. I've watched the first movie, so excited to watch the sequel soon! I've made a promise to myself not to cry. Wish me luck! 😅


2017/02/21 15:13:01

Honey boo eu te amo até debaixo d'Água! 💙 @kenoaresort @cvcandaloriopreto #kenoaresort #kenoalovers #addictedtokenoa #cvcandaloriopreto


2017/02/21 15:11:11

Photo by @TimLaman. A sea fan adorns a dock piling in Bali with swarms of fish behind. Just a few years after construction, this jetty has essentially become an artificial reef teaming with marine life. Indonesia has the world’s greatest marine biodiversity. See a lot more coverage of Indonesia’s amazing biodiversity by following @TimLaman. #IndonesiaBiodiversity, #Bali, #Indonesia, #scubadiving, @thephotosociety, @natgeocreative.


2017/02/21 15:10:38

With the ever gorgeous @ralineshah at #MeleTOP just now! It was great seeing you babe


2017/02/21 15:10:09

❤️🇬🇧#ootd #londonStyle #olhandoParaOchãoComoTodaBlogueira


2017/02/21 15:10:05

Makeup by @charlie.mua para @maccosmetics Pic: @patricioroldan 💋👅 Styling: @esteban_pomar


2017/02/21 15:07:54

🍉Ambassador Kat from Carleton University🌲 #Canada #TCB #TheCollegeBabes Submit your photos to to be featured!


2017/02/21 15:07:26

Ponzu & Nigari みなさん良い睡眠を💫 #dogstagram #catstagram #goldenretriever #dog #cat #cats #ゴールデンレトリバー #大型犬 #ぽんちゃん保育園 #犬 #猫


2017/02/21 15:07:15

The "I found macha, avocado burgers and poke bowls in Milan" kinda face 🥑 #ItalianDays


2017/02/21 15:03:37

You couldn't exactly ski from the summit...but damn if @m_synnott didn't try.... @kitdski @jxnfigs @natgeo #wyolife #gtnp @thenorthface @revo @yeti


2017/02/21 15:01:22

Ayer ví #vidadefamilia de #aliciascherson y me encantó! Buenisimas actuaciones y bella historia! Está en cines! Vaya a verla! Elija #cinechileno


2017/02/21 15:00:34

ATENCIÓN ‼️ Queres ganar 2 entradas para el #cosquinrock ? Es facil !!! 1) seguí a 2) likeá la foto 3) comentá con tu DNI 4) compartilo a dos amigos Si seguis a TURINAUTO en Facebook tenes doble chance !!! Sortea 22 de Febrero


2017/02/21 15:00:05

Honestly this is so tricky! Juling mata kira 😳 But I think I know how many triangles are in the picture! What's your number? Comment below!


2017/02/21 14:58:17

Big Sur—located along California's Highway One—boasts some of the world's most incredible scenery. Have you seen this spectacular view of McWay Falls in person? Click the link in our bio for a guide to the California Pacific Coast. Photo by @traveloverflow


2017/02/21 14:58:11

Morning dip. 💦 @billabongwomens


2017/02/21 14:57:43

Emotions of fashion month Ciao Milano


2017/02/21 14:57:31

#Repost @morellibrothers with @repostapp ・・・ ODDA Cover 6/7 starring @lindsaylohan shot by @morellibrothers, Fashion Editor @albamelendo, Creative Director @davidmartings for ODDA 12 5th Anniversary issue #ODDAmagazine #oddaanniversary


2017/02/21 14:55:40

To the pool💦


2017/02/21 14:55:02

Você sabia que os seus pensamentos podem construir ou destruir coisas na sua vida? Isso ocorre porque a sua mente tem o poder de cristalizar as coisas... Logo, se você vive pensando em coisas negativas, que você não vai conseguir, que tudo vai dar errado o que você acha que vai acontecer? Por isso é tão importante cuidarmos do que pensamos, pois temos o poder de chamar a existência das coisas através do nosso pensamento. Porque, como imaginou no seu coração, assim é ele. Provérbios 23:7 Onde estão os seus pensamentos nesse momento? Você está pensando coisas boas, construtivas ou está perdendo o seu tempo com pensamentos ruins? Sabe aquelas pessoas que passam o tempo todo se questionando e questionando Deus sobre tudo? Pois é, esse tipo de pessoa vive em dúvida o que mostra que a fé ainda não foi instituída de fato em sua vida, pois quando você tem fé você não duvida, apenas a segue e as coisas acontecem! A fé vem primeiro no seu coração através do seu pensamento. Por isso é tão importante você construir pensamentos de fé na sua mente. Vc já parou para pensar o qnto é difícil entender pq Deus qr usar a sua mente, te curar, te livrar das dúvidas? Por isso vc tem q decidir no q pensar... Vc tem q se esforçar para controlar os seus pensamentos, afim de q eles não te dominem e sim vc domine sobre eles. A dúvida elimina a sua fé. Como vc pode ter certeza das coisas? Buscando a palavra de Deus e confirmando as promessas dele para a sua vida, pois as leis de Deus diferente das dos homens, sempre são cumpridas. Por isso vos digo que todas as coisas que pedirdes, orando, crede receber, e tê-las-eis. Marcos 11:24 Se vc tem certeza q os seus pensamentos são de Deus pq a dúvida? Afinal, agindo Deus qm impedirá? Aí vc pode se perguntar, ok eu sou uma pessoa positiva e encontro diariamente com pessoas negativas o q eu devo fazer nessa situação? Você deve orar para q esses pensamentos não entrem em vc e para que o Espirito Santo transforme essa negatividade em positividade. Que você tenha pensamentos positivos e consiga lutar contra os negativos diariamente, q a sua mente só tenha pensamentos de Vitória e o inimigo não tenha poder sobre ti, Amém.


2017/02/21 14:54:56

Saint Laurent Jacket available on @hewilondon ❤️👍💁📷 Boutique Launch Today :))


2017/02/21 14:54:47

Lovely red bag via @camelia_roma |ph by @thesecretstop


2017/02/21 14:54:16

Start your day strong, finish your day strong. You're in charge. #iam1stphorm


2017/02/21 14:53:12

"You are stronger then you think" "Eres más fuerte de lo que piensas" ✌🏻🔥💃🏼 #paupowers #paurubiotour2017 #paurubio


2017/02/21 14:52:53

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2017/02/21 14:51:22

Dana, Labrador Retriever (10 y/o), Kenmare & Elizabeth St., New York, NY • "She loves mangos. She's from Colombia and grew up around them."


2017/02/21 14:46:48

Esse #NTC foi inesquecível!!! Nike Training Club na quadra da Gaviões da Fiel ao som da bateria. 🎶💦 . Muita animação, muito suor, muita satisfação! Obrigada a todos envolvidos. ❤ . . #ntcsp #nike #nikewomen #niketraining #gavioes #gavioesdafiel #carnaval #bateria #treino #amo Foto da querida @dsampaulo


2017/02/21 14:44:56

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2017/02/21 14:44:46

Buen dia ! Así sin filtro ! Sin makeup sin nada .... 💋💋💋💋


2017/02/21 14:44:45

Wow!! My #transformationtuesday goes to the super inspiring @vics_healthjourney .. Victoria had trained using my @resultswithlucy beach body, HIIT Harder, extreme & on demand plans 💪🏽 she is one seriously strong, fit & determined lady!! Head over to her Instagram page & read her last post!! So honest & inspiring!! #girlpower #realresults #rwlresults #rwl #resultswithlucy #health #happiness #fitness #motivation #rwlfitties #mindset


2017/02/21 14:43:49

Tendência para a próxima estação vestidos com aplicações e pedrarias, esse da @limonemodas fica perfeito no corpo! Outra tendência é o veludo que vem forte no inverno 2017, essa sandália da @passarela além de super confortável e versátil é aveludada e da um toque super especial al look! #amopassarela


2017/02/21 14:42:41

Bom dia meus amoreeees! Hoje tem vídeo novo no canal @mundogordelicia da minha amiga @marianaxavieroficial e EU tive a honra de ser a convidada desse episódio!! O vídeo tá divertidíssimo! Tenho certeza que vcs vão curtir e dar boas risadas! Todo mundo correndo pro YouTube em 3, 2,1!🏃🏻🏃🏻🏃🏻🏃🏻❤️💋🎬 (link no perfil da Mari)


2017/02/21 14:42:11



2017/02/21 14:41:51

Знаете, когда я была помладше, у меня было круглое пухлощёкое лицо, мама ещё назвала меня "моя луноликая"🌚😂😂 щеки занимали большую часть моего лица, но меня не особо смущали)) потом я повзрослела, похудела, вместе с телом похудело и лицо, и щеки постепенно спали, а скулы остались) с тех пор многие косметологи удивляются, что скулы свои, а девочки спрашивают, где я их делала) но стоит мне немножко набрать, щёчки снова возвращаются. Дело в том, что сейчас многие удаляют комки биша, и результат мне очень нравится. Но Леня мне не разрешает категорически делать эту процедуру, говорит, что я-не я без щёк)) и когда я смеюсь, их видно даже сзади😂 так он понимает, что я улыбаюсь, если отвернулась)) девочки, есть кто-нибудь, кто делал такое или хотел бы? Что вообще думаете на этот счет?


2017/02/21 14:41:47

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2017/02/21 14:37:43

Never I expected to make so many friends in Houston 👯 #thesegirlsarethebest


2017/02/21 14:36:16

This place is absolutely amazing.


2017/02/21 14:34:54

Petits producteurs et assiettes inventives. @les_resistants, parmi les bonnes adresses du jour sur @BOLD_paris. (lien dans la bio)


2017/02/21 14:34:41


2017/02/21 14:32:57

By the Seine✨ #Paris #fujifilm_xseries #fujifilmxt10 #Parigi #巴黎 #パリ #파리 #باريس #Париж #פריז #Streetphotography #Streetphotographyinternational #streetphotographers #everybodystreet #lensculturestreets


2017/02/21 14:31:20

Giving the 👀


2017/02/21 14:31:13

Lazy Mood #Boudeuseprofessionnelle


2017/02/21 14:31:07

Breakfast goals at @twohandsnyc 😋


2017/02/21 14:30:16

Tag who you'd swim with!!! Lavertezzo - Switzerland ✨💚💚💚✨ Picture by [email protected] . #wonderful_places for a feature 💚


2017/02/21 14:29:29

"We spent the better part of an hour exploring the area around Natural Bridge. Usually, the river roars through, but during the winter, the water is frozen so you can walk under the arch. You can hear the river behind the frozen waterfall, which was unsettling, but staggering to see from the inside." @tiffpenguin Yoho National Park, British Columbia #passionpassport


2017/02/21 14:28:44



2017/02/21 14:28:19

Buenos dias ! Y tuuu tuuu sácame una sonrisa hoy si? 💭💭💭😜😜😜😊😊😊😊👧🏽👧🏽👧🏽🙇🏽‍♀️🙇🏽‍♀️🙇🏽‍♀️🙇🏽‍♀️🙇🏽‍♀️


2017/02/21 14:28:04

My library is in a papal palace, is yours?


2017/02/21 14:27:47

Antes do trabalho, a diversão! Curtindo uma praia em Fortaleza 🙏💙😀 #TiciVisita #hojeemdia


2017/02/21 14:27:25

Good morning ❤


2017/02/21 14:27:04

Buen día familia, que en este día nadie te quite la #paz. #Vive #vive #vive 🌹🌹🌹💋💋🌺🌺💐🍀🌷☘️😜


2017/02/21 14:26:54



2017/02/21 14:24:22



2017/02/21 14:23:59

มารับลูกสาวค่า มาทำสปาที่นี่ไม่ผิดหวังจริงๆค่ะ @luxury_bags_spa_siam


2017/02/21 14:22:44

❤️ te amo esposo eres mi todo #genecrisboda @cristianyanez2890 cristianyanez2890